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Lightwater Valley (North Yorkshire)

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28 Reviews
  • Poor food and upkeep
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    28 Reviews
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      03.04.2013 18:01
      Very helpful



      Fun but there are better


      Through the summer months we generally exchange our Tesco Clubcard vouchers for days out to treat the children and keep them amused, in previous years we have used them for tickets to my favourite local theme park which is Flamingoland but as that venue had been taken off the list we decided we would give Lightwater Valley a try instead.

      Lightwater Valley is situated just North of Ripon which is in North Yorkshire, we are lucky that it is only about a 45 minute drive from where we live in the North East.


      The price to get into the park was vastly reduced for ourselves due to using the Clubcard voucher which made it a great value day out. If you are paying full price the prices are,

      Over 1.3 metres - £28
      Over 1.0 metres - £23
      Under 1.0 metres - £5
      OAP - £12
      Concessions - £17
      Disabled with 1 free carer - £17
      Babes in arms / pushchairs - no rides - Free

      There are many other price options which you can find on www.lightwatervalley.co.uk if you are interested but there are tickets for different sized families and also tickets to include food and queue jumper passes which would probably be worth it if you were going to ride the big rides. If you book your tickets online and specify which date you are going to go then you can save 30% the only issue I have with this is if you wake up and it's pouring down you cannot change the date.

      Personally I think middle tier should be less, our eldest is 5 years old and obviously not going to want to go on the big rides and infact she wasn't tall enough for the really big rides yet we would have had to pay £23 for her and a full £28 for us to not even go on the rides. I really think theme parks should have a rethink and do some sort of offer where an adult coming in with a young child is not charged as much but is limited to how many big rides they can go on, we actually didn't ride any big rides so literally would have paid for the privilege of walking around the park really.

      The attraction is cheaper than the nearby Flamingoland by £2 per person which is not a huge difference however Flamingoland doesn't charge for age 3 and under at all and also has the zoo which is where this theme park is lacking in my opinion.

      Car Parking on the site is free which is great as we have found at previous attractions that the already extortionate prices are bumper up even further by a car park fee.

      ==Visiting the Park==

      We found the park very easily, we were using a sat nav but once we got close it was sign posted anyway so we could have easily managed without the sat nav system. The car park has plenty of space and even though we visited in August it was a pretty cool day and we ended up right near the front.

      The park is built in the countryside and it was a really nice setting and quite enclosed, you actually couldn't really spot the theme park from the roadside.

      The park opens the gates at 9.45am, the fairground rides start at 10am and the big rides don't start until 10.30am although I can never understand why there is a range of starting times. The park closes anywhere between 4.30pm and 6pm depending on the time of year but we ended up that we had done everything we wanted to and the girls had had enough before the park actually shut.


      There are a decent amount of rides however if you compare to the other theme parks in the area there does seem to be less rides here. I tend to think that rides are pretty standard in most theme parks and this one is no different, when we were there you had a Ben 10 themed rollercoaster and then there was a pirate themed area with rides. You have the big rides such as rollercoasters, a pretty monster sized log flume and a giant pirate galley ship which Sophie really didn't like and she was sat in the middle of it, I have never seen such a look of relief on her face when she got off the ride.

      There are plenty of rides for the little ones and we found that we barely had to queue all day for any rides which was great, there is a small young childrens area hidden amongst the trees where there was a mini rollercoaster which was Sophie's favourite ride and a couple of merry go rounds.

      There was some really lovely rides such as dragon boats which just simply went round in a circle on the water with one little bump and then there was little ladybugs which Emily really enjoyed and the usual little teacups which are at these sorts of places.

      All the rides were in a great state of repair even the really old ones that I remember being there when I went to the park as a teenager, the whole place gave the impression of really being looked after.

      There is a lake where you can go on pedal boats which are in the shapes of swans and real swans actually frequent the lake to which is nice but with a 1 year old in tow we didn't fancy a go on there. One of Sophie's favourites was the train which takes you from one side of the park to the other or just round in a complete circle if you prefer, the train has room for pushchairs however you have to sit separately from them so if your little one was sleeping you would have to disturb them which I didn't think was very good.

      The main attraction at the park is the world's longest rollercoaster "The Ultimate" we didn't ride this whilst there last year but I rode it as a teenager and it is mega fast it is literally over in under a minute. The rollercoaster is loads of fun as it weaves in and out of the trees but I really didn't find it as scary as some rollercoasters I have ridden.


      On the day we went there was a magician show on which Emily slept right through but Sophie really loved. The magician really interacted with the children, was very entertaining and made fun of himself. I was really impressed as his last trick was to produce a rabbit which was a really lovely little creature and he let the children all come and have a stroke at the end of the show but made sure he told them the importance of washing their hands afterwards.


