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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park (Stirling, Scotland)

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10 Reviews

Address: By Stirling / Scotland / Telephone: 01786 841456

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    10 Reviews
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      29.04.2012 21:33
      Very helpful



      A safari park just outside of Stirling.

      Blair Drummond safari park is located just outside Stirling. I've been here many times both as a kid myself and taking kids there as an adult. Although it is technically possible to travel there on public transport, you would miss out on the 'Safari' part of the trip if you did this so best to take your car.


      When you drive in you'll find lots of space to park up and you'll find public toilets. If you've had a long journey you might want to use these before you enter the park as the first part of the park experience is the safari and you don't want to be driving around trying to enjoy the animals with a full bladder. You then drive through a toll booth style paying in desk. Prices are fairly steep but the kind of prices you would expect to pay for entry to any kind of zoo/safari park, I think. Currently it costs £12.95 for an adult and £9.90 for a child but there are concessions available for OAPs, the disabled, students and carers.

      The Safari

      Once inside, the safari experience begins as you drive around a sign-posted route having a peep at the animals. Not all of the animals are in the safari area but a lot of the main ones such as the lions and the rhino are. I'm sure there used to be monkeys in this area, too, but I don't remember any the last visit so maybe they were too intrigued by the car windscreen wipers and the like! The animals must be well fed as they tend to not bother with the cars. Of course, you need to drive slowly to avoid injuring an animal but you'll want to drive slowly to get the best look, anyway. You can go round this area as many times as you want and when I travel here with kids they usually want to go round two or three times in a row before they get bored with this bit.

      Inside the Park

      Once you're all Safari-d out, you head into the park itself and park your car. There are plenty of spaces for coaches and vehicles as well as picnic tables and even a BBQ area.

      As I said, not all the animals are in the safari area for their safety and your safety, no doubt (I'm sure no one would want their car stood on by an elephant and I'm sure the meerkats wouldn't be too chuffed sharing a safari enclosure with the lions)! So this is your chance to wander round looking at the other animals. Most of the animals are in one area but the elephant, giraffes and monkeys are elsewhere.

      There is also a petting zoo area which sells feed so that you can interact with the animals. There are a lot of more common animals like goats and horses here but also slightly more unusual ones like llama. Small kids can find this part a bit intimidating sometimes but most kids find it good fun. There is a hand washing station outside of the petting zoo to keep things hygenic.

      The monkeys are slightly more unusual in that they can be found on monkey island which you visit on a boat trip (all included in your ticket price). Sometimes the chimps hide away on their special island, though, so it really is your luck whether you see them or not but you can go on the boat as many times as you like (as long as you queue each time), so you should be able to see them eventually.

      Like a lot of zoos, this safari park also has special talks on. The one it is most famous for and that is ALWAYS popular is the sea lion show. This takes place 4 times a day in a special seated venue and is always very entertaining. The show lasts about 20 minutes with the sea lions showing off all the tricks they've learned and is always a huge hit with adults and kids alike.

      There is also a bird of prey talk but the birds are encouraged to fly over the heads of spectators so this is one to be wary of if you have any bird phobics with you!

      There are also some other fun activities aimed at kids. The astroglide (a giant multi-laned slide) is always a hit. Kids grab a sack from the base of the slide, run up the stairs to the top where a member of staff waits to ensure everything is safe. They then get to hide their legs inside the sack and go flying off down the bumpy chute at a great rate of knots. Trying to get them back off the thing is always a challenge!

      For the more adventurous or older kids there is a flying fox/death slide but this wasn't in operation when I last visited the park. Both of these are included in the admission price.

      Pedal boats are in operation, too and are, again, included in the price of your ticket. Finally there is a large kids playground built of wood which the kids can have hours of fun on. It includes a giant fort and a pirate ship and is really quite an impressive play area.

      Paying Attractions

      Most attractions are included in the price of the ticket and I think you generally get very good value for money. However, there are a few things that aren't included in the ticket price and could make the day more expensive for you. There are face painting, a bouncy castle and a small fun fair/amusements. I'm not sure what the current prices for these things are as it has been a few years since I last visited.

      Gift Shop

      As you would expect, there is also a small gift shop. It is relatively cramped, especially if the park is busy and sells various bits and pieces and a huge selection of animal cuddly toys. As you might expect, it is generally quite over-priced but kids will definitely want to take home a souvenir!


