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Adventure Wonderland (Dorset)

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Address: Adventure Wonderland / Merritown Lane / Hurn / Christchurch / Dorset / BH23 6BA

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    1 Review
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      24.11.2012 23:38
      Very helpful



      A good family day out.

      Thanks for adding this suggestion for me to review Dooyoo.

      I first visited this adventure park about 10 years ago with my God children and I'm pretty sure it was called Alice in wondreland then but now it is called Adventure Wonderland. I returned with one of my Godaughters her mum and my own 2 children in August this year and feel a review is needed to let others know it even exsists.

      The day we went we were lucky to have a sunny day as the days leading up to our visit had been raining. The park is about 15minutes away from Bournemouth in Dorset literally next to Bournemouth airport, they even have a viewing area in the park to stand up on and watch any planes about. Follow the signs to the airport or tourist brown signs to the park, very easy to get too from the main motorway nearby.

      Pricing- Some of the prices are as follows,
      Adults £11.95-
      Children 3 upwards also £11.95 -
      Under 2yr old Free -
      Aged 2years £5.75
      Some discounts are available.
      I find it so annoying that children prices are the same as adults, what is the point of even have adult and child prices seperate. Only the age of 2 has a cheaper rate. My opinion on why they do this is that I'd say the park is aimed at 2-10years olds so majority of their customers are in that range and paying the full price.

      The rides and amusements- Well I will start with the maze, It is the 3rd largest in the country and when you are outside of it you'd not believe it is that big but once inside and lost it becomes very big. When I first visited it 10 years ago we got lost like you do in a maze but I also had a desperate for toilet 3year old who ended up using the hedge due to being stuck in the maze, I know not ideal but was left with no choice. On this recent visit we found there were quite a few muddy areas and huge puddles, I had an advantage of using a buggy to help me get over them but the buggy did give a disadvantage when found the bridge with steps both sides. After spending 30minutes trying to find the middle we decided to just find the exit instead as we were getting a bit fed up to be honest, after another 15minutes we just stopped in a space and ate some of our picnic as it was past lunchtime by now. We saw other people that were also getting frustrated by being lost. after a while longer we found a gate saying emergency exit, we decided it was an emergency so left through this gate which exited on the far side of the maze. A huge tip for people ever going here is read the board by the entrance as it has a helpful tip which we had missed. There should be boards with Alice in Wonderland clues around the maze but most were so covered by hedge you missed them.

      There is a mini teacup ride which I thought I was going to be sick on and a galleon ship ride which left me hanging on for dear life much to the amusement of the kids on it. The small runaway train ride seemed quite a hit with people and the mini catarpiller train was good for the toddlers.
      There were a few more rides but nothing spectacular. Some trampolines were in constant use which were included in the admission ticket price and also panning for gold (actually stones) and when you had collected several gold nuggets you took them to the shop and were awarded with a medal which I thought was a nice touch.
      There was a outside assault course and play area with picnic areas around.
      There was also a outside path of mirrors which had us in stiches of laughter.

      Wild thing is a inside playarea for the kids 3 levels high, big and busy. I didn't feel comfortable there as it was too big to be able to keep a proper eye on the kids, I was in the toddler section with my daughter so she was safe but I felt uneasy not being able to see whereabouts my son was. This play area is open all year when the main park isn't and there are lower prices for the admission to just this but when park open it is included in ticket price.

      The animal petting area is nice and I'd advise to check the time of petting hours when you arrive so you dont miss it. Beside the small farm area is a field and stables with some horses and ponies where rides are availale at an extra cost.

      On the site there were atleast 2 cafe's for meals or simple refreshments, We took a picnic so I cant comment on prices or value. I can however say that the gift shop was worth a visit as I found the prices very good and got a couple gifts for the kids.

      On the whole we enjoyed our day here, the park isnt huge and very easy to go around. It is based around Alice in wonderland and they aren't trying to be a competitor to Thorpe park etc. I'd say the ideal age for taking children here is between 6-10 years old.

      Here is the website if you would like to see what I'm rambling about. http://www.adventurewonderland.co.uk/

      By the way I didnt actually complain about how wet the maze was and also the lack of help whilst you are stuck inside it..


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