      We found that finding the toilets was really easy and the park has lampposts with signs all over the park so it is really easy to work out where you want to be. Like I said we went in the summer months but it was a pretty cold day and one thing I did find disappointing is that there was no heating on in the toilets, I found this pretty poor as I had to change Emily's nappy in the cold. The toilets were all nice and clean apart from the floors where people had walked mud in and this didn't seem to get better throughout the day so I would say that cleaners were probably coming in through the day and ensuring sinks and toilet were clean but not ensuring the whole facility was clean.


      As with all these types of places there were plenty of places to eat, you could get hot and cold drinks from little stalls, full restaurants and even drinks machines through the park so you never needed to go thirsty. The prices were of course ridiculous and we had too a picnic with us to avoid having to spend too much but we didn't come across a picnic area as we wandered around the park so we ended up eating back at the car which wasn't parked far away so that wasn't a problem but it would have been nice to have seen a proper picnic area to make it obvious that you were welcome to take your own food in.


      The park actually has a little shopping village in it, the shops apparently change with the season but when we had a look they there were gift shops, a craft shop and some clothes shop all of which were rather expensive. Aside from the shopping village there were a couple of little gift shops and a sweet cart which was the sort of sweets you used to buy by the quarter in little plastic boxes. Both the girls managed to buy something to bring home as a momento of their day out so that kept them happy. The gift shops are very cleverly situated on your route out of the park so that there isn't much avoiding them and with a 5 year old jumping up and down at every shop we ended up saying she could look in the last one and then that way she wouldn't want to buy something in every shop.


      We did enjoy our day out in the main and our children loved the rides, there of course is plenty of opportunity to spend money you don't intend so you should be aware of that but then I think that is generally expected in these places. The staff were all very friendly and we found as it was quiet one member of staff was often working 2 rides but they would happily shut one ride off and start the other off to keep the children happy. There was a crocodile dressed up character appeared at the end of the day when the sun started to shine a little so I'm not sure if they would have been out all day if the weather had been better but they were really good fun and they were dancing around with Sophie in the middle of the park.

      This park is fun and would have been nicer on a warmer day however compared to what is nearby it is too heavily charged and in comparison not worth the price.


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        08.09.2012 18:37
        Very helpful



        A great day trip

        I have visited this theme park twice now, when it came to selecting a theme park this one was chosen due to the fact that it is easy to get to (only a half hour drive from where I live), I find the park a bit less crowded than others and the queues shorter and the final reason being that the ticket prices actually go on height for children, rather than age. Some places charge a lot for children's entry due to their age and regardless of the fact that they may not be able to go on half of the rides there! For this reason it is a good place to visit with small children.
        Children under 1m are FREE to enter and there are enough amusements around to keep them happy. Disabled visitors are charged £11, it is also £11 for a carer if they wish to take one. Pensioners are £8, students £13 and everyone else £16. I think these prices are very reasonable in comparison with rival theme parks.

        You can print off vouchers for food and drink online which is good, there is a pub and a choice of a few fast food places and also a sandwish stall and a shop which sells sandwiches and paninis. As with most of these places, you can expect to pay a little more than you would elsewhere but I thought the prices were reasonable and you can pick up something tasty for around £5. If you get a good day I would recommend taking a picnic as there are plenty of seating areas to enjoy the weather and catch your breath.

        Lightwater Valley is easy to reach in Ripon, North Yorks. It is well signposted and just off junction 50 on the A1. One thing to take into account is if you want to visit by rail you will need to get a train to thirsk and then a bus. The buses don't operate on Sunday's! A Dales and District bus and a bus from Leeds or Harrogate can be got to the park but I find driving is the easiest way as we always want to take coats, food and drink, sun cream etc. and leave it in the car rather than hauling it around all day.

        The park itself I found to be smaller than other theme parks but this wasn't a negative for me. With some theme parks and huge queues a day doesn't feel like enough as there was so much left to do or see. Lightwater Valley is perfect for a day, while there are still lots of things to see and do, if you get there early you can have an enjoyable day seeing everything at your own pace without having to try and squeeze everything in.

        The rides are very good, there is something for everyone including the ride that made Lighwater Valley famous - The Ultimate!- this is the longest rollercoaster in Europe and lasts over 6 minutes. It's definitely one I'd recommend, it doesn't feel as scary as it looks!
        The Skyrider is good fun, it looks a bit like a carousel and you all sit on swings and spin around in a circle and the swings get higher and higher and go further out, it feels like you're flying and is quite a fun and relaxing experience.
        The Trauma Tower is a drop tower where you sit with your back to the tower and are sent up the to top and dropped back down to the bottom again when you least expect it giving you that awful feeling in your belly that is so much fun!
        There are a good few scary rides for the thrill seekers along with a good choice for the less daring.

