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Folly Farm (Pembrokeshire)

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10 Reviews

Address: Begelly / Kilgetty / Pembrokeshire / SA68 0XA / Wales

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    10 Reviews
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      13.10.2013 02:20
      Very helpful



      Varied activities for the family

      Folly Farm family adventure park is well worth a visit. Situated in Kilgetty it is within easy reach if you are visiting Tenby, or for a day out if you live as we do in South Wales. Although at its best on a sunny day it is an all weather attraction, so there is still plenty to see and do in wet weather.

      The farm is well signposted, on arrival you find a spacious car park , then have to walk around to the entrance, situated by the gift shop which is best left until you are on the way out.There is good access for anyone with special needs.You will be given a timetable of the days events, eg meeting the farmer and feeding the lambs,or perhaps a show. Halloween is coming up, there will be Halloween events, followed by Christmas activities coming soon. As it is a big place you will probably not squeeze everything in,but take your time and enjoy your families favourites.

      Our most recent visit took place at the beginning of October, as we had some tickets left over from the summer, and our 10 year old grand daughter had an inset day in school, so we drove down from South Wales, arriving just before lunchtime. We had packed a lunch so the first thing we did was eat it at one of the outdoor picnic tables in the farm.(It had stopped raining). There was a slight disappointment as we noticed that the large Helter Skelter that usually stands outside had gone...Ididn't ask why, perhaps it will be back.

      We then went into the large amusement hall. This seemed very quiet, as most children were obviously in school, but there were some attendants about, they said they were happy to operate any of the rides or games, we just had to ask.The rides etc operate on a token system, you have to purchase tokens to go on anything, I would suggest that £10.per child is enough to give a nice selection, this obviously adds to the entrance cost, Anyway Zoe decided on The Cakewalk to start,which is an antique fairground attraction, dating from the early years of the 20th century, you walk along a moving up and down pathway,you could fall over. She went on there with her grandfather, it caused laughter but no falls. As it was quiet the attendant let them go round twice.

      Then she went on a fast spinning roundabout,and I accompanied her on the Jets, described as a thrill ride, but tame enough for even me to comfortably survive, but it was fun.She also tried to hook some ducks, and roll some balls for small prizes, and I won about 12p on a horse riding betting game.Quite happy with this we headed into the animal hall and saw some sheep, goats etc. also some chicks just hatched out in an incubator, they have to remain there until they have pecked out all the nourishment from within the eggshell. There is a separate area with lots of fun activities...can you stand on one leg as long as a flamingo?Not my grand daughter!

      I should mention that there are nice clean toilets, and plenty of hand washing facilities.

      Then we went on to my favourite activity of the visit, the land train.There were enough people on it to make it fairly full, mostly the children were very little, we saw sheep, pigs and deer including a stag with impressive branching antlers...ready for rutting, except that he was the only male deer around.On this train you realise that you are on a real and well run farm, its lovely, informative, and peaceful.

      But the treats were not ended yet, my grand daughter had a go picking up metal blocks on a stationary digger, there is also a Ferris Wheel, though on this occasion we didn't go on it due to lack of people really.
      Then we went on to the large indoor play area(memories of my grand daughter as a toddler tipping perilously upside down on the big slide), now she just runs up it in a few strides-. Here we had a fairly reasonably priced coffee at the cafe.

      Hopefully I am not boring you too much as I must mention 2 more delights. First the Penguins.These are new to Folly Farm this year. Due to the time of year there were no other visitors when we were there, this made it extra special for us, as they seemed to put on a good show. The pool was being cleaned with brushes, most of the penguins were underwater, so we had an excellent view of them through the underwater windows.My grand daughter realised they were very much aware of us and mimicking some of our movements. As she swung her bag in front of the window one or two were moving their heads around in a copying action, which seemed to be quite a good game.I took some pictures for screen savers on the computer.

      Then the giraffes. They were being fed, we again were the only visitors present,what beautiful animals!I felt quite awestruck.

      On our way out we visited the shop, This has a nice selection of gifts for all ages, and I got a penguin snow globe. There is also a questionaire about your visit with opportunity to win a years free pass to the Farm.. hope the winner will be me.

      Current Admission Ticket Prices:

      Standard price Online Price
      Child(3-15 years) £8.75 £7.88
      Senior(60+) £8.75 £7.88
      Disabled Ticket £8.75 £7.88
      Adult (16+) Annual £30.00 £27.00
      Child(3-15 years)Annual £25.00 £22.50
      Senior(60+)Annual £25.00 £22.50
      Disabled Annual £25.00 £22.50

      Thankyou for bearing with me, hope this revue has been useful, and you enjoy your family visit.


