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Disneyland Paris - Fantasyland

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11 Reviews
  • Lots to do and see
  • Rides for all the family
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    11 Reviews
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      08.10.2015 14:16
      Very helpful


      • "Lots to do and see "
      • "Rides for all the family "
      • "Colourful and fun"


      Beautiful land where wishes come true

      I have been to Disneyland Paris lots of time and I think fantasyland is one of my favourite parts.

      Fantasyland is where there are rides for all the family which include Dumbo the flying elephant, Carousel, Mad Hatters tea cups, Peter Pan ride, Snow White ride, Its a small world, Alice's Curious Labyrinth and it is also where you can meet Mickey Mouse, meet princesses and of the course the location of the famous castle. The rides in this area are suitable for the whole family and there are no big rides here. I think most of the rides are suitable for children age 1 upwards. The rides are lots of fun for children and adults and especially the indoor rides like Peter pan which are very detailed and really make you forget the real world.

      The castle is situated at the front of fantasyland and you can either go through the castle or around the side of it to get to fantasyland. Once you get into Fantasyland at the back of the castle there is the sword in the stone where you can take a photo of yourself trying to pull the sword out. The carousel is one of mine and my daughters favourite rides in Fantasyland as the music is beautiful but my absolute favourite has to be Its a small world. This ride is an indoor gentle boat ride through different lands accompanied by a catchy song It's a small world afterall. It is a colourful ride with lots of dolls and scenes from different countries around the world and is great for kids.

      The theming of the whole area is lovely with a lot of attention to detail. The buildings are colourful and charming. There are shops and food stands in the area but these too and decorated to fit in with the look of Fantasyland and looks very appealing for children. The shops have merchandise displayed outside so you can see the beautiful princess dresses, hats and soft toys that are available to buy. There are restaurants in this area too but they just fit it in and the theming continues inside and out. There is lots to do and see. The area is kept very clean and tidy and is very well maintained.

      I think Fantasyland is a lovely area for all the family to enjoy.


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      23.07.2013 13:00
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      The best ares in Disneyland Paris I think

      Back in March my friend and I took our children to Disneyland Paris and before we went we made sure we did plenty of research working out what we wanted to do when we were there. We did this in terms of each of the lands there are in Disneyland so that we would have a plan to follow and would know where certain rides were. It was clear from the original planning that the land that we would do the most in was Fantasyland and this is my review of Fantasyland.

      In my opinion Fantasyland is where it is at for those with small families. The rides and attractions in that area are particularly focussed at families and young children and you don't have any of the big thrill rides that can be found elsewhere in the park. For the purpose of this review I will touch upon each of the rides we went on whilst we were there in that area.

      ==It's a small world==

      It's a small world I think is one of those rides that you just have to ride when you are in Fantasyland! It is a water based boat ride through which you visit characters from all over the world. This isn't so much a Disney based ride and some of the puppets and characters used are a bit freaky looking but there is plenty to look at and this is really a harmless, simple and easy ride in which you can relax. The only issue with this ride is that as you go through they play the song "It's a small world" on a loop and so for the rest of the day you are singing it! My son was still singing it the next morning!

      The good thing about this ride is the fact that the boats are big and fit plenty of people on and so the queue doesn't tend to be one in which you are waiting for a long time. We queued for about ten minutes for this one and in Disney standards that is really good!

      ==Peter Pan's flight==

      This ride is a suspended ride which you travel in a Galleon boat around the sights of London from the Darling's house to Neverland where of course Peter Pan battles with Captain Hook. This ride has plenty to look at as you travel around and I loved it when we went through London by night where masses of lights twinkled and there were miniature landmarks to look at.
      This is a popular ride in Fantasyland and as such you may find yourself queing for quite a while. I would suggest visiting this ride either during the early morning magic hours if you are staying in resort or by using a fast pass ticket.

      ==Alice's curious labrynth==

      What is good with Alice's curious labrynth is that it is a walk through attraction and so there is no queing for rides! You can wander around the attraction at your own pace and sometimes this is all you want when you are in Disneyland! There is lots to look at in the labrynth as you walk round and you will see characters from the film at various points. I loved seeing the large Cheshire Cat face made from hedges and flowers and I thought it was really clever! We did get lost a couple of times as we wandered around the labrynth but it was all good fun and the kids really loved it! There are a couple of photo opportunities around the attraction that you will probably have to queue for a minute or two for but it is worth hanging around for those.


      The Dumbo ride is a really simple one in that you sit in a car shaped like Dumbo and are flown around a few times before the ride is over. You can control from the car whether you soar high or low or a mixture of both and it is a really cute ride which I wouldn't advise missing. The problem with this ride is the popularity of it and as such there are often massive queues for it during the peak parts of the day. We made sure we went to this ride during the early morning magic hours and we only had around a five minute queue as a result so I would advise doing this, or using fast pass if you don't want a lenghtly wait.

