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Crealy Adventure Park (Devon)

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17 Reviews
  • not so good for teenagers
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    17 Reviews
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      13.01.2011 12:22
      Very helpful



      A great day out and with annuel pass can satisfy kids all year

      Crealy adventure park is a great day out for all of the family and it is based in Sidmouth, Exeter in Devon. It is just as it says an adventure play park basically with large slides, fair rides, pirate ship basically the usual things you would find in any large adventure play park, but this is no thorpe park. This is more so aided towards children and adults that enjoy light fun without hardcore rides. The best ride is probably the water ride, based in a log flume which rides up and then back down a steep slope, warning however, you do get extremely wet! The best bit about this afterwards though is an all body drier where you put 50p in and step inside and it literally is a hairdryer but for the body, its quite the novelty!

      The park is open everyday from 10am to 5pm throughout the year apart from winter season where it is only open at weekends. Prices start from £4.95 and go up to £10.50. You can however buy an annuel pass which is perfect for parents with kids as it is a wealth of entertainment throughout the year for the children, the children never tire of it either!

      Food is not in short supply at crealy and most tastes are catered for whether you want a hot dog and chips or some healthy salads and sanwiches are catered for in the restaurant. This is expensive however, and I would reccommend always taking a picnic of food with you, you save money and sometimes it tastes alot betetr to!

      There is a huge indoor play area for children which is perfect if mums and dads need a break and want to sit and have a cup of tea as the children play and this is aimed from children aged 3 upwards.

      Overall this is a great family day out and a fun place which adults can enjoy to!


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      17.06.2010 14:20



      My family have just been to Crealy to try out the new Vortex water coaster and I can highly recommend it! It has 3 different tubes which you choose once you get to the top, one is really twisty, one bumpy and one is a really fast drop. You get in a little dinghy and choose at the top which tube to go through. There are fun light effects in the tube as well. My son went on it time and time again and has not stopped talking about it since! We are going back again next weekend as there is so much to see and we didn't get to see it all. A great day for the family.


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      02.06.2010 16:29



      prety good value thanks for a great day out

      Crealy, Adventue - Devon what a fanatsic place! o.k its not huge & have the ultimate wow factor - but what it has is heart & sole! Having autistic children we have never being able to spend long anywhere, but here was a first - they felt happy safe & well looked out for. I know a lot of world wide adventure places offer fast tracks etc, but I have always being made embarrassed, here at Crealy the staff were very obliging & your queries dealt with straight away & not passed on... hence the wait into the park was a little slow. The original price seemed steep - but we didnt realise that that was for a 6 day return pass; what was a bit naughty was the extra's you had to pay out extra for like zorbing, go-carting water balloon fights even diggin for gold. Which could easily add 30 quid on a family of 4! The animal barn bit was a little bit of a let down too seeing as this was where Crealy all started; there is just enough to keep little ones interested & just enough to make it count - but only just - was amazed to see them offering fresh cut food bags as well as the usual dried stuff to feed the animals (for 50p) - The food wasnt bad & again the staff were really helpful - yes there is a lot of fast food junk on the menu, but there also sandwiches & salads around 3 quid - even a milkshake bar. It was all so clean & they encouraged you to bring your own with quite a few eating area's as well as there own eateries. It was great to see that Crealy supported Fair Trade too as well as local supplier's. The prices weren't all that bad as they do combie meals no more than a fiver - The indoor area's were just as fantastic as the outside area's - there was enough soft play & slides to suit all ages - & I noticed a lot of adults using it too! Again the toilets were well placed & very clean & there was baby changing too. It has been well maintained too - which is so often no the case in a lot of places - you can see that Crealy does bother & care creating high standards. All offering pretty good value for money - its just a shame about the extra's which you should really be aware of as its hard to say to the kids no thats extra I know its great fun - especially when they dont understand well. All in all though we would like to say thanks for all your help in creating a great family day out; we would go back again & recommend it to any family who has disabled children - its a hot place in the full sun mind without much shade around especially if you do have a long wait! have fun


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      19.03.2010 23:45
      Very helpful



      don't go!

      There are two Crealy adventure parks, one in Exeter, Devon and the other in Tredinnick, wadebridge, Cornwall. These are suppose to be a whole days fun for all and surely nothing else to pay once you've paid to get in?

      It costs nothing for under 92cm, between £11.95-£14.50 for adults/ children, seniors again between £5.10-£9.14.

      I have only been to the Exeter one, back in 2008 and have to say was the worse trip out of the whole holiday.
      We saved this one till last as it was on the way back home. We were all so excited too as it looked fab on there leaflet.

      We turned up bright and early so we could park easily, and get it all in before we have to dash off to get home.
      Parking is no problem as they have got a huge area for parking! Staff were pleasant and helpful and cost us around £40. They handed over a map of the park and times of shows.

      We went straight to the first ride which is called "queen bess" (a very small swinging pirate ship). That was ok, my daughter just got on as she was just over the 90cm board.

      I then saw the "tidal wave" which I have to say turns me into a kid myself, I love them. My daughter was then not allowed on this as there board measured 92cm and so did all the other rides that were free. We then later wanted to go back on it and was broken! They told us to come back later, we did and it was still broken right upto the end!

      We then discovered that rides had closed signs on so we had to find something else and we then went back to the ride that was closed, realising that the staff close one ride to open another as they were short staffed! This is what the times were all about in the information that they handed us at the beginning!

      Most of the rides were just too big for my daughter but too small for adults! A great place to take 8 year olds but thats it!

      The bit we most enjoyed was all the different ways too go over a small river ie: stepping stones, chains, etc...

      The website is just confusing altogether! Confusing timetables and prices. All they need is a summer timetable with a summer price and a winter timetable with a winter price with 10% off tickets bought online?!
      They have got for example seniors £5.10 online £7.10 and £7.15 and £9.14 on site, same with adults and the same with children then a horrifying timetable that goes with it!

      Why do seniors have to pay if kids under 92cm don't? There is nothing for them to do and we left our Mum at every bench we manage to find close to what we were doing! They didn't supply wheelchairs and a lot of parks/zoo's tend too.

