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Batman Live Arena Tour

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Live arena tour of Batman

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    1 Review
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      08.08.2011 09:44
      Very helpful
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      Kid will love it

      Batman Live World Arena Tour

      Batman is DC comics most popular superhero. To date as well as the comics, there has been cartoons, TV series films and a whole load of merchandise.
      But now for the first time ever Batman has his first live stage show.

      The Story
      Batman Live is set (like you would expect) in Gotham City, a city where criminals out number the police. The police have to rely on Batman to help them bring criminals to justice.
      The show tells the story of the death of Bruce Wayne's parents and his transformation into the Caped Crusader.
      from then on he meets the Flying Graysons, who are murdered right in front of his eyes when their Trapeze wires are cut. The Graysons leave behind a teenage son, Dick, who is intent on avenging his parents death.
      Meanwhile the criminal element are all hanging out at the Penguin's Ice Berg club, while the joker takes over the circus.
      With the help of Batman some of the criminal element are captured and thrown into Arkham Asylum.
      The Joker comes up with a devious plan to take over the asylum and lure Batman to his doom, leaving him free to take over Gotham city once and for all.

      Batman/ Bruce Wayne - Superhero and multi-millionaire. firm believer in justice over revenge.
      Commisioner Gordon - Police Commisoner works closely with Batman.
      Alfred Pennyworth - Batman's butler and confidante
      The Penguin - Rackateer. Owns The Ice Berg club where the criminals of Gotham hang out.
      Dick Grayson/Robin - Lives with Bruce Wayne after his parents are murdered. soon becomes Batman's side kick.
      Poison Ivy - professional criminal who has powers over plant life. Her kiss contains deadly toxins.
      Two-Face - Homicidal maniac. Half good, half evil but the evil side makes the major decisions.
      The Riddler- Genius and criminal mastermind.
      The Joker - The Clown Prince of Crime, Criminal mastermind & homicidal maniac.
      Harley Quinn - The Joker's lover, wicked sense of humour.
      Catwoman- Professional Thief. Struggles with identity has strong sexual tension with Batman.
      Venues & Dates
      GLASGOW-SECC 03 - 07 AUG
      DUBLIN-O2 28 SEP - 01 OCT

      Tickets and Prices
      Tickets can be bought by calling the ticket hotline on 0844 875 9000.
      Prices vary from £20-£35
      There are special Gotham City seat available which are closer to the action, these are limited and cost £45.
      A family ticket is £79 this is for four people and group must contain at least one adult and at least one child.
      For a group of 12+ a discount is available of 10% but only for weekday performances.
      About The Show
      The show is not just about the story. it has been specifically designed so it would only work in an arena setting. The show contains flying, in air stunts a100ft video wall, which acts as the backdrop for the show and a specially designed Batmobile.

      My Experience
      A few weeks ago I received an email from a web site called showfilmfirst.com. It mentioned free tickets for a family show in Manchester. as the summer hols were coming up I decided to have look as I'm always looking for ways to entertain the kids.
      I followed the link and taken to a page telling me what the show was and what dates were available for free tickets. I was a little amazed as I'd seen the the show advertised on telly, but thought there would be noway I'd be able to afford to take the kids.
      I was issued a printable voucher for 4 free tickets for Sunday 17th July. at this point I began to think it was a con as I knew the show didn't start until 19th. But the day before I received a reminder email from the site asking me to contact them if I was unable to attend.
      So last Sunday myself, my boyfriend and my two boys aged 4 and 6 headed off to MEN arena. I actually have 3 kids but my 9 year old daughter had pulled her face at the mention of batman so I took the fella instead. Shame really because after watching it myself Im pretty sure she would have loved it.
      When we got to the arena the website had been allocated its own box office where you could trade in your voucher for your tickets. So that was easy, the trouble is that in order to do this we had to be there an hour before the start time, which means we were hanging about with my boys that are very easily bored. Lucky for me the MEN has a McDonalds in the foyer.
      Once the doors opened it was very easy to find out seats, refreshments and the toilets.
      There was only around 200 people there. Before the performance started Anthony Vaanlaast, the creative director and James Powell, the creative director came on stage and explained that the free tickets we issued as this was a dress rehearsal and the first time the cast have performed the show to an audience.
      The stage was amazingly eye catching, the video wall changed as the scenes changed so you didn't notice props and scenery being changed on the stage.
      The performers didn't just act, they performed stunts, danced, and took part in beautifully choreographed fight scenes. While the sound and lighting really set the scene. My children were amazed and sat in awe throughout the whole show.
      The first act last 50 minutes with a 15minute interval. The second act lasted approximately 40 minutes.
      There was a small hiccup at the beginning of the second act when Batman hurt his leg during a fight scene, the show stopped for a few minutes while he was sorted out, it was then announced he was fine to carry on. The show picked up from where it left off, and small hitch didn't seem to effect any of the performances given.
      The show was fast paced and action packed. it was a sight and sound extravaganza. Myself and the boys really enjoyed it.

      I usually wouldn't be able to afford to take my kids to anything like this but if you can go. It's brilliant, all kids would love it not just the boys, as it contains strong female characters too.
      i also believe that it's suitable for any age.
      The only downfall is that refreshments and merchandise are quite expensive. It was £1 for a bag of crisps, £2 for a small bottle of water. £2.45 for a large soft drink (which was actually the same size as a regular soft drink at McDonalds)
      There is plenty of merchandise available, T-shirts, posters, luch boxes, etc. I paid £12 for 2 batman masks.
      If you go I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


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