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        03.11.2010 21:47
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Probably one of the best attractions Wales can offer.

        We, as a family go to Folly Farm in Pembrokeshire at least once a year.
        We choose Folly Farm as it's a good day out and it's pretty cheap. The kids love it there and it's nice and peaceful unlike Oakwood Park (theme park) a little further up the road.

        Apart from it being a farm/zoo type place it also has an old fashioned funfair which provides a few hours entertainment for the kids too. It has a big merry go round which looks quite vintage and like it should be in a film.... think Mary Poppins!
        It also has lots of other little rides, adults can also go on the rides but in all honesty they are meant more for the kids!!
        To use the rides you have to use little golden Folly Farm coins, these can be purchased from a little machine in the funfair. The cost for these is pretty small and then they can be used like money for the rides.

        There's a barn where you can sit around and watch as little shows are performed and there's also the opertunity to feed and milk the animals.

        My favourite has to be the pig enclosure simply because I love pigs, it's especially cute when the little piglets have been born and they are in there too!

        There's a tractor ride which takes you under the main road and into the fields opposite where you can see a few different animals. My sons favourite was the penguins!!!! These actually turned out to be magpies!!! Everyone on the tractors trailer found this highly amusing!

        They have a huge variety of different animals for you to see, these include Tortoises, Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Iguanas, Bongos, Alpacas, Fossas, Giraffes, Meerkats, Skunks, Wallabies, Zebra, a huge variety of different birds and amphibians and fish plus many more. I think there may even be some monkeys!
        There's also horses, cows, sheep, pigs and loads of goats!!
        The goats are pretty friendly and walk around the farm bit mingling with the visitors, you can bottle feed the little ones too!

        There's a great little Go-Kart racing track there is an extra charge for this though, not much, a couple of quid, can't remember the exact price.

        There's a fab outdoor play area with a huge wooden pirate ships, and little sandy areas with diggers and mini tractors.

        The indoor play area is huge and consists of climbing frames, ball pits and the like, there's also a seating area and cafe in this bit too.

        There's plenty of picnic benches dotted around the park and plenty of little hand washing stations for after petting the animals.

        They also have a little gift shop but the things in here can be pretty pricey!

        For the Christmas season they run a really cute Santa's Grotto. I haven't been personally but my mum did take my children last year and they loved it, my mum said the queues for this were a bit mad but they did go during the last few days of it running so I would advise to go a little earlier rather than later. Apart from the queues she said it was lovely.

        This year the dates for the Grotto are below ~

        6th November - 19th December 2010
        10am - 4pm Saturdays and Sundays only

        Bring the kids to meet Santa, his elves and his real-life reindeer. If they've been good this year they'll get a present and if you've been good you'll get a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie.

        There is an addition charge for this and I'm afraid I am not certain of it. I can't find any prices on the site either.

        A little late now, but they also host a spooky halloween themed season too. For more information check out the website.

        Prices ~

        Adults ~ £8.00

        Children 3-15 years ~ £7.00

        2 years and under ~ Free

        Senior Citizens ~ £7.00

        Disabled* (accompanying carer free of charge) ~ £7.00

        Group Prices ~

        These are available on the site, but for more than 15 people they advise to pre-book by calling 01834 812731.

        Prices are valid from 20th March 2010 until 18th March 2011.

        * Extra charges in detail:

        Go-Karts and The Big Dig £2 per person per go
        Funfair tokens 50p and most rides take one token
        Face painting 50p per face.

        Opening times ~

        January 2nd - February 12th
        10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday only

        February 13th - February 21st
        10am - 5pm daily

        February 22nd - March 19th
        10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday only

        March 20th - September 3rd
        10am - 5:30pm daily

        September 4th - October 31st
        10am - 5pm daily

        Spooky Halloween Week
        October 23rd - October 31st
        10am - 5pm daily

        Winter Weekends
        November 1st - December 19th
        10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday only

        Closed: December 20th 2010 - January 7th 2011

        My childrens school often run their school trips to Folly Farm and all the children absolutly love it. If you haven't been and are planning on being in the beautiful Pembrokeshire area or close by I would highly recommend a visit here!

        Thanks for reading x


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          11.05.2010 13:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment




          Folly farm offers a superb fun filled family experience. Living in Wales, I have been to this park on quite a few occasions and I have never failed to be impressed by the amount of fun activities on offer, to keep the whole family entertained.