      The park is spacious with hardly anything there to do, it takes you 5-10 minutes to walk too each ride!We honestly thought we missed a whole lot of park but we didn't. I didn't seem to be the only unhappy one as I heard a lot of other parents moaning too! One I spoke too said she's having to entertain her youngest why her elder gets to go on everything!

      My daughter got to go on one free ride (pirate boat), a pony ride we had to pay for, a go kart that also had a money slot and a water ride that was more dangerous than the log ride, that we also had to pay for!

      Myself and my hubby as you know experienced the log ride which was fun but only got to do it once. We also managed to squeeze on the tinyest rollercoaster that circled around 3-4 times! There was however a 15ft vertical slide situated in the outside playground, that was a lot of fun even though it took me 30 minutes to persuade myself to do! There was again a small problem with that any child could find it, it wasn't supervised therefore to parents that didn't no it was there would be worrying for there young children.

      We went inside and the food was yucky school dinner like food. They did have a huge inside adventure playground but lets be honest who hasn't got one of these near them that we pay £2 for!! They had a ride inside too for little ones and you had too pay.

      I do feel if they lowered the prices and advertised that they were just a big playground rather than something like chessington, alton etc then people wouldn't be as disappointed!

      They need to have attractions for all ages from birth to 18 at least (as us adults like to have fun too).

      There was something good out of the day, we got home earlier than expected as it's not a whole days fun!

      I wrote to them when we got back not too get something out of it just to give them some positive imput and they didn't want too know.

      It was such a disapointment and I hope this has helped you.


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        22.09.2009 18:06



        There are lots to do for all ages, went with my 1 yr old son he loved the many different play areas, the animals and the walk trails.Plenty of things for the adults too with a big adventure playland and enjoyable rides.The food was reasonably priced and the chicken wrap was very tasty.Great value for money, was told if we got a wristband from the gift shop after paying we would be able to return free for the next 6 days!Crealy is set in a lovely environment and employ very friendly and helpful staff.We all had a funtastic time :-)


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        24.08.2009 11:30
        Very helpful



        A great day out for all the family, well worth a visit

        My partner has just had a week of work so we spent quite a few days out and about either shopping or visiting attractions, one of the days we decided to visit Crealy with some other family members.

        Crealy is another one of those places that I live very near to but have never been, I always thought you had to have children aged four upwards to be able to enjoy this place but I was wrong, it's an adventure park for all ages. There are two Crealy Adventure Parks; one is based in the south west. (Near Exeter) and the other is in Cornwall (Tredinnick), we went to the park near Exeter.

        On arriving at Crealy you drive down quite a long road and then come across a very large car park half of which is gravel with tarmac paths and the other half is like a overflow and is grass, its best to arrive reasonable early so you don't have to park to far away from the entrance (we arrived at 11am and parked in the main car park with ease).

        Once you get into the park pretty much all the rides and play areas are free, there is the odd exception like the go karts and a new blow up ball thing (you get inside, they blow it up and you run around on water).

        There are five indoor play areas: Adventure Zone, Magical Kingdom, Battle of the Bears, Dinas Lost World and the new Go Wild

        Adventure Zone - This is a massive indoor climbing frame which has the usual slides (Inc drop slide), ball pools, walkways, various levels. The big kids (the men) and the little kids can all play in this area and it has a nice cafe so you can sit, relax and have a coffee if you wish.

        Magical Kingdom - This is similar to the Adventure Zone but it is specially designed for little children, it has the same slides and ball pools etc but bigger kids (height limit of 90cm) are not allowed in here.

        Battle of the Bears - This is a large room which is quite dark (it has UV lighting in it so everything white glows), the room is filled with air powered guns that you put foam balls into and fire at other kids / adults in the room, again I think the adults have more fun in here than the kids.

        Dinas Lost World - This section also has a few of the air guns; it also has a maze, climbing wall a dinosaur ride and again a café so you can sit and watch.

        New Go Wild - This is another play area but is set fifteen feet in the air; it's a selection of tunnels, walkways, bridges and a climbing wall. The men with us did go on this but I am amazed they did not get stuck as some of the tunnels are very small.

        Crealy also has an animal section where you can go and look at various animals which include small ponies, cows, goats, chipmunks, rabbits the list goes on. The children can groom a pony (which you can get a sticker for) they can also hold guinea pigs and rabbits which they also get a sticker for.

        Now for the rides that are outdoors, you have the Tidal Wave, El Loco Coaster, Queen Bess Pirate Ship, Go Karts, Pirates Revenge, Water Walkerz and Dino Blasters

        Tidal Wave - Basically a log flume which you do get quite wet on

        El Loco Coaster - It's a roller coaster for kids so no going upside down etc but it is quite fast & the kids love it.

        Queen Bess Pirate Ship - Is a pirate ship that you see at most parks; it goes forwards and backwards and progressively gets higher and higher.

        Go Karts - As I mentioned earlier these are not free, they have single karts and double karts, we did not go on these so I'm not sure how much they cost, I think it was around £4 for a go.

        Pirates Revenge - Not really a ride but a selection of three slides, again not really designed for adults but our men where determined to have a go and came out with big grins.

        Water Walkers - these are the balloons that you stand in and try to walk on water, it looks quite hard to do but great fun and again we didn't go on these as the queue was rather large. These cost £3 to have a go on. These have a maximum weight of 14 stone.

        Dino Blasters - these are bumper boats which have water pistol type things on the front so be warned you get quite wet on this ride.

        Ther are other various slides and play areas dotted aroud the park and even a nice walk you can go on to see some other animals etc.

        We had a fantastic day out here, arrived at 11 and didn't leave until 6 (some ride do close at 5 though), the kids got to run round all day and I think they went on pretty much everything there, it also kept the men entertained whilst me and my sister in law sat and had a few nice cups of tea.

        I think the only thing I didn't like to much was the price, it cost £13.95 each to get in (the children as well) so for all of us it cost £83.70 which I think is a lot of money for a day out. On your way out you can get a wrist band which allows you free entry if you go back within seven days so if you're down here on holiday for a week its well worth getting one (then if it rains you know you have a free day out). Children under 92cm go free.

