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Alan Carr Stand Up Tour 2007

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2 Reviews

Famed presenter of The Friday Night Project and stand-up comedian in his own right, Alan Carr. The 2007 Tour will play at a number of venues during October and November 2007.

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    2 Reviews
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      23.12.2007 00:36
      Very helpful



      Great stand up, poor DVD.

      I used to avoid watching "The Friday Night Project" because of that fat, unfunny idiot Justin Lee Collins. He is in my "how did he get a career?" list. Also in that list is Ant and Dec, Jonathan Ross and Michael Barrymore. I was aware of another bloke on this show, but didn't bother listening to him or the show. Then, one day, I was watching "8 out of 10 Cats" and "the other bloke from 'The Friday Night Project'" was on there. I watched the show and was pleasantly surprised by him. He was funny and camp without being annoying. When I heard he'd done a stand up show DVD I had to buy it.

      Alan Carr is an openly gay man (actually, it;s quite difficult for him to hide it!) but his stand up doesn't revolve around his sexuality. He talks about a broad range of topics from his neighbours, to being in Gregg's to playing sports. But each routine is stamped with his acerbic wit. Another style of humour which Mr Carr does EXTREMELY well is bitchiness. There is always that catty "ooh get her" brutality to his observations, but is always funny!

      The DVD is quite sparse and consists the stand up, the chapters and Alan's Tour Diary as an extra. It does feel like it's been rushed for christmas and might not be worth £12-13. It may be worth buying this DVD when it is on sale. This has been a pet peeve of mine, which is stand up DVD's rushed to market without no thought put into it. Peter Kay is reponsible for putting 4 DVD's to market but using the same material from his 2 acts. One DVD is him repeating his "Mum wants a Bungalow" act in Manchester but with a different suit on! It just smacks of a rip-off. Though, to re-dress the balance Jimmy Carr must be commended for putting a lot of thought into his DVD's. There are always loads of extras, some material is funnier than the main act!

      Anyway, Mr Carr's stand up act is first class and worthy of a watch. But Don't look to spend more than £11 on the DVD as there aren't many extras to warrant spending more money. Forgive the lack of details on this review, but I don't want to give to much of his act away. I'll let Alan Carr show you why he deserves his rave reviews......


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        26.10.2007 18:58
        Very helpful



        If you want a laugh Alan's your man!

        Every so often friends from work arrange an evening out. This time it was suggested we see a stand up comic 'Alan Carr'. As an avid fan of the Friday Night Project I was fully aware of who he was. Are you? I was definitely going to put my hand up and volunteer myself as an attendee for this evening of what should be great entertainment.

        ...Alan Carr…

        So we have established that Alan Carr is a comedian. I’m not sure how much information you’d like to know but here are a few bits of info for those with a nosey nature:

        Date Of Birth: 14th June 1976

        Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

        Fact: Alan is the son of professional footballer Graham Carr.

        ...What has Alan Carr starred in?...

        So let’s get back to business. You know when people are not sure of the name and you give them a quick reminder and say well he’s been in this and he was in that blah blah blah. I thought that perhaps some of you readers maybe struggling to recognise this fella so I’ve compiled a very short list of ‘some’ of the programmes Alan has starred in. Hope this rings some bells for you:

        Friday night project

        8 Out of 10 Cats


        Brain Candy

        For a more extensive list please check out this list: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1168834/

        …THE SHOW…

        So now we have established who Alan Carr is let me begin with the real review.


        Alan tried his hardest. Bless him. Trying to build a good rapor with the audience. I always try to imagine myself on stage in front of hundreds of people and not just having to remember all my jokes but to be ready for any random comment to be shouted out. Of course this happened and Alan dealt extremely well with some quite obscure behavior.

        An example of this: one lady in the audience said she would kill some one if she didn't like them enough (I can't remember why this came about). I think every one else in the room was quite taken back but Alan managed to refer back to this comment and make a joke out of it. Which was very clever and brave!

        Alan didn't just stand there with a microphone he did act out some of what he was saying. I personally think a good comedian needs to use expressive body language to keep the audience engaged.

        Alan is very camp so be prepared - his voice was very high in parts (I'm female and his voice was higher than mine at times!).

        …Stand up…

        Alan was more than happy to take the mickey out of himself e.g. his teeth and his not so skinny physique! He was also more than willing to take the Michael out of other people. (I was relieved to be sat at the back of the room).

        For example one poor soul with Ginger hair became the topic of conversation. Alan could not understand why this member of the audience had not been bullied at school. It’s at these points you start to feel a tad uncomfortable but then most people know not to go to shows such as this and sit at the front if you’re not prepared to be poked fun at. (That’s why I hide at the back). I know I’m a coward!

        The show went on for two hours with a twenty minute break mid way through. Alan covered many topics (some quite rude!) which most people can relate to. Knowing the buttons to press for an applause or laughter.


        Alan spoke briefly about the use of text messaging and how people seem to put LOL (Laugh out Loud) at the end of a sms which really isn’t that funny. For example “I’ve just run out of toilet roll lol” would you really laugh out loud if you ran out of toilet roll? Obviously the way Alan talked about this topic was far more comical than my written description!

        I already mentioned individuals with ginger hair and how they must have been bullied… (his words not mine!)
        There was a section on first time buyers and trying to get on the property ladder as a single person.

        There were some sound technical problems, the mic kept making that really high pitched screeching noise. Alan blamed this noise on a lady in the audience and said it was her Coil! - I did warn you that some parts were quite rude. He kept telling the lady to close her legs…


        So the question is would I recommend you see Alan live? The answer is most definitely a yes. On one condition, you must have a sense of humor.

        I personally think my £20 was very well spent. Alan’s show went very quickly. Which is a positive sign of a good stand up. No boo’s, were encountered through out the show.

        My friends were also very impressed by him. I have not heard one negative comment.
        My only niggle was the venue, but I’m sorry I will not be revealing where that is…

        Alan showed he did not need his usual co-pilot to pull off a good show. He was independently funny. I would most definitely book tickets to see him next year if he revisited.

        ...Tour Dates...

        You can access Alan Carrs tour dates on the following link. This is his official homepage:


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