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Disneyland Paris - Adventureland

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3 Reviews

Type: Theme Park / Address: Marne-la-Vallee / France

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    3 Reviews
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      03.05.2011 11:10
      Very helpful



      Don't miss it, because it won't take long to explore

      Adventureland, as you might expect, is billed as 'the world of explorers and adventure' and is located between Frontierland and Fantasyland in Disneyland Park, Paris. In comparison to the other lands, Adventureland is quite small in terms of rides and attractions, but it is still very much worth a visit.

      For the thrill seekers among us, what is possibly Disneyland Park's most 'white knuckle' ride is located in Adventureland; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril. Located at the back of the park, you can have a quick look at the ride and, more importantly, the faces of the riders as the get off, before you begin queuing. It is one of the most popular rides and you can get a Fastpass ticket which allows you to return to the ride when it's less busy and jump a significant part of the queue. You are in a runaway wagon which speeds through the ancient ruins at breathtaking speeds and you aren't always the right way up!

      For those who have a slightly lower 'thrill threshold', there is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, which the idea behind the famous film series starring a certain Mr Depp. This is a water based ride, sort of like a log flume, although you won't get very wet, if indeed at all. You ride around the forsaken pirate islands in a boat, looking upon the swashbuckling and nasty activities of the inhabitants whilst listening to them sing 'it's a pirate's life for me'. It's worth a go, as it lasts for a good length of time and is a well thought out and presented ride. It's especially worth it if you're a fan of the film franchise, although you shouldn't expect to see Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

      There aren't many other rides in Adventureland, but there are a few attractions most of which will amuse and thrill adventurers of all ages. You can take a climb up the tree into Robinson Crusoe's tree house, which offers fabulous views of the rest of the park and allows for many good photo opportunities. There is also 'Adventure Isle' which is a series of suspension bridges, secret coves and pirate hideouts that you can explore. It's essentially just a walk, but it is quite fun and easy to get lost along the way, plus you don't have to queue!

      There are plenty of places to eat within Adventureland, including table service and buffet restaurants. One of the restaurants, Blue Lagoon, is actually located within the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, where you can watch the activities from a distance, whilst enjoying 'exotic cuisine and traditional fish dishes' in tropical jungle surroundings.

      The other thing that I like about this land is the gift shops, as with every part of Disneyland park, there are hundreds of gift shops, it is something that you can't (and probably wouldn't expect to) avoid. But the shops here offer something slightly different in that the stuffed toys and so on all have a different theme, you can get Mickey Mouse in an Indiana Jones outfit and there are lots of explorer costumes and accessories toplease budding adventurers. It may be something that you have to be a hard core Disney fan to appreciate the (admittedly subtle) difference, but it does offer a slight change from the norm.

      It would be very easy to miss out Adventureland, because it doesn't have many rides and the attractions are more low key than in other parts of the park, but I think this would be a mistake; Adventureland is a perfect place to let you imagination run wild with you and become an explorer for the day! It is also a great place to go if you are getting a little fed up of queuing because there aren't so many attractions that have queues and the pace here is generally a little more relaxes and easy going than the fast pace you get in other parts of the park.


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        15.04.2010 12:27
        Very helpful



        A good land but probably not my favourite.

        There are 5 different themed lands at Disneyland Paris - Fantasyland, Discoveryland, Main Street USA, Frontierland and Adventureland.


        Adventureland is located in the South West of the park (inbetween Fantasyland and Frontierland) and is fairly easy to find, especially if you pick up a park map. There are a number of different entrances to Adventureland.


        The theme of Advenureland is hard to describe as it's quite varied. At one side of Adventureland there is a Middle East/Arabian theme, with a Moroccan influence (think along the lines of Aladdin). The rest of Adventureland appears to be an unexplored jungle land, with a heavy Indian influence. There are lots of caves, rocks and bridges and there are plenty of nooks and crannies to explore. In the center of Adventureland is a lake where Captain Hooks ship is moored and a huge rock shaped like a skull (appropriately named Skull Rock), with water that flows out of it's mouth - a great photo opportunity. The theme is good but isn't as 'out there' or as over the top as the other lands.