        You can also buy tickets online which save you a couple of pounds (£12 a ticket instead of £13.95). If you think you are going to go to the park more than three times in one year its worth considering getting a year pass, basically you go to the park and pay for your entry then you can get membership for £3 a month (per person) for 10 months (£43.95 per year).

        Crealy also has a camp site so you can stay for one night or a week, they have onsite showers and you also get use of an indoor heated swimming pool and you have free entry to the park all through your stay.

        The park is open from 10am - 6pm and loads more information is available at www.crealy.co.uk


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          19.08.2009 12:18



          Family favourite with something for everyone - rides, indoor stuff, loads of ponies, rabbits, cows, guinea pigs - and cutest of all - free range piglets! We've been visiting for years- the kids have pretty much grown up with Crealy. We've been members for years and would recommend it to anyone living nearby - its really good value - and we tend to visit once a month!


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          13.08.2009 19:07
          Very helpful



          good family day out but take a picnic

          Crealy adventure park, a place I have visited many times due to having owned season tickets last year and having worked there many moons ago as a student. The place has developed from its origins when I worked there as a basic open farm to now featuring varies theme park rides and play equipment alongside this. The main rides are currently a small rollercoaster, a log flume, carousel and a couple of large age appropriate soft play barns which are huge with various slides, climbing frames and ball pools. There is also a large outdoor adventure playground with drop slide. The attraction is set in lovely parkland with a huge duck pond which provides a nice area for a picnic also you may eat undercover when rain. I would advice bringing a picnic as with most attractions food is pricey though food areas like toilets are clean and well maintained. The animals are of course another main attraction, goats. pigs, rabbits, chickens and ponies which you may ride for an extra fee. At the correct time of year there are often many baby animals which you may bottle feed at certain times. There is also a theatre showing the animals and various costumed character shows. I would say that you could visit any weather as plenty to do indoors as well as out. We do find rides often closed for maintenance which is fine with a season ticket, but I may be a little peeved if I'd paid for day tickets. Price is about standard for this type of attraction and I would say offers a good day out for the under 10's.


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          29.05.2009 09:51
          Very helpful



          Great fun for children and adults, lots to do, good value for money

          Crealy is an adventure park in Devon and Cornwall, with theme park style rides, very large indoor and outdoor activities and play areas and a lot of animals. The Devon park is the original and is based just oustide Exeter, whilst the Cornwall park is newer and is located near to Newquay.
          Both are aimed at families with children and regularly have special days and cartoon/film/TV characters that would interest those aged 3 - 13.
          We have been to both, with the Cornwall Crealy open throughout the summer, the Devon one all year round.

          The Devon park is the largest, with a rollercoaster, log flume, swinging boat, bumper boats, train, carousel and several other ride type attractions. There are several play areas, including some really big indoor ones and a new pirate one that opened last week. We were there for the opening and they had a Jonny Depp lookalike to entertain everyone, he was really good! There are quite a lot of animals indoors and outdoors, and a lot of cute baby animals and farmyard animals that children can touch and groom.

          The Cornwall park has a similar theme, with big indoor and outdoor activities and play areas, a log flume, swinging ship, a big launch ride called The Beast and a water coaster. There are also a lot of animals, but with more horses.

          Both parks have fast food and healthier cafe options, both also put on daily shows and they each have their own costume characters that entertain around the park. Each section has its own staff, so we have always found somebody around if we need to ask a question, and they have always been friendly and helpful.

          We are members so we pay around £40 each per year (except for my youngest son, as he is below the set height and gets in for free) and can visit the two as often as we want, or you can pay to go in on the day. Last week we saw that you can now come back for a week for free after you have paid to come in, but as members its free for us anyway!

          Overall it is a really fun day. The park is not aimed at older teeenagers, but there is enough to keep everyone else happy for a full day. This summer we are planning to go when they have Scooby Doo and Sportacus visiting, and always visit in October when they have the halloween special week. I would recommend the membership to anyone who lives in Devon/Cornwall as the kids love going back every couple of weeks, or it is a really good day out if you are visiting the area on holiday.


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          24.10.2008 12:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A fun day out that does not cost the earth.

          I love taking my kids to Crealy Adventure park,and I love this place myself.Fun for all the family,not just children.

          Crealy Adventure Parks is the name of two theme parks in the south west of England. Devon's Crealy is based at Clyst St. Mary on the outskirts of Exeter and Cornwall's Crealy is based at Tredinnick.We have only visited Crealy in Exeter.Crealy was created in 1989

          Crealy is not just about rides,it has adventure Playgrounds, hold and feed the animals, ride the ponies and to learn about farming.
          I also heard that in 2008 is The Beast, a Zamperla sky tower,that will be built.

          The other thing ,I love about crealy is that they celebrate occasions,such as guy fawkes and Halloween and such.They have a big indoor adventure area with ball pools,normal slides,wave slides and twistyslides,climbing apperatus and much more.Not only for children,but for adults to join in the fun.It is a very big adventure area,complete with big cafe area,serving hot and cold food and drink.A rollercoaster for Adult and children is situated not far from the entrance.

          Train rides to take you around the whole park for nice views,aswell as another smaller indoor play area which has a smaller adventure ballpool etc and a big Swing Carousel.Just across from there is a water boat ride,round ones which act like bump-a-cars and you can squirt water at others that comes near you.

          As you can see,there is alot to offer at this park,aswell as a pic-nic area and a big outside play area.All for only £10 per person and most rides are free once you are on the grounds.It is also cheaper to buy tickets online...children under 92cm go free

          Well worth its money :)


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            16.08.2008 13:05
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Can't wait till my son is old enough to go!

            There are 2 Crealy Adventure Parks, one based in Cornwall and the one we visited in Devon. For the purpose of this review I will be concentrating on the Devon Crealy.
            -Opening hours are 10am-6pm
            -Prices are £10.95 on the gate or £9.95 online, it is slightly cheaper when there are 4 or more people or for Seniors. Children under 92cm tall get in for free. If you visit during the school holidays you can get a wristband which entitles you to a free next day return.

