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Disney On Ice: Disneyland Adventure

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Production: Disney On Ice / Tour: Dates throughout 2011 / Location: Touring across the UK

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    1 Review
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      20.03.2011 13:00
      Very helpful



      A brilliant show that shouldn't be missed!

      My little girl is Disney crazy - to the point where my house appears to be coming taken over by Disney Princesses! After a few tries and hitches she finally cracked the potty training, and I think that is partly due to starting nursery so I decided to get her a reward chart with a sticker for every time she used the potty. When the chart started to fill up I knew it was time to think about the reward, and I kept seeing adverts on the Disney Channel for Disney On Ice - Disneyland Adventure and that sounded perfect as like I say she loves Disney, and also loves skating (watching Dancing On Ice with her Grandma!). Though it seemed like quite an extravagant reward it was something I really wanted to do as we have been having a lot going on in the family with a very sick great-grandma so lots of travelling to hospital! I had a look online and decided to book the tickets and keep it a secret as of course three year olds don't have a great concept of time.

      The show nearest to home was to be at Liverpool Echo Arena which is around an hour away from where we live so I didn't think that was too bad. The tickets were priced at various costs depending on where you wish to be seated, and as it was the first time my daughter would experience anything like this I decided to choose the upper tier because I just didn't know if she would be frightened by it all. We were allocated our seats on the third row of the upper tier and they were to be right in the centre which was perfect! The tickets were £21 each with a £3 booking fee (per ticket), and I was quite disappointed to realise that my three year old daughters ticket was the same price as mine! The show was to start at 2.45 on a Sunday afternoon, and the day was very sunny so we set off at dinner time thinking we could have a look around Liverpool as up until then I had only ever been to the hospital there. We arrived at just after 1pm and there was plenty of parking space available in the multi-story car park costing £5.00 for the full day. After having a look around Albert Dock we decided to head to the Arena, and just outside was a stall selling programmes - of course we had to have a programme though at £9.00 it was quite steep!! With the programme you received a free Disney disposable camera which was a nice touch, and should you require a carrier bag you were asked for another pound!

      Inside the Arena it was what can only be described as chaos as people were almost fighting to get to the merchandise stalls which ridiculously only had one person selling! I expected the merchandise to be quite expensive, but was shocked when actually seeing the prices. A Mickey or Minnie soft toy was priced at £20.00, t-shirts £10.00 - which weren't even nice ones! There were plenty of other items to choose from, Woody cowboy hats, fairy wands, Stitch figures, Incredbiles figures and many more. However, it was the food and drink which was outrageous - popcorn, candy floss and a slush drink were priced at £7.00 each!! My daughter chose a Cinderella doll and a tub of popcorn so it cost me almost £25.00 for just those two things! They must have made so much money as people were clearing the stalls of the items!!

      The show
      As soon as we sat in our seats you could feel the fantastic atmosphere, with all the children just buzzing with excitement. My daughter was almost bouncing in her chair when she saw the ice and the large Mickey head that was at the head of the rink. We hadn't been sat down all that long when it came over the tannoy that the show would start in 5 minutes and the children (and I think many adults alike) started cheering and the whole Arena felt electric.

      The show follows a story:
      "What happens when Mickey Mouse, along with his friends Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy and Pluto decide to take a well deserved vacation? Thrills, action and tons of unexpected excitement! While Mickey and his friends enjoy the enchantment of their favourite rides and attractions from every land in the Disneyland Park, Maleficent threatens to spoil sll the fun. Thats when The Incredibles leap into action and use their extraordinary powers to save the day with a little help from Mickey, Daisy, Goofy and YOU!"

      The show starts with a group of theme park workers, from popcorn sellers to street cleaners all dancing around while working, until the Disney stars come onto the ice one by one to huge cheers from the crowd. Mickey and Minnie tell the story of how they want a vacation and will be travelling through Disneyland on their travels. The first stop sees Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch) playing a guitar and singing and getting the crowd clapping and cheering along to the music. Next, the group of friends travel in a boat, when they come across a hungry crocodile and it is down to Donald to try and save them from it, then they arrive deep in the jungle and there appears a group of monkeys who put on the most amazing group show, with some even hanging upside down and spinning from ropes. Through the middle of the monkeys comes a huge Baloo the bear from the Jungle Book and so far this got the most cheers!

      Next it is travel through space where the whole Arena goes dark and we see glowing planets hanging from the roof, when suddenly Buzz Lightyear descends down from a rocket and the whole Arena goes crazy at this point! Buzz and Donald put on their own little dance show with lots of tricks from the amazing Buzz! Soon a train appears and Mickey and his friends get on for the ride to the next part of their trip, but the train goes faulty and starts to go off the rails and its down to Woody and Jessie from Toy Story to save the day! This part of the show was really fantastic, as the tricks they were able to do were fantastic and with Toy Story being very popular at the moment this was certainly a highlight for the children!

      Their travels follow them through a haunted mansion, with some very scary ghosts, things get dizzy when the friends run into Alice, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee and there are some large teacups appearing on the ice and two very lucky children were able to ride in one throughout this part of the show! Next comes a big parade where we are introduced to many more characters that haven't yet appeared - when my daughter saw Cinderella appear she was more excited than I have ever seen her!! The parade is in full swing when the evil Maleficient appears and captures Donald and Minnie by sending them to sleep with the spindle from Sleeping Beauty. This is where The Incredibles spring into action and they travel through various places on their quest to defeat Melificent and her army. We meet the stylist to The Incredibles called Edna Mode, however this is more for the adults as the young children really didn't understand the humour in this part of the show. On the rescue mission we go through the world of laughter and meet some pirates before reaching the army of Maleficents minions. Once the army is defeated, Mickey and Daisy save Minnie and Donald and it is the final parade time. The final parade was absolutely stunning as the Arena goes completely dark and the props on the ice light up and are like silhouettes.

      Our opinion
      The whole show was just amazing from start to finish, the skating was fabulous and the tricks the characters were able to do while in their big costumes were fantastic. Before going to the show I had no idea just how many of the Disney characters would appear, and I was very pleasantly surprised and there really was something for everyone. The whole show lasted around two hours in total which I think is a decent amount of time, though I don't think we would have got bored watching it can be hard keeping a toddler sitting down for much longer! I half expected it to feel really cold in the Arena but in fact we were really warm throughout the show. I do think that the story is a little difficult for younger children to understand, and more so for those that haven't been to or know much about Disneyland, but that said they still enjoyed the show immensely.

      I have never seen my daughter so excited for something, and just watching her having so much fun really made the day complete for me, and while I was initially a little concerned about the cost of it all, as cliche and cheesy as it sounds it was totally worth it. I would recommend this show to everyone, and advise that if given the chance to go and see it as it really was fantastic.

      The only downside to this is that I now want to take my little girl to Disneyland even more!!!

      Thank you for reading my review!


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