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The Marlowe Theatre (Cantebury)

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    2 Reviews
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      24.05.2017 11:09


      • "Good for movies "


      • "Not cheap"

      Bad Words - film I saw her

      The journey is the destination.

      Star – Jason Bateman
      Genre – Drama>Comedy
      Run Time – 93 minutes
      Certificate – 18
      Country – USA
      Awards – 2 Wins & 4 Nominations
      Amazon – £3.35 DVD £7.89 Blue Ray
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

      So an 18 rated movie about a kid’s spelling bee anyone? Yes, that’s what I thought. Well the likable and predictably safe actor Jason Batman thought Andrew Dodge’s promoted script would be ideal for his directing debut and so here we are. The screenplay was featured in the 2011 "Blacklist", a list of the "most liked" unmade scripts of the year. Well known actors in their 40s who direct tend to do it to get more control over their career and to work with better scripts, but also there to help get the film made through their name and


      • Jason Bateman as Guy Trilby
      • Allison Janney as Dr. Bernice Deagan
      • Kathryn Hahn as Jenny Widgeon
      • Rohan Chand as Chaitanya Chopra
      • Rachael Harris as Eric Tai's Mother
      • Ben Falcone as Pete Fowler
      • Judith Hoag as Petal Dubois
      • Beth Grant as Irene
      • Philip Baker Hall as Dr. William Bowman
      • Patricia Belcher as Ingrid
      • Anjul Nigam as Sriram
      • Michael Patrick McGill as Beet-Red Father
      • Bob Stephenson as Bill Murhoff
      • Steve Witting as Proctor
      • Greg Cromer as Jeremy
      • Ethan Dizon as Ricky Irvine


      The rather obnoxious and uncouth Guy Trilby (Jason Batemen) has just caused mayhem at a kid’s spelling bee by entering it and winning it. He has done this before, chased off the premises with trophy and cheque in hand by angry parents, jumping in female reporter Jenny Widgeons (Kathryn Hahn) car, who is following his quest to be national spellingbe champion, this the final eliminator for the big televised event. She wants to know why exactly he would want to do such a thing. And so does Dr. Bernice Deagan (Allison Janney), the hound dog faced head of the National Spelling bee Association, trying to find another rule or tactic to ban him s the parents increasingly gang up on her.

      On the plane to the finals he is very rude to little Indian kid Chaitanya Chopra (Rohan Chand), who is on of the favorites for the big vent. Chaitanya is intrigued by this miserable man and tries to befriend him on the plane and, later, in the event hotel but not having it.

      Guy is a misanthrope and doesn’t care about much and soon sleeping with the reporter to pass the time. But the kid is persistent and soon the two spending time with each other in the hotel and out and about eating takeaways and causing trouble, an opportunity for Guy to lead the favorite astray. But the little 10-year-old is as smart as Guy and as the rounds tick by its clear these two will be the last standing in front of the TV cameras in the final as Guy helps to accelerate that process by putting off follow contestants with all manner of devious tactics. But why is he doing this? The traditional TV host of the show, Dr. William Bowman (Philip Baker Hall), seems to have the answer.


      As one critic cheekily put it - ‘The word "floccinaucinihilipilification" means ‘the action or habit of estimating something as worthless’, Guys third word in the semi final in the movie. And I kind of agree with him, as there really is no need for this movie to be. But it’s well written and delightfully caustic in places and so I got through it and I quite liked some of it. Who doesn’t enjoy adults swearing at kids? In fact who wouldn’t enjoy swearing at them!

      Jason Bateman is a surprise in the lead role as he normally plays put upon decent guys who never keep the girl. But he just doesn’t care her and clearly getting that previous film cannon out of his system and so joyously let’s rip in Bad Words. The kid two-and-throw banter works well with little Rohan Chand, superb as the ubiquitous bright eyed Indian Asian spelingbee star with a twist to the under the thumb relationship of the pushy ethnic parents. When ever you see kids in real spellingbees or brainiac competitions on TV they do tend to be Asian. Learning facts is an equal playing field for all I guess and so anyone can excel, South East Asians kids by far the best performers in Western English speaking schools.

      It’s worth a look if it pops up on TV but no on to pay a rental for or waste time on your movie package. It’s great to see Philip Baker Hall revive his quiz host role and unforgettable in Magnolia, of course, not to be confused with Rob Morrow from the equally brilliant film Quiz Show. Buddy adult\kid movies should stay in the kid’s genre for me though and always better with an outright Alpha male and cocky kid. The rather awkward lump Arnie Schwarzenegger would have been a lot more fun in this and I don’t need to draw you a picture. The audience certainly didn’t like Bateman erasing his lovably Arrested Development image and a movie that cost $10 million to make managed just $7.3 million back. It’s very much 3 – out – of – 5 stuff and not the sort of film I would want you guys drawing the curtains to on a warm summers afternoon.