        The park has all of the other rides that you would expect such as a log flume, pirate ship and corkscrew coaster. There are a selection of rides for families and smaller children too including a carousel, ferris wheel, pedal boats and more.

        There is a bird of prey centre that you can enter which will cost an extra £2. I didn't go in, but thepeople who did said it was both informative and entertaining.

        Pictures are available to buy on the bigger rides, they also have a shopping village which has much more to offer than the usual theme park souvenir shops which sell mainly tat!
        There is a garden shop, clothes shop, sweet shop, souvenir shop and more. The shopping village is worth a look even if you don't want to make a purchase as it is a lovely country style building in the parkland and is very pretty.
        There's a nice little restaurant which sells all sorts of food including sandwiches, baked potatoes, pies, fish and chips and a Sunday carvery. Unfortunately we didn't try this out but it looked lovely and browsing the menu seemed very reasonably priced.

        I would definitely recommend Lightwater Valley, especially to families with small childrens due to the under 1m's free tickets. The setting is pretty and out in the countryside and the whole experience seems a lot more relaxing and enjoyable than that of bigger parks!


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          15.08.2009 00:44
          Very helpful



          Theme park


          It's become a bit of a "thing" that we try a theme park over the summer hols and although I don't go on any of the rides, I go along as chief bag carrier and usually have a good time! Last year we went to Flamingo Land and because of the road works on the motorway I wanted somewhere closer so it was decided that the venue would be Lightwater valley.

          **Location and contact details...**

          Lightwater Valley, North Stainley, Ripon, North Yorkshire HG4 3HT.

          Tel: 0871 720 0011
          Fax: 0871 721 0011
          E-mail: leisure@lightwatervalley.co.uk
          I had the sat nav set to get us there but it is actually clearly signposted from the motorway and we found it without getting lost once!

          **Admission Prices...**

          As with all of these places, admission isn't cheap but at least this theme park charges a cheaper rate for people under 1m 30cm, because some of the rides are not suitable for people under this height. Admission costs £17.95 and £15.95 for people under 1m 30cm, and for children under 1m, admission is free. There are deals to be had for families of various sizes and it seems you can get up to £4 off by booking online. I had vouchers for £6 off each ticket, so didn't book online, although when we got there the pre booked ticket people were able to fast track in whilst we had to wait in the long but fast moving queue.

          **The park...**

          Having found the place really easily we arrived without the usual stresses of getting lost. The park is accessed via a long well tended drive and there is plenty of space for parking although if you don't arrive early you are parking on the grass- there are attendants to show you where to park so no one should get boxed in.

          At the entrance to the theme park is the visitor service area where you can get information about the park and there is also the Granary, a restaurant serving meals and snacks if you don't want to wander round the park with a hot dog. Also in this square and located around the park are a range of retail outlets selling gifts and souvenirs and we even spotted a garden centre so you could do quite a bit of shopping if you got bored in the queue!

          The whole area is nicely set out with a small lake and a mini golf area although no one was playing which was just as well because it would have been unfortunate had you paid and the children were running all over it.

          Once inside the park, it was pretty much as we expected-lots of noise and squealing and rides and shops from the moment we stepped inside the gates. The park has plenty of toilets dotted around and all clearly signposted but as ever by the end of the day they weren't the cleanest places to be! There are also lots of food and drink shops so you can spend your day eating and drinking if you wish.

          **The rides**

          There are over 40 different rides and attractions from big thrill rides, to mini adventures for younger children, and to make it easier to chose the most appropriate rides, they have divided them into three groups; jaw droppers, Whipper Snappers and Nippers.

          The jaw dropping rides are as expected, the extreme rides and these come with height restrictions, either 1m 30 cm or 1m 50 cm. These include aptly names rides such as the sewer rat, The Ultimate (apparently one of the longest rollercoasters in Europe), eagles Claw, Black Widows Web and The Twister. These varied in terror value, and although Little Miss managed some of them she wouldn't even contemplate others, so it's important to check the fear factor! With the long queues you do get some opt out time!

          The Whipper snapper rides are specially designed for children who are over one metre in height, and include the falls of terror, the grand prix go karts and the dodgems.

          For children under one metre in height, there are dragon rides, a maze, Lightwater Express and others, so even young children won't be bored.

          **Opening times...**

          The gates open at 10am, with the rides starting at 10.30am. We arrived at 10.30, probably the busiest time, but still got into the park within half an hour. It closes any time from 4.30pm depending on the time of year, but when we left at 6.30pm, they were only just starting to close some of the rides.