      I don't remember there being a cafe when I last visited and there is no information on the website about it, so I can only assume that there isn't one. There is, if I remember right, some a takeaway type of venue which sells burgers etc. but I think the seating is all outside. To be honest, though, I usually prefer to take a packed lunch to places like this to keep the cost of the day as low as possible.

      Other Things on Offer

      Blair Drummond offers a whole host of experience packages although none of these come cheap.

      Keeper for a day experiences are on offer for £160 for a weekday or £190 for a weekend day. Junior experiences are on offer but only for very slightly less cost.

      You can get Elephant, Giraffe or Sea Lion Experiences for 2 hours which cost £120 for a weekday or £150 for a weekend day or £100 and £130 for the giraffe experience.

      20-30 minute feeding experiences with the meercats and the lemur are available but these cost £60 for a weekday and £80 for a weekend day.

      Finally, there is also falconry and bird experiences on offer as well as the ever popular adopt an animal scheme.


      As I say, I've been here many times and always enjoyed myself. However, there is one major downside and that is that there is very limited cover throughout the park. The only real indoor areas are the sea lion show area, the gift shop and the very small amusements and this means if it rains, as it often does in Scotland, there is no where to go. The last time I visited with three children it poured down with rain and although I tried to be as cheerful as possible to not ruin the day for the kids and although the kids were largely oblivious to the rain for the most part, their little rain jackets didn't keep them anywhere near dry enough and with nowhere else to go to keep dry, the poor wee things (and myself!) ended up having to travel home soaking wet. Overall, though, it is very good value for money and a good day out.


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      12.05.2011 22:53
      Very helpful



      A must see if in the glasgow area!

      With The lovely weather lately we decided to go for a day trip to Blair Drummond safari park. Its located near stirling in Glasgow which is only around a hour away from us. It costs £12.50 for adults £9.50 for children over 2 and under 2s go free. You can also buy a guide to the park for £2.50 which for young children I would recommend as my children loved looking at all the animals and learning about them on the ay round and they kept them by there side for a week!

      As you enter the park you drive passed the petting attractions which contain the smaller animals like the donkeys and lemurs. We did not spend much time here but for the little time we spent walking through the viewing passages the children loved the chance of being so close to the animals just a fence among them.

      The drive through was one best part of the attraction as you could guess. In 2 separate sections there was everything from rhinos to lions so much to see that we actually drove through twice just to make sure we did not miss anything. The animas were calm and came very close to the car giving us all a good view.

      The zebras and giraffes are kept in there own little area which has a platform as high up as the giraffes so children can walk up and see them at there tallest hieght.This is a great idea as it allows us to get close and for us to see there view of the world. While up at this height you have a fantastic view of the zebras so that you can see how they get on with there time.

      There is a small fairground made up of a carousel, airplane ride tea cups dodgems and a bouncy castle. All the rides are aimed at younger children and each person costs 3 tokens per ride. Tokens cost 50p each or 22 for £10 which is what we went for. The times on the rides were ok but I think there could have been a little more choice.

      There is a big adventure playground split in to 2 main parts with separate units scattered around. To me they suited 3 main ages. The younger children have a small unit that consists of steps for them to climing and then 2 slides one on the first level which I found useful for me and my youngest son who is 11 months old. It was not small enough for him to go down by himself but happily accommodated both of us which meant double the fun;) On the upper floor is a larger concealed slide which again i think is meant for older children than mine although Connor did think it was fun once he got up to the top.

      There is a huge pirate ship which is a climbing frame hiding place and a slide all in one. This has a more difficult entrance of a net ladder one side or a steep set of stairs with a rope to help pull yourself up I feel this is aimed at children 4-7 although my 3 year old found it challenging yet fun.
      There is also a large structure like a castle this is simply a little more advanced climbing frame hiding place and viewing point as you can climb right to the top and look across the park which can be really interesting.There is a small area with motorized tracters for toddlers that cost £1 for around 3 minutes which all 3 of my children loved too.

      At the bottom of this playground around all 3 is a hug sandpit. There are buckets and spades provided for free and its great fun for the children. There is also a notice stating there is hidden treasure in they're somewhere and for each token a child finds they can pick a treat from the treasure chest. unfortunately my children were not interested in hunting for buried treasure but I am sure as they get older and we return this will be a big hit.