      ==Les voyages des Pinocchio==

      This is a cute little ride which takes you through the story of Pinocchio through him being crafted by his father right through to becoming a real boy at the end. There is a lot to look at as you go through this ride and although it is quite dark the characters are highlighted and so it isn't scary for the smaller children.

      We had a little queue for this ride, perhaps around twenty to thirty minutes and there isn't much to look at as you queue so the children did get quite bored.

      ==Sleeping Beauty's Castle==

      Of course when you visit Disneyland one of the most magical sights is seeing the large pink castle in the distance as you walk down Main Street. It is a gorgeous sight and whilst you can't do a whole lot inside the castle it is well worth going down there.

      What is also down there is the sleeping dragon under the castle and this is a must see if you think your children can handle it! It is dark down there and quite scary! My son almost pulled my hand out of the socket when the dragon started breathing smoke as he was convinced it was real and was going to get up and come after us! I know seeing the dragon will be one of the longest lasting memories that we have!

      ==Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains==

      This ride is basically the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs! The ride is dark and spooky though when you encounter the wicked step mother transform in to a haggard old witch! My friend and I had seen videos of this ride on you tube and decided not to tell the children that it may be a bit scary but funnily enough my friends daughter LOVED this ride and she is normally so fussy when it comes to things like this! The ride is well worth a visit and I think as long as young children are sat with an adult they will be fine with the ride.

      I think these are the main must see rides in this particular land but there are others including a tea cup ride, a carousel and another boat ride which shows minature scenes from some classic movies. What is good in this land is some of the rides are large capacity such as it's a small world and the carousel and so you can get on these in between the longer wait rides and of course there are the walk through attractions as well.

      There is also a meeting point in Fantasyland for you to meet Mickey Mouse inside as well as one to meet the Disney Princesses. We were lucky to have a five minute wait to see and have professional pictures with Mickey Mouse done but the queue to see the Princesses was always ninety plus minutes and in the end my friend decided not to do this with her daughter as she didn't seem all that fussed.

      There are toilets in Fantasyland as well as carts and shops where you are able to pick up drinks or popcorn. We tried to avoid buying drinks as much as possible as they were around four euros for a normal 500ml bottle of coke for example! Popcorn was nine euros in a souvenir holder and then refils were cheaper. This was the same in every area of the park.

      This land is, in my opinion, the best area in terms of rides in the main park at Disneyland. There is so much to do for those with younger children in this area and you will find that it will suit the whole family for the most part.

      Thank you for reading my review!


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        06.05.2011 10:50
        Very helpful



        You can't miss it, but you won't spend long there!

        Fantasyland is probably the most famous and most visited part of Disneyland Park, Paris. It is the place to find Disney's best loved characters and the Disney magic really comes to life in a vivid and colourful way that will delight all fans and put a smile on even the most cynical of faces.

        The journey into the magic begins with a walk through Sleeping Beauty's castle. This is a life-size replica of the symbol that has become synonymous with Disney and actually now forms part of the logo. The castle is a huge pink affair that is designed for maximum impact upon the parks younger visitors. In actuality it serves no real purpose and is simply home to a few shops. If you take the lower path through the castle, you will stumble across the fire-breathing dragon, which prevents many a prospective suitor from rescuing Sleeping Beauty, resting in his lair.

        Coming out of the other side of the castle you are blasted with happy music, bright colours and huge structures that will delight all young fans, but that will possibly have adults reaching for the sick bucket before long. This land is very much directed at small children, with tame rides and attractions providing plenty of entertainment for them.

        There are, as I said, many rides that feature the most popular characters; Alice's Curious Labyrinth is a fairly simple maze that takes you on a journey around Wonderland meeting the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat amongst others; Peter Pan's Flight takes you to Never Land on a pirate ship; and Dumbo The Flying Elephant swoops and soars around the park.

        One of the most popular rides in Fantasyland is "it's a small world". Billed as 'the happiest cruise that ever sailed around the world' it is possibly one of the sickliest things I've ever seen (and I'm a die-hard Disney fan!). It involves sitting in a little floating boat which passes various mechanical dancing children from around the world singing a very cheesy and a little irritating song over and over and over . . .

        If you need something with a little more of a bite after this I'd recommend Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves). This is a ride that will take you, in a cart, down into the diamond mines and through the dark and surprisingly scary forest with Snow White. I would say here that, despite Fantasyland being a small child's playground, I imagine that this particular ride would be too scary for the very young and maybe even for the not so young. It's a bit like a ghost ride with the dark forest being just that and filled with the sound of the Wicked Queen's cackling.

        Aside from the rides, there are plenty of opportunities to meet your favourite characters - many of them begin the day signing autograph books just in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. There are also various stage shows that take place in and around this area of the park - the most popular of which is probably Winnie the Pooh's show on the Fantasy Festival Stage at the back of the park. Queue early for this one as it is popular.