          **Other bits of information...**

          * Some rides have cameras when your photo gets taken and keyrings or photos are sold for £5- watch out for spiralling day out costs
          * There is a Birds of Prey Centre but the birds are also in the park for a hand over your money photo shoot
          * There are lockers at the main entrance which can be hired for the day
          * You can get out of the park and come back in if you have tour hand stamped


          We went as a group of 7, me, himself, my son aged 19, Little Miss and another 8 year old and a 10 year old. I mention this because we hit alot of the heights and ages. The park was declared a hit by all, and in the time we were there we managed to get to all of the rides and even though there were queues they weren't so big that we were standing for ages. The jaw droppers were extreme enough for even the hardened thrill seekers and the roller coaster had to be visited twice! There were plenty of rides for the younger children and even a smaller roller coaster so that they didn't miss out.

          The park is big enough to have enough for everyone and small enough to get round most things and not lose each other. We were there for 8 hours with a brief rest for our picnic lunch, and I do think we got good value for money although it seemed expensive when we paid.

          Good day had by all- recommended!

          Thanks for reading.

          Daniela x


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            13.08.2009 22:39
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            It is rubbish

            Just come back from a day at Lightwater Valley and it was dreadful.

            The starting point was that we were advised that the Hornet's Nest ride was out of action due to technical difficulties i.e. it was broken. Never mind there are lots of other rides.

            For their first ride, they chose the Eagles Claw and had to wait for one hour twenty minutes, during which the engineer had to be called out twice. They went on rapids ride, which was OK and decided to follow this up with The Ultimate.

            Sadly it was only an ultimate waste of 45 minutes. In that time, the queue moved about 30 feet and only just got on to the steps leading up to the building housing the ride. In this time the engineer was called out to the ride twice and while it was still being fixed for the second time, my boys gave up.

            We thought about going on the Twister ride, but as we approached it we saw a workman underneath one of the carriages bashing it with a hammer as that had broken down as well.

            After managing to get on a couple of rides, the boys decided to go on the Falls of Terror, but while they were in the queue, the mechanism taking the rafts up to the top of the slides broke down and so that ride was out of action.

            The number of rides breaking down suggests to me that the maintenance of the rides is not good enough. These people need to remember that if they do not maintain the rides they are playing with people's lives.

            If you are thinking about where to go for a day out, do not go to Lightwater Valley. Five years ago, I would have given it a good rating. Now it is rubbish, over-priced and potentially lethal. Please please do not put money in the hands of these jokers.


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              10.07.2009 12:22
              Very helpful



              a fantastic fun day out for all the family and the dog too!

              ive read a mixture of reviews on lightwater valley here, personally i love this theme park and it is one of my favourites for over the summer holidays! Lighwater Valley is in North Yorkshire, in Ripon and is quite well signed posted along the way!

              Over 1.3m in height £17.95
              Under 1.3m in height £15.45
              Under 1.0m in height Free
              If you book throgh the website beforehand it is £13.95 per person (Over 1.0m in height)
              Personaly i think these are very reasonable prices for the theme park which has a wide range of different rides to suit every one!

              **The rides**
              Thrill seekers wont be disapointed with a range of roller coasters, spinning rides and water rides. My favourite is the Ultimate, which at present is the longest rollercoaster in Europe! There are 10 'jaw dropper rides' which are all marked on the park map.

              Teens/brave kids: The park caters well for this age group, particulary as they have a lot of school and colleges visiting over the summer. There are dodgems, rat rides and water rides all of which are great fun to jump on! These rides are very popular and you usualy have to queue for 5-10 minutes in the busy season.

              Kiddies: The park is very suitable for younger kids, with a range of gentle rides for them to enjoy! I love the minitue ferris wheel and teacups, as the kids feel really grown up going on similar rides to the adults!

              Other rides: There is a very nice train which runs around teh entire park, making it easy to get from one ride to another quickly! There is also a lake in the middle of the park offerering peddal swans for a relaxing ride!

              There is plenty to choose from at Lightwater valley, with a couple of food halls as well as a range of food kiosks around the park, prices are a little higher than normal as with all theme parks. There is ample room and banches to sit and eat a picnic, which i highly recommend!

              Other points:
              There is a small shopping village next to lightwater valley, this sells a range of gifts and good, although in my opinion is a little old fashioned, but worth a look around!

              There is a separate 'birds of prey', which i have not yet been in and costs extra to get into, but i have heard it is very intersting to visist!

              There are a few toilets dotted around the park, all of which are clearly labelled on the park map, including baby changing facillities.

              Overall, i love the range of rides available here, to suit the whole family. I found the prices very good value for money and you can easily spend an entire day here and still not ride everything! The food is reasonable and there is plenty of open space for a picnic. i love this themepark and it is easily my favourite one! Well worth a visit!


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                02.07.2009 23:05
                Very helpful



                Better parks around.

                So... Lightwater Valley. Situated near Ripon, it's the North Yorkshires "local" theme park.