      There was so much to do we actually only managed to get through half of the attractions. We did get there at 1pm and as it is open 10am till 5.30 we arrived half way through the day and so missed some of the attractions. There are barbecue and picnic spots so you can take a disposable barbecue and have a lovely lunch while you are there. There are both seal and bird shows at certain times also you can catch a boat to monkey island which I am sure will be fantastic once we return very soon.

      I would recommend this for an amazing day to anyone there is so much to do and for me I believe it is relatively cheap for the amount it offers. It really does need a full day to appreciate everything that can be done there and although some attractions are aimed at children it is a fantastic day out for all the family.


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        01.10.2010 17:39
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        As Above

        I decided to take my family to Blair Drummond Safari, I went as a child and even now as an adult it didn't let me down. It promised us a fun filled day and that's exactly what we got.

        On arrival we were met by long queues which was to be expected due to the nice weather however the positive side of this is the queues are managed well and the have plenty people working the cash registers so we were only waiting for a couple of minutes. There was also a Lion Character running around the cars and entertaining the children so that stopped them getting grumpy and bored anyway!

        It cost me and my partner £11.50 each and as my girl is only 19 months she gets free entry. We also got car stickers and a map included.

        We decided to take a trip round the safari first of all. It was well laid out so you know exactly where we were meant to go, we were also given a rules book at the entry so we know what we could and couldn't do.
        It was great to get right in beside the animals as you slowly drive their grounds, my daughter loved it but they Rhinos are not shy so did get a bit to close at times! There's plenty room for cars to go round if you wanted to stop and have a proper look or take photos with the pressure of eyes burning into the back of your head.
        Driving through the safari we seen, Rhinos, Camels, Ostriches, Deer, Tigers and Lions plus lots of other animals that I wasn't even sure myself what they were!

        We then parked up (free parking and lots of it) and had a picnic by the kids play park. This park has a huge sand pit with buckets and spades and for the older kids a HUGE fort with lots of climbing frames and shoots.

        Its all very open planned with lots of spaces and room for the kids to run about. There is also benches, barbeque sites and picnic tables throughout however if its raining when you visit, there is food courts to eat in.
        There are plenty of toilets throughout the safari as well all with disabled access and baby changing units. These were pleasantly clean and well stocked considering the high turn over they have.

        The Safari park also has a small fair ground for younger kids including mini rollercoaster, T-Cups and dodgems. All these except tokens only and cost £2 each which is pretty expensive if you have lots of kids with you. There is also pedal boats that the familys can have a shot on but we chose not.

        After spending lots of money on stalls and the rides and not forgetting my partner getting his face painted...yes him, not my daughter! We went to the Sea Lion Show.
        This is included in the price of your admission and I really enjoyed it.
        The Sea Lions are great at entertaining and seem happy to do this. I liked the fact their trainers will not force them to do anything and pre warn you that they may not perform depending on their moods. We were lucky to see the Sea Lions show of their tricks whilst learning about the species.
        I would warn parents that they need to get in early (all times of shows are on the maps provided) otherwise you cant guarantee that your kids will see much other than the back of someone's head.

        We had a lovely walk around the petting zoo, I got to feed lots of animals like goats,
        horses, camel and gots loads of pictures of Madison with them too.

        There is lots of monkeys in Lemur Land however as the weather was so hot when we went a lot of them were hiding in the shade. You can get very close to them but it's a hit or a miss if you see them, weather permitting!

        My favourite bit was getting on the canal boat, which takes you right in to the grounds of the Gorillas, your protected because they don't like water so wont come in after you however they were really vicious, spent a lot of time screaming and attacking the boats with anything that could be picked up and thrown. This was actually scary for my daughter, so young she was terrified and hasn't like monkeys since which put a dampner on things but you are completely safe....so the keeper said!

        All in all, we had a great day, it exhausted my girl and didn't spend a fortune!


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          14.08.2010 18:14
          Very helpful



          A good value day out

          Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure park is situated near to Stirling in central Scotland and is open from March to October each year making it an ideal place for a family to visit in the summer. It has an excellent range of animals and family friendly activities making it a day out which will be enjoyed by the whole family. I have visited Blair Drummond dozens of times, my most recent visit was in August 2010 with four kids aged between 8 and 14 in tow.