        If you want something to eat whilst you are here, there are plenty of food stands where you can grab a Mickey Mouse shaped burger or a French crepe with Nutella. In terms of sitting down for lunch or dinner, Fantasyland probably offers the biggest choice in the whole park. Try the Toad Hall Restaurant, where Toad of Toad Hall (who I thought was from Wind in the Willows, which I wasn't aware was Disney!?) offers a choice of fish, chicken and burgers. Or you could try 'traditional French cuisine in the presence of princesses' at Auberge de Cendrillon, where you can have a character join you for your meal if you have pre booked.

        Overall, a visit to Fantasyland has to form part of your day at Disney as it contains most of the things that have made Disney famous and children will be delighted. That said, it is by no means my favourite part of the park and doesn't feature as much more than a way to get from Adventureland to Discoveryland in my trips to Disneyland.


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        25.02.2010 13:17
        Very helpful



        Sorry it's so long I got a bit carried away.

        Sorry I am still harping on about my time in Disneyland Paris, it was just such a fantastic holiday and I want to share some of my experienced.
        Here is what I thought of Fantasy land.

        Fantasy land really is the most magical of the five zones in Disneyland Paris. It is the most Disneyfied zone, full of princess wishes and happiness.

        Fantasy land is the most suitable zone for young children, none of the rides have height restrictions and so are suitable for even very small kiddies - here is what it has to offer.

        Sleeping Beauty castle - Fantasy land is home to the feature point of Disney - Sleeping beautys castle, the bubblegum pink palace can be seen wherever you are in the park and when you see it for the first time, your heart will skip a beat as you know you have arrived in Disney.
        You can go to the top of the tower by climbing the spiral staircase, inside there is the story of Sleeping beauty set out step by step, with statues and beautiful stained glass windows. This is definitely worth a look, there is never a queue and will only take five minutes.

        Snow whites adventure - This much to my five year olds amusement genuinely frightened me. You sit in a little car and it takes you through the story of Snow White, the first bit is fine with the seven dwarfs but then you go into a scary forest and loads of witches appear from no where cackling away. Your ride ends with the happy scene of Snow white and the prince. I would use caution if taking very small children on this ride, my little boy thought it was funny but it scared me so could scare little ones. Never a long queue for this most I saw was 15mins.

        Adventures of Pinocchio - this is incredibly similar to the Snow white ride, except it tells the story of Pinocchio becoming a real boy. We thought this ride was a little bit boring and I would have been disappointed if I had queued for a long time.

        The carousel - This is lovely, there are 86 beautiful horses to ride. A definite Disney must. It also has two carriages that enables people who can't climb the horses the opportunity to ride. This was the first carousel in all of Disneys parks around the world to offer this service. Queues can get really long for this, but it is really magical.

        Peter Pans flight - One of my favourite rides, definitely one of my top three. You sit in a little pirate boat and fly out of the window, over London and then onto never land. You really feel like you are flying. This had the longest queues in the whole park at times it was 110 mins. It does have fast pass machines so use these or if you re staying in the hotel use the Extra Magic Hours for this, we went on it three times with no queue by doing this.

        Dumbo flying elephants - Lovely ride where you can fly Dumbo, lets you go up and down by pushing a button. Great for small children.

        Mad Hatters Tea cups - These are your traditional fairground Tea cup ride. You can make it spin as fast as you want by spinning the wheel.
        Queues can get long, but there are 18 cups and four can fit in each so the line moves fairly quickly.

        Alice's curious labyrinth - This is a maze that you make your own way round, full of cute little things like tiny doors and little birds, worth a look while you are there but for us not a main attraction.

        Its a small world - The very essence of Disney with the catchiest most annoying song in the world. You take a boat ride through the world visiting many countries such as Russia, America, Ireland and Sweeden.
        This is a lovely feel good ride, never a long queue as 24 people can fit in each boat. Another Disney must do.

        There are two other rides that were not open when we were there, a story book boat ride and a little train.

        In Fantasy land there are lots of stalls selling popcorn, drinks etc. There are also three fast food restaurants serving Pizza, Burgers, fish and chips and chicken. Plus the exclusive resturant Auberge de Cendrillon -this is where your little ones can meet all the princesses and princes whilst they eart their lunch. It is very expensive approx 50E per person. We didn't eat in any of the restaurants in Fantasy land so I can't comment on quality or service.

        The true Disney zone.


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          03.02.2010 10:34
          Very helpful




          UPDATE: In the ride section || denoted my personal opinions, feelings as a child and adult.

          I have been to Disneyland Paris a whopping 7 times now, with my 8th trip to be next Christmas. It's needless to say I like that place, nay - I love it!