                I often get free tickets here, but the prices are:

                Over 1.3m in height £17.95
                Under 1.3m in height £15.45
                Under 1.0m in height Free
                Senior Citizens/ Disabled/ Only 2 carers £8.95 per person
                Family ticket for 3 £46.50
                Family ticket for 4 £62.00
                Family ticket for 5 £77.50
                Family ticket for 6 £93.00
                Family ticket for 7 £108.50
                Family ticket for 8 £124.00

                So, it's pretty expensive. But it is worth it?

                The answer sadly, is no. I am a teenager, but this place fills me with dread! If you've never been before, I think you would be better off with Flamingo Land, or Alton Towers.

                It's only an hour away from where I live, and armed with free tickets I decided to go, even though I have been there a million times before.

                - The Rides-

                THE EAGLES CLAW - The best ride there. A claw shaped ride, where you are strapped in the harness, it rises and literally flings you about like no tomorrow. Great for adrenaline, and often lasts a good while. It spins, twirls, lurches and curls. Fun! 5/5

                FALLS OF TERROR - Something I would expect in a swimming pool. It has 3 different water slides, and you get seated into a rubber dingy with a friend, and away you go! Quite fun, but terrorlicious? Nah. 2/5

                THE ULITMATE - The parks most infamous ride. At 2.4km in length, it's pretty darn long! But oh the pain. There are steep drops, tunnels, twists and turns... but the pain is not worth it. You get tossed all over the place, with bruises you didn't imagine could appear there! It whacks your head about from side to side like no tomorrow. It is fun, fast, and furious, and on a quiet day you can go again and again and again, but beware the headache to follow! 3/5

                THE RAT - A dark inside ride. You are seated into a large rat car and away you go. Through the entrance, the ride is in complete darkness (sort of!) There are some good drops and they are unexpected, but it's not very scary. However I love scary rides so I might be being a bit unfair! 3/5

                TRAUMA TOWER - You're are taken high into the air before being dropped without any warning, but it's not exactly traumatizing. A slight tummy drop is all. 2/5

                BLACK WIDOW - You are locked in a cage, behind or in a front of a friend, and pretty much spinning upside down! Great fun. 4/5

                THE TREETOP TWISTER - A twisty coaster. You are in a circle car with approx. 4 people, and you go up slowly at first, then come the twists and turns. It's pretty fast, with very sharp turns up very high, and it feels like you are going to go flying off the edge, so I love this one! It also spins when you are going down the coaster and get ready to say cheese for the photo! 4/5

                THE WAVE - A large boat and goes backwords and forwards quite high. A stomach lurcher. Watch out for spitters! 3/5

                THE HORNETS NEST - Never open when I'm there.

                I think I've remembered them all!

                Bring a pack lunch, the food its awful. Plenty of snack bars, doing pasta, burgers, chips etc. Expensive, and not much point eating until the end anyway, unless you want to lose your lunch. :)

                EXTRAS - Plenty of little kiddie rides, so young children will have a great time (however I am much to big now to sample these!!!!) There are various fun fair like stalls, with hook a duck, football, darts, etc. There is also go-karting, a carousel (a classic!) and dodgems, so it's also like a mini permanent fun fair.

                Overall, not bad..... but it needs updating, and not great for thrill seekers! Rides are very far apart, and photo keep sakes are 'spensive!


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                30.06.2009 18:26
                Very helpful



                would defo recommend

                Lightwater valley is situtated in ripon north yorkshire and it is voted as britains best value theme park. I decided to visit lightwater valley due to having some vouchers that entitled up to 6 people to enter the park for just £11.95 each. My daughter is only 3 so i was happy to do the travelling as it was only around an hour to get there from newcastle.

                The prices:
                Over 1.3m in height - £17.95
                Under 1.3m in height - £15.45
                Under 1.0m in height - free
                Elderly/disabled and carers - £8.95
                Family ticket for 3 - £46.50
                Family ticket for 4 - £62.00
                Family ticket for 5 - £77.50
                Family ticket for 6 - £93.00
                Family ticket for 7 - £108.50
                Family ticket for 8 - £124.00

                The prices written above are correct when paying upon arrival to the park. It is cheaper to purchase tickets from the lightwater valley website, however i tend not to do this incase the weather isnt to good on the booked dates.

                The arrival:

                Lightwater valley is definatly pretty easy to find and once you have arrived you will be advised on parking bays. Once parked you can pass a very nice gift shop and a small garden center before you enter into the paying desks. Once you pay the required amount you will recieve a map of the park as well as a discounts voucher which enables you to visit lightwater valley next time for £11.95 for up to 6 people. You will also receive vouchers for coffee and hats and different bits and bobs like that.


                There are plenty of toilet areas around the park and many accompany for a baby changing area. I found the toilets to be cleaner in some sections than others, especially the toilets based in the log cabin parts as they were full of creepy crawlies and daddy long legs. Apart from that the toilets seem regulaly cleaned and acceptably fresh.

