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Coral Reef Waterworld (Bracknell)

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3 Reviews

Address: Nine Mile Ride / Bracknell / Berkshire / RG12 7JQ / England

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    3 Reviews
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      29.10.2009 21:08
      Very helpful



      If you get a quiet day, you'll ahve fun with the family

      Coral Reef is prided on being an indoor water-park. I went a coupke of months ago and did not hate it.

      Adult £6.95
      Disabled £4.20
      Under 16s £4.80
      2 adults and 2 under 16s £18.95
      Under 4s FREE
      Spectator £2.15

      Sauna and Sunbed
      Sauna World:
      Includes access to Coral Pools. Age 18+ only £9.95
      Sauna World Disabled £5.20
      Sunbed in Sauna World (in addition to purchasing a Sauna ticket) £4.60
      Early Bird Swim and Sauna:
      Age 18+ only £4.00

      Probably not worth the money

      I went on a Sunday afternoon with 3 friends and paid £9.95 for swimming + sauna world. There was a great selection of saunas, although i get a bit restless in them. They were all different heats which was good, killed an hour or so, they were a little busy in the saunas but you could get in them atleast.

      THE POOL
      The pool was packed with children, was a bit annoying, like walking down oxford street but getting splashed in the face.
      If your a bit older and your looking for a random day out, go at a school time.
      The lazy river was a bit intense I got stuck, kept going around, my friends thought it was funny then got bored of watching me struggle and rescued me.

      Its located off a roundabout in Bracknall, I wouldnt advise people to travel from afar to go here, its quite boring.

      There are 3 slides, all basic. Only difference is the speed. You also have to cue for ages.

      I would suggest parents taking their kids here they'll probably love it, But its hectic and quite expensive , may be worth just waiting and taking the kids to Butlins?


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      02.07.2009 15:06
      Very helpful



      what's there

      Bracknell probably has a bit of an interesting reputation - mainly known for its endless roundabouts, though lately famous for being the location for Harry Potter's house (12 Picket Post Close for the interested). Apart from these claims to fame Bracknell does actually have excellent sports facilities, this being one of the other attractions on offer which include an ice rink and Ski slope.

      Coral Reef Waterworld in Bracknell boasts different pool areas and also has 3 water flumes and a sauna area.

      It is council run, and current prices and opening hours can be found at www.bracknellforest.gov.uk. I go fairly often, but generally for parent and toddler time in term time which is a reasonable £4.20, at weekends and in holiday times you will pay much more, an adult was £6.95 last time I went at the weekend, a child £4.80, though under 4's are free.


      The changing rooms are quite well laid out, plenty of cubicles and family changing rooms. You will need £1 for the locker, the coin is returnable. Everything is fairly clean, though basic, the showers are a bit erratic and the changing area could be a bit cleaner. Overall it is not too bad - they do encourage feedback if you are unhappy about anything via the website or to a member of staff. I did think it was a bit unecessarily loud on my last visit - distorted U2 blaring out is not my thing really when trying to swim, I couldn't hear myself think, but that could be me showing my age!


      There is a toddler area and pool which is 30cm deep, and this has a couple of slides and a big rain cloud that "rains" occassionally. A huge priate ship dominates the complex (you can just about see it on the photo above), and within the pool there are are areas with fast moving water, a jet that sprays from a "volcano" after a warning. There are also a couple of bubble pools, one of which is the largest I have seen at any pool.

      The depth of the pool varies, this is a pool more to have fun in and splash around in than actually do any proper swimming. You could swim properly in the outdoor part of the pool which is connected to the inside via an arch - it seems to vary when this is open however, on a recent visit on a very hot day it wasn't open but it has been open on very cold days when I have been before.

      As mentioned earlier there are 3 flumes of varying speed - these are well policed and operate with a red and green traffic light system. One flume is quite hardcore but there is also a family slide.

      There are armbands freely available for young swimmers and plenty of lifeguards on duty, so it is a safe environment.

      The pool is starting to look a bit dated now - the ship looks a bit sorry for itself and there are a few chipped tiles and tired looking fixtures, but it is perfectly ok for a fun swim. Should you wish to observe only the indoor cafe overlooks the pool and has a fairly good range of food and refreshments.

      Practical considerations for visiting:

      Parking is free and plentiful, however the pool does get very busy on hot days and queues can be long and swimming time limited. When it is very busy it is not necessarily as pleasant an experience - visit on a quieter day if you can or go early as it opens - there are "early bird" discounts, details on website. You can't pay by card under £5 at the entrance.

      In conclusion:

      Coral reef is a pleasant enough place to visit for a half day visit, you could combine your trip with a visit to The Discovery Centre which is opposite Coral Reef and another good half day destination. Coral Reef is easily found from junction 3 of the M3 and is situated in a forest setting. Go there to have fun rather than to have a "proper" swim.

      Coral Reef - Bracknell's Water World
      Nine Mile Ride
      RG12 7JQ

      Tel: 01344 862525
      Email: coral.reef@bracknell-forest.gov.uk


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        07.02.2009 12:50
        Very helpful



        A great place to visit for a special treat

        As my name implies, I am a resident of Bracknell so have been a customer at Coral Reef since it first opened.

        The Coral Reef complex, which is owned and run by Bracknell Forest Council, is situated on the outskirts of the town on Nine Mile Ride, which is an old Roman road cutting through from Bracknell to Crowthorne. It is easily accessible from the M3 and the M4 and is well signposted. The complex is next door to the very up-market Racquets Club and just across the road from the Look Out Centre, which is also worth a visit if you have young children. There is plenty of parking available.

        Prices are reasonable with an individual ticket costing in the region of £7 and for a family with 2 children under 16, the cost if £17. Off-peak, which is from 10:30 until 15:30 during term time, is cheaper. It is also possible to go as a spectator for approximately £2. Up-to-date information about pricing is available on the Bracknell Forest website www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk

        The theme of Coral Reef is tropical with the main area being dominated by a large pirate ship which periodically fires water cannons. There is also a tropical shower every so often, so if you don't get too wet from the cannons, you get a dowsing from above. There is also an area around the other edge with a strong current which sweeps swimmers around (including outdoors in the summer). This part of the pool is definitely not suitable for very young children unless they are clutched very firmly in their parents' arms!

        And, of course, there are the flumes. I must confess that I have never been down these - I'm far too much of a coward, but my children have and they tell me they are great fun, although at busy times, people may have to queue. There is a lifeguard at the top checking that users know how to slide down safely and that older children behave! There are plenty of other lifeguards around to pool too so this is not an unsafe environment for children who can swim.

        There is an area of the pool which is very shallow and separate from the main pool. This is the area which has the tropical showers and is very safe for really small children and next to this is a whirlpool/Jacuzzi which is very relaxing for oldies like me!

        There is also sauna area which, again, I haven't visited so can't comment upon.

        Dotted around the pool side are seating areas where visitors can take a rest and there is also a restaurant, The Coconut Grove, which serves hot food and drinks of the burger and chips with cola variety. This is away from the pool but the pool can be viewed through glass windows so is fine for people who maybe take their children but don't go in the water. This is quite expensive, especially if you are paying for a family, but is not any more expensive than most places of this kind.

        Coral Reef has facilities for serious swimmers too who can take out an Early Bird season ticket and disabled access and facilities are excellent.

        Most visitors to Coral Reef, however, regard this as a treat for children which they can enjoy maybe a few times a year but not on a regular basis. For most families (and certainly during the present credit crisis) it is just too expensive to be anything else.


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        Modern tropical pool complex plus sauna.

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