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Yusmart 178MP

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    1 Review
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      30.03.2011 20:21
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      A great 17" LCD lightweight screen

      I decided to review this because this just one of the monitors I use at work, and think it offers some of the best quality out there.

      The product --> The screen is enclosed in a silver/grey plastic frame. It is 17", which is one of the things I like most. Reading the screen for almost the whole day at work, it is no good squinting at words and writing text on a tiny screen, 17" is great. Its display is LCD, and has a TFT active matrix too. It is a flat screen panel, and to move around is very light and easy to do so. The MPN as in the name of the product is 178. Response time is 12ms, which measures the time is takes for the liquid crystal cell to go black, to inactive (white) and then back to back again. 12ms is extremely quick, so by having a fast response time there is less distortion. This is impressive for a screen which doesn't cost too much. The colour support for this is 16.2 million colours, and the screen resolution is 1280x1024. The contrast ratio is 450:1. The screen reaches a brightness of 270cd/m2, which is again impressive. I never find the screens of these hard to adjust is they need it, and they hold a good backlight so that text stays clear, and images are well projected. There are 5 buttons on the main screen, which work for the contrast, brightness, size, exit and turn on/off. These are flat into the casing, and match the case colour. It comes with a black plastic support, which is also light. It has 2 inbuilt speakers at the front, and like the buttons but is flat too, which looks good. It also reduces even more hard, instead of carrying heavy speakers around - they come included. This is a feature I don't use at work. The box includes a power cable, and a DVI cable. These are quite easy to fit, and this was set up in seconds.


      There are a couple of disadvantages to this cheaper LCD. One is that even though the monitor is quite large, it cannot be adjusted height wise, it just stays set in one position. So, if you want to make the screen higher, you need to put the whole monitor on a couple of books! Which doesn't look as professional really!

      The only other disadvantage with it is that it doesn't look very expensive or high quality, even though it is good quality. It gives off a 'plasticy' look, but if design isn't something that bothers you, then I would go for it.

      Cost --> I haven't seen this on sale for new for a few years. However, I know that they can be picked up pretty cheaply from Ebay and used to be amazon used for as little as £22.

      I would recommend this as a cheaper alternative LCD screen, especially if the office/home is trying to cut back without cutting on quality. It isn't too heavy to transport, and in the box weights about 5kg. Its easy to store, and including speakers means less bulk!


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