            Anyway, back to my review.
            We took my 7 year old neice to Crealy this week as I had been recommended it by a friend. Now it's no Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, but it's still pretty good for a family day out. I would say it is mainly aimed at 3-12 years.

            There are 6 'realms' to visit:-

            Adventure Realm-
            Tidal Wave Terror, a 40ft high log flume, please put all children in the front and make sure you sit the furthest back. I didn't and while my neice stayed perfectly dry at the back, I was drenched from head to toe!
            El loco rollercoaster, a wild west style runaway train. Quite fast and got my neice screaming.
            Carousel, 100 years old.
            Meteorite, a ride that just goes up and down whilst leaving your stomach firmly attached to the floor.
            Pirate Ship, swings to and fro making you feel quite sick when looking down.
            A HUGE indoor play zone, kept my neice entertained while it rained for an hour, there is a cafe for the parents which sell various meals but beware they charge 50p for a small sachet of ketchup!
            There is more but these are the best.

            Animal Realm-
            Including a petting zoo with rabbits, ferrets etc.
            Pony stables which you can also ride.

            Action Realm-
            Techno-Karts, these weren't actually running the day we went due to the weather.
            Water wars, battle against friends with a sling-shot and water balloon.
            Bumper boats, my neice loved it!

            Magic Realm-
            This is an indoor baby and toddler play area, they have the soft play areas with ball pools, slides, a small climbing frame.
            A carousel with proper seats so its nice and safe.
            An outdoor mini village so they can play in the little houses, shop, pub etc.
            A sand pit which was a bit wet on the day so we didn't go in it.

            Natural Realm-
            100 acres of nature trails, fields for picnics/football etc.
            A train ride that takes you round the park, stopping at 'Dragonfly lake' containing ducks and geese.
            A river raiders challenge.
            Again we didn't really look too much at all this as the weather was bad.

            Farming Realm-
            Feed the lambs and kids.
            Play with piglets.
            Milk a cow.

            There is an outdoor play park in addition to all this, which anyone who grew up in this area will have heard of. The 'death slide' is pretty notorious and great fun! The nomal slides come in 2 heights so good for the younger, less brave children (or adults), also including climbing frames an swings.

            The park is set out well and you are given a map when you first go in, so finding your way round is easy. There are plenty of kiosks selling food and drinks at reasonable prices. It is clean and tidy with plenty of bins. It is a great day out and will be going there on a regular basis once my son is old enough.


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              02.09.2007 18:19
              Very helpful



              A great family day out!

              Last week, I was in South Devon with my young family, and on one of our days we spent a very enjoyable time at Crealy Adventure Park, just outside Exeter. There are two Crealy parks altogether - the one we visited and another one in Cornwall, and I believe they are very similar in layout and attractions. For the sake of this review though, I will just restrict my comments to the Devon Site.

              If you are interested in visiting Crealy then probably the first thing to do is to pay a visit to their website


              From here you can find directions, opening times, get prices and generally have a good look at the site to see if it is for you. There are even some virtual tours you can take of all the different areas that the park is divided in to.

              HOW TO GET THERE
              The site is very close to Junction 30 of the M5 just along the A3502 Sidmouth Road. This location really means that it's quite accessible from most places in Devon - definitely not too far to go for a good day out! Parking is also very good and if you get there early you won't have much of a walk to the entrance, which is handy with young children.

              In Summer (April to early November) the site is open from 10 until 6 seven days a week.. In winter it opens from Thursday through until Sunday but closes at five every day

              They have quite a complicated pricing system varying from winter to low summer to high summer. We were visiting during the height of the season so we were paying at the most expensive time. One thing that quite dismayed me was that prices went on height, and if your child is over 92cm they pay the same price as an adult. As both of mine were this height they got no reductions at all! At first I thought this was really terrible, but on reflection, since the entry charge is only £10.95 it is much more reasonable compared to other theme parks. I think they have made the adult price more reasonable and nearer to the child's price rather than the other way around! You do get a slight reduction if you are in a party of six or more and also had we thought to book on line we could have saved one pound each! Anyway, having said that, we paid our money and then we were in!

              There are many attractions around the site - certainly enough to entertain little ones for a whole day. I'll attempt to describe what we did and give you a bit of a tour around the park..

              This is a huge indoor play area with the usual opportunities to slide and climb. My four year old loved this, as did her nine year old cousin, but for my two year old (who don't forget was charged full price!) everything was a bit too high or steep so she ended sitting out with us as we had a cup of tea. There is a large cafe next to it so it was good to be able to sit and enjoy a cuppa while being able to keep an eye on the children!

              Next door there is a wonderful animal zone and I think this was probably the highlight for my two girls. There were lots of different small animals - pigs, lambs, ponies, guinea pigs, etc - to look at and learn about. There was also the opportunity for the girls to groom some ponies, although because they were so small this did need adult supervision. Throughout the day there ae lots of different little shows where children can meet the animals and even feed baby lambs their milk from bottles. My girls loved all this and probably would have spent all day in there. However, it was all enclosed, and for me it was slightly on the smelly side, so we encouraged them out into Farmland where they could see larger animals grazing out in the fields. There was also the possibility to ride on a pony but my two girls' courage deserted them at that time!

              TIDAL WAVE LOG FLUME
              Now, what self respecting theme park has not got one of these? Children have to be over 92cm to ride this and if they are under 1.25m they have to be with an adult. I went on with my elder daughter and it was great. There are two slopes to go down and splash - first a smaller one followed by a big splashy one at the end! We did get very wet, although this log flume was probably not on the same scale as some of the larger parks!

              Both my girls were very keen to ride on this and I think they were mesmorised by the music and the horses going up and down. There was something very old fashioned and gentle about it (although it did move quite fast) and I liked the fact that we were being entertained by something which was not all high thrills.

