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Disneyland Hong Kong

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    6 Reviews
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      24.05.2010 20:01
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      would anyone go all the way to Hong Kong, just to visit Disney?

      Hong Kong's very own Disneyland is located in the northeast of Lantau Island, and is easily accessible from Hong Kong International Airpot, or even pretty much anywhere in Hong Kong.

      You can get there by bus or taxi, but the most popular way has to be the MTR. Simply take the Tung Chung (or orange line) to Sunny Bay and transfer. It's impossible to miss. The train that runs this stretch of line is even themed with Mickey Mouse shaped windows.

      Entry into the park is expensive, but nothing other than what you'd expect for a whole day in the world's most famous theme park franchise.

      Once inside you can expect to find what you normally would in any Disneyland theme park - just in a more miniture scale. It's well renowned that Hong Kong Disneyland is much smaller than the ones in Florida and Los Angeles, and even compared to Tokyo and Paris. It is the smallest of all the parks, so bear this in mind when deciding whether to go.

      Nonetheless there are enough rides to keep everyone entertained for a full day. Space mountain is a favourite, and you also have several interactive 3d shows. Other highlights include Adventureland, which is actually larger than in any other Disney theme parks, and the old favourites, such as teacups, carousels and it's a small world. Like other Disney theme parks, periodic parades are put on by staff dressed up in famous character outfits. Every day is them finished off with an attractive fireworks display over Cinderalls castle.

      There has been some critisism of the park in the past. It's size being the main concern. The price is also a bit much considering the limited size. In my personal opinion Ocean Park (another theme park in Hong Kong) is much better value for money - being about half the price but with as much (if not more) fun to be had.

      If you're in Hong Kong and seeking that old Disney magic though, you will want to go the extra mile and pay the price. Kids are bound to enjoy it, and if you have a long transit in HKIA without wanting to explore Hong Kong (would be a shame), it might be worth considering venturing out to DISNEY!


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        12.11.2009 02:38
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        Hong kong is my parents homeland i used to visit Hong Kong every year i love the country it is where i originate from. Being a chinese i am very proud to have a Disneyland in HK its great it was such a big thing when they opened they spent so much money in making it too.

        I went when they first opened which was really not that great and since i had been to disneyland in paris and disney worlds in the US there was so much for me to compare and i must say i was disappointed at the age of 19. Because i expected more,however it is very magical and very pretty its soo pretty which gives it the bonus, by far better then the Paris Disney lands but of course not comparable to Disney World.

        When i went in 2006 it was very small as it just opened but ive had friends whos recently re visited and they are telling me it has expanded by alot and they are still working on it- which i really do believe one say it would be one of the best Disney Lands around since HK is a pretty country itself and they can have soo much different imaginations.

        The tubes/trains to the Disney LAnd is so pretty it is in the theme of all the Disney characters so before you even arrive at disney land your already going through all the experience of the disney character surroundings!

        I would defiantly recommend for all tourists to visit Disney Land in HK however do not go there if your expecting for roller coasters and amazing rides because this is defiantly not the place- if you want a theme park then check out Ocean Park!

        Disney Land is more of a dream land to be for a relaxing day out and have a few fun but nothing too heart thrilling. its a great place to go for romance day out or family outings- kids wold love all those costumed characters and all the pretty castles a different themed sections!but for a more grown up groups its not really a great day out i guess...


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          08.08.2009 11:16
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          A good day out, lots of fun, be prepared to spend money and you will be WOWED.

          Disney Land Hong Kong opened a few years ago and follows the other three (Japan, Florida and Paris) in style but with a Chinese tint.

          +++LOCATION AND ACCESS+++
          Disneyland Hong Kong is located on Lantau island and has MTR train links which make travelling there extremely convenient. Changing at Yan O station, you can take a Disneyland express train which is beautiful and nicely decked out with comfy seats and mickey mouse hand rail.

          Upon entering the park, you are at Main Street, and have direct access to three main lands: Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Adventureland, each housing rides and attractions.