                The park:

                One thing that would be classed as a negitive regarding lightwater valley would be that i feel you do have to do a lot of walking to come across certain rides,they seem to be spaced out quite a bit and in some areas you will see one or two rides alone and have to go in the trees to find them. On a sunny day i quite enjoyed the little tour to be honest but it isnt really ideal for little legs eager to find the next ride. I kept thinking how much of a shame it was that all of the grassed areas were going to waste and the park could be so much better with a few more rides or stalls.

                The stalls and games:

                Normally when you visit a theme park you expect to find lots of different stalls enticing you to hook a duck or darts but lightwater valley doesnt have too many of these. I think on one point this is a good thing as whenever children see them, they want to have a go for a huge toy that seems impossible to win and by the end u have spent a fortune and got a crappy little teddy u could have bought for a pound. When visiting i did see one hook the duck, hook the ring on the bottle and a hook the bag which i nearly fainted when i seen it was a fiver to hook one.


                Upon walking round the park i seen that there were plenty bin areas and no rubbish was to be seen on the floors. It appeared very clean and well kept.

                The rides:

                There is a good selection of rides at lightwater valley for all ages and some of these are:

                The carousel:

                Obviously a main attraction for smaller children. The carousel is a good size with a large amount of horses and carridges to ride. The ride goes slow enough for small children, although they will be measured at the start to see if they are able to sit on a horse unattended or in the carridge.

                Ladybug rides:

                This ride is very slow and ideal for toddlers. It is basically 4 ladybugs that go round in a circle very slowly.

                Mini ferris wheel:

                Again this ride is great for the smaller children, it does seem to go quite high but the children are caged in and the speed is a little better for them to enjoy without being scared.


                These spin around and are basically as boring to use as they are to watch but again the kids seem to like them and thats all that matters.

                The caterpillar coaster:

                Lightwater valleys smallest coaster. The speed is rather slow except for a small hill that speeds up a little. The track isnt very high and is suitable for toddlers.

                The ladybird:

                This is a faster coaster than the caterpillar as it has one hill where the speed is pretty fast and you do get shoved around a bit. I know it is for children but i actually enjoyed this myself as my daughter wouldnt come on.

                The flying camels:

                This ride has enough space to fit in 2 children. It spins around and a lever on the ride enables the child to take the camel higher if they wish.


                I loved these. Although the track isnt very long i did enjoy driving round anyways. It had been so long since i had used a go-kart. I like this ride as it is great for all ages too,i will advise that you cannot go on these alone it must be 2 people per kart. I would also advise that once arriving at the park to que up for these asap as the ques are very long all day and not so bad when first arriving.

                Falls of terror:

                All i can say is oh my god. I was terrified. There are 3 slides to the falls of terror one, two and three. One is a very steep high drop. Two is 2 smaller steep drops and three is a spiralled dark slide with a smaller steep drop. I first went on number two and honestly thought i was going to wet myself. It litterally took my breath away. I did however enjoy number three. I felt a little silly when i seen the kids going on number one time after time and i couldnt brave it. On this ride you travel down the slides in a dingy, again 2 at a time only.

                Wild river rapids:

                This is a new ride for 2009 although from what i have heard from staff, it seems to be very temperemental and broke more that it works. Luckily i did get to have a go of this. Basically up to four people fit in a boat and travel slowly round the course and up a small hill. The ride itself isnt exciting really but i like the splashes and not knowing who is about to get wet. I ended up drenched after a few goes on this so good job it was sunny to dry me off.

                The sewer rat:

                Unfortunately i wasnt brave enough to go on this as apparantly you enter a dark space on a roller coaster and it is that dark you cant see the drops. I am a bit too nervous for this so only heard from a man who had been on it.

                The twister:

                This ride is kind of half rollercoaster half walzer. You sit in a seat that looks like a walzer and spin as you go round a rollercoaster track,the coaster is fairly high but not too bad and the ques dont seem to be too bad for here neither.

                The ultimate:

                Of course this is the longest rollercoaster in europe. There are 2 trains altogether a red and a blue as it takes so long to get around the track as it takes about 6 minutes. It has 2 steep drops and pushes you from side to side a lot. This is the highlight of lightwater valley and that is why you will probably have to wait around an hour if not more to ride.

                The eagles claw:

                This ride is basically a giant yellow claw that swings from side to side to reach great heights.

                These are just some of the different rides available at lightwater valley. I think altogether there are around 40 different ones.

                Opening times:

                The park opens at 10.00 but you wont be able to go on any rides till 10.30. its worth getting there for 10 though if possible to que up for a ride you wish to go on.


