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New Pleasurewood Hills (Suffolk)

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16 Reviews

New Pleasurewood Hills Leisure Park, Corton, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR32 5DZ. Information Hotline: 01502 508200. Fax: 01502 567393. General Information: info@pleasurewoodhills.com

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    16 Reviews
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      31.05.2013 18:31



      Would defiantly go again

      We went camping at Kessingland in Lowestoft there was 8 of us ranging from 3-40 years old and we decided we would go to Pleasure Wood Hills, so glad we did we all had great fun. Lots to do, though could of been more to fill the park up as it did feel like you were walking one side to the next just to go on things. Great service when we went for food not much choice mind you but enough for what you need. Facilities like toilets where scattered around enough so that if you got caught short you didn't have far to run (parents will understand this one).

      One thing we didn't appreciate though is the zombies outside Hobs Pit. Fair enough if it had just been adults but they were coming up to my 3 and 5 year old children and quite frankly spooking them out which we did not appreciate at all. I understand you have to advertise and things but there is other ways around this. After all the ride does say no under 12's so why go for clearly children under 12?

      If you can get hold of a Pleasure Wood Hills leaflet (most nearby places Asda/Tesco etc have them) there is a voucher inside which if you had a group of 5 max you could get in the park for Adults £16 Kids £13.50 each as you left as well you got given cards that if you bring with you next time you can get in for £13.50 again in 2013.

      All in all though a fantastic day out and we were lucky that the day we went the sun was beaming with us :D xxx


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        26.07.2012 15:16
        Very helpful



        Nice enough theme park, worth a visit if you are in the area.

        Despite the atrocious summer weather my family and I decided we would risk a bit of camping in Hemsby, Yarmouth. As part of our camping holiday we managed a couple of days out, one of the places we chose to go to was Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft, Suffolk. We have been to Pleasurewood Hills a couple of times on past camping trips so finding the place was really easy and took us about 25mins from Hemsby using the postcode NR32 4TZ. The estimated driving times given on the Pleasurewood hills website are 40 mins from Norwich, 60 mins from Ipswich and 90 mins from Colchester and KingsLynn. The drive is pleasant enough as the traffic flows quite well; I was driving midweek during term time though.

        The parking at Pleasurewood hills is free and plentiful and located very close to the park entrance, unlike Alton Towers where you need shuttling to and from the park.

        The entrance fee is adults (12+) £18, children (3-11) £16, seniors/disabled/carers £13 and children under a meter tall are free. There are discounts for groups, and it is worth looking for special offers and discounts. We used 3 for 2 vouchers which made the price £12 each. Upon entry you are given a wristband to attach to your self and your kids, this enables you to leave and re-enter the park as and when you fancy.

        Now on to the rides, I am in all honesty a big wimp when it comes to rides so I will only be able to describe a few from personal experience, the others will be from the reactions of my husband and kids.

        ***Jolly Roger***

        Description - 0-60 mph in 0.8 seconds. Plummet 60ft per second with a 5.5G force.
        This looked a bit like a fairground ride, I was too wimpy to try this but my husband and eldest son and daughter gave it a go, there is a large central tower and on each side there are 3 seats, the seats have the usual safety clips and harnesses and are secured by a member of staff. Once secured the seats steadily raise to the top of the tower, apparently the view is excellent, the seats then stay at the top of the tower for a small amount of time, the first time they went on the seats stayed at the top for 38 seconds and for 12 seconds the second time so the timing does vary which gives an extra element of surprise. The seats drop at an alarming rate, and the looks of surprise on my family's faces were excellent, they came off and were quite shaky, my eldest daughter cried, and my husband said it was surprisingly fast, and he has been on quite a few tower drop rides.