          This is where there is a futuristic theming and houses Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Lazer ride, Autopia and Stitch Theatre. Space Mountain was quite rough but worth it, whilst Autopia was very boring and was not worth queuing for. Buzz Lightyear was quite fun and the queue line is well themed, although the lazer aim is not very good but still quite fun. Here you can also find a restaurant and toilets.

          This area has an African Jungle theme, and is very reminescent of Tarzan setting. In the centre of a lake, you can find Tarzan's House, which you can take a short raft trip to, as well as a jungle cruise (which was very enjoyable given the guide was very into the part). The most attractive attraction here is the Festival Lion King Show, which mixes Music and Dance and is like a Mini Version of the Lion king Musical. However, queuelines are hot and stuffy.

          It has a magical pink theming, and houses It's A Small World, Mickey Mouse 3D show and various other flat rides such as Carousel, Coffee Cups and a Dumbo spin ride. The coffee cups are quite nauseating if you spin it quickly whilst the Dumbo Spin ride is easing and great for children. It's A Small World was absolutely magical and fresh. It looks very new and just beautiful! Winnie The Pooh Storybook ride was not worth the wait, and I would definitely advise avoiding the queues by getting a fast pass and returning later, although it is quite beautiful inside.

          +++FACILITIES AND SHOPS+++
          After most large rides, there are shops with air conditioning which make it quite comfy to browse after a hot ride or queue. There are toilets scattered around each major area, and shops are all along the main street.

          Restaurants are also dotted around the park, although they could be pricey but similar to any other restuarant in a theme park.

          The shop products are really attractive and beautiful and they sell a large range of goods, from cups to t-shirts to stationary to bags and keychains to soft toys... the list goes on, and you can really browse for ages. Personally, the goods are way too overpriced however much you want to buy them.

          +++PARADES AND OTHER+++
          During my visit, there were several parades going on, such as Stitch's Summer Dance Bash, High School Musical and one where they spray water and you get wet. These are very enjoyable and give a lot of Disney Magic. It makes you feel like a child again and is really enjoyable.

          At night 8pm, there is a fireworks show lasting about 15 minutes which is very beautiful as well, and plays several well known Disney tracks to accompany the show which make it magical and a great finish to the day.

          It costs $350 to enter the park for the day, which is relatively expensive for such a small park. Food is overpriced, as are the goods, but one must be willing to spend extra for a thrilling and magical experience and it is expected that it will cost more. Be prepared!

          +++OVERALL APPEAL+++
          Amidst the negative criticism of the park, for the lack of attractions, its size and so on, I personally found it a great visit for the whole day, and the rides, theming and parades were very enjoyable and magical. It makes you want to watch the Disney films again and brings you back to the days when you were young.

          It is a magical experience everyone should encounter, whether it is in Hong Kong, Paris, Japan or Florida.


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            24.11.2008 21:35



            I went a cynic. I came back a believer.

            I went a cynic. I came back a believer. What a great day out and something I would recommend to people of all ages. At nearly 30, and a male who to be honest never really got the whole Disney thing, I didn't really think I would be in the expected demographic to enjoy this experience. I was wrong. I loved it.

            I was dragged along by the wife as part of a Christmas present to her. We went via the tube which is themed in a Disney style and sets the tone well. The park is well organised, with minimal waits for all the rides. The rides themselves are varied and provide excitement and engagement for all. The food was spot on and the Dim Sum set we had was really tasty and gave a nice "cultural experience" in a Western surrounding. We saw some of the shows as well, and I have to say they were exceptionally entertaining (especially the Lion King and 3D Movie).

            If you are in Hong Kong, and have a day to spare I would recommend going along. We had a great day out and if I liked it then imagine what any children would think!


