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Walibi Wavre (Belgium)

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2 Reviews

Theme Park. B-1300 Wavre, Belgium. Tel: +32 (0)1042 1500 Fax: +32 (0)1041 1066.

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    2 Reviews
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      15.09.2011 07:42
      Very helpful



      Theme Park

      Within half an hour driving of Brussels you will find the Walibi theme park close to the French border. Opened in the year 1975 it has actually changed it names a couple of times.

      Upon entering the park you will notice that it is very tidy. Everything looks clean and there are enough bins. The aisles are wide enough for the large amount of people getting through. Here and there are places to have a seat. The signs of the park are inadequate so make sure you have a map. You receive a map at the entrance of the park.

      A few attractions

      Dalton terror
      Free fall! The Dalton terror is a 77 meters high tower surrounded. The seats are equipped with the 4 Daltons. Everyone knows the Daltons from the cartoons of Lucky Luke. The tower slowly goes up and remains high for a few seconds when going into a free fall of 77 meters. The fall comes with a phenomenal speed of 110 km per hour. We actually went a few times in this attraction and absolutely loved it. I'm normally a big fan of these things.

      The werewolf
      The werewolf is a 1028 meters long wooden roller coaster. At 30 meters height begins the descent at a dizzying speed of 80 km per hour. This speed is maintained while being hurled through the various bends. It is an intense roller coaster. During the ride they take a picture. These can be purchased at the end of the ride. The quality of these images is poor, but it's a nice memory. The photo cost me 8 euros and you could also buy a picture frame which costs 11 euros.

      The octopus takes you with his swinging arms into the air where at a nice speed you are spinning around. At the beginning of the journey it seems not so bad but that changes quickly when it suddenly goes really fast.

      Dragon boat
      The dragon boat is the most boring ride in the park. It is also a children's attraction. It consists of rotating Viking boats on the water and that's all really.

      The animation

      With almost every park belongs a theme and mascot. The mascot of the park is a kangaroo, which was located at the entrance of the park. Wok the dragon and a few other mascots were there, each with their own photographer. We thought it was funny to take a picture but while we where waiting the photographer became pushy and even aggressive towards the queue of people. Our nephew got even scared so we complained and walked of. The mascots in the park where really friendly and very good with children.


      The toilets in the park are free. They are well maintained and there are more then enough to be found. The toilets themselves were provided with sufficient toilet paper and a bin. It all looked clean.

      Eat and drink
      At different positions trough the park you could buy ice cream, waffles, hamburgers and beverages. The price is good and fits the average prices of the theme parks. Some stalls were with terraces. The terraces looked clean and were equipped with large umbrellas for shade or even in the rain to sit.

      The staff
      The staff was very friendly except for the photographer. The attractions were all guided and controlled. The staff gave a friendly and cheerful impression.


      Personally I find the standard ticket prices too expensive (31 euros as a adult from 12 years and 27 years from 3 to 11 years). As a group we went there. Upon arrival everything was well organized, the parking lot was quickly assigned. After the entrance the frustration began with the rude photographer. A real shame. The facilities and the park are good, sufficient and tidy. There is sufficient attention to the cleaning of the park. Here and there are cleaners walking in the park. The map clearly shows all the attractions, toilets and food stands. All is very clear. You have an clear overview of the park and a clear route. The signs are ok but it's not really stated if an attraction is suitable for the young ones. The attractions are good and you have a good amount of different attractions so everybody will like something!


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        22.11.2008 16:39
        Very helpful



        You can go to Walibi with your friends, when you are on trip in Belgium. You will enjoy it!!

        Walibi Belgium is a popular theme park in Wavre in Belgium. In 1975, it was started by Eddy Meeus under the name Walibi Wavre. The name comes from the municipalities where Walibi is located: Wavre - Limal - Bierges. A Wallaby is also a kangaroo-type, which is probably the reason why the orange kangaroo has become the logo of the park. After a couple of name-changes (including Six Flags Belgium), the theme park has been changed back to Walibi Belgium since 2005, including the orange kangaroo.

        What has Walibi Belgium to offer?

        First of all there are the attractions, like every theme park. In Walibi everybody is having fun, whether it is in the water, on the ground or in the air, with more than 50 irresistible tourist attractions. First of all there are the Family and Kids attractions. Walibi stands for a lot of family fun. Everyone will love the magical world of the "Genies Palace", a true Arabian nights' experience. To keep the sensation of floating on air, try the swinging French Cancan, the giant flying carrousel or a ride on the Octopus, which its irresistible centrifugal force. When you want to take a break the Ferris wheel will give you the chance to enjoy the panoramic views at a leisurely place. With more than 15 attractions in "mini size" Walibi Belgium has everything in the house for even the smallest to deliver a fantastic day. Children under 1.40 meters are the inhabitants of Walibi Folies: the magical world of the kangaroo, a trip around the world, a ride in the truck or with the tram, an expedition in a submarine. In short, it is a village for children, where they won't get bored due to the kangaroo and his many friends!!!

        There are also the thrill rides for the grown-up people. These are attractions for the people who want to have the thrills of their life on the 7 rollercoaster's: Breakneck speed (Werewolf, Turbine), excitement high up in the air (Dalton terror), head spinning loop the loops (Cobra), breathtaking drops which make your stomach churn (Screamer), uncontrollable speeds, turning the scenery around you into a blur (Vampire), a mini-roller coaster experience (Coccinelle) and racing at mind boggling speeds through the bowels of the earth experience (Calamity Mine).

        Besides these attractions, you also have the water attractions. There are some really cool and heavy ones for the dear devils. Or if you want to relax, then there is aqualibi, where you can enjoy from the tropical environment with your friends.


        You can get there by car: E411 Brussels - Namen, and then you need to take the exit 6 or 9, Waver.
        Or you can go there by train: you take the train in direction of Leuven of Ottignies, and you get off at the station of Bierges.

        Since I live in Belgium, I didn't had to sleep in a hotel. If you do need one, you can go to the website of Walibi Belgium. There are a couple of references on that website.

        Opening hours:

        The theme park is most of the time open from 10:00 till 22:00. It is closed during the winter.

        Overall opinion:

        I have already went to all the theme parks in Belgium like Bellewaerde, Plopsaland, Boudewijnpark, Bobbejaanland and I must say that this park is the best. It is a nice experience. I went there a couple of times with my friends. They have the best and the biggest rollercoaster's of Belgium. In mine opinion, this is the only theme park for grown-up people. The others parks don't have those big attractions. So if you are a daredevil, don't forget to go to Walibi if you are visiting Belgium. You won't regret it!!!


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