        Description - Twist and turn at 50mph through the wipeout wave as you are pulled along by the current. Description aside this ride has nothing to do with water, it is very reminiscent of a ride that was at The American Adventure, I personally think it could be the same one as The American adventure closed down quite a few years ago. Once again I was too wimpy to have a go on this as the upside down turns really put me off, but the rest of my family had a go, you are secured in with an over shoulder contraption, which is checked by a member of staff before the ride commences. The ride ratchets up to the top of a very steep high rail with quite an alarming clanking noise, the carriages are then released and they wiz around the track at high speed when the carriages reach the other end they are then ratcheted up another steep rail, the carriages are then released to go around the track again, but backwards, the ride then ends in the same place as it began. General opinion was that it was very good and much better than it looks. My advice is to do this ride before dinner as it looks nauseating and the staff were cleaning up mess from the last lot of riders before my husband and kids got on. There is the opportunity to purchase a photo of yourself on this ride when you go through the exit.


        60ft high on 600 meters of twisted steel.
        The ride is nestled in a dug out area with high banks on each side, as you go down towards the ride entrance while queuing you get to watch the carriage wiz around the track, luckily for me there are no upside down bits so I was more than happy to have a go on this ride. The track does tilt quite alarmingly and a couple of the drops are quite steep but for me the speed of the ride is the attraction, the carriages wiz along at what feels like quite a high speed. You are held into the ride with a lap bar, which is checked by a member of staff before the ride starts, and there are bars in front of you to cling onto. The ride does stop quite sharply and it is recommended that people with neck or back problems do not ride.


        Swing through 120 degrees up to 20 meters high. This is another ride that looks very much like a fairground ride, there are six arms on the ride with four facing inwards seats on each arm, the rider is secured with an over shoulder contraption that is checked by a member of staff before the ride commences. The floor of the ride lowers and then the ride steadily starts to swing while the arms rotate, giving each rider turn at the highest point, this one was not for me although it did not look to scary, I just don't like feeling a though I am out of control of a situation. The rest of the family gave it a go a declared it to be quite good, but not really scary.

        ***The Tide Traveller***

        360 degrees of mayhem. Where will the tide traveller leave you? This is another ride with a watery description and no water in sight. None of the family went on this one as it did not appeal to the thrill seekers amongst us; it is a large ride with 3 arms each with seven two rider carriages on. The whole ride tilts up in the air and then rotates the arms; the carriages also rotate around at the end of each arm. IT seemed just a bit too much spinning for us.

        ***Timber falls***

        36ftdrop + 10ft waves = 100% soaked. This is Pleasurewood Hills' log flume, in all honesty it is quite a tame ride compared to the one at Drayton Manor, and nobody came of really wet. The ride is quite compact and feels quite childish.

        ***Snake in The Grass***

        This is described as a family ride as it is a small rollercoaster. I feel it is suitable for the whole family but little riders will need to sit with an adult. Each two seat compartment on the carriage is secured with a lap bar; the compartments are a bit cramped for two adults. The ride whizzes around quite fast and the ride attendant usually allows the ride to go around a couple of turns, sometimes more if there is no queue and the riders are enthusiastic.

        ***Shiver M Timbers***

        This is Pleasurewood hills' pirate ship; again the family and I chose not to go on this as the general consensus was that all pirate ships are the same. This is quite a small pirate ship and is therefore classed as a family ride, not a thrill ride.

        ***Wave Breaker***

        This is a two rider ride. You need to climb quite a high set of stairs to the top of the ride, you then climb into what looks like a rubber boat, the boat is then launched down a slide with water flowing down its surface, the rubber boat picks up a fair amount of speed and the whole family agreed that this is a fun ride. There is the opportunity to purchase pictures of yourself on this ride but as with all theme parks the pictures are around £5.00 each.

        ***Le Mans***

        This is a race track with petrol powered go karts, there is an additional cost of £2 for each kart and for safety reasons there is a height restriction of 1.4m for single karts and 1.6m for double karts. My husband went on these a couple of years ago but not on this visit, he declared them to be great fun, although he accidentally drove with his foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time.


        This is exactly as the name describes it, a traditional carousel ride, perfect for the whole family.


        These are a great way to relax; they seat two at a time and take a steady ride across the park, giving excellent views above the small lake and tree tops. You are secured into the seat with a lap bar that is put in place by a member of staff; we went on these twice, mainly to save our feet.

