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Siam Water Park (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Siam Water Park is merely a 30 minute drive from the Lat Phrao flyover and is located in suburban Amphoe Minburi. The park features an extensive man-made sea with artificial surf-whirlpools, fountains and fountains and waterfalls, and towering water slides amid carefully landscaped gardens. / Fon: 51700759.

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    2 Reviews
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      11.10.2009 16:15
      Very helpful



      A Great Family Day Out!

      As you walk out of the aeroplane and enter Tenerife airport you will be greeted with signs and pictures of Siam Park.
      We got to our apartments and picked up a broacher with this new top attraction and looked through it.
      I'm not a strong swimmer and so water parks aren't really a must for my holiday and the last time I actually went to a water park was in Majorca back in about 2005.

      Anyway, our rep recommended the park aswell and we planned to go near the end of our holiday.
      On a trip to Loro Parque we got talking to this lady who asked if we had been to Siam Park, we hadn't at this point and she said it was so far away, so we decided maybe we would give it a miss.
      As we were travelling back from Loro Parque we actually saw Siam Park just 5 minutes from our apartments!

      - Where Is Siam Park & What Is It? -

      Siam Park is a water park which opened it's doors in September 2008, when I went it was just 13 months old.
      It is said to be "The most spectacular theme park with water attractions in Europe."
      The water park covers 185,000m2 of landscape and has an ancient Thai theme throughout.

      The park is owned by the Kiessling family, who also own the other top attraction in the Island Loro Parque.
      The park has been designed to not only be magical, thrill seeking and a great family day out but to respect the environment.
      They use sea water which is cleaned and heated before going into the attractions, then they use this water to feed the plants.
      The energy comes from a natural gas system which is the first one in the Canary Islands, it was chosen because of it's reduced carbon emissions.
      The water park also has many types of tree's all around it.

      Siam Park is located in a very accessible area of Tenerife.
      It's in Costa Adeje which is about 5 minutes in a taxi from Playa De Las Americas. And about 10 -15 minutes from Los Christianos.

      - The Attractions & My Thoughts -

      As we got to the park, you have to have your picture taken with a fake elephant, this took all of 2 seconds and then we headed to the locker room.
      It costs 3 Euros for a locker and a 5 Euros deposit, this was for a small locker.
      The locker room was medium sized it was very clean, yet a bit cramped.
      In our small locker we were able to hold 2 pairs of flip flops, 2 medium sized bags which were quite full and 2 beach towels.
      As far as I'm aware the park has 3 rooms for lockers, one is located on the Floating Market (the one I used), the 2nd by the Dragon and 3rd by Siam Beach / Wave Pool.
      You get a band that ties around your wrist, it has an adjustable strap so it fits anybody.
      When you have finished with your locker at the end of the day, go back to where you got the key from (Floating Market toilet/ reception desk) hand over the key and your receipt and you get your 5 Euros back!

      The attractions! As the park only opened 13 months ago it's still fairly small (although I think it's about the same size as the Aqualand on the Island) and they are making some more rides as we speak.

      * Mai Thai River
      * Mekong Rapids
      * Tower Of Power
      * The Dragon
      * Giant
      * Vulcano
      * Jungle Snakes
      * Naga Racer
      * The Lost City
      * Siam Beach
      * Wave Palace

      Mai Thai River- This is the biggest lazy river in the world!! You can use a 2 person ring or 1 person ring to go around it.
      As you go around the 1st corner some boats go down a little alley way sort of thing and others down the main route.
      We went down the alley way and it came to a conveyer belt, the lifeguard puts your boat onto the conveyer belt and it goes up.
      At the top another lifeguard takes you off and you think it's just going to continue being a lazy river.
      Boy- I was wrong! You actually go down a water slide! It's a great slide and is a bit like going through rapids. At the bottom you slide off the slide into the underwater aquarium!
      As you look above you and around, the tunnel has lots of fish and it's fantastic!
      After you come out from the Aquarium it's back to the lazy river, as it's the biggest one in the world there is an option to get off half way through.
      We continued and did the whole of it, it was such a nice relaxing time after going around the park all day!
      10/10 Ride!