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            19.10.2008 14:37
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            Disneyland Hong Kong

            An absolutely magical place, smaller than Disneyland Paris but better in so many ways. My son (2 at the time) and I were treated extremely well. The queues were nothing like Paris.
            As the queues were so short for the Buzz Lightyear ride (actually, non-existant) we were allowed to get off and straight back on again.
            My son was treated like royalty and constantly given character stickers. Despite the appalling heat and humidity, we had a wonderful time and the swimming pool at the hotel was ice cold - delicious!
            We travelled at May half-term (the park was virtually empty when compared to Paris) and stayed for one night at the Disneyland Hotel. The hotel in both the park and the hotel were second to none. If you're visiting Hong Kong and have a spare 2 days definately make a detour and stay.
            I would go back tomorrow at the drop if a hat.


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              04.01.2008 01:18
              Very helpful



              Worth seeing other Disneylands

              HONG KONG DISNEY LAND - June 2007

              This theme park opened in 2005 so it is fairly new and is 126 Hectares. It has four lands which are Fantasyland, Adventure Land, Tommorowland and Main Street USA, which all have there own theme and different rides!


              We got a taxi reasonably cheap there and back from our hotel in Kowloon and it was very easy as we didnt have to wait in any queues for buses or trains. You need to be careful of taxi drivers as they will try to charge you double the toll price. Check with your hotel how much this is before getting a taxi. We had been previously warned and our taxi driver was trying to charge us twice the toll amount and we asked him why this was and he backed down and played dumb. in the end we didn't have to pay twice the toll.

              Another way to get to the park is by the MTR at new futuristic Sunny Bay State on Tung Chung line it will bring you straight up to the entrance of the park.

              Once you have paid before going into the park your bag will be inspected and searched. This was reassuring and it didn't take too long so I didn't mind.


              This is based on the happily ever after Disney stories. For example Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Its magical and fairy tale like. Some of the attractions are: -

              **Mickey's PhilharMagic (Show)**
              This is a 3D show which Donald Duck is up to mischief and touches Mickey's orchestra when he is told not to and it takes you through the show with him getting into trouble and meeting different Disney Characters along the way. It was based a lot on the orchestra so there is some good music. The 3D effects was brilliant and you felt you could reach out for the instruments at times. At some stages you were squirted with water as well which gives you a shock! It was very worthwhile going to see.

              **The Golden Mickeys at Disney's Storybook Theater (Show)**
              I thought all the shows were all great and you should definately take the time to see them however 'The Golden Mikeys' is in Chinese and you have to read subtitles which can be annoying. This show is like an Hollywood awards show where awards are given. The presenter then is transported into different adventures where she meets Mulan, Lilo and Stich, characters from toy story, and the little mermaid. Each adventure there is a show with songs and dancing!

              **Fantasy Gardens**
              In the gardens you can get your photograph taken with a Disney character and they will give you there autograph if you want it! I think the characters are constantly changing. When I was there you could have gotten your photo taken with Mikey Mouse, Minne Mouse, Donald, Pluto and Donald Duck. There are queues you have to join which did seem quite long.

              **The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh**
              This is a ride which you go through different moving scenes in Hundred-Acre Wood. The carriage you get into is a honey pot. It tells the classic story of the blustery day, you meet tigger and encounter the flood with piglet. It is a very slow moving ride and would be great for young children.

              **Sleeping Beauty Castle**
              This is the castle of Aurora and to be honest I was quite disappointed by it. It was a lot smaller than I imagined and is considerably smaller than the Paris one.

              **Mad Hatter Tea Cups**
              This is a ride which you sit in a tea cup and you can spin it round and round as the ride is spun around. You can spin as slowly or as quickly as you want. To be honest even thinking of this ride makes me feel sick lol! I would say that some kids would enjoy this ride.

              **Dumbo the Flying Elephant**
              The carriage of this ride is an elephant and it spins around. You can make Dumbo fly by moving the carriage up and down as you spin around. I would recommend this ride to young children as it can be quite dull and boring!


              This land is based on the future and you are exploring other planets and the gallaxy. Everything has a space feel to it! Some of the attractions for this land are:-

              **Space Mountain**
              This is the only thrill ride in Disney Hong Kong. It is an indoor roller-coaster which has sharp quick turns and dips. It makes you feel like you are shooting through the stars you are going that quick. You are advised before you go on the ride that if you have neck or back problems not to go on it and this definitely needs to be listened to, as during all the ride you are jerked and shook about as you go through the darkness. After I got off this ride I had a very light head and once was enough for me!

