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Marineland Theme Park (Ontario, Canada)

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Marineland Theme Park / Location: 7657 Portage Road / Niagara Falls / Ontario / Kanada.

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2010 23:25
      Very helpful



      For a beautiful, animal-friendly, fun-filled day out!


      Marineland is easy to find as it is situated very close to Niagara Falls. It is open from May through to October usually from 9am.

      When we visited a couple of years ago we stayed in London Ontario. We took a trip to Niagara Falls and was hoping to go here afterwards on the same day.

      This did not happen as there was just too much to take in on one day. Marineland itself needs a whole day if not two or three.

      And why not, for an extra five dollars on top of the normal ticket price you can visit the park as much as you want during the same season.

      Obviously this is great value if you stay here but I advise tourists to take advantage of this offer too as it really does make the trip more relaxed knowing you don't have to rush round it in one day!

      We bought our tickets at the entrance. Children aged four or under are free and children aged five to nine can buy a junior pass for $32.95. A regular pass is needed for those aged ten to fiftynine and this can be bought for $39.95. A senior pass for those aged sixty plus can be bought at the same price as a junior pass.

      You can also buy your tickets in advance on the internet and print them out before you go. To do this go to www.marineland.ca/estore

      There is plenty of busses which go to either Marineland or Niagara Falls and either of these are ok to catch. There is also plenty of parking but it costs around seven pounds a day which we thought was quite pricey, especially if there for more than one day, hence I would definately advise catching a bus.

      The park is extremely child, elderly and disability friendly.

      Once there you can hire a pushchair or wheelchair if you don't want to lug yours on the bus. The service was actually reasonably priced and worked out at just less than five pounds a day.

      There are special viewing areas provided for disabled guest and buggies are also permitted to use these areas.Special viewing areas are provided for disabled guests at the King Waldorf Stadium, Aquarium Dome, Friendship Cove and Arctic Cove.

      Most rides are accessible for the disabled but it depends on the individuals ability and strenghth whether the rides will be suitable or not.

      Toilet and Baby Changing facilities were convieniently located over several areas of the park and we found them to be clean but at times rather busy.

      Surprisingly no dogs are allowed in the park which was pleasant as you didn't have to mind where you stepped!

      There were plenty kiosks selling fast food and snacks but the park also allow you to bring your own food and provide several picnic areas.

      We opted for this is did a lot of other people so the picnic areas tended to be over crowded but the amazing weather may also have had something to do with this!

      The restaurants were very expensive but sold chicken platters, chicken strips, hot dog platters, pizza platters, cheeseburger and hamburger platters, chips, nachos, salads and sweet treats.

      Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the park and you have to use the designated areas which we found very irritating but I am sure non-smokers found it more acceptable and it is primarily a kids park.

      Friendship Cove was one of the first exhibits we went to and couldn't believe how close to the whales we were. You could feel the water splashing your face and they were huge!!

      There is a board outside friendship cove telling you the times the shows are on but it was roughly every forty five minutes and no extra fee needed to be paid to see the whales.

      The whales put on a fantastic show diving deep into their pool and hurling themselves into twisting like movements in the air. They were breath taking and looked so controlled and tame.

      Our next stop was for Artic Cove, which you need to book tickets for when you arrive. Remember to try and plan your time as we were at another show and nearly missed our booking.

      It is quite expensive but really worth the extra money. You can touch and feed the distinctive looking Beluga Whales. It is a once in a lifetime experience.

      Then you can view them through an underground window to see what they get up to in the water.

      The Artic Cove is very busy so it is best to book in the morning to ensure you get to experience them. If you are going to the park for more than one day, depending on how busy it is you may need to book a day in advance.

      Another wonderous site was the killer whales. My daughter was terrified to go and see these as she though they might try and bite her. Although we were not too close to them she soon realised how friendly, affectionate and docile they were.

      They performed a half hour show gliding majestically throught the water and the air. This was again a free show.

      There is also the King Warldorf stadium which this time presents bottlenosed dolphins performing tricks and jumps.

      Again the times of this show are posted on billboards near the stadium and like all the shows seats are given on a first come first serve basis.

      This show was extremely comical and fun for children and adults! This was my daughters favorit show and I think we must of seen it around three times!

      Also in various areas of the park are other animals such as giant tortoises, black bear, fish, elk and even deer. (And many many more!)

      Most of the animals can be quite closely viewed but you can actually feed the deer. My daughter was in her element with this and we had difficulty persuading her to leave the deer.

      She was very lucky as she even got to bottle feed a baby deer however I am not sure if this would always be possible.

      Not only is the park filled with all thes wonderful animals but it also has a huge selection of rides for all ages.

      The best known ride being the sky screamer which is the WORLDS highest tripple tower ride, lifting you then plunging down over 450ft at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour!

      My daughter was too small for this as there is a 48inch minimum height requirement and hubby used the excuse that somebody had to stay with child!!

      So while they experienced milder thrills I went on this three times. It was amazing and the pull of gravity on your face is unreal!

      The Topple Tower was equally as fun and high! This having a slightly lower hight restriction at 45 inches all three of us ventured on this. However this is a thrill ride and very scary for children.

      You are at the top of a high tower, legs a dangling which rocks from side to side making you think the tower will topple. My daughter liked the sensation but the fear of falling was a bit much for her.

      The Ocra Screamer was one she loved. It was basically a child version of the Sky Screamer which kids could board alone or with adults depending on their height.

      This was one Cherith tried alone while we rested and re-gained our breath!

      The bumble bee was a fantastic family round which all three of us went on about six times. It had enough thrill to keep adults partially entertained but was not too scary for children.

      Another ride all three of us loved was the Wave Swinger which was like cheroplanes, which are giant swings which go round amd round and up and down!

      The Hurrican Hove was also excellent for kids and adult alike. It was a bit like the waltzers or the tea cups, but you could not control how much you would spin.

      It would sometimes take a while for the Ocra to start spinning but once it did there was no stopping it! Lots of hugging and squeezing from my little girl on this one!!

      The Sky Hawk was another amazing family ride. It soared up high over the hole park and hovered back down slowly giving you amazing views and a much needed rest and a chance to take photos.

      The Magic Experience was also a ride all three of us boarded. You sit in a circular car in fives or less and move in a variety of different ways. It's not a scary ride but experiencing various motions at once is a strange sensation.

      There was also the Lady Bug coaster which was the only roller coaster suitable for younger children and there parents and was another favourite of our daughter.

      Another relaxing ride is the boat carousel and is a must do ride as it takes you round a large part of the park where you can view and photograph animals and just sit back and relax for a while!

      This park was absolutely amazing and my daughter didn't want to leave!! Just as well she did not know about the camping facilities.

      This is called The King Waldorf Tent and Trailer Park and is the closest camping facilities to Marineland.

      We did not see them so I am not sure what they are like but I believe you can pre-book a spot on the website.

      Go to www.marinelandcanada.com/camping

      The daily rate for tents is $35, and for trailer and RV's $45. However if you want a waterfront site for the latter it will cost you $65.

      I highly recommend visiting this park as it really is a supperb day out for both adults and children. If you take advantage of the season pass offer you can fill three or four days, or more if you like on a relatively small budget.
      Also worth going on is the Viking Adventure, Tivoli Wheel, Space Advenger, Kandus Twist and the Flying Dragon.


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