      Imdb.com – 6.7/10.0 (40,237votes)
      Rottentomatos.com – 66% critic’s approval
      Metacritic.com –57% critic’s approval


      ===Special Features===

      -Deleted Scenes-

      Just the one which begs the question why bother?



      A lot of TV actors in this so thy do like to improve and mess around.

      -Audio commentary-

      Bateman tries to persuade us his film is better than it is with his layered track.


      Globe & Mail –‘The laughs in this film are all mean-spirited or just frat-boy gross’.

      Toronto Star –‘Almost unrelenting in its takedown both of an American institution and the country's obsession with victories big and small, Bad Words is more misanthropic fantasy than satiric fiction’.

      The Mail –‘Trashy, ribald laughs in the Bad Santa vein, this marks Bateman's directorial debut; it's not much to look at, but at least he has the nerve to push the insolence, profanity, and brutal insult humor to its absolute limits’.

      NY Magazine –‘The film is at its best when it's hovering aimlessly without any apparent purpose in the world of this embittered, misanthropic little man’.

      The Film Stage –‘Chand holds his own opposite Bateman and steals much of the film with a deceptively ruthless cunning, hidden beneath the cutest, most innocent smile in the world’.

      Cinemamix –‘The film's dialogue is so crude, its star so inherently - and paradoxically - likable, and its plot so lightweight that it essentially cancels itself out’.



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      17.02.2013 20:52
      Very helpful



      The Marlowe Theatre

      About The Marlowe Theatre
      The Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury was redeveloped in 2005. It was then completely overhauled a couple of years ago and is currently spread across three floors. Inside, there are two auditoriums, one of which has 1,200 seats and the other one has around 200 seats. Also inside is a bar on each of the three floors, a café and a hospitality suite.

      Where Is The Theatre Located
      The Marlowe Theatre is at the lower end of the City centre and is easily accessible whatever you choose at your mode of transport. There are plenty of car parks only a few minutes walk away and there is even a car park behind the theatre. The train and bus stations are also only a 5-7 minute walk away.

      What Can You Do At The Marlowe Theatre
      There is a large variety of performances held at the Marlowe Theatre and these include plays, concerts, festivals, musicals, dance shows and of course the annual pantomime. I have been to the Marlowe Theatre twice in the past 12 months, once to see The Rocky Horror Show (which actually had the same cast that appear in the large London Theatres) and I also saw the pantomime Cinderella last year at Christmas. Prices obviously vary from show to show but in my own personal experience, I have always found the shows to be excellent value for money, for example, the Rocky Horror Show was only £16 a ticket, when you would easily pay twice that to see the same cast in a London show.

      The Café / Bar
      The Café Bar is modern and airy and provides a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy your food either before of after a show. Visitors who would only like to sample drinks can relax in the bar area, and for people wanting to have a bight to eat, there is ample seating around the back of the bar.
      The menu has plenty of choice so there should be something to suit everyone. There are main meals for anyone who is feeling hungry and try me, you want o be feeling hungry if you order one of these because the portion sizes are very large. For those with a smaller appetite you can try the snacks such as jacket potatoes with a range of toppings, or the selection of paninis. For people wanting a healthy option, there are salads and sandwiches.

      Each day, there is a specials board behind the bar which include items that are not on the normal menu so be sure you check this out!

      Other Info
      Backstage Tours of the Marlowe Theatre can be arranged and these are very cheap with one adult only being charged £2.50. People who participate in this tour get to see places such as the dressing rooms, the back stage area as well as the rooms where all the stage management roles such as lighting and sound are controlled from.

      My Opinion Of The Marlowe
      I would certainly recommend a trip to the Marlowe Theatre if you are visiting Canterbury. The vast choice of shows means that there is literally something to suit everyones taste. Both the auditoriums are furnished to a high standard with comfortable seats and ample leg room for everyone to feel right at home while watching the shows.
      I have also eaten in the restaurant during my latest visit to the Marlowe and I found the restaurant to have plenty of choice on the menu, the staff were polite and the food was speedy and very tasty. In the restaurant, you have the choice of snack food, or a three course meal which suits most peoples tastes as you are still able to grab something to eat if you are in a rush.

      I have I previously mentioned, the Marlowe Theatre quite often has the cast from the London stage shows appearing, which means if you live local, attending one of these shows rather than a London one, gives you excellent value for money as you are paying near enough half price for your ticket alone.
      The Marlowe Theatre also has full disabled access with lifts on every floor.


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