              **Buzz lightyear Asto Blasters**
              This was my favorite ride, you got to shoot targets with hand-held laser cannons as you went around in a Star Cruiser (carriage) which you can move around 360 degrees. It was a great interactive experience, there is a lot happening on it with moving targets and flashing lights! You can compare scores with the person beside you which will definitely bring some competition to your game! Me and my boyfriend went on it again and again to see if we could beat each other.

              **Stitch Encounter**
              The Stitch show was good but if you're shy do be warned he talks to people in the audience and will point out specific people to talk to.

              This was the only attraction I had to wait for ages in the queue and it was really not worth my one hour wait! It is a car and it goes around a track and you have to press a pedal for it to move like the bumper cars only you cant move off the track. The queues are super long and wait time was about an hour and the ride is soo boring. I think even children would find it pointless! The minimum height for a driver is 137cm and for a passenger is 81cm but to be honest I think its worth a miss!

              This is another spinning ride like the Dumbo ride however it is in the theme of Space and has a rocket as the carriage.


              This land is based on adventures into the jungle and discovering new things. Some of the attractions are the following:-

              **Festival of the Lion King (Show)**
              The lion king show is great for children and adults. It's a musical show with a carnival like feel with floats. There are great songs, bright lights and its very colourful. On floats are Timone and Pumba and Simba which will talk to the audience throughout the show. It tells the story of the Lion King with short sketches and song. I thought it was great as there was always something to look at so you never got bored!

              **Jungle River Cruise**
              This was basically a river cruise which took you to see some electronic animals like elephants, cobras, orangutans and crocodiles. There was live commentary onboard which was fun and you got splashed by some of the animals along the way.

              **Tarzan Island **
              This is a tree house which you can climb to see Tarzans home.

              MAINSTREET USA

              This is where you first arrive after entering into the park and it is based on a typical american town in the 1900s with marching bands parading every so often. Here is where most of the shops are. There are clothes and sweet shops. Some of the attractions here are as follows:-

              **Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad**
              The Train State starts here which you can hop on and hop off. It looks like an antique train and will transport you around the different areas of the park.

              **Opera House**
              In the Opera House it tells you the story of the life of Walt Disney and the birth of Disneyland. It has a short video playing for you to watch.

              **Main Street City Hall**
              This is the information desk where you can get your guide maps and any queries on show times can be answered.


              The carnival runs through Main Street USA and has a host of Disney Characters and floats with people dancing and street performers. It had a great atmosphere with colourful floats. The only problem is that there are pushy people here so keep your ground if you get a good spot to view the parade. People will be pushing in and shoving umbrellas in to get in front of other people.


              The fireworks ended the night perfectly. They made you feel like you were in Disney and had that magical touch about them. While the fireworks were being set off different Disney songs where played I thought the display was fantastic!


              For a day pass into Disney land it costs for an Adult $295 and for a Child $210. This price includes all rides, shows and the firework display. Opening hours are 10am-9pm Apr-Oct and 10am-7pm Nov-March.


              In my opinion Hong Kong Disney Land is a lot smaller than Paris one. Its not very busy however at times you still have crowds of people pushing into you, but at all theme parks this happens. I felt you didn't have to wait in overly long queues, however there is one car ride which is an exception to this called Autopia (as mentioned before). The park is a disappointment for people wanting exciting/thrill rides. The only one is Space Mountain which is a rollercoaster which is really fast and is in the dark. In general it's not really a park for older people or even teenagers. I am glad I seen this park while I was in Hong Kong however I would never go back. I was able to get around the whole park in one day and didn't feel like I had missed out on anything. If you want to feel the 'Disney Experience' I would advise you to go to another Disney park.

              Originally posted on Ciao under my username Denisekelly40


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