      Mekong Rapids- This ride was the only one not sign posted and it took us a while to find it!
      Walking up to the slide was, well, a nightmare! 35 Degrees (in October) and it took forever, it was such a long walk to this one!
      You go on a family sized raft and down a large slide, it has many corners which you shoot up and then at the end you skim over the water with a splash!
      It's a good ride, although it wasn't the best and the walk up to it is something else!

      Tower Of Power- This is a 28 meter almost vertical drop free fall slide!
      I didn't go on this, bit of a wimp! It looks incredible as you whoosh down, slide through into the aquarium and out into the pool in all of 6 seconds!
      I didn't chicken out because of the height or the speed, but because I forget to breathe on slides and I didn't like the fact water sprays into your face.
      The person I was with did go on it, more than once! They said it was fantastic and over so quickly. The only down side was the climb up to it!
      Unfortunately I can't give it a mark out of 10, but with all the comments from people who have been on it's I think it's a 10/10 ride!

      The Dragon- The first thing you will notice about this slide it the massive dragon over looking a cone.
      The raft holds up to 4 people and you first start doing down a dark hole, you then come out into a large cone and slide around it before shooting down the mouth of the cone.
      It's a great ride and makes you scream! Although I hurt my bum on it.

      Giant- The slide is named after the Thai guardian and is the most popular ride of the park.
      I'm not surprised it's the most popular as it's more gentle than some of the other slides.
      You can go on it with a 2 person ring or 1 person.
      You start off going down a darkish tunnel and then come out into a bowl. You go around the bowl much like the Dragon but slower. You do about 3 circuits of the bowl and then go down another tunnel which takes you to the finish.
      I really liked this ride as it's alot like the Dragon but calmer and slower.

      Vulcano- This is a 4 person raft, you go down a pitch black tunnel and suddenly you hear loud bangs! You shoot out into a bowl, but it's dark!
      You get sprayed in the face by waterfalls and you don't really know where your going... then your going down another tunnel and see light, you get hit by a waterfall then your out!
      This ride actually scared me the 1st time I went on it, but the 2nd time I actually opened my eyes and it wasn't so bad.
      It has a few flashing green lights inside the bowl and isn't as dark as I first thought!
      It's a good ride and one of the more thrill seeker ones!

      Jungle Snakes- There are 4 slides in Jungle Snakes. You can go down in 2 person rings or 1 person.
      They are all different, we only tried 2 of the slides and one was open air and the other in the dark.
      These are great for younger children and very enjoyable.
      The slides are in the vegetation of the park and twist there way though it.

      Naga Racer- This is one of my favourite rides at Siam Park!
      You collect a mat at the bottom and climb the hill, at the top you lay your mat down and climb on.
      Your led on your tummy and have to hold the mat above your face slightly and keep your knees up.
      There are 6 slides and you race against the other people.
      When the whistle is blown you go down the slide which has many bumps in, it's very fast but a brilliant ride!
      Alot of young children went on this aswell, so it's good for the whole family!

      The Lost City- This is a place for little children to play. It's full of waterfalls, climbing, little slides and fun!
      I didn't go in here, but it looked fantastic and the children all seemed to be enjoying their selves!
      At certain times during the day a massive bucket of water falls down onto the Lost City and the children loved this!

      Siam Beach & Wave Palace- The beach is full of gorgeous white sand, lots of sunbeds and umbrellas. It's very relaxing and looks over onto wave palace.
      It's a large beach and has plenty of room, it was very clean and you could even see the real sea from there if you stood up!