          The first thing we did when we arrived was to head for the drive through animal reserves. These are split into two halves, the first half containing various herbivores such as camels, ostrich, deer, bison and rhino and the second section held the lions away from the animals they may consider as tasty snacks. The road has a double track so that you can stop and view an animal for longer without holding up the traffic, the best sight in this section is the magnificent male lion who was lying in the sun relaxing with the rest of the lions nearby.

          There is plenty of parking within the main park within a couple of minutes walk from the attractions. When we parked we stopped to enjoy our picnic on benches beside the play areas. The play areas are truly amazing and the best I have ever seen. A pirate ship is set in a massive sandpit with buckets and spades provided for the younger kids. The fort and maze for older kids is a four storey wooden building with various nooks and crannies to explore and chutes to slide down and there are also swings and a rope pyramid climbing frame. It took a lot of effort to drag the kids away from the play area to explore the rest of the park, even the 13 and 14 year old loved it and it was nice to see them running around laughing. There is also a free astroglide beside the sea lion show building and for the more adventurous a flying fox takes you from a high platform across the boating pond.

          Next we headed of into the fairground, the fairground rides are the only attraction which is not included in your ticket price so naturally the kids started whining to be allowed money for tokens to ride. The rides were reasonably priced, £5 bought 12 tokens allowing all four kids to go on the dodgems and the other rides were around the same price.

          The sea lion show is on several times a day, if it is a busy day at the park then make sure you get there plenty of time before the advertised start time in order to get a seat. We arrived 15 minutes before the show started and they were already letting people into the hall and several people had to be turned away because the theatre was full. The show lasts around 30 minutes and two sea lions are led onto the stage where they do various tricks like ball balancing, jumping from a high platform into the pool, clapping their hands and collecting objects from the pool. The show is really entertaining, the sea lions seem to enjoy performing and getting bits of fish and you can also see them swimming round in their outdoor enclosure. There is also birds of prey displays but this is an attraction I have yet to see.

          Lemur Land is a relatively new attraction which opened in 2007 and is accessed through a series of doors to stop the animals from escaping. Once inside the huge enclosure the monkey like animals have the freedom to leap through the trees and swing on ropes and jump in and out of their houses. The fact they have such a massive enclosure meant that it was tricky to spot these animals but when they did appear it was worth the wait as the are gorgeous and comical to watch.

          The petting zoo has gone downhill since my last visit, it used to be a huge open space with animals roaming freely which the visitors could interact with but now the animals are in little enclosures with the visitor walking on paths around the edges. The petting zoo has horses, wallaby, goats, a pot bellied pig, donkies, Shetland ponies and Llama and is a fairly nice area to walk around.

          Other animals inside the park include giraffes, zebra and elephant which can be observed from raised wooden viewing platforms. There are meerkat, otters and penguins in stone enclosures near to the play areas. The only animal I was not happy to see was the European brown bear which is a new addition to the park and looked miserable pacing along the edge of its enclosure. Apart from that the animals all seems happy in their enclosures with a decent amount of space to roam around.

          The safari boat trip around chimp island is also great fun. There are three boats which leave every few minutes and take you on a trip lasting around 15 minutes around a central island where three chimps live amongst the trees and grass. The chimps sit out waiting for the boats to pass as they know that the skipper throws fruit their way and you can get a really good view of them. The side of the boat that travels closet to the island has wire mesh fitted so that when the chimps start flinging the food back or hurling stones then nobody gets hurt.

          The pedal boats hold four people and kids over eight are permitted to go on without adults which the boys loved. The kids went onto the boats late in the day and ended up spending around half an hour on the water and having brilliant fun.