              MAGICAL KINGDOM
              Next we entered the Magical Kingdom. This is another huge indoor play area although this one seems more aimed at younger children. I was very pleased about this because my younger daughter was now in her element. There was another climbing/ sliding area, as well as some mini tractors to ride on, small go carts, a little merry go round and a couple of ball pools. There was definitely lots here to keep my girls entertained. I have to say that it was incredibly busy and very noisy, and as a parent you had to particularly vigilant against losing your child in the crowd. There was also the main food area here mainly selling burgers, nuggets, etc but with one or two slightly healthier options thrown in as well. I can't quite remember what we paid for our various lunches but including drinks I think it was less than £15 - it certainly didn't feel as extortionate as some places!

              Next was this really delightful little area filled with lots of mini houses which children can go in and out of. As my daughters love their playhouse at home, I knew they would love this. Again they could have happily played here much longer!

              Next to the little village was this bigger adventure playground, definitely aimed at older children. It mainly consists of three slides, each getting bigger and bigger. The main slide actually looked quite terifying to me! My youngest daughter really couldn't do much here but my four year old managed the first two slides and thoroughly loved them! It's another area where you really do need to keep an eye on your children though - both in case of accidents or o0f them wandering off.

              LOCO COASTER
              This was the final thing we went on, again only with my older daughter. Compared to other roller coasters this one is quite tame, but to me that was a good thing as I wasn't sure how my daughter was going to like it. The movement is very ricketty and bumpy, but it's one of those rides that once you have got off, you wish it could go on longer, but at the time you hated it! I'm sure that's how my daughter felt!

              PRAIRIE TRAIN
              We would have loved to have gone on this as it would have taken us for a tour all around the park. Unfortunately it only goes every hour. We had planned to go on the 2pm ride but arriving at the station at about a quarter too, we discovered it was entirely full which was a real shame.

              There were a number of ather things which we did not do, either because of time or suitability. These included a summer soak zone, driving school, dino blasters and techno go carts to name but a few. I'm sure though that all of these would have been equally good.

              Queues seem to be the curse of all theme parks and yes, we did have to queue her but luckily never for too long. I would say that the queues for the log flume and the carousel were about ten to fifteen minutes, whereas by far the worst, was the thirty minute wait for the roller coaster. I have to admit though that this was later in the day when probably the park was at its busiest. If we had thought about it we should have done this earlier.

              I think that Crealy Park has a very nice and friendly feel to it. Everywhere is clean, and even the toilets at the end of the day were not too bad. Now, there is the universal smoking ban which of course made the whole place that much cleaner.

              I think my four year old had a totally brilliant day here. there was nothing she could not do and she did it all with such a wonderful smile on her face that I knew her entrance payment was money well spent. As for my two year old, I think she enjoyed herself in her own way but she was restricted. My one suggestion to Crealy would be to review their pricing policy and perhaps give a reduction to under threes. They may be tall enough to go on these rides, but they are still very young and not quite ready for the fear factor. Apart from that one small moan though, A lovely day was had by all!


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                03.12.2005 18:43
                Very helpful



                A great day out for all ages, with plenty to do and see

                When we went to Cornwall in May 2004 we visited Crealy in St Issey, which is very close to Newquay. We wanted an attraction which would be great for the kids, relatively cheap and one which provided indoor activities due to the good old British wet weather.

                We discovered Crealy when looking through a pile of leaflets advertising theme parks and attractions throughout Cornwall. Crealy seemed like the obvious choice as it covered all of the criteria we were looking for.

                Crealy is located very close to Newquay and can be reached easily from the A30. It took us about an hour to get there from Looe, where we were staying, which is not bad going, as we also had three bored, screaming children sitting in the back seat shouting: “Are we there yet?” in a Bart Simpsonesque way every 200 yards!

                Once we reached Crealy Park on the A39 we located the huge sign advertising the attraction, we turned left and followed what seemed like an endless road until we reached the park. I even found myself shouting ‘are we there yet!’ because it felt a little like being in a loop either that or acting out a scene from Groundhog Day.

                The site has ample parking; we managed to find a space in the overflow car park which is a huge field. The ground was a bit bumpy, but by then we were all desperate to get out of the car and stretch our legs.

                There are three booths, which you have to go through to pay, which may get very busy in the height of the season. However, we sailed through pretty quickly. The girl on the till was very polite and helpful and the park offers you the Cashback service when you pay. This proved to be very advantageous, as I had forgotten to visit a cash machine before we left that morning. I would not have been very popular otherwise with the constant demand for drinks and ice cream – and that was just my partner!

                So, what is Crealy exactly?

                Crealy is an adventure park which has sites in both Devon and Cornwall. The Cornwall Crealy was previously known as Shires, and I believe it has had a bit of a revamp recently. The park has six realms which I will go into more detail later, which each has a different theme. It is set in 100 acres of ground which is very beautiful. On top of a nearby hill you can see a wind farm, which was a new experience for me. They looked very graceful blowing in the gentle breeze; it made me wonder why so many people object to them.

                As well as the different realms at the park, there are also several lakes complete with ‘working’ fish which you can feed (for a small fee of course!), as well as ducks and a few swans. There are also plenty of small walks which you can do if you have the time. Unfortunately we did not; all of our time was spent following the children around as they went from one ride or adventure to the next! I seemed to spend most of my day holding shoes and coats while they zoomed down slides and climbed obstacles.

                Enchanted Realm

                The first realm which we encountered is the Enchanted Realm which is located very close to the reception area. We headed to the Dragon Kingdom and Café as soon as we arrived. The weather was not brilliant; dark skies and ominous clouds threatening rain, so this seemed like the easiest choice to make. Actually, it wasn’t really an option for me, as the kids flew off in this direction even before I had put my cash card back into my purse! Oh well, this was their day after all.

                Inside the Dragon Kingdom is a huge indoor play area. We were immediately surrounded by slides, soft play cubes/shapes, tunnels, mazes, ball pools, nets, ladders and pulleys. We lost the children in this area for about an hour, which was great! We relaxed in the café connected to the kingdom, where you can sit and eat while watching the kids have fun. This was a great invention, although the seats were not the most comfortable, and are probably designed for you to eat and go, allowing the next customer to take your place and spend their money! I would love to go to a kids indoor play area which has comfy sofas a little like the ones in Starbucks, where you can sit and sip frothy cappuccino’s instead of a tasteless coffee masquerading as a cappuccino in a paper cup!