          Fantasy Land is as the name suggests, an area of the park themed around fairy tales, and could be said to be the childrens section of the park. This is mainly due to the family style rides and attractions here which I'll mention in a bit. The decor is largely based on exaggerations, because Paris' weather isn't quite so constantly sunny as California and Florida, the Disneyland Designing team (imagineers) felt that the Park still needed to look happy and welcoming - even if it was pouring down!
          Largely the area is paved with pinky-peach cobbles or purply poured concrete, this may sound ghastly but in reality it suits the land well. Mostly the buildings are made of different materials, varying from brickwork to painted, with tones of cream, browns, a light purple and white. The majority also have brown slate roofs of interesting angles, eaves and turrets.. All ofwhich creates a romanticised middleages feel. You may even find Jack's beanstalk growing skywards if you keep your eyes open. There is a lot of greenery too, willow trees line the little river and ponds, and many shrubs and flowerbeds fill the land with colour. Dominating the skyline is Sleeping Beautys Castle. Pink in colour with plenty of spires, stained glass window and blue slate roofing, is set over the drawbridge, next to a waterfall and square shaped trees. The landscaping mimics the movie to exactness! Not only does it look superb, visitors can venture inside too for an even more idyllic fairy tale like qualities.

          There are 10 main attractions in Fantasy Land, including the Castle its self
          Le Château de la Belle au Bois Dormant (Sleeping Beautys Castle):
          including - La Tanière du Dragon. Underneath the castle lays the dragon. This is dark dank underground series of caves, where in a large pool of evil looking green liquid can be found the moving, smoke breathing , angry dragon. Luckily he is chained up, but do keep small children near by as he is very realistic and can be scary.
          | | As a child I was always absolutely terrified of this, yet always insisted on going back to see it again later. For years I was convinced it breathed fire, which obviously does not and never did probably due to health and safety, it just goes to show how 'real' the experience is and how it can capture a child imagination. Even as an adult I always go and fondly visit the dragon and although it no longer scares me (honest), I just look at in awe and appreciate how much work as gone into it.

          It's A Small World: A musical boat ride through musical singing Audio-Animatronic dolls dressed from around the world and different cultures. A favourite with kids but due to the catchy song some adults may want to limit this to only a few times per visit.
          || I always end up coming out of this ride with the song stuck in my head, and any one who been on it will totally emphasise with that. I still go in at few times during my visit mainly for nostalgia, it's also one of those things that no matter how many times you do it you always notice something different. The queue here is usually no longer than 5 mins even in peak season - so is a great place to sit down and get out of the cold/or heat inside. The queue line is also undercover.

          Peter Pan's Flight: Follow Peter and Wendy from the playroom and into NeverNeverLand, over the roofs of London, round Big Ben... "the second star to the right and straight on till morning". Maybe not for those scared of heights - although they are all optical allusion and you're more than a few meter high.
          || This always gets very busy as it is one of the most popular rides for younger children, personaly I never really had a huge affection for it as a child as it didn't scare me nor was it a thrill ride, but as an adult I like the effects they have created and it is pretty impressive. Aim to do this first thing in the day though, early magic hours if you're a Disney hotel guest, and the queue can get as long as 2 hours during the day.

          Blanche-Neige et les Sept Nains (Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs):
          Follow snow white on her journey, through the enchanted forest in this dark ride. May frighten some.
          || A dark ride, you sit in your given buggy and travel round the ride. The motion can be quite jerky as it stops suddenly and turns corners, many a time I have hit my elbows and caused a few yelps! Put your arm round children to try keep them from sliding around and hopefully minimise any elbow banging. There is definitely a frightening theme to this, can will scare some children under 10 although Snow White and her prince are seen to be 'living happily ever after' in the finial scene which dries up any tears quickly. Usually children will ask to go on again even though it scared them silly - it is the range of the emotions which makes it such a good ride, genrally I think it is more enjoyable the 2nd or third time round. Also another ride to aim to do in the morning as queues can get very long upwards of 45mins to an hour.

          Les Voyages de Pinocchio (Pinocchio):
          Meet the Blue Fairy and watch Pinocchio be 'a real boy' and all the mistakes he makes. A rather charming dark ride, although again may frighten some.
          || Similar to snow white really, can be jerky at times and will scare some younger children. The scenes are very visual with vided colouring with children will like even if they don't really understand the story. Unfortunately another one with long queue at peak season.

          Dumbo the Flying Elephant:
          Take a trip on Dumbos back, control how high or low you go, on a carousel based ride.
          || Suited for very young children, but a pleasant ride for big kids too! The ride seats only take 2 and this might be a problem for a family of 3. Kids like to feel like they're controlling the flying and I always found this really entertaining shouting out Dumbo my commands (bet my parents must of loved the attention and looks from other parents!), but this quickly got boring as I got older. For any love bird wondering, two adults can fit in the seating (just) and there are some really nice views of the park to be seen - camera opportunity. There is only a short queue line (by Disney standards) and the wait is normaly no more than 45 mins when it's really busy.

          Le Carrousel de Lancelot:
          The most magical Carrousel you will every find - filled numerous horses of different sizes, there is one for every member of the family.
          || Note: kids will always try to get on the biggest horse they can find, stop this before it start by saying 'The big horses are only for mummies and daddies' or something, as they do get very high off the ground whilst the ride is moving and there are no, or minimal seatbelts. There are 4 different height, the biggest on the out side, getting smaller towards the centre. Carriages are also available for really small children.

