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Tweenies Live showing at London, Sheffield, Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff and Newcastle.

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      13.02.2001 02:26
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      Its Saturday night, I've been in for 20 mins and I'm already writing a review on a brilliant experience that I have just had.It will probably Monday by the time I post this, so no, Im not nuts! I have just come back from taking my eldest daughter, Jessica, out to Sheffield Arena to see the Tweenies. Wow, and its was Fabaroonie as Jake would say!! I heard on the radio just after Christmas that Tweenies where doing a live performance around the country, and as my daughters birthday was in march, I decided it would be the perfect present. I live near Sheffield, so Sheffield Arena was the nearest place they were touring. I phoned Sheffield Arena and booked the tickets over the phone by credit card. There was 3 priced seats to choose from, £8, £11 , £15. The cheapest where at the back in the stalls, and the dearest in the front. Well the big day came and Jess was all excited. We decided instead of paying the earth for parking at the Arena, we'd parking in Meadowhall shopping Centre, which was free and take a tram over. Trams run from Meadowhall to and from Sheffield City Centre and surrounding areas every 10 mins and are very reasonably prices too. Its only a 5 minutes journey and costs £1.30 return from Meadowhall to the Arena. Its was easier and cheaper do to this than to park in the Arena. Its a mad rush to find a parking space, and when you go it takes you 40 mins to get out of the car park too! Once we had checked in with our tickets in our hand, it was time to slide decretly past the Tweenies gifts and make one last stop at the toilets. Then it was off to find our seats , and as we where slightly late, we didn't have long to wait till the performance started. I think we had the best seats. We where ¾ up the arena but smack, bang in the middle. Its was brilliant. The stage was in the shape of the Tweenies clock, which is kind of like a flower shape. OOOO the lights are going down....... &qu
      ot;Hey, Hey are you ready to play ..its time to play with the Tweenies...". I have never seen Jess sit so still in all my life, she was mesmerised, and I don't think she dare breathe!! I wasn't quite sure on how she would react. She's not sure no really load noises or music but she started to sing with them and I was talking to her and telling her what was happening. I was so proud of her and she was so good. The Tweenies started of with the theme tune.. "Hey Hey are you ready to play", which got most of the kids shouting. The atmosphere was fantastic and Jess was still rooted to the spot, but singing softly. There are 6 Tweenies all together; Max ..A granddad type character who looks after the 4 young Tweenies. Max is kind as loves to help the Tweenies with creating stuff. Judy ...Could be Max's Daughter as she is young and she also takes care of the 4 younger ones. Judy is like a mum, kind but firm. Bella ..Bella is the oldest of the Tweenies at the tender young age of 4. Bella has a very bossy personality not unheard of in most 4 year olds. Her favourite past time is being a fairy. Fizz.. Fizz is the second oldest at just under 4 yrs of age. Fizz loves being a dancer/ ballerina and looks up to Bella.( In a recent episode she has her 4 th birthday Milo.. Milo is the oldest of the boys but is the 2nd youngest at 3.5 yrs old. Milo loves space ships, cars and races about. Jake is the youngest at the tender age of 3 yrs old He is always loving and wants to learn, but sometimes the other forget that her is still young. Jake loves flying and he has also got a " Spot Man" his own super hero. The Tweenies had some trap doors in the floor of the clock so they would go off the stage and on via these doors. After the first song was over, they involved the audience in a few greetings like " Halloo Sheffield!!!!" It was then time
      for the Tweenies Clock. There was one main screen on the back of the stage, which was used for following the Tweenies, settings for different songs and the virtual clock. The clock represents each activity the Tweenies do while being at the child minder who are called Judy and Max. Each activity was brought forth by the expression.." Tweenies clock, where will it stop?" and then it would light up and stop at each activity in turn. The first time was.... Song Time Song time in the series is where the Tweenies sing a song that they really enjoy. In the performance, they decided to sing "Gonna build a house" This song has hand actions too, where you draw out in the air how you are going to build a house. Gonna build a house ( shape of a house in the air) With a chimney tall ( arm goes in the air) Gonna build a roof (triangle shape for a roof) And a garden wall (a wavy line in front of the body) With a door that you can open wide ( pretend to open a door) Two small windows to peep inside ( a square for a window) Gonna build a house, gonna build a house. This was brilliant