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Didim Aqua Park (Turkey)

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2 Reviews

Mavişehir Didim / Turkey / Tel: 00 90 256 825 52 00 / Fax: 00 90 256 825 65 50.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2008 00:04
      Very helpful



      You simply must go

      I have a home in Altinkum and have therefore visited this aqua park numerous times since its opening. Firstly it is not as good as the Aqua park in Kusadasi which is very similar but with a wider variety of slides. Many agencys in Altinkum offer a trip to the Kusadasi park so if you enjoy the Didim one and fancy something bigger then it is well worth the trip :)

      Access to the aqua park from Altinkum is very simple. You just jump on a minibus and you will be there within 20 minutes.

      Didim Aqua park has a very friendly atmosphere and all staff are very polite and helpful. Many engage in conversation whilst you are waiting to go down the slide which I find keeps you entertained.

      I am not quite sure of the current entry price as I didn't make a trip there this year but I think it is around £15 which is a bargain for a day out. On entering the park you get given a card which you put money on. This is very useful as it saves carrying cash around but also can be annoying having to go all the way back when you need to put more money on.

      The swimming pools are very clean and if you have come with family and are not one for the slides, there are plenty of sunbeds available all throughout the day as most people are enjoying themselves either on the slides, in the pools, at the mini foam party or even on the trampolines. The foam party is a hit with everyone in both Kusadasi and Didims aqua park. Foam and water fountains squirt whilst music is played and animators often dance and get you to follow the moves :P which is a great laugh.

      There are a variety of slides for both children and adults. My personal favourite being the big yellow slide which is similar to a skate ramp known as a half pipe. You sit in a rubber thing and drop in from one and and shoot up the other spinning around at a speed before you eventually slow down and drop out into the water.

      There are plenty of places to eat which are quite expensive compared to normal turkish prices but this is expected as any kind of excursion.

      The aqua park is one of didims hot tourist spots along with the apollo temple. It is a great day out so if you do visit Altinkum or are near the area then do go along and enjoy your day :)


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      19.09.2006 12:16
      Very helpful



      A well set out water park

      On a recent visit to Didim, a resort close to Bodrum in Turkey, eldest son, who had been there for a couple of months, insisted that we HAD to go to the water park.

      Not being a great fan, I agreed reluctantly, imagining all kinds of horrors...huge queues to get on any of the slides, cramped areas, and dirty pools.

      However, who am I to refuse? himself, being a fan of them wanted to go along as well, so the two of them eventually dragged me away from the pool, and off we went.

      Getting there...

      This was really simple, in that there is a courtesy coach which takes you from the centre of the town, passes Apollo and after 15 minutes, deposits you at the park.

      One thing to remember, though, whilst they are keen to get you to the park, at the end of the day, the coaches are VERY infrequent and have to be paid for, if you can actually find one.


      To get in costs 30 Turkish lira, which translated at today's exchange rate is about £12.

      It's quite good because when you pay your entrance you are given a credit card type card, onto which you put money to spend during your time in the park. This is handy as it means you don't have to carry cash around with you, but can add to your spending money at any time. No worries at the end of the day, any money left on your card will be reimbursed.

      The Park...

      When I first saw it, being an excitable type, I was actaully pleasantly surprised. Ok, so it's tacky, but tacky in the kind of way which makes me giggle!

      The whole place looks like some kind of Moorish town. there is a large wall round the whole park complete with turrets, look out points, and citadel roofs. Even the slides are integrated into this theme which gives the place a kind of Disneyland feel.

      When you get into the park you are encouraged to put your belongings into the lockers, provided at a nominal cost. great idea so you just have to carry your little card (for snacks), book and sun cream.

      The park is huge, complete with 3 swimming pools, a rafting area, trampolines, dolphin park, table tennis, bars, restaurants, and a rather nifty children's area. One of the swimming pools appeared to just have people bobbing about on rubber rings, so this quickly became my firm favourite (no exertion required).

      There are a selection of slides, the blanket slide being the most terrifying, and the one I was tricked onto. That said, there is plenty for everyone. Some of the favourite slides for the three of us were the ones next to each other, where you can race each other (the heaviest always winning!) but the Devil's Cauldron was a hit as long as you don't mind looking ridiculous when you fall out of the bottom.

      I didn't actually count how many slides there are but we were there for the whole day and there must be alot because at no point did we have to queue although I know there were alot of people there.

      One of the best things is the bubble party when they set loose lots and lots of bubbles from a large machine. Everyone rushes to get into this and if you can bear the fact that you can't see anything for about 5 minutes, it's great fun. straight after this, there is sudden loud dance music and there follows a dance party in the water fountains which suddenyl spray from a circular area. There is a real party atmoshere and everyone dances amongst the spray! Strange but true.

      What I thought...

      For someone not keen to go to the water park, i had a great day. the park is clean and well set out with plenty of places to get drinks and food, and ebnough activities to keep everyone happy. Whilst they had a captive audience, the drinks weren't over priced, nor was the food.

      I like the idea of the lockers and the water proof card with money on, so there is no chance of losing things, or having things taken.

      If you're ever near here, give this place a go, but go for the whole day!!

      Thans for reading.

      Daniela xx


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