          Mad Hatter's Tea Cups:
          Hop in a tea-cup, but don't be late! Control how much the cup spins via the centre wheel - just don't get too dizzy.
          || A fun ride to waste some time, nothing majorly exciting. Queue times are usually relatively short.

          Alice's Curious Labyrinth:
          A maze. Find your way through the Labyrinth to the Queen of Hearts castle, meeting many surprises along the way.
          || No Queueing. There are lots of decorations to look at and scene based from Alice in Wonderland. Is a lot more fun if you have watched the movie before.

          Le Pays des Contes de Fées ( Story Boat):
          An outside boat ride taking you through various different classic fairy tale scenes in Storybook Land. Suitable for all.
          || A bit boring in my opinion, probably because there is nothing remotely thrilling or scarey, but most children will like pointing out the different scenes from the movies. There is a rather nice section on Aladdin which I enjoy now enjoy as an adult.

          Le Pays des Contes de Fées (Casey Junior):
          A miniature family rollercoaser based on Dumbo. Go up and round the hills of Storybook land on this mini thrill ride.
          || My favourite!! This is just suberb, you get into the train ( as seen in Dumbo) made of animal transportation bit and Casey Junior ( very vocaly) pulls you round the track. This is all very smooth with minimal ups and downs but enough to get a child very excited.

          Disneyland Railroad Station:
          Get on the train, see some scenery exclusive to this ride, and perhaps alight at FrontierLand, DiscoveryLand or Main Street USA!
          || This is where the mums and dads get a breather as it takes about 45mins to get right round the track. It involves no movement, just looking throught the windows and relaxing. Although becuase of it's length I always hated this and thought of it 'as the most boring train in the world' - and in comparasion to the rest of Disney, to a child this seems just oh-so ordinary and unexciting.

          Fantasy Land also makes up the majority of the parade routes. 'Once Upon a Dream' parade and 'Disney's Fantillusion' being current at the time of writing.
          Once Upon a Dream: A day time parade consisting of 8 floats and 7 dreams, set to catchy music and lives performers. Watch as your favourite Disney characters travel past accompanied by dancers, bungee acrobats, jugglers, flag throwers, puppeteers, stilt walkers & more! It lasts 20 to 25 minutes and travels through Main Street USA and Fantasy Land. The best place to watch in Fantasy Land is probably out side 'It's a Small World'.

          Disney's Fantillusion: A night time parade of 8 major units covered in thousands of moving lights and special effects. Around 25 minutes long it travels through Main Street USA and Fantasy Land and has 3 show stops at various points.

          8 Restaurants call Fantasy Land their home. Varying from take away counter service to luxury dine in experiences.
          Auberge de Cendrillon: A princess themed dining with interior decor based on Cinderella. Character meals are available here. The food is based on french cuisine, but there are child and fussy eater friendly options too.
          Au Chalet de la Marionnette:
          Counter Service based on Pinocchio, serving (American) fast food.
          Pizzeria Bella Notte:
          Counter service based on Lady and the Tram, serving Italian cuisine.
          Toad Hall Restaurant:
          Counter service based on Wind in the Willows, serving British cuisine.
          Fantasia Gelati:
          An ice cream bar. Themed on Fantasia.
          And L'Arbre Enchanté, March Hare Refreshments and The Old Mill offering snacks and refreshments.

          There are also 7 different shops throughout Fantasy Land:
          Boutique du Château:
          inside Sleeping Beautys Castle selling Disney Themed Christmas decorations and gifts all year round.
          Merlin l'Enchanteur:
          Mainly selling glass items, also inside the castle.
          La Chaumière des Sept Nains:
          Costumes and general Disney merchandise.
          La Confiserie des Trois Fées:
          Sweet shop.
          Sir Mickey's:
          Soft toys, and general Disney merchandise. (This is where the beanstalk can be found growing through the roof!).
          La Bottega di Gepetto:
          Gepetto's workshop (Pinocchio) selling general Disney merchandise.
          La Petite Maison des Jouets:
          At the centre of Fantasy Land, again selling a selection of general Disney merchandise.

          Fantasy Land is not just a place for kids, it has been created with great detail and realism, allowing even the most cynical adults to forget their everyday worries and relax in the land where fairy tales and happy endings come to life.

          Further details can be found on the official Disneyland Paris website (www.disneylandparis.co.uk) or DLRPMagic (www.DLRPMagic.com).

          "Disneyland is a work of love. We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money. "
          Walt Disney


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            22.11.2009 21:21
            Very helpful



            Great for everyone!

            This is a really magical land and great for everyone from very young children to those young at heart. Here, the rides are nice and easy going and everything is in nice pastel colours, particularly pink! It's lovely.

            Some of the rides you will find here include:

            Alice's Curious Labyrinth - This is great fun! You can just run around and throw water at each other and eventually come to the Queen Of Heart's castle (once you've made a few wrong turns!) You can escape half way through if you've had enough, but it really is good fun and doesn't take the whole day so you don't lose any valuable ride time. You can also meet Alice and The White Rabbit at certain times here.