          Folly farm is situated on the A478, Tenby to Narberth road in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Once you enter Pembrokeshire, you will notice brown tourist signs which will lead you to folly farm with great ease.

          Once entering Folly farm's grounds you will be impressed by the huge carpark that is free for visitors. I have always managed to find a space to park, even in the peak season. There is plenty of room and even an overflow carpark. There is hardly any distance to walk from the carpark to the entrance. But as you are taking this short stroll you will see tractors and trailers and this assists in building up the children's excitement.

          The admission prices in Folly Farm are not too bad. It is £8 for an adult and £7 for children aged 3-15. oap and disabled customers are also charged £7 entrance. I have to say that although this can work out expensive for a large family. You really do get a fantastic day out for your money. There is such a lot to do and see and I believe offers a great day to remember. Just out of intrest, if there is a large booking such as a school trip then there is a discounted rate for admissions. I think you have to phone the farm up though to nagotiate this.

          Once inside, you have such a choice of activities to choose from. It is quite hard to know where to start. My children always love to go and see the farm animals first. The farm animals are situated in two huge barnyards. There is a huge array of animals to be seen. I love the fact that you are actually seeing them in such a rural and natural setting. All animals are in pens, which are clean and comfortable. They cannot get out though which I find gives me peace of mind.

          The children are allowed to stand on the fences and look in at the animals, but it is strictly forbidden to feed the animals. You are allowed to pet the animals, but there are various signs dotted around warning you that some of the animals do nip. I suppose common sense is needed in this instance. I personally do not allow my children to put their hands in any animals pens as there is opportunity later for them to feed and stroke some of the goats which are used to being handled. If however you do touch the animals there are plenty of hand washing facilities dotted around the barn in order for you to maintain good hygiene.

          The barnyard animals consist of pigs, rabbits, goats, cows, sheep, horses, guinea pigs and ducks. There are quite a few different breeds to be seen. There is always a plaque on the wall of the pen, this gives the name of the animal and also the breed and it's characteristics. My son'd favourite barnyard animal is Rupert the pig. Rupert is huge and so adorable and my son loves him to peices.

          After you have had a little stroll around the barnyards, you may be intrested to do something a little different, away from the animals. There is a huge array of activities for the children to do in this instance. Both indoors and outdoors. Outdoors is really impressive they have lush green rolling lawns with picnic tables dotted around. Then in the middle of these lawns there are huge wooden play frames for the children to enjoy. One of the wooden frames is a pirate ship, it is so big that it's tip can be seen from all around the park.

          There is also a really fun trike track. Which allows the youngsters to use a small peddled trike to navigate their way around a mapped out track. This is for the younger children, my son totally loves this and zooms around in such a joyful manner. It's fantastic.

          There are also intermitent tractor rides, which leave from a allocated area every ten minutes through out the day. This takes you around the park, allowing you to have a good look at some of the animals that are associated with the zoo. There isn't a great deal to see on the tractor rides in all honesty, but it is worth the experience just to see the pleasure on the children's faces as they chug along. Also the rolling countryside is breathtaking.

          When it is time for lunch, there is no less than five places to choose from to eat in this park. Depending on what you want to eat, there is something to suit everyone. There is a restaraunt serving hot meals, there is a burger joint. Or for those who just want a cup of tea and a cake there is areally nice tea room. The food within the park is acceptable but certainly nothing special. As always, when it comes to eating in theme parks the prices are over inflated. If you take my advice, you will pack a delicious picnic. There are hundreds of picnic benches dotted around the park. The surroundings are so pretty that it seems a shame to hide away in a pokey restaraunt.

          For those who have small babies, I was most impressed with the baby room which they have within the park. This room consists of changing facilities, microwave, bottle warmer and comfortable chair. I thought this was a very impressive addition to the park, as it allows mothers privacy and comfort in order to see to their baby.

          In my opinion, although there are things to do indoors, I would not contemplate visiting this park on a rainy day. I just think that this park cannot be fully appreciated in wet and miserable weather. Saying that there are a wide range of indoor activities to choose from. There is a great fully equipped and exceedingly impressive soft play area. This covers a really large area. there is alot of soft play equipment to play on and it all centres a huge wooden tree trunk. The children are encouraged to climb the rope ladders and whizz down the spiral slides on a coconut mat. I have to admit I was quite jealous and so eager to have a turn myself!! I just had to settle for a pretty average cup of coffee from the playzone cafe.