                Throughout the day you will see two lightwater crocs walking round, a pink and a green one and they are more than happy to greet the kids and take a picture with them. There is also a section near the falls of terror ride where you can get a photo taken with one of three owls on you arm. The photos are reasonable at nearly 4 quid but you actually pay to hold the bird and can actually take your own photos too. Many of the rides also take your pictures and you can buy them for about a fiver and see yourself in action.
                There are also bird of pray shows throughout the day but you do have to pay for these.

                Outside the park is also a mini golf game but you do have to pay for this. There are also some shops selling a wide range of clothes and things but i cant comment on them as i have never been in them.


                I would have to say that price wise you cant go wrong with lightwater valley but i must admit i do prefer flamingland, there isnt as much walking there plus is has a zoo and many more rides. If using a money off voucher for lightwater valley then it is definately worth the trip. I think to be honest it is all about preference as many friends do actually prefer lightwater valley to flamingoland.In my opinion it is without a doubt worth a try and the kids love it.


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                  21.05.2009 12:03
                  Very helpful



                  okay day out if no better alternative

                  Just off the A19 in Ripon in North Yorkshire England.

                  Following a recent visit to Lightwater Valley with 4 teenagers I would like to say that we had a nice day out but I didn't think that it was value for money.
                  2 adults and 4 teens and too see the bird show cost us around £120 for the day.
                  There were a few good rides, the eagles claw, water shoots, tree top twister which are suitable for the ages of our party.
                  There are several places to eat and drink providing overall a good variety of foods.In the entrance there is a cafe with hot roasts and variety of hot meals, there are a few smaller shops dotted around the park for snack and drinks these are very pricey as are most theme parks. There is a burger place in the middle of the park ideal for teens but not very nice food . There is a pizza, pasta and sandwich place in the middle near the water rides the food there was more desireable. In the entrance is a small shopping retail outlet I was a little disappointed with this as it is advertised as if it is much bigger and better than it really is there are only a few shops with clothing and housewhares and small plants and flowers shop.

                  The birds of prey show was excellent and the teens even enjoyed it good family fun.

                  However the whole park is very run down and need of a overhaul and a lick of paint some of the rides most definitely need a refurb.

                  The Ultimate the biggest attraction has most definitely seen better days and I would consider it to be a health risk as the saftey harnesses arent very good and the whoole ride almost shake you to death definitely wont be going on that again.

                  The park is very spaced out and this can make it more relaxing but I would imagine very heavy going if you have little ones thankfully I dont.

                  Overall a nice day out but dont think would go again for the price


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                    30.04.2009 16:06
                    1 Comment



                    all in all a good day out for the whole family

                    I've visited Lightwater Valley Theme Park a few times, and it's not that bad for goodness sake! On a lovely sunny day it's a very pretty place set in all those acres of grassland. OK the rides are not so close together but that's the beauty of the place, and healthier - you get a good walk aswell as some fun. Plenty of places to sit and rest, too. The Ultimate isn't old, it's a classic wooden coaster, a brilliant ride, so who cares if you get a few bruises, it's no hardship. All the rides are good especially the new one for 2009, Wild River Rapids, thank goodness they have decided to bring back a water ride - there's nothing better! For the price it's a good deal, fun rides, beautiful setting and plenty of choice. Don't forget, they also have a fantastic Bird of Prey flying demonstration, plus if you want to shop there are a few to choose from too. So don't be put off visiting, it's not an Alton Towers but it has a good range of rides for the whole family. We thoroughly enjoy our visits, that's for sure.


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                      20.04.2009 13:52



                      stay well away, unless you want to waste your money?

                      Lightwater Valley has got to be the worst theme park I have ever been to! When you get there straight away its like walking into a large field, each ride is really spread out over a large area and it just looks empty. There is no 'theme' either, or if there is then its really not obvious what it is!

                      It has one ok ride which is the Ultimate. This is the longest rollercoaster in the UK at a mile long. You can tell its really old. A big wooden rollercoaster that goes up and down and round a few times. The seats are really uncomfy and you end up hurting yourself quite a bit. I think I came off there in quite a bit of pain. And usually I love rollercoasters!

                      It also has a pirate ship, a indoor rollercoaster called The Rat, which is also terrible and a few small rides. They have another rollercoaster where the cart spins round with you in it, I heard someone got flung off it a few years ago and died, so I stay away from that one!

                      You can get through the rides in a couple of hours, and are left feeling slightly bored. I used to go a lot as a teenager but not any more - I would rather sit at home than pay to get in here!


