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Luna Park (Sydney, Australia)

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Address: 1 Olympic Drive Milsons Point / Sydney NSW 2061 / Australia

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    2 Reviews
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      02.11.2009 11:29
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      Luna Park.......

      This next review is on the famous and historical Luna Park, which is located at Milsons Point, on the northern shore of Sydney Harbour. This is another attraction which has become very popular with tourists and even the local population. The park one of the best theme park style events in Sydney, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year.


      The park was first opened in the mid 1930's and was used as a theme area for guests to come and have some fun, open during the summer and closed during the winter. The park was also closed when the Second World War broke out, however reopened soon after it was over.
      During the years the park was enquired by a number of different organizations and this continued for several years. In 1995, the park was given a $25 million backing to reopen and refurbish under the Open Space and Heritage Fund control. Redevelopment continued throughout the years and the park was again closed for changed to be made, and once again re opened in 2004.

      How to Get To the Park:

      There are several ways that people can get to the Park. The park itself is located on Milsons Point which is near the Northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and thus can be accessed by taking the train, the bus or even the ferry. Alternatively you can take the car their and they have sufficient parking space, however they do charge, last I checked its $7 an hour.

      Opening Hours and Prices:

      The park is open at different times and this generally depends on the time of month you are going and the season. During the winter the park closes earlier, whilst it's open a lot later during the summer. Generally the Park opens at 10:00 am and closes at 11:00 pm this is during the summer period. Whilst during the winter period it opens at 11:00 am and closes at 6:00pm.

      General entry into the park is free, meaning that anyone can come down and enjoy the sites the theme park has to offer. However, like most theme parks it will cost you to enter each individual ride, thus they encourage you to buy a pass before you go on, thus saving money if you intend on going on a few rides.

      A basic pass will cost you $10, this will allow you access to one turn on all the rides the park has to offer, this is limited to one turn per person. The prices also differ for other parts of the park, which are designated as children's areas.

      Theme Park Layout:

      Although a theme park, the theme park does not have all the big rides you may associate with traditional theme parks, its more like what you would get at a fair ground with the occasional rollercoaster, a Ferris wheel and other small rides, along with park games. The park has several different and areas, which I have listed below.

      Big Top Area:

      The big top ride was opened in 2004 it's a big seating area, which allows guests to observe live shows, music events and on some occasions the local circus. The Big has been used for many big shows, most famously the MTV Australia Music Awards.

      Crystal Palace:

      The Crystal Palace Area is another event, which has been used for several shows and events including the annual BMX competitions that are held in Sydney.

      Rides in the Theme Park:

      There are several rides within this theme park/ fair area, and it caters for everyone from the very young to the very old.
      The Wild Mouse Rollercoaster is the main thrill seeking attraction at the theme park, and is one of the more popular rides. The ride itself can seat up to four people in one cart, which goes around the track at a very fast speed. The great thing about this ride is that it being so tall you get a view of the entire park, and the outer areas of the Sydney Harbour. The best views are during the night, when the city is glowing with lights.

      Dodgem City is a lot like what we would refer to as bumper cars, there is a large designated area, where up to 18 people at a time can ride these electronic cars and have some fun. There is a minimum age requirement on this ride for health and safety reasons.

      Skylab Ferris wheel is another attraction that is very popular with the tourists and visitors. The Ferris wheel allows you to have a quite and relaxing moment or to and is a peaceful way of looking at the park from the op of the world. Once your cart is at the top, it will stay there for several minutes thus allowing you to get a great look at the area. Cameras are not allowed on the ride again for health and safety reasons.

      There are also a number of kids rides, which are more orientated towards children between the ages of 2- 10. However I didn't go on the rides so can not give any personal observations about them.


      The park has a area designed just for people to sit down and have some food. With seating available it means there is no rush to get up and eat your food in a hurry. They have several food courts offering pizza, burgers and fish and chips. An ice cream parlour is also their which a great selection of desserts.
      Overall the park has a great feel and atmosphere to it. It's a great place for any traveller to visit, because it's not very commercial, it's like an olden style fair, with the basic rides, focusing more on people having fun with the family and less about waiting in line for hours to get on a ride. The layout of the park is very easy to follow, with different designated to different types of rides and games. When you enter the park the first thing you notice is the big smiling face as the entrance. Its gives you a great impression of the park as being one of friendly, opening and welcoming. The deco and art around the park make it almost a national historical theme park and museum.
      The prices for individual games are reasonable and prices for food it not too expensive.

      Overall a great day out with either your friends and or your family, if your in the area I would thoroughly recommend checking it out.

      Happy Travels.


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        16.07.2009 22:23
        Very helpful



        Go at night and get candy floss for the full fairground experience.

        Luna Park is more like an fairground than a theme park. You won't get white knuckle rides, but you will get fun rides that make you laugh.

        You can buy tickets for the rides or a wristband to go on them all. I would recommend the wristband, as you only have to go on about 5 rides to make it worth it. If you have a YHA or other discount card, you get 10% off.

        It is easily accessible by public transport, including late at night.

        Best rides were The Rotor and Prison Break. I can't really describe The Rotor, it is more enjoyable if you don't know what it is going to do beforehand, but I will say I laughed til my cheeks hurt.
        Prison Break is basically a cage-maze with strobe lighting and you have to find your way from one end to another. There are actors dressed up as prisoners that jump out and follow you around. It is one of the scariest fairground attractions I have ever encountered! I literally ran out of the door at the end.

        I would recommend going at night. You won't need a whole day to do all the rides, and it adds to the whole 'amusement park' feel. They sell hot dogs and candy floss for the full experience. You can get some amazing pictures of the Harbour Bridge from the Ferris Wheel.

        I didn't go to the Melbourne Luna Park, but I have been told by several people that it is not as good as the Sydney one.

        Tip: wear closed shoes as there is one section of rides that they won't let you on if you are wearing flip-flops/ sandals.


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      The historical amusement park has been in operation since 1935.

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