          Attached to this playzone, is the most novel experience that never fails to capture my enthusiasm, there is a very novel indoor victorian fairground. As you approach the entrance to this fair, you can hear the tinkling of the charming olde worldie music. Then your eyes will be treated to the variety of old fashioned and quaint fairground rides. These include the dandy horses and the boats that two people sit in and rock. All the rides are beautifully maintained and so ornate in their appearance. Just one small snag that tends to tinge this area for me, the fact that you have to pay to go on the rides.

          Now, i'm not stingy. Infact my husband goes mad with me because Im a bit too much the other way.But even I find it a bit of a con that you have to pay for rides,when you have already paid a large sum to get into the park. I don't think it is really expensive to go on the rides but if you have more than one child, it can work out as a significant addition of money you may not of bargained on spending.

          I have kept the best and most exciting aspect of the park until last. When you enter the park you will be given a leaflet explaining the feeding times of the animals and also the theatre performances which sees the park workers giving demonstrations regarding the park animals.

          The feeding times are very busy, so I would suggest you get there a little earlier in order to get a good seat. (The seats are bales of hay) The show will be introduced by a park worker, they will explain about the animals and also what they eat etc. Then the fun starts they open the goat pen and a big line of goats come running out. The ausience are given feeding bottles, and the goats come up to you and start bottle feeding. It is such a fantastic experience. My children were totally in awe of this experience and talked about it for weeks afterwards. I have to say, I really enjoyed it myself and found it quite exciting.

          What ever your after in a day out, I am sure your children will be thrilled with a day in Folly farm. In the summer seasons they have extra activities such as falconry shows. The fun is endless. I am so impressed with this park that I cannot reccomend it highly enough. It is not only fun, but really educational too. Teaching children about the importance of caring for the environment.

          I really hope that you do take my advice and visit this park. I am positive that you will have a thoroughly wonderful experience. Although it is not cheap to get into the park,You will be able to take away fantastic family memories and that is priceless.


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            18.11.2009 17:15
            Very helpful



            I think my little one will be taking me there for many years to come!

            Folly farm has won the 'Best Family Day out in Pembrokeshire' award and its well deserved.

            Folly Farm is located in Kilgetty, Pembrokeshire, Wales and is not far away from the popular seaside town, Tenby. As it is a very popular attraction in South Wales, there are many local buses that take you direct to Folly Farm, but bus excursions are also available.

            There are many car parks for Folly Farm. However, if you park on the other side of the road, you can get a tractor ride along the tunnel under the road to get to the farm. This gets the children excited before they're even inside!

            ~What is there to do?~
            Where do I start?? The most popular activity at Folly Farm is the chance to bottle feed goats and their kids. This takes place in the big barn as you enter the Farm and can't be missed! The bottle-feeding takes place twice a day, but you should always check what time this takes place. All the adults and children are to sit on hay bales lined up in rows (theres plenty of room for everyone!). The animal handlers will then bring around big bottles of milk which is normally 2 per row. The goats are then brought over to you starting from the end of the row. The idea is that the bottle, and therefore the goat, will work its way down the row so that every child has a go at feeding them. The children are then encouraged after the feeding to wash their hands in the basins provided inside the barn for health and hygiene reasons.

            There is also the HUGE indoor funfair. This is taken directly off the Folly Farm website: " Europe's largest undercover vintage funfair with a huge collection of working rides and stalls lovingly restored for your enjoyment." It really is humongous and could even take up your whole day if you're not clock watching! At the back of the funfair there is a huge indoor activity centre where the adults can sit down and relax with a cup of tea, and let the children knacker themselves out!

            There are many animals at Folly Farm and I don't think I would be able to name them all, but some of them include camels, giraffes, pigs, emus, meerkats, giant tortoise, monkeys, etc. As you walk around the farm, everytime you come to a new enclosure it has an information board where the children can read a bit about the background of the animals and what they do. They also have activities for nearly every animal to try and copy what they do, for example, they say that an emu can run very, very fast, so they have a stretch of path where you can try your best to beat the emu's running speed, with sensors either side. Your run is then calculated into Mph so you can compare. I saw many of the parents doing this, never mind the children!

            ~Places to eat~
            There are about 5 venues where you can eat, whether you prefer fast food or a sit down meal. The prices can be quite a bit hefty, but you can always take your own food and sit down at the many picnic benches to enjoy your surroundings as well as your dinner! There is also a cafe that has your drinks and homemade cakes which are the nicest cakes I have ever tried!