          There are a couple of options for eating in the park, a restaurant seems a bit overpriced and offers hot and cold meals and there are various shacks selling snacks and drinks. Most people choose to take a picnic and there are plentiful tables provided, there is also the option of taking your own food and charcoal and using one of the barbeques but that seems like a lot of hassle to me. There is a problem with wasps at the park, a problem which has persisted for many years. The wasps buzz round you when you are eating, it is far worse down at the boat end of the park as that is where the ice cream stalls are and two out of five of the ice creams we bought ended up being discarded after wasps flew onto them when we were eating. There are traps designed to lure the wasps in with sweet liquid and trap them but these seem really inadequate given how many wasps there are and it is something the visitors should be aware of

          Blair Drummond Safari park is a fantastic place for a family day out, I loved visiting as a child and have taken my own daughter most years since she was a toddler. I like the fact that everything except the small fairground rides are included within the admission price, unlike other tourist attractions they don't exploit the fact that they have a captive audience by charging over the odds for extras once you are inside the park. You can easily spend the whole day there from opening time at 10am to 5:30pm and keep yourself entertained for the whole day making it great value as well as great fun.

          General Info

          Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park
          By Stirling
          FK9 4UR

          01786 841 456


          Entrance costs £11.50 for an adult, £8 for kids from 3-15 and senior citizens and kids under 3 enter free. A free child ticket can be printed from the Blair Drummond web site.

          The park is open from March to October from 10am to5:30pm.

          There is a bus stop a short distance from the park entrance and visitors without cars can go round the animal reserves in a safari bus.


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            02.09.2009 11:45



            A great day out for all the family - but be sure to bring your own food!

            Blairdrummond Safari Park is located outside Stirling, off the A9 in Central Scotland. The park is split into two main areas: the drive-through safari park (where animals roam freely around you) and the walk-through area (where animals are kept within enclosures). We visited recently with our two children (both pre-school) and had a brilliant time! You need to allow at least 4 hours to make the most of your day and to take in as many of the animals and attractions as you can. As well as a wide range of animals including lions, sea lions, llamas and giraffes, you'll even find a boat safari and a pedal boat area to enjoy! There are also rides for smaller children and a large sandpit and adventure area, so there really is something for all ages. My advice would be to take your own food though, as the restaurant is quite pricey. There are plenty of picnic areas and even barbeques which you can use freely, so it's not difficult to cater for yourselves.


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            22.06.2009 17:48
            Very helpful



            Really good day out!!

            Blair Drummond safari is quite a unique experience. It is widely spread over acres of land. There is the the usual set up in the main section of the park, with a sea lion show and some acrcade and fairground attractions. This area is closley connected to the next animal encounter of meercats, penguins etc. There is a large pen with one old sleepy bear which you'll be lucky to see. There is a large feeding section (feed cost £1 per pot) with shetland ponies, clydesdale horses, lama and walabies. This is really fun section especially for the kids as the can pet the animals (dont worry there is a large section outside the feeding for people to wash their hand s and sanitizer. The main attraction of the park is the drive through safari, yiu need to drive your own car, if you do not drive they can provide a bus (although we never seen one when we went) that will take you round. In here there are lots of different animals including lions. Each are individual pens (for quite obvious reasons) and you can drive through and take pictures.
            In the far end of the park there are elephants, and a giraffe point which im sure if they walked over near enough to the watch point you could easily pet them. There are also zebras next to the giraffe.
            There is chimp island which is home to only 3 chimps all on their own little island that you need to get a boat to go out and see. At the section there is also the "flying fox"which is basically a large zip line over the river. At the other side of this river is lemur land where you can walk round in amongst the mears, who are very curious animals (when we visited they tried climbing up a woman, poor lady).

            Overall the park is a great day out, with lots of picnic benches and even barbeques it'll be great for the summer holidays.


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            28.05.2009 23:07
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            one of the best animal attractions in Scotland

            Blairdrummond, the only "real" safari park in Scotland, is located off A9 near Stirling and is so far the best animal park/zoo/aquarium I have visited in Scotland (although we have not been to Edinburgh zoo).

            It combines the safari park, where you drive through enclosures with animals and you are not separated from them by a fence; monkey island that can be observed from a boat; more traditional zoo enclosures; a birds of prey show; small fairground; very decent playpark and a bit of a circus show (with sea lions).

            The park is located in a nice stretch of countryside and there is a feeling of space. The more popular parts do get crowded, but it's usually possible to find a quieter spot.

            Blairdrummond has several catering facilities, but they also provide numerous picnic tables, there are also areas of grass where you could picnic on a rug and even barbecues provided where you could burn your own sausages and chops were you so inclined.