      Wave Palace- Biggest artificial waves in the world anyone?!
      The waves reach a massive 3 meters high! A loud chime will sound when the waves are about to begin and when you see the first huge wave you hear a "Wow, Uhhhh" from the people.
      I was an "Oh, Sh*t" person and quickly swam my way back to the shallow end!
      At the shallow end you still get the force of the wave, but I'd rather be sat there.
      It really is amazing to see such a big wave like that and for people who enjoy waves or swimming would love this!
      When the waves are turnt off, mini waves still go through the pool.
      It's a very large pool and when you step into the water it takes a long time to actually go deep.
      It's very warm aswell and keeps a temperature of 24 degrees.

      - Eating, Drinking & Shopping -

      Siam Park has a few places to get food.
      * Thai Bar, Thai House, Tea House, Beach Club & Beach Bar.
      We only went into the Beach club to grab a bag of crisp, the price of which was crazy! Euro1.50!!!
      We did notice a wide range of food, Hot Dogs, Fruit Salad, Pasta, Chips Etc.
      But it was very expensive to get food at these places. You are aloud to take drinks and food with you to the park and it will save alot of money to take your own!

      The Beach Bar & Beach Club are located on Siam Beach and have a good shaded eating area.
      The Beach Bar overlooks the sea and the view is gorgeous.

      For shopping there is a Floating Market, it has a few shops mainly for suveniours. It's a nice little place though and you can see the fish in the little river they have and the sea lions!
      Although one down side is that by 12.00pm the floor gets very hot!
      And as we were on and off of water slides we didn't wear flip flops so our feet hurt waking on the hot paths!

      - Prices & Getting Here -

      Prices- Adults: 28.00 Euros
      Child 3-11: 18.00 Euros

      Or if you do Siam Park & Loro Parque you can get a twin ticket which is 49.00 Euros for an adult and 6-11 years is 33.00 Euros
      Tickets are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase.

      Getting there, normally to get to water parks you have to get a taxi. But Siam Park do a free bus!
      There are 3 different buses which do 3 different routes.
      Our bus was route 2 from Playa De Las Americas, the bus picks up from the bus stops every 30 minutes.
      It's a double decker open top bus, it's in superb condition and very eye catching, in a dark blue with Siam Park clearly written on it.
      The bus doesn't run between 2-3pm but after that it runs every 30 minutes until just after the park closes.

      Near by Aqualand also do the free bus service, although there buses always seemed to be empty.

      - Overall -

      Sorry for the long review, but overall this water park is the best one I have ever been to!
      They have a good range of water slides with something to entertain any age.
      The free bus makes it very accessible and saves a few euros. The price to get into the park is good value for money and you definitely get your moneys worth here!

      Even though it's a Water Park with a good location and free bus it wasn't majorly busy. We didn't have to queue and the longest we did queue was about 5 minutes for The Giant.

      I would like to go back to Siam Park in a few years when they have got a few more slides and developed it further.
      But other than that FANTASTIC!

      5*'s- Highly Recommended!
      October 2009.


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        14.12.2008 16:45
        Very helpful



        If you don't do any other trip in Tenerife make sure you do this one

        WOW.... I have been to many water park in Europe and Florida, but this is simple the best. There site is brand new and was only opened in September 2008, we visted in Dec 2008, its very clean with alot of exotic plants to soften the vast quanties of concrete which you would need on a site of this size. The parking is very limited but, given how close it is the Costa Adeje, and the very requent bus service from the beach area. When you arrrive the is the option to rent towles and lockers. Siam Water Park has planned this site very well there are loads of sun beds and deck chairs available for free. The large pool is set up like a beach along with sand and sunbeds. We heard a gentle siren and the the waves begain, were very big and great to swim in and in the late afternoon body boarders us the wave pool. There is an area for smaller children where the slide are more gentle and have many small water cannons, water falls to keep the little ones happy. For the rest there are lazt rivers to float around on a rubber ring, rapieds to bounce across. Slides the wirle you around as if you were goig down a plug hole, another that sends you shotting down in the dark into what i can only discribe as a funnel on its side that sends you flying up one side then the other, othre slides were in enclosed tubes another dropped you approx 30 ft straight down and through a tank with fish. That was our best day of the holiday.


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