        This is one of the smaller lands in the Disneyland Park and also has less rides and attractions than the other lands (with the exception of Main Street USA which is just full of shops and places to eat). However, it is still quite large and there's plenty to see and do.


        Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril - This is a rollercoaster based on the Indiana Jones films. You are seated in a cart which zooms through ancient ruins, reaching speeds of upto 47 mph. There is a height restriction so it isn't suitable for young children and at one point the ride does a 360 degree loop. It is a well themed ride and can be Fastpassed*. This ride usually has large queues (although we were lucky and got there when it was quiet) and although it was fun, it was also very short - therefore I would Fasspass where possible.

        Pirates of the Caribbean - This is one of my favourite Disneyland rides. It is suitable for children and adults. Disneyland describe the ride as a 'family adventure' and suitable for 'everybody' but they also state that it 'may frighten younger guests' - my then 2 year old went on it and was fine (we ended up going on about 3 times). You are taken along a slow stream in a boat which seats upto about 24 people. The ride was built before the Pirates Of The Caribbean films were made so there are no characters or references to the films in the ride. The queue was suprisingly short for this ride.

        La Cabane Des Robinson (Swiss Family treehouse) - When we visited we decided to skip this attraction as it was a walk-around attraction and we had done more than enough walking around the Disneyland park! However, I have been round the Florida version which is very similar. The attraction is based around the 1960 Disney film Swiss Family Robinson and is supposed to look like the treehouse that the family built in the film. There are lots of rope bridges and stairs, aswell as sounds and music from the film. It's a nice attraction but isn't too exciting and might even bore some (especially as it just appeared to me like an add on to Adventure Isle). It is suitable for all ages but isn't suitable for wheelchair users.

        Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin - This is another walk-around attraction which is based around the film Aladdin. The attraction can be found at the Arabian themed side of Adventureland. Keep your eyes peeled for the entrance or you may miss it (it almost looks like a shop entrance). Le Passage Enchante d'Aladdin takes you through different scenes from the film using moving models, complete with songs from the film in the background. It's rather charming and small children will love seeing their favourite Aladdin characters - Abu, The Genie, Jasmine, Magic Carpet, The Sultan and Jafar. It's a very nice attraction and there were no queues for it, but this isn't what I would describe as a main attraction and sadly might bore older children and teens who are looking for abit more excitment.

        Pirates Beach - This is something that we saw but didn't visit (we didn't have time but I'm sure my daughter would have liked it). Pirates Beach in an outdoor play area for children upto 1.40m and includes slides, bridges and rope ladders. A nice place to rest your feet whilst the kids have a run around.

        Adventure Isle - I wouldn't actually class this as an attraction but apparently it is. Adventure Isle is set in the center of Adventureland and is full of caves and rope bridges. This is where you are able to explore the most and can even go inside Skull Rock.


        We didn't eat in Adventureland but places to eat include the Blue Lagoon Restuarant (which is situated INSIDE The Pirates of The Carribean ride!), Restuarant Hakuna Matata, Agrabah Cafe Restuarant, Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost and Coolpost.


        We didn't look around any of the shops but places to shop included Adventureland Le Coffre Du Capitaine, La Girafe Curieuse, The Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost and Les Tresors De Sheherazade. They all appeared to sell the Disney essentials, aswell as Adventureland themed merchandise.


        Adventureland is a fun land that is suitable for all ages. The scenery and theme is well done and is totally different to what we saw in the rest of the park (we got some good photos). We all really enjoyed Pirates of The Caribbean and Le Passage d'Aladdin as a family. Us adults also enjoyed the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril probably more than we should have! We hardly had to queue at all in Adventureland, the only things we queued for were Pirates of The Caribbean and Indiana Jones which were really short queues (probably not during school holidays and weekends though), which was such a relief.

        However, as I've already stated Adventureland is one of the smaller lands and doesn't have as many attractions as the others - I wouldn't call it one for thrill seekers.