            As with many tourist attractions, the souvenir shop is on your way out. So even though you have already spent all your money, your child will more than likely want something from the souvenir shop! They have loads and loads of cuddly toys of every animal that they have in the farm, as well as sweets, toys, etc.

            Adults £7.50
            Children £6.50
            Children under 2 are free
            Senior citizens and disabled £6.50

            I would recommend Folly Farm to anyone who has children and is enjoying a holiday in Pembrokeshire. I have been to Pembrokeshire the past 3 years with my child, and each time we have been to Folly Farm. I think it is definitely worth the price, considering that so many tourist attractions cost a lot more.

            Definately a 10/10


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              24.09.2009 18:26
              Very helpful
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              Farm, Zoo, Fair, Play Centre - a fantastic day out for all.

              A little early for half-term maybe, but if you find yourself in Pembrokeshire and want somewhere to take the kids then you could not hope for a better place than Folly Farm; a tourist attraction with something for everyone.

              On one of our visits to the inlaws over in Wales we happened upon Folly Farm. Our daughter was 2 at the time and was fascinated by all things animal. The inlaws suggested Folly Farm as a day out and with the promise of seeing lots of animals off we went.

              We weren't too sure what to expect as we drove over to Kilgetty but what awaited us was a revelation.

              The admission prices were very reasonable, I cannot remember exactly what we paid but this years prices are £7.50 for adults, £6.50 for children 3-15 (under 2s are free). After paying you walk through a building with shop on one side and restaurant on the other. As you leave this building you go out into a courtyard of sorts, off which is the first attraction - Jolly Barn.

              The Jolly Barn is, as you would expect, a barn inside which is housed a variety of your typical farm animals. In the centre of the barn there are arranged rows of haybales which make impromptu seats for the regular feeding sessions that are held. Farm staff at various times throughout the day will hand round bottles of milk and then let loose the baby lambs and goats. What follows is nothing short of out and out (wonderful) chaos as the hungry kids and lambs hurtle about looking for their bottles. The look of wonder and squeals of excitement as my little girl fed an enthusiastic lamb were worth the entry cost alone. When the feeding was done and the babies put away again we wandered round the various pens stroking all the animals (there were frequent cleansing stations and numerous reminders to wash hands after touching animals).

              Coming out of the Jolly Barn we next went into the pet centre. There were numerous cute and cuddly animals to look at including the standard bunnies and guinea pigs plus hamsters, gerbils and chinchilla. There was a small toddler soft play centre which diverted my daughter for a few minutes whilst we worked out where to go next.

              Next we decided was to look for a drink and so we went into a large barn/building that houses the Vintage Funfair and a cafe. The funfair was impressive with dodgems, the gallopers and cake walk along with various other rides and sideshows. After our drink we walked round the funfair but didn't actually go on anything as little one was a little young for the rides and at that point was unsure of them (I am sure that now she would be begging to go on them all!)

              We decided it was time to see some more animals so wandered round the zoo part. This certainly didn't disappoint. The enclosures were well sized and spread out round the grounds and held a variety of animals divided into different geographical zones. The zoo plays home to lemurs, wallabies, ostriches, camels, giraffe, zebra, macaques, wild cats and many more.

              After our animal encounters and a stop off for lunch we ventured off to the Carousel Woods, an enormous, fantastic indoor soft play area. There are plenty of seats for parents and a cafe so you can have a drink and relax whilst the little ones let off some more steam. If the weather is on the warm side there are some great outdoor playing areas too; there is a dragon themed play area for the younger children and a pirate ship area for the older kids. There are also peddle tractors and mini diggers to keep the kids entertained or for an additional fee a go cart track.

              Over the road from the main site (accessible via an underpass) is Folly Wood, Folly Farm's own country park which can be explored on foot or by way of the land train tour.

              The park as a whole was very clean (obviously the farm animal areas will hardly be pristine but they were not left overly dirty). The toilets were plentiful and clean also. There were several different places to eat on site with something to suit most tastes, although there were picnic areas dotted round if the weather took a turn for the worse. What appealed to me was the variety of attractions all "under one roof". There was easily enough to keep you entertained whatever the weather. We were fortunate that we had a lovely day but if it had rained we could still have had a pleasant time regardless.

