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Aqualand Magaluf (Mallorca)

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Water fun for the whole family!

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2013 19:19
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      Fun In The Sun!!

      Myself and my best friend visited Aqualand while we were on holiday in Magaluf and had a fantastic time.

      Aqualand is fairly centrally located and it just a short walk from the main strip where all the bars and nightclubs are. The water park was a little bit away from our hotel so we actually got a taxi to this attraction which only set us back about £3 which I thought was really reasonable.

      Entrance to Aqualand will set you back £17 for adults and £10.50 for children (ages 4 - 12). If you actually plan to go to this attraction before you arrive on your holiday then you can book tickets online and receive a 10% discount.

      Opening Hours
      Sadly, this attraction is only open from June 2nd until the 31st August. In June, the park is open from 10am until 5pm and for July and August, the park is open from 10am until 6pm.

      Inside Aqualand
      Inside there are plenty of things to amuse everyone. There are many places specially designed for children with small waterslides, castle play areas and various other bits. However, as I don't have any children, I didn't pay too much attention to this area.

      This is a fantastic slide where you can choose to ride with a friend or on your own. You have to collect a rubber dingy from the bottom on the slide and then queue up a set of stairs and wait for your turn. Once you reach the top of the stairs, you can see how the slide works... you are basically launched from the top of one side, and then go flying up to the other edge, and then back again, hence the name Boomerang. We really enjoyed this slide as the dingy turns round and you go up each side so its very difficult to feel which way you are going which I felt really added to the thrill of the ride.

      This is another great ride. It is pretty much a big bowl which you jump into. It works in very much the same way as those charity boxes you can get where you stick on a penny and watch it travel round and round until it drops into the box. With this ride, you spin round and round gaining speed until you are thrown into a pool of water which is in the middle of the ride. There is a sign by the ride which states you have to be a confident swimmer; I would assume this is because after spinning round lots of times, you are slightly disorientated by the time you land in the water.

      The Kamikaze slides are a selection of slides which are positioned side by side. The slides are quite steep and have bumps in the so you almost lift off the slide as you ride down them. At the end, you land in a small swimming pool.

      Crazy Race
      The Crazy Race slides are very similar to the Kamikaze as the slides are positioned side by side and the idea is to race the other rides to the bottom. I really enjoyed these slides as you can actually travel down them quite fast!

      The Rapids consist of two slides which again, are set into the hills that surround the water park. With these slides, you have to travel down in a dingy and you can choose to travel alone or with a friend. I obviously travelled with my friend which meant that we travelled down pretty quickly. Again, you are washed up the side of the slide as you go round the corner.

      The Espiral slide is totally enclosed and the slide itself is spiral so you just basically go round and round before being thrown out the end.

      Super Slalom
      The Super Slalom slides consist of three slides which literally shoot you down them with fast pumping water. The twists and turns in these slides are quite severe and you often get washed up the side of the slide as you travel down. The slides are actually set into the hills that surround Aqualand which helps to make to travel so fast!

      The Congo River
      The Congo River leads all the way around the outside of Aqualand and is basically a lazy river. You can collect a rubber tube from various areas around the park and sit in your rubber ring and take a relaxing ride around the park. I enjoyed the lazy river as it allows you to move around the park and suss out where things are, while relaxing and catching some sun at the same time. There are various things around the river to keep you amused such as barrels that skirt you with water as you float past.

      Surf Beach
      Surf Beach is the main pool in Aqualand but it also had a little added extra - 1 metre high waves! From what I can remember, the waves only run once an hour, and a loud horn is blown to let everyone in the park know to get to the pool if they want to experience the waves. We had great fun swimming out to the deep end and then being carried back into shallower water by the huge waves. While the waves are not running, this area is used as the main swimming pool and is plenty big enough for everyone in the park to have their own space. Also near Surf Beach there are loads of sun loungers for anyone who just wants to sit in the sun. There are other areas dotted around the park for people to sunbathe but the largest area is near to the Surf Beach.

      The Black Hole
      This slide was one of my favourites. It is entirely enclosed and is pretty dark inside which means you don't see much until you get towards the end of the slide. The are loads of sever twists and turns on this slide and the fact that you are in pitch black means that you can get quite disorientated while on it. I would say that this is the fastest slide in the whole of Aqualand.

      Eating and Drinking
      There were two areas in which you could get food and drink although I can not remember what they were called. The sell all the usual snack items such as chips, burgers and sandwiches. There is also a selection of drinks available.

      In summary, I would highly recommend Aqualand to anyone visiting Magaluf. We didn't actually know that there was a water park to visit before we travelled so we were really pleased when we discovered we could go here. Initially, I thought that the entrance fee was a little on the expensive side but once we got inside and saw all the slides we could choose from, I didn't think the entrance fee was too bad. I thought that Aqualand caters really well for families as there were quite a few areas designated just for children with miniature versions of some of the adult slides. I thought the park was really well laid out, with lots of little features such as an island in the middle of the pool with a lighthouse on top of it. Aqualand is obviously very well maintained as I don't remember seeing any litter and all the slides and water areas were exceptionally clean.
      If you enjoy water parks, I would definitely give this one a try!


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