                There is also a huge shoe storage area, where you can park your smelly trainers for a few hours. Great unless some child accidentally picks up the wrong shoes!

                The café inside the Dragon Kingdom sells an assortment of fast food, such as burgers, hot dogs and chips. All the usual fare you find at these sort of places. Price wise they are not overly expensive, but are more so than say Macdonald’s. As stated previously, I tasted one of Crealy’s cappucino’s and was disappointed as always when I try a fast food coffee. They also sell fizzy drinks and bottled water (approximately £1.20 for a bottle).

                For younger children they have an Enchanted Forest. This is also located indoors and is opposite the Dragon Kingdom. There are an assortment of glass exhibitions, playing soft, gentle music. Inside each is an array of creatures such as artificial mice and badgers, telling stories (I think – I didn’t stay in there long enough as I was dragged out by my 9 year old! Far too babyish!).

                Also quickly bypassed was the Children’s village, which is definitely aimed at younger kids. There are several child size buildings were little ones can wander around, plus smaller scale slides and swings.

                Animal Realm

                Next up is the Animal Realm which is a bit stinky! Inside ‘MacDonald’s’ farm you can hold a rabbit or stroke a pig. The park has animal wranglers, clearly identified with the words – animal wranglers (clever that!) on their sweatshirts. There are daily ‘shows’ where you can watch the baby goats being fed or hold baby chicks and guinea pigs.

                The animal realm also houses the majestic Shire horses. Inside the stables you can look at baby foals and the huge Shire horses as they relax. Remember to pack a peg though, as the smell is pretty strong!

                This realm has a number of wash basins and signs encouraging you to wash your hands after handling the animals. You can also buy food to feed some of the animals and adopt a creature if you feel the need.

                Heritage Realm

                This is a realm that we did not explore as much as I would have liked. This was mainly down to time constrictions, but also because the children had such a good time at some of the other realms, we missed most of the attractions here.

                The Heritage realm has a Silver Mine museum which houses various displays, a water wheel and blacksmith forge. There is also the Waterwheel Restaurant where you can go if you want to eat something other than burgers and chips. I hear that they do wicked cream teas there!

                The gift shop is also located in this area. I found this shop to be quite reasonably priced compared to other gift shops connected to theme parks. The shop sells an assortment of tacky gifts, postcards, toys and sweets, nothing new or groundbreaking there then! I brought two boxes of Cornish Fudge for 99p each, a bargain you may think, but it was pretty revolting – cheap and very sugary, but great for a gift for someone! Aren’t I generous!

                Natural Realm

                The Natural Realm is basically an area where you can take a walk or relax and have a picnic. It has a large lake called the Silver Mine Lake which houses many fish, ducks and other creatures. Trees surround the lake and you can take a stroll around this area while watching the wildlife. This is an ideal ‘attraction’ for families who have older children who can explore the realms on their own, while their parents soak up the beautiful countryside. According to the Crealy leaflet they give you on entry to the park, you can see views of Padstow harbour, although we did not have time to see if this was the case.

                There is also the Safari Train which takes visitors on a tour of the park. You can embark the ‘train’ at various stops and get off when you want. We did not go on this attraction as the weather was lovely by the afternoon, and we did not want to be cooped up in a hot, stuffy ‘train’.

                Wild Water Realm

                This was a firm favourite with my two stepsons as they love some of the faster rides. However, my 9 year old son was bored by this area, as he is petrified of fast rides which he cannot control, so unfortunately he was left holding the coats, bags and leftover picnic! So, I would recommend this realm for older children who like a bit of an adventure and have a strong stomach!

                There are three main attractions in this realm. The first is the Viking Warrior Pirate Ship which is a large swing style ship which goes backwards and forwards, quite fast. Don’t attempt this ride if you have just eaten, however, it is pretty gentle in comparison to other theme park rides such as Alton Towers and Chessington.

                I really enjoyed the Thunder Falls log flume, but beware – you will get wet! My jeans were soaked by the time the ride finished, but dried really quickly in the hot sun. Queues for this ride were a lot bigger than the Warrior ride, but the wait of 25 minutes (I timed it especially for this review – how sad am I?) was worth it.

                The final ride is called the Raging Rivers, which consists of two very big slides, one straight the other bumpy. You travel down these slides in dingy style boats, along a cascade of water. There was also a bit of a queue for these rides, but they moved quite fast. You can get quite wet on this ride as well.

                Adventure Realm

                This was definitely my favourite realm, and really brought out the inner child in me! It is also the largest realm with about nine separate areas. I loved the Haunted House. You enter the large, barn type building in two ways. If you take the right hand door you enter a hallway, painted black and white. You walk down the corridor and it slowly starts to get smaller and smaller, a la Alice in Wonderland! The left doorway is the boring way in, no description needed.

                Inside the Haunted House is a large maze style system which has slides, ball pools and tunnels, similar to the Dragon Kingdom but in the dark! I thought this was a brilliant idea, however, your eyes do become accustomed to the light eventually and it doesn’t seem so dark.

                One of the slides is a large sheer drop slide. You have to sit on the edge and slowly let yourself go. You drop a few feet before your bottom touches the plastic. I had to give this one a go, but it took me about 5 minutes to pluck up the courage – then there was no stopping me. My son took a little longer, and became quite angry with himself for not having the courage to go down it. There is a similar slide in a play zone on the Isle of Wight, where we live, and he has never even tried to go down it before. However, he dragged me up a few times so we could go together, but chickened out at the last minute (along with quite a few adults who did not feel brave enough). Eventually though he landed with a smooth glide at the bottom of the slide to lots of cheers of well done. After that we couldn’t tear him away!

                The realm also has Aerial Glides and Walkways, which can be described a huge covered slides, tunnels, ropes to climb and sheer drop slides. A large octopus called Ollie sits close by, where you can slide down his eight tentacles!