              My daughter had a whale of a time and didn't tire of the attractions, she took some convincing that it was time to come home, although a quick visit to the gift shop sweetened the blow (the shop was reasonably priced and full of your average zoo fayre; t-shirts, cuddlies, books etc)!

              I am sure that as the years go by we will be making repeated visits to Folly Farm when we visit the inlaws. I would definately recommend this tourist attraction to anyone.


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                18.09.2009 22:18
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A great day out for all ages.

                --Where is it--

                Folly Farm is in a place called Kilgetty in Pembrokeshire, Wales. It is fairly near to Tenby. The postcode is SA68 0XA so if you have a sat nav that'll take you straight there.


                Currently, an adult ticket costs £7.50 and a child (age 3-15) is £6.50. Children 2 and under are free. There are also concessions for senior citizens and people with disabilities.

                --What's there--

                Folly Farm is split into several parts:

                The Jolly Barn
                This is my favourite part, inside the barns are many farm yard type animals including goats, sheep, donkeys, pigs and chickens. Many of the animals will let you stroke them. The best bit about the Jolly Barn is that you can bottle feed the baby goats at certain times during the day.

                Pets Centre
                This is my second favourite part, as the name suggests there are many pets in here including hamsters, chincillas, ferrets, mice, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises. At certain times of day there are pet handling events where you can get up close with some of the cute animals.

                The Zoo
                As well as farm animals at Folly Farm there is a zoo area to walk around. There are animals such as zebra, ostrich, llamas, camels, meercats, lemars and deers. Also a recent addition to the zoo is giraffes. The paths are good but may not be suitable for disabled users as there are many hills.

                Folly Wood
                Here there is a train that you are able to ride to look at more animals. These include pigs, goats, horses and llamas. Half way round you have the chance to get off to walk around a nature trail.

                Village Funfair
                Inside this area is a funfair area, there are many rides which I thought were quite reasonably priced. I think tickets for the rides were 50p each, and rides seemed to be 1 or 2 tickets. Inside here is also an indoor playarea for children.

                Outdoor Play
                There are also a few outdoor play areas, including a boat shaped one. There are also pedal tractors, a go cart track and digging with mini diggers.

                Shows and Events
                There is a new theatre recently been built at Folly Farm inside the funfair area. I haven't seen any of the shows personally, but have been told they are good. There is the K9 Capers agility show there. As I have already mentioned there are also bottlefeeding times, and pet handling. There are also several keeper talks.

                --Final Opinions--

                There is so much to do here, and more animals to see than I can list here. It is such a great day out and could easily last for a whole day, especially if you have children who will enjoy playing in the play areas.

                I don't think its just for children though, I'm 21 and I love visiting here everytime I go to Wales.

                Overall would definitely recommend to everyone.


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                  08.07.2009 12:37



                  excellent day out

                  Folly Farm is and excellent day out for all of the family. It has so much to offer and is excellent value for money. Currently adult tickets are priced at £7.50, 3 to 15 year olds cost 6.50 and under twos are free. Tesco clubcard 'days out' voucher can be used to pay for entry. They also offer group bookings at as discounted rate.

                  There is plenty to do at Folly farm with regular activates throughout the day, including, bottle feeding the lambs and goats, fire and magic shows, feeding times for various animals and pet handling.

                  Folly Farm plays host to all of the well know farmyard animals but has been vastly expanding in recent years. There is a pet Centre, an old fashioned funfair, outdoor children's play area, indoor soft play area, Diggers (extra charge), go-Karts (extra charge) and unbelievably, a zoo housing over 200 animals, 50 different species and Wales' only Giraffes!

                  Located Between the seaside town of Tenby and the beautiful village of Narberth, Folly Farm is well worth a visit if you are in West Wales. It is very easy to find, and there are six different eateries on the complex. Children absolutely love it.


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                  09.06.2009 14:51
                  Very helpful



                  A great day out - particulary for children up to age 10

                  If you are holidaying in South Wales with children up to the age of about 10 this place is definitely worth a visit. It's located in Pembrokeshire and is close to the town of Tenby. We found it very easily as it was signposted with the brown signs.

                  www.folly-farm.co.uk - Check for opening times in winter. We went during the school Easter holidays and it was 10 am - 5pm.

                  This place however is more than just a farm it's a zoo / farm / fair /outdoor and indoor play areas so there is plenty to do.

                  First things first - price-. We found it quite reasonable (£7.50 for adults, free for our child under 2). You can easily spend a whole day there although there are extras which they charge for inside (more about that later).