        ***Dodgy Dodgems***

        These are as the name implies dodgems. Great fun for the whole family, children are allowed to ride as long as they are accompanied by an adult. There doesn't seem to be strict directional rules and you are allowed to bump into each other.

        There are quite a few other rides, but as we didn't go on them I can't comment on them. There is a small area for children with scaled down rides that look as though they would be great fun for smaller children.

        The grounds of the theme park are really nice and it feels more like a walk through a park. There is plenty of space between the rides and there is a nice family atmosphere. All the members of staff we spoke to were helpful and polite.

        There are not really that many places to eat, but I think that was as we were going out of peak season, we stopped in a small fast food restaurant the kids had burger chips and a drink that cost £5.55 each and my husband had a mini fish and chips that cost about £7.00. It would probably be cheaper to pick up sandwich stuff from the nearby Tesco or to leave the park and eat at the nearby Harvester. In various places around the Park there are Coca Cola vending machines, these sell 550ml bottles of Coke, Sprite, Fanta etc for the highly overpriced cost of £1.90 each, so I recommend taking your own drinks. There are also small food outlets selling hotdogs and burgers, and small cafes that do tea, coffee and sandwiches etc. All food outlets are highly over priced for what you get.

        While in the theme park we took the opportunity to see the Sea Lion Show, this lasts about 20 minutes and comprises of three Sea Lions doing tricks on demand of the trainer, the Sea Lions seemed quite happy and had a strong bond with there trainer, these were the same Sea Lions and trainer that we saw when we last came to the park in 2006, so it is nice to know that there is consistency for the Sea Lions. At the end of the show there is the opportunity to purchase posters and books of the Sea Lions.

        I think this is a nice little family theme park, it is not going to wow you with massive thrilling rides, but there are plenty of rides you can go on with your kids and just enough big rides to keep the teenagers entertained. There is a nice family atmosphere and a few shows to see, there is the Sea Lion show, the Parrot show and a magician show, we did not go to the last two but I am led to believe they are worth seeing. There are a few attractions that require extra payment of a few pounds each like the Go karts and the Laser Quest. There are also quite a few fairground style booths where you can pay to hook a duck or get balls through targets and win a small cuddly toy.

        Overall for the small cost of £12 (using special offers) each you get a full day of entertainment for the whole family.

        Thank you for reading.


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          10.04.2012 12:46
          Very helpful



          A Great Family Fun day can be had by all at this great theme park.

          Pleasurewood Hills is an American themed Theme Park for all the family and includes many rides and attractions it is set on 59-acres of land. The Park was created in 1982 and has been a personal family favourite with visits from my family on a regular basis.

          The Parks Mascot is Woody Bear.


          Pleasurewod hills is located on the Norfolk/Suffolk Border close to Lowestoft, The Park is signposted well from Lowestoft and the local A12.

          Pleasurewood Hills,
          Leisure Way,
          NR32 5DZ
          01502 586000
          You can get several Buses from Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. The X1 and 1 which runs between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft is a great bus to use, please ask drivers if unsure of stop, my suggested stop is to get off at Tesco, close to the roundabout and walk up to the park.

          OPENING TIMES:
          Opening Times Vary and Park is only open sessional so please call for opening times or check out the website which has a calendar of opening times throughout the year.
          Typical opening time is 10am to around 5pm.

          Adult (12+) £18
          Child (3-11)£16
          Senior/ Reg. Disabled/ Reg. Carer £13
          under 1 metre FREE

          Please check out local press and tourist informations as offers for 2for1 or percentage discount come along often.
          Also when you visit once you will receive a voucher for a discounted return.


          Pleasurewood hills has currently been taken over and this year the park has been updated with several new rides and attractions. The company that has taken over this theme park is: H.I.G Capital France They have taken over several attractions throughout the uk.