                A fortress allows the children to run around and dream of medieval adventures, while climbing rope ladders and running up and down turrets. The Crazy House holds a giant ball pool where you could easily lose a child amongst the thousands of plastic balls! Inside the Crazy house is what could be described as a hamster run, which is a huge maze only children, or really small adults, can clamber about until they find the exit.

                Also in this area is a sand play area for younger children and another inside zone just with slides.

                Special events

                The park also caters for birthday parties and has special events throughout the year at Easter and during October, when you can join in with the Halloween themed activities, such as apple bobbing and face painting.

                Opening times

                Crealy park is open from 1st April to 31st October from 10am to 5pm. This was one of the disadvantages for me. I think the park should be open to at least 6pm, as we really had so much more to see, but had to vacate the park at 5pm. We easily spent 5 hours at the park without even thinking about it. The time flew by so quickly, and everyone was disappointed to leave as we all felt we needed longer – I don’t often say that about noisy theme parks!


                In the summer prices are £7.95 per person unless, like us there are more than 4 in your group, it is then reduced to £7.70 per person.

                Senior citizens will expect to pay £5.20 while smaller kids under 90cm will have to fork out absolutely zilch!

                You can also buy a membership for £29.95 for the year.

                In the winter, Crealy have special rates which are a lot cheaper than the summer prices.

                Overall conclusion

                We all had a wonderful time at Crealy and did not want to leave. Once I had experienced the thrill the sheer drop slides held, I wanted to try out more, but we did not have the time. I would definitely recommend getting there early to maintain full advantage of the park’s facilities.

                I found the staff to be really friendly and helpful and the whole day will stay with me for a long time. My son will also remember that day for a long time too, as it was the day he conquered a big fear of his – to go down that slide – and I was very proud of him for achieving what he so desperately wanted to do.

                I would recommend Crealy to families with children between the ages of 3 and 15. Younger than that, and I think they may struggle to find things to do, and older than 15 will incite cries of boredom.

                Other information

                Crealy Adventure Park
                St Issey
                PL27 7RA

                01395 233200


                Crealy was also recognised as the Cornish Tourist Board's 'Top Tourist Attraction of the Year' in 2004. If I’m ever in Cornwall again, I will definitely go back for a second visit.

                Thanks for reading – have a great day out!


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                  16.08.2004 05:10
                  Very helpful



                  Went for fun and came home with a rat! Crealy Adventure Park is a good family day out. It seemed a great idea to all go as a family (4 school aged children), but I didn?t anticipate collecting a new family member ?. Millie the baby Hooded Rat (more on this later). First some practical details. Access to Crealy is good and simple. It is located in the South West, very close to Exeter. It is only 5 minutes from the Exeter M5 Junction (J30 then A3052) and it is well sign posted. Crealy looks like it has originated from a farm and it has been opened up to the public It has continued to develop and now looks like a nice rural theme park, with a good country feel. It opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. (rides stop at 5:30). It has an ?early birds? car park right outside the entrance. This is useful, if like ourselves, you need to access your vehicle throughout the day to retrieve picnics, clothing etc. This car park fills up quickly so you need to be an ?early bird? to benefit (at 10:15 it was 75% full). There is also a much larger car park which is a short walk away. Tariffs: Individual: £8.95 ea. 4 - 19: £8.70 ea. 20 or More £5.50 ea. Senior Citz: £6.20 Annual Membership £29.95 We went with a group friends and totalled 21 people so we had the reduced price of £5.50 each which is a significant saving on the individual price. The first impression of Crealy is space. There is plenty to do but there is also plenty of open space. If you arrive early and like the rides then ?turn left? and head for the Roller Coaster area (you will probably hear the screams as you?re entering). Below is a list of the main rides: Bumper boats ? 1 or 2 people spinning, bumping & splashing ? you will get a little wet Roller Coaster ? Tame compared to Alton Towers, but good enough to get you screaming Log Flume ? 1 to 4 people with a small
                  and big drop ? good ride and not too wet Pirate Ship ? Big Swing boat that leaves your stomach behind Victorian Carousel ? gentle traditional ride Techno Race Karts ? Good Karting race track (Note these cost £2.50) Most rides operate a strict height measuring system to establish the suitability for smaller children. Below is a list of other outside activities Panning for Gold Drop slides and action adventure play areas Bridge walk (keep crossing a stream on all sorts of challenging bridges) Train Rides (various) Pony Rides (£2) Children?s Village Sunflower Maze There are two large indoor adventure areas. The Magical Kingdom features various rides and play areas generally aimed at the younger children (toddlers to about 7/8 Yrs). The adventure zone has a wide range of slides, drop slides and padded adventure areas mainly geared for the 5+ (adults can join is ? as I did!) Throughout the Park there are plenty of coffee and snack bars and there is a full licensed Diner serving a range of meals throughout the day. Although there are plenty of eating facilities Crealy encourages the picnic and there are picnic tables dotted throughout, plus a Picnic barn incase the weather turns. Crealy isn?t, and doesn?t attempt to be an Alton Towers. What makes it a bit different is the keeping of the farm features. On entry you are given a leaflet that details the various animal related activities at different times throughout the day. A sample of these are shown below: Meet and bottle-feed calves, goats and lambs Pony Grooming Meet and handle a Pygmy Hedgehog (all 4 of my children did this and were fascinated) Animal Showtime in an arena Handle Chicks Be warned! certain animals are available for sale as pets, and after a serious amount of pestering (from the kids .. not me!) I succumbed and we now have the wonderful responsibility of looking after Millie th
                  e Hooded rat (probably for the next 6 years or so). In summary, Crealy is a great family day out, however I would say that there is not a lot for the older Teenager. It is worth arriving early as there is plenty to see and do. I will happily return next year ?. Only next time I?m not coming home with a Rat.