            Blanch-Neige et les Sept Nains - This is a little ride about Snow White, which is formatted like a ghost train, but with a nicer story!

            Casey Junior Train - This was closed last time we went, but it looks like a great ride for young children as it takes you through storybook land.

            The Flying Dumbos - These are just some Dumbos which you can sit in and fly round and round at a nice pace.

            It's A Small World - This is one of our favourite rides because everyone knows it and it's just so happy! The song'll get stuck in your head! But it's basically a slow boatride which takes you all around the world.

            Lancelot's Carousel - A nice big, traditional carousel.

            Les Voyages De Pinocchio - This is like a ghost train format but with the story of Pinocchio. There isn't usually much of a queue for this but it's a fantastic little ride! We really enjoyed it!

            Mad Hatter's Tea Cups - These are great and colourful and are just basic tea cups really that you spin yourself. The last time we were there, the visitors and staff were terrorised by the Queen Of Hearts and Tweedle Dee (or Dum) who were running around and trying to get on the ride!

            Peter Pan's Flight - This is another of our favourite rides. Again nice and slow, you get in a flying pirate boat and fly over London until you reach Neverland and visit all of Peter's favourite haunts; it's great! They play great music and because the boats are suspended from the ceiling, you really feel like you're flying! My favourite part is when you go through all the stars : ) There is usually quite a long queue for this so it's a good idea to consider using a fast pass on it.

            Sleeping Beauty's Castle - This is where you can explore the castle, going up to see the stained glass windows and visiting the shops on the ground floor, including the beautiful glass crafting shop. Finally, don't forget to go beneath the castle to see the dragon in the dungeon! He's great and very well animated with flashing eyes (can be a bit scary for kids!). Take care though as it is very dark down there and you can barely see the steps when you come in from a sunny day outside.

            Shops and Restaurants include:

            Toad Hall, where you can buy fish and chips, but when we had them, they were horrible! And again, food is not cheap here.

            The Old Mill, which is nice because it has an outside eating area with music and nice little birds which seem very tame.

            Merlin L'enchanteur

            Pizzeria Bella Notte

            All in all, it's a great land with something for everyone, especially those wishing to re-connect with their childhoods and visit a real fairytale magical land.


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              19.10.2009 14:53
              Very helpful



              My favourite land in the park!

              Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris was the fourth Fantasyland that opened. The theme as you may guess from the name is that of fantasy, it is based around a fairytale European village similar to those found in Disney films such as Beauty and the Beast.
              Fantasyland is my favourite land in the park. For me it has the really magical atmosphere, full of kids having fun. Its an ideal land for families with young children as all of the rides either have no height restriction or a very small height restriction. It also has some of the more iconic rides in the park.
              Unlike in Florida Fantasyland in the Disneyland park has a stop of the Railroad that goes around the park - making it easy to get to without too much walking.
              It has many of the signature attractions found in the other disney parks around the world. Such as 'Dumbo the flying elephant' which is always a good favorite with young children. It also has the Mad Hatter's tea cups - im not a fan of spinning rides like this - especially after lunch but it always seems to be popular. Peter Pan's flight is one of my favorites - especially if you have kids. You board a pirate ship and fly off to neverland, traveling over some famous scenes from the movie. Of course it wouldn't be fantasyland without "it's a small world". This is a boat ride that has the most annoyingly catchy song ever! You basically go through different rooms on this large boat, it has lots of characters from around the world dressed in native clothing e.g Scottish wearing kilts etc. The characters are all singing this song the whole way around the ride and you'll find you'll have it stuck in your head by the end of the day. Fantasyland also has some of its own attractions such as Alice's curious Labyrinth and Dragon's Lair.
              You will also find a wide variety of eating places in Fantasyland so there is bound to be something that will please everyone. From Toad Hall restaurant to Bella Notte Pizza (based on Lady and the Tramp!). As with all of the lands in this park there is also a selection of shops to buy your souvenirs. You can pick up some really nice things but they are typical theme park prices!
              As I said before Fantasyland is my favourite land in the Disneyland park - its full of that Disney Magic and it just has that wonderful atmosphere.


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              10.07.2009 11:13
              Very helpful



              Truely magical, however the rides are for the younger people.

              The park Disneyland Paris consists of set different areas with different themes. Fantasy land is the most magical of them all and is the one you will spend most time in if you have young children. Do not be scared off though it is also fun for adults, just not as thrill seeking as the rest of the park!

              Disney claim Fantasy land is dedicated to the young at heart who believe that when you wish upon a star your dreams come true. At the centre of fantasy land is a magical castle, and walking through this castle gives the main entrance to the area. The whole of it is set up like a quirky village and all the houses are set like they are from old fashioned fairy tales. For me the best bit about fantasy land was walking round taking in all the cute sites.

