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Cefn Mably Farm Park (Cardiff)

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Farm located near Cardiff in Wales

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    2 Reviews
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      16.05.2013 12:37
      Very helpful



      Good half day out and a way of tiring out the kids

      My partner and I decided to take our 4 year old nephew to Cefn Mably farm on Easter Sunday this year (2013). We were worried about it being too busy but those fears turned out to be unfounded.

      The farm is located out in the countryside, roughly halfway between Cardiff and Newport. You definitely need a car to get to the farm, as I'm not aware of any public transportation that heads that way. The drive through the countryside is a great warm up to the farm itself - we had a competition for the first person to spot an animal which was a fun game.

      Non term time and weekends
      Adults £5.50 (16yrs+)
      Children £5.00 (18mths+)
      Family £19.00 (2 adults + 2 children)

      Term time weekdays
      Adults £4.00 (16yrs+)
      Children £4.00 (18mths+)

      There are a wide range of animals, from rescue pets to the typical farm animals you'd expect to see. Most of the animals are fine to approach and will happily take food from the hand. Where it's not safe to do so (eg the pigs) because of the risk of biting, it is made very clear with signs. You can still feed these animals, but not by hand. If you have very young children, I would still be very careful as young children are not always aware of how to treat animals kindly.

      For more interactivity there is a petting area for rabbits and guinea pigs. This is a great way of showing your children how to handle animals if you don't have pets.

      I would recommend the food in the cafe, but be warned that it may take some time to arrive if the farm is busy. Not that your children will mind as they will be too busy having fun in the play area! The play area is separated into under fives and over fives, but be warned that it isn't supervised by staff. Adults are welcome to enter with their children if needed (if you can stand the smell, I think there may have been one or two 'accidents' when I went!). As far as recommendations go, every child that left the farm had to be dragged out of the play area kicking and screaming, so take from that what you will!

      - Although there is a lot of outdoor space, I wouldn't put off the trip if it rains on the day you plan to go. Everything that is located outside is replicated inside, there are plenty of animals undercover, as well as the play space and other features.
      - At the entrance you can purchase bags of animal feed for 50p. We bought one and made it last so we could feed as many animals as possible (2 adults and one child). This turned out to be plenty, however you might want to consider buying more if you take more children. I would say that you can always go back and buy more, so maybe be a bit stingy to start with!
      - You can't walk through the shop back into the main area, so I would advise leaving the shop until the very end.
      - There are a few 'add ons' such as pony rides and diggers, but we didn't feel the need as our nephew was far more interested in feeding the animals.

      All in all a fantastic day out for younger children and those with an interest in animals. Just be prepared for a few tears when you leave :)


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      21.08.2011 04:00
      Very helpful
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      Excellent - Try it out

      We went to Cefn Mabley yesterday for the first time after hearing about it from a friend who went there last week. Upon arriving we thought that within an hour or two we would have possibly been bored but once we entered this definately was not the case.

      The park is open everyday of the year between 10am and 5pm except for 10 days over the christmas period and is pretty reasonable on prices as well. The prices at the time of us going were as follows:

      Adults - £4.50
      Children (12 Months +) & OAP's - £4

      We were also giving the option of buying animal feed at a cost of 50p per bag which we did, well actually we bought 6 bags to start with as there was 5 of us (2 adults and 3 children) so wanted to make sure we had enough to last us the day.

      As soon as you enter you are in the main indoor feature which is the restaurant which is reasonably priced and the soft play area for the kids. They have an over 5 play area and an under 5 play area.

      The under 5 play area has a big soft snakes and ladders board on the floor with big soft dice for the kids to throw and soft counters to use on the board. It also has a dual layer play section with twin slide and ball pit. The best feature of it though is the floating ball machine that they got which gets the kids really thinking about it. You basically cover all 6 holes up with the soft balls, press the button and then the balls automatically float in the air for a period of time - Trully amazing to watch for the young kids and adults alike.

      For the over 5 play area, there is hanging punch bags to go through the the car wash effect reels to squeeze through then numerous ways around before you find all the hidden features which are:

      Small replica football pitch
      Ball shooters ( Amazing fun for the kids )
      Big red ball area
      Dual slide
      Undercover slide
      & Much more.

      Once you make your way outside then you immediately come across an area that allows everyone to sit down and hold a rabbit or guinea pig with the ability to feed and brush them. This area is then surrounded by goats, chickens, peacocks, turkeys and chinchillas.

      You then immediately come across some toy tractors that our kids loved to ride around the farm, It gave them a sense of play at the same time as learning about the animals and getting the chance to feed them.

      There are pony rides available as well which are very short rides and cost £2 per person so this could be a little longer but still a great experience for little ones.

      Wherever we walked around the park the animals would follow on their side of the fence (thank god lol) especially if they seen the brown bags we were carrying with their food in. We had horses tapping gates asking for some, donkeys literally screaming at us and goats trying to fit their way through the farm gates.

      It was one day that we certainly will never forget and will be definately be returning there sometime soon.

      For those who have never heard of it their address is - Cefn Mably Farm Park, Began Road, Cefn Mably, Cardiff. CF3 6XL

      If you decide to go there we hope you have as much fun as we did.

      They do also have a party room there and can take bookings all year round.


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