            The entry is £11 for adults and £7.50 for children, which is not cheap by any means but considering what's on offer, and comparing it to attractions like for example the Deepsea World, is pretty good value as you can fairly easily make a whole day out of it and as you can bring your own food and drink, you don't need to spend much extra money. If you have children with you, you will likely be pestered for the fairground tokens, which are extra, and ice-cream. The astro-glide giant slide is included in the price (the queues were really long when we went), but the fairgound rides (dodgems, bouncy castle, roundabouts) are not.

            The selection of animals is rather good: I loved the giraffes (I had never seen a giraffe in real life before!) and trying to spot the tigers in their enclosure was fun (but then I love tigers). We also really liked the bears, sadly one of them died recently.

            The birds of prey show was brilliant, entertaining and informative; particularly the Eagle Owl and the Sea Eagle. the shows are at 12.45, 14.15 and 15.45 and definitely worth catching.

            The sea lion show was worth seeing, but very busy, and as it takes at least 20 minutes, it was hard to keep the two year old in place throughout.

            We have not been on the Monkey Island boat, as the little one was getting tired and cranky by that time - but it looked rather good and we'll make a point of doing that on our next visit.

            All in all, a really good attraction, well worth the price and an hour's drive it is from where we live.



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              23.04.2009 19:14
              Very helpful



              A worthwile day out but not cheap

              Blairdrummond Safari and Adventure Park is located 10 minutes outside of Stirling and is not too difficult to find. On arrival at the park you will need to pay the entry fee which is £11 for adults and £7.50 for children.

              Once you have paid and entered the park you have the option to drive around the animals reserves. This is an excellent and unique experience that you won't find anywhere else in Scotland. Instead of looking at the animals through a cage like you would at the Zoo you have the opportunity to drive through the reserves and get close to the animals. The animals that you will see when driving through the reserves include lions, bison, zebras, deer, giraffes, antelopes, bears, camels and tigers.

              As well as the animal reserves there are plenty other animal atttractions to see on your day out at the Safari Park. One of these attractions is the sea lion show. Four times a day the park presents a show where the well trained sea lions do tricks such as jumping through hoops, clapping and balancing balls on their noses. The sea lion show is very entertaining and does not cost any extra money to see. My personal favourite animal attraction which i saw on my day out at the park however was the trip to money island. The park has a special little island out on the middle of a small river where the monkeys live. Customers are taken out on boats around the island and allowed to throw food supplied by the park staff to the monkeys.

              Seeing the animals is not all there is to do at the Safari Park however. As well as the animals there is also an adventure play area, flying fox zipline, pedal boats, a giant slide, dodgems and childrens rides. The childrens rides include jet planes, a bouncy castle and a mini rollercoaster. However i was very dissapointed to find that despite paying to enter the park you had to pay extra to get kids on these rides. Tokens could be purchased that you use to pay for the rides and they work out quite expensive.

              In terms of places to eat at the park there is a few options. The park has its own restaurant which sells food at a reasonable price. As well as this there is a food kiosk which sells hot and cold snacks. The Safari park also has a barbecue area where burgers can be purchased. For those who wish to supply their own food their are a number of picnic areas to eat at and also barbecues are supplied if you wish to have your own barbecue. This was a pleasant suprise because most places have have been are usually quite strict about only easting food purchased on the premisis.

              The Blairdrummond Safari park offers a great day out for all the family and i would highly recommend it to anyone considering going. However it turns out to be a pretty expensive day out so be prepared to spend a bit of cash!


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              17.07.2008 12:42
              Very helpful



              Well worth a visit!

              If you are looking for a great fun filled, family day out and are in the area of Stirling in Scotland then Blair Drummond Safari Park is well worth a visit. It has an abundance of attractions to keep you and your family busy for the whole day. Situated less than an hour's drive from Glasgow and Edinburgh Blair Drummond is very well signposted and easy to find once you take junction 10 off the if travelling by car and if travelling by bus or train then there is a regular bus service from Stirling.