              Fantasy land, like all areas in disney contain plenty of restaurants. If you go to Cinderella's round table you can have a character breakfast with Cinderella and the rest of the cast. There are also fast food restaurants, so there is something for everyone.

              Ride wise, like I said this part of the park is not for the thrill seekers. There is one rid ethat you can use fast pass for, and I woudl recommend that you do as it gets very busy and that is the peter pan ride. Another popular ride I would recommend is the tea cups. It always looks like the queue for these is long, but as they fit 6 to a cup it actually moves very fast.

              The other rides are more like scenic tours, looking at pretty things on slow journeys. That sounds boring, but Disney do it so well and make it really really magical for all ages.

              Even if you are not into 'slow' rides then it is worth a stroll through fantasy land as it really is so magical and exciting that you cannot miss out.


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              12.03.2009 13:32
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              It's a small world after all.. ddodoo.. lallaa!

              I have visted Disneyland Paris numerous times before, my most recent visit was in March 2010.

              The Disneyland park is split into 5 magical lands - Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Discoveryland and Fantasyland.


              The best way to get there from the entrance of the park is to walk straight down Main Street USA and through Sleeping Beauties castle and then you're there. If you are still unsure you should check the map that you are given at the entrance or the maps which are scattered at various locations throughout the park. Fantasyland is situated at the back end of the park.


              Fantasyland is set up like a scene from a story book, from the buildings to the walkways to the music playing throughout. It is a lot like the Florida version, almost identical infact.

              It is the land that is primarily aimed at young children and toddlers. It is largely based around childrens animated Disney favourites such as Alice in Wonderland, Pinocchio, Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo.


              It's a Small World - One of the most well know rides in Fantasyland (and indeed Disneyland itself) is 'It's a small world'. This is a ride which is hard to miss due to the huge clock tower at the front which sets off every hour, on the hour - an oversized and slightly more exciting coocoo clock if you like! It is a ride best suited to young children and families. You sit in small boats which seat up to around 24 people (6 rows of 4 people, which means the queue is never very long). The boat floats along slowly through different countries around the world. There are dolls of children singing and dancing to the it's a small world song (this song will get stuck in your head for the rest of your life so beware). All the children look or are dressed in a certain way to portray which country they are from (Eg. Dressed up as London beefeaters for England) and there are also famous landmarks to look out for (Eg. Big ben for England). As I can gather the idea of the ride is to get kids to learn about different cultures and countries and to spread the message of peace and harmony throughout the world. Children do generally love it but it can be rather torturous for adults.

              Peter Pans Flight - The only ride in Fantasyland to be part of the Fastpass service (order your tickets for free to ride on an attraction at a certain time later in the day and jump the queues) is 'Peter Pans Flight'. I would recommend using a Fastpass on this ride because queues can be quite long - we queued for about 40 minutes. You are suspended from the roof in boats which I think seat up to 4 people, and slowly sail along into Wendys bedroom, Captain Hooks ship and over Neverland. It's a magical ride for all the family.

              Mad Hatter's Tea Cups - Another Disneyland favourite is the 'Mad Hatter's Tea Cups'. Queues can get quite long for this ride but go down quite quickly as you can fit up to around 6 people into one cup. The cups can spin around by themselves or you can speed them up by turning the wheel in the middle of the cup. This ride is a lot of fun as the whole family can join in and get involved with the spinning.

              Dumbo The Flying Elephants - Children will love the 'Dumbo the Flying Elephant' ride. If the child doesn't meet the height restriction they have to be accomanied by an adult. There are about 10 different elephants to choose from, each elephant can fit up to 2 or 3 people. The elephants go round by themselves but there is a button for the rider to press which makes them go up or down, so effective you can choose your own ride.

              Sleeping Beauty's Castle - Something which is definitely worth taking a look at is the world famous Sleeping Beauty's Castle. The castle is open for you to explore, you can take the stairs up to the top and get a great view overlooking the park and get a glimpse of the beautiful stained glass windows. If you're lucky you might even find Sleeping Beauty and Prince Philip wondering the place but beware of the Dragon that lurks beneath the castle! (there is a seperate underground entrance to see the dragon - my daughter loved it)

              Les Voyages De Pinocchio - Another attraction for the whole family is 'Les Voyages de Pinocchio'. It's a cart based ride that takes you around Pinocchios world and his quest to become a real boy. It's a nice ride (quite strange in places, but so is the film in my opinion) that is suitable for the whole family but is over quite quickly.

              Le Carrousel de Lancelot - Ths is a relaxing attraction suitable for children and adults. It looks like an old traditional carosel with beautifully crafted and painted horses and chariots. Always a good photo opportunity!

              Snow Whites Scary Adventures - An attraction which is aimed at children but is suprisingly scary is 'Snow Whites Scary Adventures' (the name says it all really). It is a slow moving ride which takes you around the story of Snow White and how far the evil queen will go to become the fairest in the land. It may be a little disturbing to young children but certainly not enough to avoid the ride altogether.