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                    04.08.2001 05:20
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                    • "not so good for teenagers"

                    If, like us, you have quite a few kids and quite a few ages to please, the school holidays can be pretty hard to organise and fund. Our youngest is five years old and her ideal day would be spent on a bouncy castle; our eldest is almost eleven and she’d like to go to Alton Towers. My in-laws came to the rescue and suggested we go to Crealy Adventure Park, which they described as a kind of cheaper, toned-down Alton Towers without the scary rides. Just to swing the vote, they offered to pay! So off we went to Devon today and spent over six hours at Crealy Adventure Park near Exeter. This is definitely the sort of place you can easily spend the day at and it would amuse most children, from very young to early teens. There is plenty to do, both indoors and outdoors, but it would be better to go in fine weather to take advantage of all the things on offer. The attractions are situated at various points on a large piece of land. This means there is enough room to find a quiet spot if you prefer, and you don’t feel it is crowded even when there are obviously loads of people there. This is definitely an advantage, as it is filled with kids and headaches go with the territory. But there are enough places to sit down and although there are walks if you like to do that, you can get away with doing very little walking if you prefer. We arrived there around 11am, having driven two hours or so to get there. We parked the car, noting there were lots of cars there, but still lots of room for more. We paid to go in, where we were given our tickets (keep these in case you need to nip out to the car later) and a fold-out map of the park, plus a leaflet giving times of special events. We headed straight for the loos – there are three blocks of toilets and we never found ourselves too far from one. After this, we went to the Adventure Zone. This is basically a huge building containing a large adventure play area, with bal
                    l ponds, walkways, ropes, tunnels, three large slides (colour coded for scariness!) and so on. There is a restaurant area there too, where parents can sit with a cuppa, while keeping half an eye on their little ones. Luckily, we have four and three of them aren’t so little anymore, so we could let them go off and play in the area, while sipping tea and chatting. The restaurant was reasonably priced, with a coke costing 90p, tea at 85p, coffee at 95p and a veggie meal (burger, chips and coke) costing £4.14. There were also vending machines, including one for Pot Noodles! The rest of the building included a gift shop – there is another one near the rollercoaster, but following a different theme – and a simulator ride priced £3 for two people. After we’d spent an hour or so here, we went and ate our lunch in the picnic area outside. There were horses nearby and plenty of benches, bins and even a barbecue area. After this, we were dragged to the Treetops and Woodentops Outdoor Playground. This is basically a fort design, with slides, a tyre swing, covered walkways and so on. This is more for older children than the little ones, but ours enjoyed it. They also had a brief play in the Magical Kingdom, which is another smaller version of the Adventure Zone. We sat outside the Magical Kingdom, again sipping teas. The train rides start from here, so my other half (migraine and all, bless him) took the kids on this. It is free too (as most of the things are) and lasts about ten minutes, taking you around the back of the park area, behind the Dragonfly Lake and back to the café. The kids then had a look round the Children’s Village, which is a few rows of miniature houses, a church and so on, all scaled down to child size. My eldest found this boring, lamenting there was nothing to do inside and only one had stairs (If anyone’s been to Sundown, they are much better there than C
                    realy), but the others thought they were okay. We then bought ice-creams, £1 each for special swirly ones with a flavoured sauce added. You can choose from butterscotch, chocolate, raspberry, blue goo (!) or peach and the sauce actually swirls round the ice-cream as it comes out of the machine. Hard to describe, but we’d never seen any like it before and they were obviously very popular and didn’t taste too bad either. The kids had been nagging to go on the bumper boats, but little ones had to be accompanied by an adult and none of us four grown-ups wanted to go on, so we quickly steered them in the direction of the rollercoaster instead. My other half bravely offered his services on this one and here we encountered our only real queue of the day. The rollercoaster looked quite scary to me, but then again, I hate the things anyway, but the three eldest kids went on and all enjoyed it. It is a train, designed to hold sixteen people at once, so the queue goes down quite quickly. It is free, but afterwards, you can buy photos of you on it for £3.50 each. By the time we’d done all that, it was past 3pm and the ferret handling session began at 3:15pm. It was me nagging this time, as I had been looking forward to seeing all the animals and hadn’t managed it yet! So this was my hour and definitely the best bit of the day. The animals are situated in the block to the right of the Adventure Zone. This comprises the Animal Nursery and Show Ring and the Miniature Shetland Stud and Riding Ponies’ Stable. At the far end, there are lots of animals to see – baby chicks, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, chipmunks and so on. Throughout the day, there are arranged times where you can handle them, so we all got to stroke the ferrets, who were very sweet and sociable. Then the kids queued for the pony rides at £1.90 a go. This is probably the most professionally organised pony rides I have e
                    ver seen, with children having to wear correctly sized hard hats, being put on horses that match their size (so my five year old went on a tiny Shetland pony, my nine year old went on a 14hh horse), then being led around a soft sandy kind of arena by staff who were friendly, reassuring and very capable. My kids loved it and it was a pleasure to watch, as I complete confidence in them in such ideal surroundings. We then walked round the stables looking at the other horses, before returning to the Adventure Zone for a last play and more cups of tea, before leaving just gone 5pm for the journey home. There were plenty more things there that we didn’t get time for – go-kart rides, football, sandpit area for the youngest kids, various walks and trails, the Cardew Paint Pottery (where you paint your own design), etc. What impressed me most about Crealy Park was the spaciousness of it all, I never felt hemmed in or that it was too busy or too noisy. Most attractions are included in the entrance price and if you bring a packed lunch with you, it helps to keep the costs down. There are plenty of cafes and refreshment kiosks, also the facilities for babies and the disabled seemed good, with special toilets, ramps instead of stairs and a fast-track system for any disabled people wishing to go on the rollercoaster. We certainly had a good day out and we all enjoyed ourselves. I would recommend Crealy for any families and we will probably be making this trip again. INFORMATION (Boring Bit At The End!) Situated four minutes from Junction 30 of the M5, on the A3052 Sidmouth road near Exeter. Exeter – Sidmouth buses regularly pass the entrance. Open every day from April to October, 10am to 6pm. November to March - closed on Mondays in term-time, closed Dec. 24-26, 31. When open, from 10am to 5pm. 01395-233200 www.crealy.co.uk £5.99 per person or £5.79 if four
                    people or more, £4.59 for senior citizens, reductions for groups of more than twenty, under 3s are free. (Winter = £4.59 for adults, £4.20 groups, £4 OAPs)


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