              ==What's in the Park==

              On entering the park you can either following the road round the perimeter of the park, which takes you to the car park and picnic areas or alternatively you can take the slow drive through the impressive animal reserves. A drive through the animal reserves took us approximately 20 minutes driving slowly at a speed of 10 miles an hour and stopping to have a good look at the many different species. It was quite bizarre driving through a fenced off area surrounded by all the many different wild animals, most of which are not even native to this country. They all seemed to be completely unaware of our presence and indeed the presence of the many other cars. Care must be taken at all times as the animals just wander across the road without looking! Windows in vehicles must be kept up at all times even although the urge to wind down your window and take pictures of these beautiful animals is very strong. The reserves are patrolled by rangers in big 4 x 4s who seem to have eyes in the back of their heads and are alongside your car before you can lower you window more than an inch, but then I suppose they are just doing their job and are just looking after the visitors. Some of the animals you will encounter wandering around the reserves are antelopes, camels, bison, deer, rhinos, zebras and lions. We were particularly impressed by the rhinos and bison, who wandered extremely close to the car, the sheer size of them was awesome and they had young with them, who were still obviously very dependent on their mothers. The many different species of deer were also very impressive and again the young were so cute, there were many tiny fawns running around, they were beautiful. The lion reserve is just amazing, I love to watch the pride just lazing around or playing, they seem to be very playful, happy animals and enjoy wandering close to the cars. The roar from the lions is a very chilling sound, it seems to come from low in the lion's throat and it is so low and deep it almost seems to make the ground quiver. If you enjoy driving through the reserves don't be too disappointed when it's over as you can drive through as many times as you need to, which is good because you seem to see different animals each time you drive through.

              Once finished enjoying the reserves you drive along the one-way system around the park again taking you to the car parking and picnic areas. Plenty parking spaces and plenty picnic tables make it fairly easy to find the perfect spot for your lunch. You can either park your car in the car park or alternatively you can pick a table and park along side it, which I think is a great idea to save having to carry your picnic any great distance. There is also a well laid out barbeque area where all you need is your own food and tools to cook on one of the twenty or so park barbeques. Beside the barbeque area there is also a large area with picnic tables undercover, which came in very handy for us as the rain was quite heavy when we decided to have our picnic.

              Once fuelled up and ready to go again you can have a pleasant wander around the animal enclosures where you will see bears, giraffes, Scotland's only elephants, otters, meerkats, penguins, ostriches and tigers, there is also a viewing platform overlooking the lion reserve where you can get another good view of the lions at play.

              One of my favourite parts of the visit to the park was the sea lion show. There are 4 Californian Sea Lions resident in the park and are all very good at showing off for the audience. Well done to the 2 who performed for us, I was very, very impressed and the kids loved them. There are usually 4 shows per day and the times of these are shown on boards around the park. The show lasted for approximately 30 minutes.

              Another show worth a visit is the Bird Of Prey display. Again another very impressive display, both by the handlers and such birds as the harris hawk, buzzards and falcons, there are also different species of owls and vultures. Again there are usually 3 shows per day dependent on weather and these are also advertised on boards around the park.

              Situated close to the car park is the giant astraglide slide and amusement area with a few carnival style rides such as a carousel and dodgems, there is also a bouncy castle. These can all be accessed at an extra charge by purchasing tokens. Also situated in this area is The Chakula Grill where you can purchase lovely barbequed food, if you don't want to cook your own. If it is a meal you are after then why not visit the Watering Hole Bar where lovely food and refreshments are served all day, from full meals to light snacks, with hot drinks to drinks from the bar. If dining in the Watering Hole you can either sit inside the large restaurant area, where there are plenty tables or if the weather is good then there is a lovely patio area pleasantly situated alongside the very large Wooden Castle and Pirate Ship Adventure Playground areas, which are suitable for all age groups. You can sit and enjoy a light refreshment whilst the little ones play in the park.

              At the other side of the park (and if you still have any energy left!) there is a large lake area where you can enjoy a relaxing boat trip to Chimpanzee Island. The chimps don't like the water so they are allowed to roam freely on the island without any fear of them escaping. They are very good at showing off for the visitors. The boat hold around 50 people and the trip takes about 15 minutes. Beside the boat docking area is a lovely gift shop selling many different items from the cheap to the expensive so you can take a little souvenir home to remind you of the lovely day you had at Blair Drummond.

              Also on the lake are 5 seater pedals boats for you to have fun splashing around in, or if you have the nerve why not try the "Flying Fox", a zip wire across the lake (this has height restrictions in place).