              Alices's Curious Labyrinth - This is a giant maze made from green hedges which you explore by foot. You'll find all your favourite Alice in Wonderland characters along the way such as the Queen of hearts and her guards, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire cat in the form of a giant picture made almost entirely of coloured flowers. When you reach the center of the maze you will find the queens castle which you can climb to the top of and have a look over the park. If you are visiting with slightly older kids this would be a good opportunity to sit down and have a rest whilst they explore. Be careful you don't get lost like we did!

              Two Attractions that I have not experienced in Fantasyland are 'Le petit train du cirque' (Casey Jr the Little Circus Train) and 'Le Pays des Contes de Fees' (Storybook Land Canal Boats). They were closed the last time we visited and I hadn't seen them previous to that.

              You can also catch the Railroad Steam Train from Fantasyland which is free and takes you to the other lands in the park (except Adventureland). You can also catch the train to Fantasyland. This is a mini adventure in itself.


              Fantasyland has a good selection of shops including a christmas shop which is open a year round, a shop which makes and sells hand blown glass ornaments, a brilliant sweet shop and a few general souvenier shops which sell pretty much anything Disney. The shops are nice but are almost identical to those around the rest of Disneyland and the Disney resort in terms of what they sell. Also be aware that nothing Disney comes cheap!

              -Places to eat-

              Restuarants and food places include Au Chalet De La Marionnette, The Old Mill, Toad Hill Restuarant, Pizzeria Bella Notte, March Hare Refreshments, Fantasia Gelati (yummy ice creams) and Auberge De Cendrillon. I noticed that Disneyland in general significantly lacked in vegetarian options, but we did manage to get decent pizzas and salad at Pizzeria Bella Notte (very crowded around lunch time).


              This is most definitely a land for young children. It is magical and was my daughters favourite land. However, I wouldn't write this land off if you don't have children with you, it's worth a look around but I wouldn't stop for long as the rest of the park has a lot more to offer adults - particularly thrill seekers.

              If you do have children make sure that they have their autograph books at the ready because Fantasyland has a lot of Disney characters pass through it throughout the day. Last time we visited my daughter met Ariel (The Little Mermaid) which she was over the moon about! Previous Fantasyland encounters include Tweedledum, Tweddledee, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, The Ugly Step Sisters and Peter Pan!

              All in all this is a great land for children, families, adults who are young at heart and those who believe in fairytales!


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                09.09.2008 17:38
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                If you go on the small world take some earplugs

                Fantasyland is a magical village you enter through the centrepiece of the park - Sleeping Beauties castle. There are lots of attractions for the little ones in this land. Most notable the highly irritating 'It's a small World' which is a gentle boat ride through a giant warehouse where different countries of the world are displayed with doll like figures who all sing this awful song. It is the song that makes the ride irritating, everything else is wonderful except this song repeating over and over and over. They even pipe it in to the queue, and the queue for this is always long!!!! My little ones loved the tea cups and the flying Dumbos but the queues were very long. Peter pans flight is a good ride but not as good as the hype leads you to believe but it is still very entertaing for the younger children - if yours are older I would skip this. The shop I like best in Fantasyland is in the castle it's self, it is a Christmas shop open all year round selling baubles and decorations, every time I go I have to get a new one!!


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                28.08.2008 22:38
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                Joint favourite section of the park for us!

                Along with Discoveryland we spent most of our time over the four days in this section of the park. Ideal for little princess' but boys will love it to with the Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Dragon in the castle, Small World, Teacups, Carousel and Dumbo aimed at boys and girls.

                The only fastpass ride in here is Peter Pan and can not be missed. It always had at least an hours wait when we went past so we waited to get a fast pass on our last day. You go around in a little ship attached at the top and see all the parts of Peter Pan in the dark, it is very beautiful.

                A look around Sleeping Beauties castle is also a must, not only under the castle with the dragon but up the stairs to have a look at all the pretty things and out onto the tops of the castle overlooking the park at the front and Fantasyland at the back you get a good view!

                Its a small world is a must do too, although the song sticks in your head for longer than you would like. Everywhere was really busy in here during the day and a few things we did not manage to do until the last day, which was when we discovered the best time to be in the park! It was around 8pm after the parade and whilst it was still going on at the top end of the park Fantasyland was really quiet when compared to the other times we had visited. We managed to get straight on to the Snow White ride with no wait and then after a 5 min wait stright onto the Pinocchio ride, both of which are set out like a ghost train but not as all scary! The little trains go round the building and you see the scenes from the two films.

                We also got straight into Alices wonderland which again when you make it to the top of the house gives you great views over Fantasyland. The wait for the teacups which by this time was covered in fairy lights was also around the 5 mins mark whereas it had been 45 during the day. The flying Dumbo ride again which was 45 - 60 during the day was now only 10 mins from start to the end of the ride!

                We stayed in Fantasyland until 10pm which is when they close it to set up for the fireworks, which by that time we did struggle to get somewhere to sit for the last parade but it was worth it to avoid queuing as much.


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