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Cornwall's Crealy Great Adventure Park (Cornwall)

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Address: Tredinnick / Wadebridge / Cornwall / PL27 7RA / Tel: 01841 540 276

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    1 Review
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      21.04.2011 15:19
      Very helpful



      Good for younger families, but not for everyone

      We visited Cornwall's Crealy last week. We had heard good things about the main Crealy park which is situated in Devon so we thought that we would give the Cornwall version a go as we were staying in Cornwall for a short break.

      ==What is Cornwall's Crealy?==
      Cornwall's Crealy is a small theme park aimed at families with younger children (I would say people with children up to the age of around 12 would enjoy it here). There are rides, lots of adventure playgrounds and also a farm.

      ==Where is it and how do I get there?==
      Crealy is between Newquay and Wadebridge on the A39. If you are travelling by car then there are plenty of brown signs to get you to the park. We used the postcode given on the website for our sat nav but this got us very lost so I would recommend just following the brown signs if you can or using the sat nav as a rough guess but looking out for brown signs and following them.

      If you do not drive, there is a public bus service which goes via Crealy (Western Greyhound 557). If you do get the bus, show your ticket at admissions and you will get £1 off the admission price.

      When we arrived at the park it was about 5 minutes before opening time and the grass car park was already beginning to fill up quickly. We got in the queue for admissions and were quickly seen to by a very polite lady. We wanted to pay for the majority of our visit with Tesco clubcard vouchers and she dealt with this quickly and efficiently. She then offered us a map and we went into the park.

      ==The Rides==
      There are around 8 rides at Crealy with another (Morgawr) opening very soon. The rides are all for younger families with the main height restriction being 1.2m so anyone over the age of 8 or 9 will be fine to ride. I will discuss a few of the bigger rides in more detail but not all of them.

      The Beast - This is a vertical drop ride, you will be taken up in the air (which gives fantastic views of the park) and you are then dropped 15 metres. This was one of our favourite rides at the park and we all enjoyed it. It is one of the bigger rides but queue times were short throughout the day and the longest we had to queue was about 5 minutes.

      Thunder Falls - This is Crealy's log flume ride. We went to go on this shortly after it opened and were disappointed to see people were actually being evacuated from the ride as there was something wrong! However, we waited and were soon let on. There are two slopes to go down, a shorter bumpy one and a taller steeper one. We got very wet and this was quite fun!

      The Raging River - A water slide which you go down on a raft. There are 2 slopes to choose from, a shorter bumpy one or a taller steep one. I went on the shorter one whilst my niece and partner went on the taller one. It was very fun and we did get wet. However, after we had been on this ride my niece told me it was a 1.4m height restriction ride (I hadn't seen any signs for this and she is 1.3m). Luckily, nothing went wrong however I do think the member of staff working there should have checked her height, I had assumed it was a 1.2m ride as there are very few signs around the park about height restrictions.

      Viking Warrior Swing Boat - A large Viking boat similar to those at other parks which swings you back and forth. Great fun for families and no queue at all, there was one family there who went on 3 or 4 times in a row!

      Water Walkerz - Giant inflatable balls which make you able to walk on water without getting wet! There are 6 balls and these all go in a sort of giant paddling pool. These are fine for anyone up to 14st but they do cost £3 a go. My niece and my partners daughter both had a go in these and they both enjoyed it a lot (though the queue was very long compared to other things in the park). If you do end up going here and on these, make a mental note of who went in the water just before you and who did after as there was a lot of dispute between staff and parents about some children being taken out of the water before those who had gone in before them had come out.

      In addition to these rides, there are a few rides for the smaller members of the family including a 'Pony Express', 'Dizzy Dina' and 'Safari Train'. The new ride is called Morgawr and is Crealy's only rollercoaster. I think I saw signs up saying it was opening in May but I am not entirely sure so please do check the website for further details if you are thinking of visiting.

      ==Indoor Play Areas==
      There are lots of indoor play areas around the park which make it a good place to visit even if there are showers as there are plenty of places to take cover! We spent a long time in the Haunted Castle. This was a great indoor play area with plenty for everyone to do including vertical drop slides, mazes, ball pools and rope ladders. It seemed that both adults and children were enjoying this and it was very dark inside making it seem quite spooky. Also in here there is a magic corridor which was very impressive - it is just like the one in Willy Wonka where it starts off at head height and gets smaller and smaller towards the end where you find yourself bent over to get through the tiny door at the end.

      There are also play areas for the under 5's which are situated in 4 or 5 mini cottages which are all brightly coloured and feature soft play, these looked like lots of fun.

      ==Outdoor Play==
      There are lots of things to do outside and providing it is a nice day, children can spend hours outside. There are slides, rope bridges, zip swings, swings and sand pits. I think the adventure playground here is the biggest I have ever seen! We went here about lunch time and it was getting much busier at this point but there was still plenty of room for all the children to have something to do in the park.

      ==The Farm==
      There are lots of animals about the park to look at including horses, pigs (there were piglets too when we went), rabbits, guinea pigs, goats, geese and chickens. This is a nice addition as there is something else to do, especially for the younger children if their older siblings are going off to enjoy the bigger rides.

      There were two different toilet blocks we went in around the park and each time we went in there were very clean and tidy.

      There are places to buy food around the park but because we took a picnic I didn't see what was available or whether it was good value for money.

      The gift shop is very well stocked with plenty of different things to buy including stationary, food and cuddly toys! These seemed to be priced reasonable well, eg. £1 for a pen, £7 for a medium sized teddy.

      ==Admission Prices and Opening Times==
      Currently, it costs £15.25 for anyone over 1m (£14.45 if there are 4 or more of you). It costs £11.45 for anyone over 60 but there are no discounts for students. Under 92cm are free and anyone between 92cm and 1m pay £13.50 and return free for a year. I think this last ticket for those between 92cm and 1m is a bit of a silly option because a lot of the people visiting the park will be on holiday and therefore are unlikely to visit again within a year.

      There are slight discounts on ticket prices online and you can also convert Tesco Clubcard Vouchers to pay for tickets.

      We did enjoy our day at Crealy but think it is definitely suited to younger families. We took a 10 year old and a 13 year old and we stayed at the park about 3 hours. I think the park would really benefit from just a couple more rides as the large majority of our time was spent in the playpark and although this was good it seemed like we paid an awful lot of money just to visit an adventure playground and an indoor play area!

      The park was clean and tidy and the staff were mainly polite, helpful and keen to chat. The animals seemed to be very happy and well looked after.

      I think the ticket prices are very high for what is on offer, however if you are likely to visit more than three times, the annual pass option at £49.50 seems reasonable.

      We probably wouldn't visit again. We had a nice few hours but it seems very expensive for a few hours when we could have visited elsewhere for a similar cost where we would have spent longer there. However, because we only ended up paying about £20 on top of our Clubcard vouchers I do think it was an ok way to spend the morning.

      ==Additional Information==
      Telephone: 01841 540276


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