for the kids and most kids I could see including Jess where attempting to do the actions. The Tweenies also had some big blocks on stage where they were building too. After this song was done the Tweenies disappeared for a while, while Max can out and cracked a few jokes. I like Max, he's a granddad type figure but is always helping the 4 young Tweenies and telling them stories. After the Tweenies come back on they do another song called " Do this just like me.." All the Tweenies take turn in doing actions and everyone else copies. This was another great way to get all the children and adults to interact with them. Everybody do this, do this, do this. Everybody do this just like me (insert action you want to be copied) The Tweenies clock is then brought up on the main
      back screen and is whirled around again to land on " story time" The story time, I would of thought, wouldn't of worked on stage, but it did. The story was of a clown who didnt want to be a clown as he thought he wasn't funny enough. The Tweenies had another song about their dressing up box and then the story begun. If that this point you are wondering what Jess is doing, has she wondered off?? No she is still there, still watching, but getting a little fidgety. Doodles was the Ring Master, Fizz was a dancer, Bella was a strong women and Milo was the clown. The whole story worked very well and the audience was captivated. The moral of this story was you have to be yourself to be a funny clown, if you wondered. After the story, all the Tweenies came out all dressed as clowns, and mucking about. Interval Time. What already?? I looked at my watch and 40 mins had passed. Jess needed a wee so I took her down and on the way back looked at all the Tweenies Memorabilia. The prices weren't too bad I suppose. Poster A5..£2 Activity books £2.50 Tweenies CD £13 Tweenies beanies £6 Cd Rom £18 Tweenies Clock on a stick £8 T shirts started from £12 Program £4 I decided to get Jess a poster and a program but nothing else. I really wanted to get her the Cd ROM but I know its only £15.99 in Dixons. Im glad we brought some drinks with us as the queue was half way around the arena! By the time we got back to our seats, 20 mins had gone and it was time to start the second half. Max sang a beautiful song about the stars and then got all us kids..yep and the younger kids too to sing Twinkle Twinkle little star with the actions too. Jess loved this as she was refreshed. At the end of the song all the lights went out and loads a star light twinkled on instead. It was lovely and it wasn't dark either. It was time for the Tweenies to come back out and do so
      me interaction with the crowd. Judy had set up a farmyard song. With the crowd split into 4, each Twine taking a section, we had to follow the song and make our sections animal noise. Our section was a cow, and Jess thought this was highly funny, especially when I found the hat that was under the seat for her to wear. The last part was the Tweenies No 1 that they released before Christmas. The Tweenies where all dancing on stage to this with shiny suits on, so it made it look more space like. I didn't like this song as it was dubbed over with the CD track, which in my opinion doesn't sound like the Tweenies at all. The C.D out contains all the songs that are in the performance including their smash hit " No1 " and their new song " Best friends forever". I will probably buy this for Jessica for her Birthday to remind her of the day she went to see Tweenies Live! It was a shame that was the end and there was no last curtain call. The whole experience, and a great one at that lasted nearly 2 hrs including a 20 minute break. For any child to sit though it was amazing, as I have never known Jess to sit good for so long. I waited for 10 minutes before I got out of my chair and went back out into the cold. The tram station is only 5 minutes walk from Sheffield Arena, and we only waited a few minutes till the tram came too. By the time we got back to the car, Jess was shattered but not at all ratty, but chatting away about what she had seen with the Tweenies. I had got her into the car,belted her up, and got in myself when I looked around to talk to her. Too late, she was already asleep!! When I got her home she didn't even stir as I put her to bed. I think my hubby was a little disappointed as he was so eager to talk to her. Well he'll get it in the morning!!! If you would like to see the Tweenies then its not too late if you live near these areas. its coming soon Sheffield
      Arena Thurs 8 -Sun 11 Feb 200 Sheffield Area 0114 256 5656 Fri 16 -wed 21 Feb Wembley Arena 0870 739 6555 Fri 23 - Sun 25 Feb Cardiff Arena 02920 224488 Thurs 1 - Sun 4 March SECC, Glasgow 0870 040 4000 Thurs 29 march - Sun 1 April MEN Arena, Manchester 0161 930 8000 Thurs 5 - Sun 8 April Newcastle Telewest Arena 0191 401 8000 Ticket hotline0870 789 8830 or buy tickets on line www.ticketmaster.co.uk Take your children and yourselfs to see the Tweenies, you wont regret it If you want to visit the Tweenies they have their own site at www.bbc.co.uk/tweenies


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