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                        19.04.2009 20:34
                        1 Comment



                        Total rubbish, better to go for a walk

                        Went to this park about 15 years ago and decided to visit again Wed 15th April 09, what a waste of time and money. Park hasn`t changed that much, Arrived at the park at 12pm and left at 2.30pm after only going on two rides. We got locked on The Claw for an hour in total, Just mine and my husbands carriage wouldn`t unlock. The girl operating the ride went off for her dinner and was shocked to see us still on the ride when she returned. We had been told someone would be with us in a minute as they had gone to repair another ride. Not one person came to see if we were ok. Queued for over half an hour for The Ultimate and the the much hyped up Rapids were closed, then we were informed that The Big Wheel had broken down yet again so we decided to leave. Can say we won`t be going again,


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                          17.04.2009 19:51



                          Old fashioned and boring. Does not compare to other theme parks. A total waste of the £62 i paid for a family of 4. Three of the main rides were closed. Give it a miss. Worst day of my life.Would not go again if paid to. Food was expensive and rubbish.


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                          15.04.2009 19:18



                          Where else can you go?

                          This was the second time we have visited in exactly a year and my impression hasn't changed. It cost £78 for a family of five which doesn't sound much per person but when you add all the sweets ad toys to that you are looking at a ton at least ... for a day out. Notice that I didn't mention buying food. We made that mistake last year and we 'll never make it again. Put it this way, we all had stomach ache for 3 days after our last visit and that included us all eating at different food bars through the day. The lowlight were the doughnuts that tasted like they had been on display for a week and were that bad that everyone left them half eaten.

                          The part that will stick in my throat is that some of the rides that weren't working last year sill weren't working this year so they have had 12 months to fix them with no result. We were also booted out early last year because the staff wanted to go home early or something so the kids tried to have a go on the remote controlled cars to use up some time only to find that they weren't working and there wasn't anyone around to complain to and lo, this year the same thing happened again.

                          Overall, if you don't mind qeueing for ages even though the car park was only a quarter full, and you don't mind the limited number of rides and the foul food and you're 12 so you didn't have to pay, it's fine.

                          ...and the worst part of it all is that it's not that much worse than all the other attractions around the country. I'm sure here is some sort or cartel out there making sure that no one has to make much in the way of investment in facilities so they can all charge what they want knowing that we'll pay hatever it takes to entertain our children. God alone knows what our foreign cousins think when they come over to visit. I bet it's not good.


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                          04.11.2008 20:55
                          Very helpful



                          Keep it in mid when planning days out

                          Light Water Valley is a theme park is north Yorkshire. Its exact address is Light Water Valley North Stainley Ripon North Yorkshire HG4 3HT Tel: 0871 720 0011. The website is also quite useful if you are debating vesting www.lightwatervalley.co.uk.

                          I visited the park last week with my cousin. Bear in mind it was half term and it was absolutely freeeezziinggg so my opinion might be slightly biased.

                          We arrived at around 11 o clock with no queue to pay. It was £16.95 each both being over 1.2metres :)

                          Not a bad price I don't think. We also got a voucher slip for £10.95 entry next time.

                          You go through the gates and its kind of like a fair with dodgems, games which you pay for (hook a duck etc), swings and a merry go round.

                          When you pay you get a map so its very easy to find your way around. There's a massive lake with swan peddle boats which I should imagine is gorgeous in summer but at 5 degrees Celsius we didn't fancy it!

                          The best ride there is the Ultimate, longest roller coaster in Europe. One and 3 quarter miles if I remember correctly. It's great but they only had one train going not even at full capacity so we had to queue for 10/15 minutes. Yes that doesn't seem bad being half term and all but it was flipping' cold remember so it seemed so much longer.

                          The queue for the go carts was about 20-25 minutes and I nearly said do you want to go on something else instead but we stayed and got on eventually.

                          The rides are all good fun, I preferred it to Flamingo Land as it seems there's more rides I like at LWV.

                          I should imagine the queues are worse in summer but at least then there's a bit more of a chance of it being a bit warmer. I went a bought some gloves from the factory shop!

                          At lunch time there was only the large tent to get food in the park but it was disgusting! The tables (not that there was any avail bile anyway!) were covered in old food and split drinks and soup. Pizza, pasta and hot dogs were all sold out leaving jacket potatoes as the only option and there was massive queues. Didn't fancy that. We weren't out of the park to a nice cafe thing. Very quiet although it was only a 10 minute walk. Good prices, nice traditional hot meals and lovely older ladies serving it. Would highly recommend.

                          Overall its a nice day out, could be quite expensive as a family but good for teenagers.


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                            21.08.2008 11:27



                            To start with the price for kids is way to high, £60 for a 3 and a 4 year old and 2 adults is extortionate considering adults with these age children cannot go on any rides their selfs. The queues are long for example if you want to go on the petrol go karts expect to wait at least an hour, considering this isn't one of the main attractions its not too good. The food prices are too high, and if you don't like wasps your in for a stressful day because all the bins are open with wasps in and out of them, badly situated next to queues, it looked like a nightclub with all the people waving their arms around wafting wasps away. If your kids are under 1.3 meters tall I would go to Drayton Manor or Flamingo land instead.


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