          NEW The Jolly Roger - 1.4m minimum height required. This is a drop tower ride and is New for 2012, I am afraid i cant give a personal point of view as too chicken to try this out.
          Wipeout - 1.3m minimum height required. This ride Is a Rollercoaster, been on this many times and love it, there is a twist and loop on this ride and you go through it forwards and backwards. The good thing is the views when it stops at the top to return backwards. Its not the best roller-coaster ive been on but its enough for a thrill. You can get a ride photo on this ride.

          Enigma - 1m minimum (1m - 1.25 need to be accompanied by an adult) This ride is a roller coaster that doesnt go upside down, it is like a runaway mine train. This ride does throw you about abit. This ride does have a habit of breaking down alot on my visits, one time just near the end and we had to be helped out along the track. (This was done safely and with excellent staff helping me along the way).
          Fireball - 1.4 minimum height. This is a spinning ride that swings through 120 degrees up to 20 metres high. I find this ride is very intense and does put your head in a spin, watch when you get off the ride. This does seem a big favourite with teenagers.

          The-tide-traveller - 1.25m height. This is another spinning ride but not as intense as the above ride even though you go 360 degrees, i find the spins on this calmer but still a great thrill. The name confuses me though as it suggests water to me but no water is involved.
          Timer Falls - This is a log flume and one you will get wet on, oh no i mean soaked. Really make sure your prepared to go on this ride. Spare clothes to change into and socks as i have managed to get soaked from top to bottom with no drying area its not very nice to walk around in afterwards, Unless its a very hot day (which not often here on the east coast) I would avoid or be prepared. The drops are high but not too intense. You can get a ride photo on this ride.

          Snack-in the Grass - 1m height (1m to 1.25 m must be accompanied by an adult) This is a family roller coaster and is great for all ages, the roller coaster goes round twists and turns and you go round about 2-3 times. The more you shout again and the shorter the queues the more you go around. This is a family favourite.
          Shiver M Timbers - 1m minimum height (1m to 1.3m but be accompanied by an adult) This is a swinging pirate ship. You go higher if you sit at the back, which everyone normally rush's to. You either like this ride or not, depending if you like the swinging.

          Wave Breaker - 1m-1.25m must be accompanied and 2 to a boat. This is a water ride and is boats going down a bumpy slide. You dont get wet much on this ride, more of a spray. You do go really fast and seem to fly through the air. You can get a ride on this photo. You must have 2 of you in a boat but if your on your own, try grab someone at the bottom before you go on, i am sure their are others in the same boat.
          Tales of the Coast - 1m minimum height, 1m - 1.3m must be accompanied. This is a gentle family boat ride traveling through a cave and discovering about myths and legends of the sea. Does get abit dark in the cave so some children might find it abit scarey.

          Le Mans - Extra Fee Applies for this. Single karts 1.4 minimum height. Double Kart Driver 1.6 and passenger 1m minimum height. These are petrol driven cars around a race track. This is for the Boys, my son has done this several times and has always come off happy.
          Carousel - Beautiful Carousel with moving horses, this carousel also has carts to sit in that dont move other than the Carousel going around and around.

          Chairlifts - These are little chairs that take you from one side of the park to the other, you can see all over the park on these. I am not good with heights so dont go on these but the family like to while i walk across the other side. You have to sort of jump on and off the moving chairs but their is staff their to help you do this.
          Sky Hooks - 1m minimum height, 1m-1.3 must be accompanied. These are swings on chains that are hooked to a carousel and sway around and around. This ride can make you feel very dizzy.

          Dodgey Dodgems - 1m min height accompanied, 1. 25m or higher can drive car on their own. This is a basic dodgems rides, dont bump into anyone as you will get told off.
          Kite Flyer - 1.05m height. This is a ride where you lay flat on a board and a cage is clipped over you for safety, then you spin around like your flying. Not intense at all quit calming i think.

          New The Light House - This is a new kiddy attraction for 2012, you basically bob up and down on the tower and it goes 10 metres high.
          New Pleasurewood hills ponies - This is a new fun pony ride, you sit on ponies like carousel ones and ride around a track. This is fun for all ages.

