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Dusit Zoo (Bangkok)

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The zoo was opened in 1938 and is one of the oldest zoos in Thailand.

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    2 Reviews
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      03.02.2013 19:47
      Very helpful



      The Wild Side Of Bangkok

      Getting there
      Bangkok Zoo is easily accessible by public transport. There are bus routes that run directly there or you can get a tuk tuk which is the option we chose. We paid £4 for a return journey to the zoo from our hotel.

      Admission Prices
      We paid £3.50 each for admission to the zoo which we thought was very reasonable as the zoo is quite large.

      Bangkok Zoo
      Bangkok Zoo covers 35.2 acres of land and 12 acres of water. It holds nearly 300 mammals, over a thousand birds and nearly 300 reptiles.
      We found the zoo to be spacious and relaxing. There is a large lake in the middle of the zoo, and several picnic areas dotted around. Sections of the zoo are joined by bridges which lead you over the lake.

      The zoo is split up into sections such as the African Savanah where you can see gifarres, zebras, hippos and ostriches just to name a few. The animals all had decent sized enclosures and looked to be clean.
      There is a Reptile House which is very hot and humid. Inside, there are vivariums holding various types of reptiles including a selection of snakes and lizards. Through the far end of the Reptile House there are larger open enclosure which house a variety of Tourtoises. As you head towards the exit of the Reptile House, you will see a large enclosure which holds crocodiles and alligators. Again, the enclosure was large and had rock areas for the reptiles to bathe in the sun on, and water for them to lay in.

      There is an Elephant House which was of decent size. They had a sheltered area, where they could hide away from the bright sunshine which I thought was a nice touch. They also had a small water area.
      There were several bird section within the Zoo including an Avairy of pheasants from all over the world and a Birds of Prey section which included birds such as owls, hawks and eagles. The aviaries were large and had been well thought out so that each aviary simulated the birds natural environments.

      The Monkey Section obviously houses all the monkeys. The enclosures were large with plenty of branches, ropes and other items for them to climb on. Parts of the enclosures were totally covered by vegetation to allow the moneys a cool area, and it also allowed them some privacy away from visitors.
      Finally there is the Nocturnal Section which houses animals such as rats and mice to name a few. Obviously this section is dark with special night lights which light up the enclosures. Again, each enclosure is decorated to simulate the animals natural environments, for example, the bats had high hanging branches for them to hang on.

      Other places of interest inside the zoo include an animal museum and an education centre which is aimed at younger children, with the intention of educating them about animals. The zoo also has its own animal hospital with in house vets to treat any of the animals., although this section is not open to the public.

      There is a tram which takes visitors around the zoo. The entire jourey takes around 20 minutes and there is a small charge for this. I am unable to comment further on this, as we did not use it.
      There is a large childens play area consisting of climbing frames, slides and swings. Around the play area, there are picnic areas and visitors are welcome to bring their own food to eat here.

      There is a Food Centre inside the zoo where visitors can get food and drink. There is a main café which serves local dishes and deserts, a KFC, a Pasta Place and various other outlets which sell items such as ice creams and drinks.

      I would recommend a visit to this zoo. The animals all looked happy and healthy and the enclosures were spacious and clean. The zoo itself is clean and well laid out and its obvious that some work has been put into decorating the zoo to make it welcoming to visitors. There are lots of resting areas where you can sit on benches or on open grass which turns the visit into more of a relaxing one.


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        16.08.2011 16:04
        Very helpful



        One of the best day out I've had in Bangkok

        I am surprised nobody has reviewed Dusit Zoo as of yet as it is a fantastic day out in Bangkok. Located in Dusit which is a couple of miles north of the centre of Bangkok, it can be reached easily enough by taxi. Beware though taxi drivers have been known to try and persuade you or take you to other wildlife parks which they will get a cut of the money for taking you so make sure you are clear that Dusit Zoo is where you expect to end up!

        That warning aside you will arrive at a large front gate and perhaps see a giraffe's head gazing over the wall, heading inside there will be ticket offices which will charge tourists 100 Baht and locals 50b. So this will equate to around £2 which although double the local price is still very reasonable and I think considering the gap in earnings is a pretty fair system. Make sure you pick up a map on the way in too, as this is a very expansive piece of land!

        There are large areas with all the well known animals you would expect to see in a zoo, many of which are far more open and put you in close proximity to the animals than you would be in many other zoo's. Unsurprisingly there is a huge reptile area too with every snake and lizard you can imagine. Luckily there are many small cafes and even some beter known food outlets such as KFC dotted around the park which provide welcome rests as you wonder around in the heat and humidity. If you feel the heat is too much there is a hop on hop off bus/train kinda thing which will take you from one area to the next.

        It is slightly pointless listing the species of bird, reptile, mammal etc that you will find in there as it would actually be quicker to list species they do not have! One stand out that they do not have is pandas, but they do have red pandas which in itself is quite unusual so goes a long way to making up for that!

        With Thailand being more relaxed in terms of health and safety regulations than western countries, expect some random animals to just be lying around the place... We took a seat beside some bushes to realise that one of their pythons was sitting under the bush...don't worry a minder was at hand! So snakes, skunks, parrots, and other animals will be around the zoo that you can pet and get photos with for a small fee.

        There are a few shows going on frequently around the zoo, the elephant show is a big draw for tourists and locals alike.

        I can't recommend this zoo highly enough, its got so much going on at such a good price and maintains that slightly untamed wild feel that makes it so much more entertaining!


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