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Pub Landlord - My Gaff Rules

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    1 Review
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      29.06.2001 07:41
      Very helpful



      Remeber "The Pub Landlord" on Sky One? No, frankly, you probably won't, but Al Murray was the star of that programme, and is also the star of this 'play'. Actually, it's not a play. Think: "stand-up comedy". That's what it is, really. But rather good it is too. If you ignore the bloke who comes on in the middle. Al Murray is a clever man. Good at remembering peoples' names, he works the audience very cleverly, and takes the complete mickey out of them. People who sit in the front row from the City were already aware of this. "'Ere," says Al, "what d'you do, then, eh?" "Actually, I'm a brick layer." "Right. But what are you really?" "A brick layer." "Rubbish." (or words to that effect). "You're a bloody accountant, aren't you?" "Er... yes." And all was going swimmingly, until the unfunny bloke Who Has To Come On, It's The Law appeared, to take us to the interval. And goodness, he was awful. Attempting to be funny and wierd at the same time, his humour was not pub landlord humour. Actually, being frank, most of the time it wasn;t humour. I sat there looking at my wife (who obviously drinks fruit-based drinks much of the time), and she looked at me (beer, obviously) and we wondered why this guy was on stage at all, let alone for twenty minutes. But. Al Murray. Very funny, if rather xenophobic. Go hunt this show out - it's about to close in the West End, but I bet it'll appear elsewhere before too long. The best joke? Hmm. Difficult. Probably the explanation of why the Eurostar channel train shoots through France but trundles through England like a small slow snail: "Well, it's obvious. The driver's British, inn'e? He wants to spend as little time in France as possible..."


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