          Flying elephants - A kids ride where you go around and around sitting in elephants. No Minimum height but its recommend small children are accompanied.
          Mini Pirate Ship - A kids version of the pirate ship, No Minimum height.

          Mini Twister - A kids ride that twists round and around.
          Veteran Cars - Little old vintage cars that go around a track, great for the family.

          Balloon Rays - This is a kids ride where you sit in balloons and go up and down.
          Woody Copter - Little kids helicopter that goes around like on a big wheel but actually a small wheel suitable for children.

          Fairytale Fantasy - an indoor car ride that shows you different fairy tales.
          Sean Alexander The Confusionist Show- A 30 Minute Show at set times throughout the time. Please check show times on the day. The Britains got Talent Star Sean Alexander will wow you with his amazing magic acts. You really must go and see this i was very impressed.

          New Laser Labyrinth - This is a laser tag game, this has an additional fee (didnt see this so not sure on the fee for this). This is a New attraction, i didnt see this on my visit so cant comment on this yet but will check out on my next visit.
          Sea Lion Show - This show is a must and is so funny and includes several Sea lions and their trainers. Their is several shows throughout the day, check out times on the day as these can change throughout the session. Show last about 20 Minutes approx.

          Parrot Show - This is a typical Parrot Show with several different Parrots with different acts. A must for all the family, the birds do fly over your head so you must be okay with this.


          There are several cafes and fast food places throughout the park for you to buy a different range of food. I have seen a typical Burger Place, Fish and Chips, Hot dog stands, ice cream places and a large food court. Prices seem quit good but i cant comment on taste as I always bring a picnic. you can easily find an area to rest on as their is plenty of grassed areas to choose from.


          There is 3 shops located throughout the park with many different items to choose from. You can buy Pleasurewood hills themed items as well as novelty items. Children seem to like the pick and mix and normally buy here before going home. Shops get very busy at the end of the day so try and pop in early in the day.

          PARK IN GENERAL:

          All Staff I've come across in the park have been very helpful and cheerful, most of the staff do seem quit young and seem to all come from the local area. The ride operators seem quit patient and helpful when needed.
          The Park area seems very clean and has plenty of bins and i've often seen cleaners cleaning up the areas and gardeners keeping the area beautiful.

          There is several toilet blocks located throughout the park, when i have visited there has always been plenty of toilet roll and always seems clean and smelling fresh on entry.
          There seems to be several baby changing areas and one special nursing room which is decorated really nice.

          Lockers are located close to the entrance of the park. I personally don't use these as the car-park is so close that i leave my things there and get my hand stamped to come back in.


          This Park is very close to where i live so we visit several times throughout the year, i visit time and time again and really like that a new company has taken over and new rides and attractions have been added. The park had been getting quit boring so this has really helped us in wanting to go again. I would personally like a few more walk through themed areas to look at and explore and feel this can easily be done. My teenage children also visit here on their own and can easily reach the bus by bus.

          If You have any Questions I am willing to help answer any you have and thank you for reading through my review.


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          23.06.2011 12:07
          Very helpful



          A good family day out

          Over the weekend my fiancé and myself took a trip to Pleasure wood Hills, its somewhere we have both been before when we were younger, but on this occasion we were accompanying my fiancés sister who works in a tourist information centre and received free entry tickets in order for her to have a look around and report back her thoughts about the place and whether it is somewhere that the tourist information centre should recommend. I always think of Pleasurewood Hills as somewhere aimed at children mainly, but still the tickets were free and it was a day out.

          Pleasurewood Hills is a 50 acre park which is situated in Lowestoft and just a 10 minute drive away from Great Yarmouth. The park is easily accessible by car, train and bus, it is located just off of the A12 and is betweens 40 minutes and 2 hours away from large towns such as Norwich, Cambridge ,Ipswich and Colchester. The park is also accessible by train with regular trains running from Norwich and London Liverpool Street this is as well as a regular bus services, full details of the time tables can be found online at national rail and First Group. We travelled to the park by car and it took us just under 2hours from our home in Newmarket.