                  Guided tour time...
                  You arrive and there is a large car park with over spill area across the road. It's a little walk to the gate but not too bad.

                  Through the tills with your map in hand you will find the large gift shop (which we didn't go in) and an eating place (which we didn't sample).

                  You then arrive in a courtyard from which you can then go and explore the farm.

                  There is a large indoor area which has many different farm animals for you to look at and a show area where you can sit on bales of hay and watch the lamb feeding or whatever is happening.

                  The zoo has a good collection of animals and is spread out of a fairly large area but not too big. The big attractions were the giraffes and the zebras for our family but there were also plenty of other smaller animals.

                  There are plenty of play areas both outdoor and indoor to keep your child happy, with a mixture of climbing, swings, slides, great soft play and vehicles to ride on.

                  The indoor fair has traditional fair ground rides at additional cost. My little boy loves the merry go round.

                  Outside there is a go kart track at additional cost and an area where you can pay to operate big diggers.

                  There are plenty of toilets (yes you do need to know that!) and baby change facilities were fine.

                  We didn't sample any of the restaurants / cafes as we took our own picnic. There were plenty of benches when we went (in school Easter holidays) around the park but many were in close proximity to the outdoor play.

                  Across the road there is a tractor with trailer ride that operates at various times during the day. This takes you around the extended farm fields to see more animals with the opportunity to getting off at the end and going for a nature walk.

                  Would I go again - most definitely and I would highly recommend it. Don't go it you want a pure zoo experience as they don't have the big hitters like lions and elephants but it has lots of things to do.


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                  06.03.2009 20:05
                  Very helpful



                  A great day out in beautifull pembrokeshire

                  Visit folly farm adventure park and zoo if you ever come to pembrokeshire, which is a beautifull part of wales.

                  You can experience the perfect day out to suit all members of the family from 0 - 99 . From the energetic toddler up to the not so energetic grandparents .

                  You can view all the outdoor farm and zoo animals on their regular tractor and trailer rides which dont incur any additional charges like some places.

                  Inside the barn you can pet goats, pigs and goats along with their cute offspring and then at regular times throughout the day you can sit on straw bales and watch the very entertaing shows featuring staff members dressed as farm yard animals. This includes the opportunity for children to bottle feed a kid (baby goat not another child ) if they wish.

                  Theres a large barn with rabbits , parrots budgies chipmunks and fish as well as a variety of other pets

                  For a small extra charge older children and accompanied young children can race each other on the large go kart track this has to be my son's favourite activity and we visit this area frequently throughout the day.

                  Another favorite is the large indoor funfair featuring a carousel , ghost train, remote control boats , various stalls to win a prize along with coin operated games .

                  when we visited last summer they'd added "carousel woods" to ths indoor area which is a great undercover adventure park with pleny of seating nearby for parents to keep an eye on their children whilst enjoying a well earned cup of tea.

                  There are a variety of outlets in folly farm to purchase meals , snacks and drinks some inside and kiosks outside, its a little more expensive than i'd like but you expect that when you go out for the day , saying this though you could take a picnic as theres ample picnic areas outdoors .

                  They have ample toilets and parking as well as a lovely large gift shop where you can puchase many animal related kepsakes and presents from pencil toppers to cuddlies to china plates.

                  We use tesco clubcard vouchers when we visit (i make sure i order them a few months before our visit ) making it a cheap fun filled day out .
                  Admission pries are resonable though
                  Adults -£7.50
                  Children - 3-15 £6.50
                  Under 3s go free
                  Concessions - £6.50
                  But you can purchase an annul pass which gives unlimited access for £30 for adults and £25 for disabled and children

                  Overall a great day out especailly if its a rainy day as a lot of the activities and attractions are undercover. Well worth a visit it fun for all the family


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                  06.03.2009 10:46
                  Very helpful



                  Really Highly recommend this Farm!

                  Folly Farm is a fantastic adventure park / farm for the whole family be prepared to spend the whole day there as there is so much to do! I remember when we first started going to the farm over 18 years ago when it was just a little farm with lots of animals and a go -kart track. Over the years the farm has grown and grown and each year they tend to either add new animals or new attractions.

                  Folly Farm first opened in 1988 , it has a very happy, friendly atmosphere you will find all the staff very friendly and always helpful especially if you have questions. The farm is located in Pembrokeshire , West Wales.

