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Play based on legendary ITV soap Coronation Street

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    1 Review
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      10.06.2011 12:25
      Very helpful



      A decent play and a must to see for Corrie fans

      Recently I won some tickets to see Corrie the play online through a rather random set of questions. I had to choose a venue and what time I wanted to see the play.

      I ended up visiting the Derngate theatre In Northampton and the play was about as you might have gathered the soap drama Coronation Street.

      I am not that old and this play was meant to symbolise various characters and key plots throughout the 50 years the show has been on air.

      The show begins with a narrator and mine on the night was Ken Morley who used to play Reg Holdsworth. Throughout the play he would give you information on key plots developing and basically a brief history throughout about what the selected scene meant.

      The show is done in a very unique way; I suspected that they might start with characters back at the beginning and worked their way through various storylines up to the present day. This did not happen at all.
      They began with scenes from the first years of the show and then they would skip to the present day and then go back and forth and it made the show enjoyable for everyone.

      The show tried to give the scenes and characters maximum exposure and the show was superb. Some of the actors who played the roles of Ken Barlow and Roy Cropper were extremely talented and they gave those characters such appeal and humour.

      There was many regular characters explored such as Gail Platt, Tracy Barlow, Rita Sullivan all the serial killers you can imagine and more.

      However one of the biggest drawbacks was the play at times seemed to concentrate too much on some characters rather than others. I never saw Norris being portrayed on the screen or the Webster family and many more characters as well.

      The scenes you saw were big scenes such as the tram crash and when Rita was in Blackpool running away. The show was designed to be light-hearted and fun and it delivered on that promise.

      The clothing the cast wore was replicas to what the characters would wear on the show and they even sounded the same and it made the whole play much more enjoyable. You found out things you never knew before and you witnessed some superb acting by all the people involved.

      Not every scene over the 50 years was shown, some weddings were shown and they made them very enjoyable to watch and you did see some of the murders take place. There was no violence or bad language that I remember seeing throughout.

      I think there was a lack of imagination with the background of the play. Throughout this never changed and cast had to come through various entrances and leave through the many exits and I just wish they tried to change the background now and then.

      Ken Morley did act as well who was the narrator but at times he made the play seem boring because he didn't really have the voice to make the entire show sound worthwhile.

      Some of the scenes they did show you were not that great and I don't mean acting wise but as in they were never really big scenes in the first place. Memorable scenes with Jack and Vera were evident throughout and Betty behind the bar and Ken Barlow acting all cool and casual were just excellent pieces of work.

      What I did enjoy throughout the two hour performance was the excellent costumes the cast wore, the sublime acting which was never at fault and the humour they tried to add to the characters to make the show much more appealing.

      I did not enjoy Ken Morley at the narrator that much and I also think it might have been nice to have some of the real stars show up and do some scenes to shock the audience and make it more fun.

      This show has been running across the country and is still going right now and they have tickets available still and it is an excellent play. It was a delight to view the acting skills of the cast involved and it was a brilliant prize I won.

      I would rate this play as 8.5 out of 10.


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