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Go Ape! Dalby Forest (North Yorkshire)

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5 Reviews

North Yorkshire / England

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    5 Reviews
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      25.04.2010 14:52
      Very helpful



      Great fun...definitely worth trying and you are bound to love it.

      Go Ape is the most fun I have had in a long time. It is a great day out for adults as well as families and is pretty much a tree top adventure playground. The combination of climbing, bridges and zip wires makes this an exhilarating way to spend an afternoon.

      The Go Ape team are friendly, well trained and keen to make sure that you feel safe and confident on the course. There are, of course, slightly frightening moments when you would probably prefer to run away that carry on. My favourite being the Tarzan Swing. A friend of mine had to be coaxed to take the leap but absolutely loved it once she had.

      Before going to Go Ape I would have probably said that it wasn't for the light hearted, but,as long as you are willing to have a go and trust the equipment provided to you by the team,then you will love it and probably conquer a few fears along the way.

      May not be the best plan for people with a severe fear of heights but if you think you can get past that then it really is an adventure worth taking.

      Go Ape is suitable for anybody who wants a little bit of adventure. Be prepared to get muddy, hot and sticky. Be aware that every now and again you will have to take a deep breath and give yourself a small pep talk. But be confident in the instructors and the equipment and you really will have a great time.


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      20.08.2009 10:18
      Very helpful



      have a day in the trees.... fun fun fun!

      Go Ape is a day out with a difference.....

      It is basically an assault course in the trees. Made up of cargo nets, rope ladders, tunnels, zip wires and a variety of other hurdles to get over. You don't have to be really fit to complete the course, although it does require agility and braveness.

      Prices depend on age, which are split into Gorillas (over 18's) - £25. And Baboons (10-17 years) - £20. But be aware that those under 17 do have to be supervised by adults. You should check out the website before visiting as they sometimes have special offers on the price.

      I went to Go Ape last year as my birthday celebration with ten friends and family. Although at first we thought the price was quite high, afterwards we knew it was totally worth it. The course last for 2-3 hours (depending on how long you take) adnw as jam packed with laughs.

      I advise you wear clothes that you don't mind getting ruined, a couple of us got caught on the apparatus and pulled our tops. As it was a celebration we all went in fancy dress, with the theme of camouflage. It was a really nice added touch to the day.

      When you arrive to Go Ape you have a bit of paperwork to do, signing Health and Safety documents etc. Then you get kitted up, have your health and safety briefing then its time to go.

      A few of my friends were nervous about the course, but it is split into different sections so you can pretty much stop at any time. Also if you do the first section and decided it isn't for you, you can give up and get a refund! On a few of the sections, there are also choices of easy and hard routes, just in case you aren't feeling brave enough.

      If you have any family members that want to join in the fun but not quite brave enough to go swinging through the trees, they can follow you from safely on the ground. There are footpaths running through the forest floor allowing a nice walk round to watch you above.

      It was a brilliant day out and I would suggest anyone to do it.


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      09.07.2009 12:40



      Great adventure day out

      Go ape is a great day out for adukts and older children. I went to Go ape in Yorkshire a year ago for a hen do, it was teamed up with camping out and the 15 strong party all had a great time.

      Go ape is basically a giant obstacle course up high in the trees.

      You start by getting a brief from trained staff, then kitted out with harnessess, pulleys and karabiners and taught how to use them correctly. then you are let loose with your party into the woods, where you climb up trees using ladders then go from tree to tree on bridges, tunnels, ropes and wire which are not very sturdy (but thats all part of the excitement). On top of that you get to climb high trees and zip wire back down to the ground (the longest zip wire is over 400 metres).

      Go ape is not for the faint hearted or those scared of heights but for the rest of you its a great day full of fun and adrenaline. Its definately something to look into if your looking for a good day out and with parks all around the country there should be one nearby.


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      03.06.2009 23:32
      Very helpful



      A Brilliant day of fun!

      What's it all about?

      Go Ape basically consists of a giant obstacle course in a forest - however instead of the course being on the ground - its high up in the trees! Each course features ladders, walkways, bridges and tunnels made of wood, rope and wire and a very exciting 'zip line' (which gets your feet safely back on the floor again!) I have now been to Go Ape twice - both occasions were for hen dos.

      Safety First!

      On arrival at Go Ape you are greeted by an instructor who explains all of the safety regulations in a half hour session to ensure your day goes smoothly and without incident. They are very thorough in their explanation of how to get yourself safely around the course and I personally found this very reassuring! You are then fitted with your safety equipment which includes a harness and a pulley system. You are also encouraged to check eachothers safety equipment regularly throughout the course.

      How it works is that you initially climb a ladder to start the course. Before you climb the ladder however you attach yourself (using the safety equipment) to a thick metal wire. This wire runs the entire length of the course and you are taught at the beginning by the instructor that you should always have one of your safety attachments attached to the wire or to the obstacle (this means that you are never on the obstacle course without being attached to something.)

      The Course

      The course is set out in approx 5 parts - each part being a series of obstacles before heading down a zip wire. Each part gets progressively higher and harder with the zip lines getting longer. Initially you start the course on quite a low level with quite easy obstacles - very simple rope ladders and rope bridges followed by a short line zip line.

