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Aqualand (Torremolinos)

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Address: Calle Cuba 10 / 29620 Torremolinos / Malaga Tel: 0034 95 238 88 88

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    1 Review
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      20.08.2011 09:13
      Very helpful



      A fun but expensive day out

      I love waterparks so anytime that I am in a hot country I always make sure to visit one. During our recent trip to Torremolinos we visited Aqualand which is the town's waterpark.
      Although Aqauland is advertised as being in torremolinos it is in fact slightly out of the town. I wouldn't recommend trying to walk there and instead I would make use of the frequent buses or the cheap taxis in the town or else do as we did and drive to it.
      A word of warning if you do decide to drive there is that when using the large car park a parking attendant will come up to you and demand two Euro's for a parking ticket. Now two Euros may not seem all that much but with the price of entry to the park and all the extras they charge you for the least they could have done was offer free parking in my opinion.

      The waterpark is open the months of May, June, July, August and September. We visited in June and the opening hours were 11am until 6pm but during July and august the opening hours are from 10am until 7pm.
      We arrived just before the park opened and there was already a queue at the gates but the staff were pretty good at getting everyone in quickly.
      The price of entry to the park is 23 Euros for adults and children over the age of twelve. Children 4 to 12 and those over 65 it is 17.50 Euros and for children under the age of 3 it is free.
      Like most waterparks the entry is extortionate but there are ways of saving a few Euros. If you buy your tickets online in advance you can save 15% but we had some leaflets which gave 4 Euros per person off the entry price and these leaflets were widely available around the town.

      Once in Aqualand you need to find a space to claim for the day where you can leave your towels etc . There was loads of green grassy areas both sheltered under trees and in the sun where you could leave your things and sunbathe whilst not using the rides. Although the park was really busy we managed to get a good spot and weren't surrounded by people as there was lots of space. Sunbeds were available to hire and these were 3.50 Euros each for the day. If you take any valuables into the park they also have lockers which cost 5.00 Euros for the day.

      Once we had organised our things we went off to explore the park and go on some rides. Most of the rides are situated quite far from each other and up hills so you need to be pretty fit if you plan on going on them all.
      I found that the selection of rides on offer was just right as it meant there were enough to keep us entertained but not too many that we would get park fatigue and be bored going to them all.
      The rides available at Aqualand are:

      == Mini park ==: The mini park was actually a section of the waterpark that was exclusively for children with their own pools and smaller rides. We didn't go into it but it looked great for children.

      == Boomerang ==: This was by far my favourite ride in the park. It is designed for two people and you both get into a float and drop off from a vertical drop straight down and then up and back. This was by far the most exhilarating ride in the park and as such was also the busiest with quite long queues.

      == Crazyrace ==: four lanes where you can race the other people to the bottom. Fun but the same ride that you will find at every other waterpark in Europe.

      == Super Slalom ==: The super slalom was another ride that was popular and it contains three winding slides. Fun for adults but more for the youngsters.

      == Multipistas ==: This is another ride that is quite common in waterparks. 8 slides next to each other where you can race your friends to the bottom.

      == Kamikazee ==: The Kamikazee is the parks biggest ride and apparently the highest in Europe. It involves an almost vertical drop and was great fun. Surprisingly it was never that busy which might have had something to do with the fact that the climb up the stairs to get to the ride was so exhausting.

      == Twister ==: This was another ride that involved quite a climb to reach it and is two slides that twist round each other.

      == Black hole ==: This is another ride designed for two people where you both go in a float together down a twisting slide in the dark.

      == Rapids ==: The rapids was great fun. You get a tire to sit in and go down the ride as though on some river rapids. Most of the fun with this ride was the fact that every time there would be a blockage of about 15 people and the staff would have to scramble to try and separate everyone.

      As well as the rides there was also a large swimming pool which was also supposed to be a wave pool but there was something wrong with this and the waves were never activated whilst we were there. The pool itself was a nice place to relax and keep cool whilst not on the rides. Apparently there was also a Jacuzzi but I never once saw it even though we looked for it.
      I loved the fact that the kids had their own section that was for all intent and purpose separate to the rest of the park. Now I don't want to sound miserable but when you don't have kids it can be annoying to be having to fight them to be able to use anything. Obviously there were still queues to be able to go on the rides but they weren't as bad as some places that I've been to and the longest we ever had to queue was 20 minutes for the boomerang but most of the rides the average was about ten minutes.

      The park itself was spotlessly clean and the grass had clearly been well maintained and it was obvious that the management made sure that a lot of time and effort had gone into keeping everything looking good.
      There were plenty of staff and although most were quite young they seemed to know what they were doing and took safety seriously.

      The things I didn't like about the park were just how expensive it was. I know these places are never cheap but I felt so sorry for those families who had to pay to get everyone in and then pay for food and drinks. Food was extortionate for what was just basically cheap fast food. Even the drinks in the machine were 3 Euros for a small bottle of water which I thought was taking the mickey.

      I would definitely go back to Aqualand as even though it wasn't the biggest waterpark I've ever visited it had more than enough rides to keep all the family busy and I personally thoroughly enjoyed myself acting like a big kid. The only thing that I would recommend is to make sure and bring plenty of cash with you because you will definitely need it.


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