                  You will find 6 zones at the farm which are the Jolly Barn , Funfair , Carousel Woods ,Folly Woods , The Zoo and Oudoor Play. There are plenty of toilets where you will find a baby room which has a changing mat , the toilets are very clean and are cleaned often during the day. Also on the park you will find cafes , a burger bar, refreshment huts and a farm shop.

                  ~The Zones~

                  **Jolly Barn**

                  This is a great big barn filled with lambs , sheep , shetland ponies , goats and horses. At various times during the day you will get a chance to bottle feed the goats , you will find a large seating area made out of hay bales. The staff come along first with these huge bottles and then with the goats who are always very hungry and eager to get at the bottles! My husband and son had a great time feeding the goats though my little boy did want to know why the goats were drinking his milk!
                  There is also a pet centre which is nearby and is a lot smaller than the barn ,you will find tortoises , rabbits , guinea pigs, mice and fish. You will get the chance to hold the animals with a member of staff , my little boy loved the guinea pig and wanted to take it home with us!


                  The funfair is indoors apart from the helter skelter and the big wheel which are outside , the funfair is huge and everyone will have loads of fun! You will find lots of very old rides like the golden gallopers, chair-o-planes , dodgems , the cake walk and loads more.

                  Inside the funfair you will also find a room where you can sit and relax , toilets and a very large restaurant.

                  **Carousel Woods**

                  Carousel Woods is a newish attraction that is indoors not far from the funfair it is set in an enchanted forest and is fun for all the family , yes even the adults can join in! You will find a huge play platform that is set on different levels so you can climb up netting , walking along rope bridges , tubes , slides and there is a soft play area for the little ones.

                  The zoo is home to over 200 animals you will find Alpaca , bongo , camels ,cockatel , crane, guinea fowl , heron , lemur , kangaroos, macaque, meerkats - I love the meerkats they are lots of fun to watch. Also there are mongoose , ostrich , owls , reindeer ,skink ,toads , tortoises the list is endless!
                  The zoo is very interesting and at the same time you are getting lots of excercise walking around!

                  **Outdoor Play**

                  Every year the outdoor play area seems to get bigger and better, my son loved the outdoor play area and we spent a good few hours outside watching and helping him play on rides.

                  So outside you will find the Pirate Ships my son loved these and spent well over 2 hours playing on them! Again even the adults can climb and have a look inside the ship, there are ramps , ropes and a slide.
                  Also you will find climbing frames , swings ,a sand pit with bucket and spades , and sand diggers which again my son really enjoyed.

                  There is a big track that has load and loads of pedal tractors for the under 4`s , the kids really have a lot of fun peddling on these or even getting their parents to push them around the track!
                  The one thing my son wanted to go on but unfortunatly he was too young was the Big Dig , these are the CAT mini-diggers that dads and little boys or girls! get to play on , there is an extra charge for using this ride but it is well worth it.

                  There is also a Go-Kart track again there is an extra charge on this attraction , but the kids love going on the Go-Karts.

                  **Folly Wood**

                  The last of the zones is Folly woods where you will find deer, shire horses , shetland ponies , goats and llama.
                  Acrros the road from the farm you will find a nature trail where you can learn about the plants, animals , trees and you will also get to have a ride of the tractor train!

                  ***Opening Times for 2009***
                  February 23rd - March 20th
                  10am - 4pm Saturday & Sunday only

                  March 21st - September 27th
                  10am - 5:30pm daily
                  September 28th - November 1st
                  10am - 5pm daily

                  November 2nd -December 20th
                  10am -4pm Saturday & Sunday only
                  Shriek Week
                  24th October - 1st November
                  10am - 5pm daily

                  Santa's Grotto
                  November 7th - December 20th
                  10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday only
                  Closed December 21st 2009 - January 1st 2010

                  Admission Prices

                  Currently are
                  Adults £6.95
                  Children 3-15 years £5.95
                  2 years and under FREE
                  Senior Citizens £5.95
                  Disabled & disabled carers each £4.50
                  Contact Address
                  Folly Farm
                  SA68 OXA
                  Tel: 01834 812731 Email: info@folly-farm.co.uk

                  ~What do I think?~

                  This is a fantastic day out for the whole family , it can get very busy especially during the summer but there is plenty of room for everyone. You will find a very big carpark that has a section for the disabled, if the carpark gets full there is an overflow carpark as well. Around the park you will find loads and loads of benches to sit on and while my son and husband were playing on the rides I was able to sit down and read a book!
                  As a family we had a great day out and will be going to Folly Farm a lot this year , my son has already asked us when are we going to the farm!

                  This is also on Ciao same username


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