          Entry Prices
          The price of the tickets vary a little, as I have mentioned we had free tickets into the park however we did receive an information booklet which contained the entry fees for each ages group. There are a variety of tickets you can purchase depending on age and group size, these include
          *Adults (12 years plus) - £17.00
          *Ages 3 years to 11 years - £15.00
          *Under 3 years - Free
          *Senior Citizens. Special Needs and Carers - £11.00
          These prices are the prices you would pay on the day at the gate, however you can buy what are called dated tickets, these are for entry on a specific day and are non transferable, theses types of tickets are discounted and are slightly cheaper than the regular pay at the gate prices, they include
          *Adults (12 years plus) - £15.50
          *Ages 3 years to 11 years - £13.50
          *Under 3 years - free
          *Senior Citizens, Special Needs and Carers - £10.00
          *Any mix of 4 guests - £59.50
          *Any mix of 5 guests - £72.00
          *Any mix of 6 guests - £84.50
          *Any mix of 7 guests - £96.25
          *Any mix of 8 guests - £108.25
          *Any mix of 9 guests - £118.50
          There is a lot more variety of ticket types with the pre dated ones compared to the regular tickets purchased on the day, and it should be noted that these are the prices for 2011, I'm not sure what the prices would be for parties larger than 9 guests although I'm sure there would be some sort of discount provided.
          The Rides
          As I have said I haven't been to Pleasurewood Hills for several years so I wasn't sure what to expect ride wise, I did think it would be full of rides aimed at children. After having a look around the park there seemed to be a mixture of rides and attractions aimed at various members of the family, I have to admit a lot of the rides where either for younger ages or rides described as Family rides, basically suitable for anyone, however there were a few Thrill Rides available.

          FAMILY RIDES - The rides are as the name suggests aimed at all members of the family, anyone can go on these ranging from children on their own, parents with their children, older members of the family and even groups of adults. There are a variety of family rides spread throughout the park and these are ideal if you re not too keen on the larger and faster thrill rides, the family rides include:-
          *Wave Breaker - Basically a log flume, probably not the best ride for a colder day, but perfect for a hot summers day, we did not go on this as unfortunately it poured with rain on and off for most of the day and people were coming off of the Wave Breaker soaked so I didn't really fancy that, especially after we spent most of the day dodging getting wet from the rain.
          *Snake in the Grass - This is a snake shaped roller coaster, it does 2 laps of a figure of 8 track through the tree tops and is reasonably fast. For those who like the larger thrill rides this will be a bit on the tame side but it is a bit of a laugh and a good way to introduce children to roller coasters, there is a height restriction of 1m and anyone 1m - 1.25m will need to accompanied my an adult.
          *Tale of the Coast - This is a boat ride through caverns to discover myths and legends, the story is told in 3D and each passenger receives a pair of 3D glasses to wear throughout the duration of the ride. This really is ideal for the whole family and something all ages and enjoy together
          *Le Mans - This is the parks go kart track, the cars hold 2 passengers and you can race against friends and family, again a real laugh and ideal for people of all ages, the recommended height is 1m and younger children are best accompanied by an adult.
          *Shiver m Timbers - Personally I think this is one of the better rides in the park, it is a tradition pirate ship, it has rows of seats which hold between 4 and 5 people depending on age and size. The boat swings backwards and forwards and whilst it does not go upside down it does go extremely high, smaller children will need to be accompanied on this ride, and those with a fear of heights may not enjoy this ride.
          THRILL RIDES
          *Wipeout - This is one of the parks newer rides, it is a 120ft roller coaster and reaches 50mph, you start by riding the roller coaster the correct way around, facing forwards, however the second lap of the track is done entirely backwards. Again this was another ride which was unfortunately effected by the weather so we only got 1 go on this.
          *Enigma - This is an older roller coaster, you travel around the track in a train shaped cart, although described as a thrill ride I would say this is more suitable for the whole family than the Wipeout roller coaster, again this was shut half way through the day due to the rain, but I have been on this before and although a basic roller coaster it is an excellent ride and one you have to go on whilst visiting Pleasurewood Hills
          *Fireball - This is definitely a thrill ride, you sit in seats placed in a circle on the end of long arms with you feet dangling, you are then swung backwards and forwards extremely fast until you are almost upside down. I chickened out of going on this one however other members of our party did and said they highly recommended it.
          *Thunderstruck - On this ride you sit in individual pods on the end of long arms you are then twisted around at height and speed, the ride does not go upside down but it does make you feel like you do not know what way up you are.

