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Giants Den (Gateshead)

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3 Reviews

The Giants Den / 377 Princesway / Team Valley Trading Estate / Gateshead / Tyne & Wear / NE11 0TU / Tel. 0191 487 4677 / E-mail: admin@thegiantsden.co.uk/info@thegiantsden.co.uk.

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    3 Reviews
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      02.08.2012 00:51



      This is an average place for your kids but NEVER book a party, I was massively misled I booked a princess themed party under the impression from the website the children would get face paints and nails done. The party organiser seemed miserable, the princess face paints turned out to be a cheap eyeshadow and a dried up nail varnish. I paid £161.50 Definitely NOT worth the money I paid!!! Food was OK. Party bags were rubbish and the girls couldn't keep their crowns which disappointed them all and I had to pay £1.50 for a broken one which is frankly ridicules considering it was a cheap piece of plastic. After I paid that kind of money I was disgusted at the value and will never return. their was no games, no entertainment. I would highly suggest booked another place other than this!


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      11.04.2010 14:44
      Very helpful



      see review

      Giants den is located on the team valley industeial estate in gateshead. It is an indoor play area for children up to aged 12 years. some of the facilities that giants den contains are:

      Giant astra slide
      3 story climbing frame
      Sports hall
      mini road system (where kids can drive their own little car)
      Special play part for under 4s
      An interactive game machine
      Resturant and bar
      Themed party rooms

      Giants den costs £6.50 to visit which i think is rather pricey.

      Im sure by reading the above you will agree that giants den play area is very fun for the kids and although i think the whole set up is great i have to say there is a few down points too. I will start with the goods points first however.

      Giants den is massive. At one side as you walk through the door you will see a good sized play area for the under 4s.This contains a ball pool, a small slide, little train that can be sat on and a track as well as complete padding to ensure safety for small children.

      The bigger play area is 3 stories high and contains about 3 big slides (one of them my daughter is scared to go on considering it is closed in and dark). This play area is only suitable for the over 4s as it has quite a few jumps and crawl spaces. The child must be able to climb up and down the 3 stories safely by themselves as it can be sometimes hard to keep track of the kids especially during busy periods.

      Giants den is a very busy establishment especially on weekends and school holidays. There are however plenty of seats for the parents to relax on but i would advise leaving visiting until a school night when it is quieter and at least then you can have a choice of seat if you need to be close to the under 4s play area.

      Both play areas are padded very well to ensure safety and on a recent trip i had a good look around to see that there was no loose equiptment. Every thing seemed good health and safety wise.

      you can also book your childs party with giants den for around £9.00 per child. You can choose a theme for the party such as magical or movies. There is a large range. I have never booked a party with giants den but a friend of mine has and she thought it was a bit overpriced even though the children get a hot or cold buffet and drinks. They also sort the party invites in with the price.

      Now for some bad points. I visited giants den last week for the first time in a while and i have to say i was rather dissapointed. I ordered some vegetable fingers with beans for my daughter as we decided to eat at giants den. Unfortunately when the food arrived i was very suprised to see that it had been deep fried. My daughter doesnt like deep fried food at all and it had to be watsted after i paid £3.50 for it. i assumed since the school dinners are getting healthy that childrens play areas would too.

      Another bad point for me was the chaos. I understand that it is a parents responsibility to supervise their children but the kids were running wild and not once did any staff try and calm the situation down. The rules clearly state that no children over 12 can play but i seen a lot of older kids running about.

      Another bad point is that you can buy alcohol in giants den. I really dont think this should be allowed. After all this is an indoor play area.

      Overall giants den has the ideal setting, the ideal play equiptment and definately the size but i think there should be a long look into the rules and how things are done.


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      14.08.2006 09:16
      Very helpful



      Play area with lots of activities

      Giants den

      Huge warehouse on the easily found Team Valley trading Estate, this has been opened a few years now, and is usually busy…one of those places to go to when it’s raining and you need something to amuse the kids.

      The whole area is divided into sections for under 2s, which is basically ball pools and Little vehicles to drive in a specially enclosed area, an area for under 5s, which is more of the same but with some slides and climbing frames added, and then there is the real “I am” things. These include a giant slide 3 storey climbing frame, as many nets and tunnels as you can negotiate, basketball area (there are coaching nights), PS2 and x box areas complete with some of the latest games and a mini village with small road system. Definitely something for everything if nerves can take it!!


      We have. Over the years, had a few parties here…takes the pressure off parents and carers. All you do is chose the themed room you want (Sea World, The Den, Castle or Disco) pay your money and the rest is done for you.

      Our recent parties for little miss have been in the Castle Room and Disco Room, and these are well laid out, and you do get the feel of whatever theme your in. parties cost £7.95 per child, and include 60 mins play in the main area, food in the party room, party bags, invitations, birthday card, photo and a party coordinator. So, it seems a lot of money at the start but when you consider what you pay for food and party bags, then it’s not too bad… all you have to provide are the guests, the party person and the cake.


      The play area is open 10am-7.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-7.30pm Saturday and 9am-7pm on Sundays.

      Monday to Friday is classed as off peak times so is a bit cheaper during term time… £2.50 for under 2s (ie 1 year olds because under 1’s always go free) and £3.95 for children over the age of 2. During school holidays and at weekends, this goes up to £3 for under 2’s (under 1 year old still free) and £4.40 for over 2s.

      I think the prices are a bit steep, especially if you have 2 or 3 children, all wanting drinks bought. Remember, the prices are for 90 minutes, and when you go in, they write the name of the child, time of entry and if you over stay your welcome, they will call you to leave!


      377 Princesway,
      Team Valley Trading Estate

      Tel: 0191 4874677


      For a rainy afternoon when little people are clamouring for something to do, this is almost certainly guaranteed to please them. Lots of activities and they get the chance to let off steam while you have a cup of coffee at one of the tables situated around the edges. That’s the idea but in reality, I find I am almost constantly on the look out for little miss and whichever friend we have at the time. Because the climbing areas are quite high (very safe though), there is a tendency to get neck ache from looking up, and because the area is so large, you do tend to walk round in circles before you find children. It’s no good shouting because they won’t hear over the general din. Yes, this place is almost always bust, although after school during the week is generally quieter…wet weekends are the worst.

      I do think it’s a tad pricey for the length of time they get to play…90 minutes and then out. What would happen if you wanted to eat after your allotted 90minutes? Would you get thrown out? I have never been brave enough to try it as the staff can sometimes get a bit fierce.

      Parties here are really good, and mean you don’t have to do anything except turn up, and for something to do, it’s great fun, but as I said before, do all the visiting out of school holidays and through the week.

      One thing I like about it is that when you go in, the name and age of the child(ren) you are with are taken along with their shoes, and then to enter the main area, there is a security door. This door involves pressing a high green button whilst simultaneously pushing open wooden doors, so this is well out of the reach of all but the most determined children. Also, when you leave, you can leave only with your allotted children…however, I do think they should start to take signatures.

      There are child friendly toilets, and often face painters (at a cost) and overall, plenty to keep the average lively child amused for an hour or so.

      I’ll probably be there again soon now that the weather is changing for the worst.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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      Located on the Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, The Giants Den is a massive 15,000sq ft of non-stop fun for children up to 12 years of age.

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