              Across a footbridge, at the other side of the lake, is the newly constructed Lemur Land, where you will find ringtail, brown and red-ruffed Lemurs. They have a great time climbing through the tall, bushy trees and swinging and climbing on the many ropes there for them to play on.

              ==My Impression==

              All in all we had a super day out, with plenty to keep the entire family, young and old, occupied for the whole day. I would recommend if you are visiting the park to try and go on a dry day. The only thing that spoilt our day was the fact that it rained on and off and was very heavy at times, which meant we had to cut down on some of our wandering and the zip wire was also closed due to the weather and of course the kids didn't get as long as they would have hoped at the playground.

              There were plenty clean, well kept toilet blocks well appointed around the park, with baby changing facilities.

              Overall the park was very clean and the animals are obviously well looked after with a good variety of species to see. Good facilities with everything you could need for a good day out.


              Adults £10.50
              Children (3-14 inclusive) £7.00
              Senior Citizens £7.00
              Carers Accompanying Special Needs £7.00 (ID is required)
              Children Under 3 free

              Glossy Guide Book £2.50 (worth buying)

              ==Opening Times==

              The park is open daily from 10am - 5.30pm with the last admission being 4.30pm

              Prices are quite expensive but it is certainly a really great day out.

              Also posted elsewhere under the same name.



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                17.05.2008 16:51
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                A GREAT FAMILY DAY OUT

                Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park is situated just outside Stirling in Scotland. It is less than 1 hour's drive from Glasgow or Edinburgh. You come off the motorway A9 at junction 10 and the park is well signposted from there.

                The park was opened in 1970 and is set in 120 acres.

                I have taken my grandchildren there every summer for the past three years and each time we go there have been improvements made and new attractions added.

                You can drive your car into the wild animal reserves and slowly drive past lions, tigers, elephants,bison and rhinos. You are instructed before entering the reserve to keep all windows in your car closed and if you breakdown to stay in your car and the rangers will come to your assistance. I have only seen this happening once and the rangers were there almost immediately. If the park is very busy it can take about 45 minutes to drive all the way round but it is well worth it and the kids love it.

                After the animal reserve you can park your car in one of the ample car parking spaces as you have to see everything else on foot.

                In the enclosures there are camels, giraffes, ostriches, wallabys and lemurs. You are free to walk all round these enclosures.

                There is a waterway on the park where you can get a boat to Chimps island. The boat holds approximately 40 people and drives along the waterway and round the island. The chimps come down to the water's edge and generally try to splash the boat and the people on it with water. You are not allowed off the boat at the island. It takes around 20 minutes for this trip.

                You can also see the penquins and meerkats and there are always plenty of park rangers there to answer all the children's questions.

                Something not to be missed is the Sea Lions show. It is very popular with adults and kids alike. The show times are 12pm, 1.30pm, 3pm and 4.40pm.

                There are birds of prey displays on at 12.45pm, 2.15pm and 3.45pm and after the display you can go into the aviaries where the birds are kept and see them a close range(this one is not for me).

                The kids will not want to miss pet's farm where they can get close to and usually hold the small animals there.

                There are lots of picnic areas all round the park with tables and benches. These are usually situated beside car parking areas and this saves carrying a picnic around with you. You can leave it in the car until you need it. There is also a large barbacue area where you can use the equipment for free. These cannot be booked in advance and is a first come first served basis. We tend to have our lunch early as it is a bit quieter as we all enjoy this area.

                There is a fantastic adventure playground complete with it's own pirate ship, bouncy castle and giant astroglide. If the weather is good you can have a go on the pedaloes. There is no charge for these.

                For those who want to have a sit down lunch the is the booty restaurant where I have been told the prices are a bit expensive.
                You can have a drink, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at the watering hole bar.

                There are plenty of take away stalls for chips, burgers, cold drinks, ice cream etc.
                There are also plenty of toilet facilities and small wash basins dotted round the park where the kids can wash their hands.

                The kids love the shop which sells souveniers, sun cream, sun hats, raincoats etc.etc.

                Telephone number for the park - 01786 841456

                Prices:- Adults £10.50
                Under 3s free
                Children 3 -14 £7
                Concessions £7

                Unfortunately there are no family tickets.

                Guide books cost £2.50 and they include a map of the entire area. This is an essential buy.

                Opening hours are 10am - 5.30pm Monday to Sunday.


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