          These are the main rides in the park however there are a lot of other rides available which are suitable for the whole family these include
          *A carousel
          *The chair lift (this takes you the whole length of the park)
          There are also smaller fairground style rides aimed at very small children and ideal for children who are too small/ young to go on the larger rides in the park as well as a couple of amusement arcades, these have the regular slot machines, computer games and air hockey tables which always bring out the competitive side of me!

          As well as the rides throughout the park there are also various shows which you can go and watch, these include a sea lion show, a parrot show and circus acts, we did not go and watch any of these, but they are on at set times throughout the day, the starting times are clearly displayed throughout the park and with the park not being too big it is easy to get back in time to see one of the shows.

          Food & Drink
          There are various places to eat and drink throughout the park these include Porky's Pantry, Merry Mariner, Rocket Express, The Flying Fish and the Railway Tea Rooms. Whilst we were there we ate in the Merry Mariner, although the food was nothing overly fancy it was well cooked and there was a variety of choices including hot and cold food, the whole place was clean and tidy and reasonably price, me and Mark had 2 meals for £12.00 which we thought was good value. As well as the various restaurants/ cafe type places to eat there also plenty of little stalls to get a quick burger, some sweets or an ice cream through the day as well as a few vending machines dotted around the park, again these areas were all very well maintained and clean and tidy. The only criticism I had was that there were several of the stalls which were not open on the day we were there, there were plenty on places which were open to eat and to get a quick snack or drink but I did think it was a bit strange that there were several shut during peak time, however again this could have been due to the weather we experienced on that day

          As most people will know Woody Bear and friends are the main characters of Pleasurewood Hills, (I think there is sometimes a parade including all of the characters but this did not happen on the day we were there) there were several shops scattered around the park these sell the usual souvenirs featuring Woody and friends including cuddly toy, children's clothing, stationary and confectionary, as well as the Woody merchandise there were various other gifts sold in the shops, personally I found the items on sale quiet expensive especially if you are visiting with children who naturally will want to buy something it could get a bit expensive. The shops were of a reasonably size and well staffed and maintained, however when we went in them it was during one of the many down pours of the day so they were very busy and quite cramped.

          Tidiness' of the Park & Facilities
          Overall the who park was very clean and tidy, the surrounding grounds were well maintained with plants and flowers and there were plenty of rubbish bins supplied to put you litter in and there were several grounds men wandering around the park keeping it looking at its best, the whole time we were there I did not see any litter on the floor at all. The toilets although nothing overly fancy were again spotless and I had no issues with using them, the loos did remind me a little bit of school toilets in that they were quite basic however I could not fault the cleanliness of them and they the cubicles were plenty big enough for parents and children to go in together, there were also baby changing facilities provided along with disabled facilities throughout the park, everyone was catered for.

          I would definitely recommend a day at Pleasurewood Hills, for us the weather spoilt it a bit but I have been in the past when the weather has been fine and it is a good family day out. I would say that there is a lot of things aimed at younger children but there is still something for everyone, if you are the sort of person who only likes the big thrill rides some of the rides may be a bit tame but for people who are not too keen on that sort of thing the park is ideal. It is an ideal place to visit with small children as they are very well catered for as are people of all ages. I think the prices for the park are very reasonably the only thing which is a bit on the expensive side is the shops, but overall I think it is well worth a visit.


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            05.10.2010 14:50
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            Would definately recommend to a family who are looking for a cheap day out

            In may this year, my boyfriend and I went to Great Yarmouth for a week. Whilst there we decided to meet up with my aunt and her 9 year old daughter to go to Pleasurewood Hills for the day.