        If you have been to Disney World in Florida you will notice the difference between the two - Disney World Florida has a bigger Adventureland and is home to the infamous Jungle Cruise which Disneyland Paris doesn't have (if you have been to Florida you might be sad to not see it at Paris but if you haven't been to Florida then you wont know any different!). Disney World Florida is also themed slightly different and has a more of an Asian/African remote jungle theme to it (tiki masks, bongo drums, lush vegetation etc), which to be honest I enjoyed a little bit more.

        The caves seemed quite nice but soon after we began to explore them we all became pretty bored of it (as did the people around us), particularly as there wasn't really much to explore at all - we just walked around in the dark for a while and then ended up where we started! When we saw a sign with an arrow saying 'Davy Jones Locker' we were quite excited as we thought we might see Davy Jones (we heard his organ playing in the caves) but again, we found nothing. I felt like there were a few things in Adventureland that were just built to fill some space and that space could have been used more wisely.

        Disney characters can be found in Adventureland at certain times but we didn't see any whilst we were there. The Disneyland Railroad also stops at all lands in the Disneyland park, except for Adventureland.

        I would definitely recommend visiting Adventureland whilst you are at Disneyland but don't spend too long 'exploring' because in my opinion the rest of the park has a little more to offer.

        (* Fastpass is a free service which allows you to 'jump the queues'. Just pop your park ticket into a Fastpass machine at the entrance of your chosen ride and you will issued with a Fastpass ticket which tells you a time to return to the ride.)


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          21.02.2010 21:22
          Very helpful



          A more relaxed Disney zone.

          Well I am still buzzing from my trip to Disneyland Paris last week and while it is all fresh in my head I thought I would review some of the best bits.

          Adventure land is the smallest of the five zones in Disneyland Paris. The theme centres around pirates, explorers and adventure. I is situated at the back of the park in between Fantasy land and Frontier land.
          You will find the following attractions in adventure land.

          Le cabane des Robinson - this is an actual tree house based on the one the Swiss family Robinson made when they were washed up after being in a shipwreck. It is quite nice to see but in my opinion it wouldn't be worth a long wait.

          Pirates beach - this is two separate adventure play areas for children aged 3-6 and 7-9. It is full of ropes and ladders and great for the kiddies to burn off some excess energy.

          Aladdins enchanted passage, this is a walk through passage that follows the story of Aladdin with the magical 'A whole new world' song playing as you reach the end -although all I could think of was Jordan and peter Andre :-).

          Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril - this is the major ride in adventure land, we didn't go on it as neither children were tall enough, the minimum height is 1.40m. It is a little mine car that zooms at very high speeds through the ancient temple ruins. It does loops and spins and looks very exciting. The wait for this ride was on average 60 mins.

          Adventure Isle - This is a small section with caves, secret coves that are all dark and you walk through, a high suspension bridge that everyone feels the need to jump across. It is like a mini pirate hideout with lots of little nooks and crannys hidden.

          Pirates of the Caribbean - this is a boat ride that takes you through the story of the original pirates, there is not a Jack Sparrow to be seen. I came across this fascinating fact that the ride features a cast of 119 state-of-the-art Audio-Animatronics characters, including 55 animals and 12 skeletons! It is a slow and relaxing cruise, not for thrill seekers. My little five year old son boy loved it but there were a few little children on the boat crying because they were scared. There is no height restriction but it is not recommended for children under one.
          Because so many people can fit on the boats (about 15-20) there is never a long wait 10 - 15 mins max.

          There a several food vans around Adventure land selling the usual popcorn, tea and coffee. If you are looking for a meal there is the Blue Lagoon restaurant, the pirate boat ride actually sails through the middle of the restaurant and it looked really nice. It is a table service and one of the more expensive places to eat. There is also the Agrabah cafe which is a eat all you want buffet, it costs about 20Euro per adult and 10Euro for kids. For something quicker and cheaper you could try the pizza outpost or Hakuna Matata resturant which are both fast food counter served food. We didn't eat in any of the above so I can't comment on the food but they all looked nice and really themed.

          Adventure land was where we went to wind down a bit and get away from the queues, apart from the Indiana ride there were hardly any queues for any of the attractions so it kept us all happy.


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