      This first section is also not very high off the ground. This gradually gets more and more difficult till you end up with more challenging obstacles which are set higher off the ground. I found this progression of courses to be particularly useful as it meant that it built my confidence - by the end I wasn't finding the obstacles that daunting.

      To access each part of the course you climb a ladder. Once up in the trees you have to navigate your way through a variety of different obstacles. These can vary from simple walkways, to stepping from log to log, rope bridges, tunnels, trapezes, rope swings and rope ladders. You feel perfectly safe if you slip (which I did once!) as you are caught in your harness (so don't fall) and can just find your feet again and continue with the adventure.

      Each obstacle is separated by a wooden platform which gives you the opportunity to catch your breath and have a think about how you are going to complete the next obstacle. I also found that as your friends are normally stood on here waiting for their turn - then they can offer you encouragement or make suggestions as to the best way to get through the obstacle.

      I didn't need to worry about not being able to do different parts of the course as when there was a particularly tricky obstacle - there was also an alternative route which was much easier. These routes are clearly labelled as 'easy' or 'hard'.

      The hardest part of the course for me was swinging from a Tarzan rope into a cargo net. You then had to climb up the net onto the next platform - this made me realise how little upper body strength I actually have! The best part of the course is the zip lines - which is probably the most adrenaline pumping part - zipping through the trees down a wire on to the ground below. This is the bit at which I got most dirty though as I kept forgetting to put my feet down and just skidded through the leaves instead.

      There are also instructors scattered throughout the course to help you out if you get stuck or have any problems.

      The Social Aspect

      Because the people on the hen dos were from different circles of friends of the bride (e.g. school, university, work) there were groups of people in our party who had never met before. However this experience takes everyone out of their comfort zone and you are all in the same boat.

      As you are encouraging each other to get through the obstacles, checking each others safety gear - it led to talking and cooperation between team members and almost meant that you had to have a level of trust in people that you didn't know. This meant by that evening we were all firm friends! I would imagine this would also be a really good event for a works team building exercise as it encourages communication and cooperation.

      My Experience

      I felt perfectly safe all the way through this - more so after I had my slip and realised that my safety harness would catch me!

      I am actually scared of heights as well. I can happily go in a hot air balloon ride but much to my embarrassment I have been known to freeze and sob my socks off whilst up a step ladder painting the ceiling! I have a ridiculous fear of heights - expect its just a fear of not particularly high heights!

      Whilst I was nervous before we arrived, the fact that the course gets progressively more difficult was very reassuring for me and helped me build in confidence. Because of a fear of heights I found this probably more personally challenging than others in my group and I was left with a huge sense of achievement on finishing it.

      You don't have to be particularly fit or healthy to do the course. We just took it at our own pace and there were children as young as 10 taking part so you don't have to be especially strong either.

      Locations and Price

      The course took us about 3-4 hours to complete and it costs approx £25 for an adult and £20 for a child. There are 22 sites all around the UK which offer the Go Ape Experience. There is a very comprehensive website (www.goape.co.uk) which includes details of locations, frequently asked questions and photographs of the obstacles and people undertaking the course.

      This is such a brilliant day out and I have loved it every time I have been. It gets the adrenaline pumping and is great, great fun! Would highly recommend to everyone!


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        20.05.2009 00:36
        Very helpful



        A great day out well worth the entry fee!!!!

        A brief history of GO APE

        Go Ape is a arial high wire course that uses tree tops of forests / woods. each site around the uk consist of rope ladders, zip-lines, rope bridges, trapezes and swings. The company Go Ape was established in 2001 and their first site was opened to the public in 2002. The company's motto is "creating adventures, encouraging others to live life more adventurously." Go Ape currently hold the record for the longest zip-line in britan at a whopping 426 metre zip! impressive!!!

        My opinion About Go Ape

        I think go ape is definatly value for money at £25 for the day it cant be beaten! I give it 5 out of 5 stars. I have been to TWO sites in the lake district and soon to be visiting my third in wales towards the end of june! Once you have completed one course your just edging for more! I recomend it for every one to try you wont be disapointed below are alist of sites around the uk and prices

        Thetford Forest, East Anglia
        Grizedale Forest, Cumbria
        Whinlatter, Cumbria
        Swinley Forest, Bracknell
        Moors Valley, Dorset
        Sherwood Pines, Nottinghamshire
        Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
        Wendover Woods, Buckinghamshire
        Wyre Forest, Worcestershire
        Delamere Forest, Cheshire
        Buxton, Derbyshire
        Aberfoyle, Stirlingshire
        Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire
        Alice Holt, Surrey
        Bedgebury Forest, Kent[15]
        Leeds Castle, Kent[16]
        Haldon Forest Park, Devon
        Birches Valley, Cannock Chase, Staffordshire

        Prices are

        Gorillas (18 years Plus) £25
        Baboons (10-17Years) £20

        But during peak seasons prices can rise to

        Gorillas £27.50
        Baboons £22.50

        their are no time limits to complete the course in you can go at your own pace which is great

        for more info please check out the web site below



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      An award-winning high wire forest adventure course of rope bridges, tarzan swings and zip slides...

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