            *Getting there*
            We looked into travelling to Pleasurewood Hills and found that there was a bus that ran from Great Yarmouth to the park itself. According to the website, the bus only runs at specific times of the year, so it's a good idea to check this before planning your day. I'm not sure on prices.
            We drove to the park from the Haven Wild Duck park, the journey took around 20 minutes each way and was very easy. However, we did have a sat nav to guide us and we would have been completely lost without someone telling us where we were going. I would recommend printing off directions if you do not have a sat nav.

            We paid around £25 each for entry to the park, which gives you free access to all of the rides. You don't have to pay for anything once you're in, unless you want food, phots, keyrings etc. I think it worked out pretty cheap as most theme parks charge around £35 per adult.

            *Live shows*
            Pleasurewood Hills has 3 live shows on throughout the day; the parrot show, sea lions and a circus. As I have been to the Sealion show almost every year since I was 2, and it is always the same, we decided to skip this one.
            The parrott show lasted around 20 minutes and was very basic. We sat in a small hall and a parrott trainer introduced us to several different parrotts that live at the park. This was nice as there were a range of different breed of parrott and each did different tricks. Also, an owl trainer came out with two white owls and let the fly around a little. As I have a parrott at home, this did not bother me. However, if you are afraid of birds, especially birds flying over your head, I would skip this show.
            The circus wasn't your basic circus, which was nice. They had a range of acts including a man doing tricks on a BMX, break dancers and the classic hula hoop girl. The circus was very fun, it lasted around 45 minutes and kept me entertained all the way through. More importantly, it kept my boyfriend entertained! (But this could have simply been because of the pretty girl dancing with hula hoops)

            Pleasurewood Hills is a family park and, as a result, does not have many rides for thrill seekers. They do now have the 'Wipeout' rollercoaster, which throws you through three loops then does the same again, but backwards. I remember going on this ride when I was 13 and was thrilled to see it again! However, this is the only ride in the park that is really exciting.
            The park has most of your basic theme park essentials; a small log flume, small rollercoasters and a carousel. Also, there are a few storybook themed rides, where you sit in a boat and float through lots of storyboards on different fairy tales. I did actually quite enjoy these rides and they were nice and relaxing.

            The park also has some petrol go karts, which are £1 per car. These karts do go very fast and can be quite dangerous, so it is recommended that children are accompanied by an adult. Me and my boyfriend went on these a few times, they were very fun and, as there were only 2 of us on there, it was great to race eachother. (I won by the way!)

            The park has lots of other small rides for children which are quite enjoyable for adults too. For a full list check out the Pleasurewood Hills website.
            Also, to get from one side of the park to another, you can ride the cable cars. These are nothing like the cable cars you see at more modern theme parks! They are basically benches with a roof and a metal bar holding you down. I do always get quite worried that I am going to fall off these but it if amazing once you have settled down.

            We took our own food with us, which we left in the car and fetched once we were hungry. However, there are lots of food stalls throughout the park if you don't feel like carrying food. As we didn't have much money, we decided not to pay the extortionate rate that theme parks charge to eat!
            We did see one large family, of around 20 people, bringing bowls full of food from their cars and sitting on a bench next to the 'swings'. This looked like some kind of American family gathering, but seems like a lovely idea if there are a lot of you going.

            As with most theme parks, there are stalls around the park where you pay a couple of quid a go to throw a ball through a hoop and try to win a teddy of some sort. Again, we didn't have a go at these (does anyone?) but if you enjoy this kind of thing there isn't a shortage.
            Also, the park sells keyrings and other merchandise of your ride photos. A lot of theme parks seem to charge an absolute fortune for these, however, we did notice that the prices at Pleasurewood Hills were quite cheap.

            My boyfriend and I didn't know whether to go to the park or not as there are not many thrilling rides. However, we did have a really enjoyable day. As I have already said, a lot of the rides are aimed more at young children but we still went on every single one and even found ourselves scared on a couple!
            The prices are really good for the day and, with free shows throughout, are very much worth it. I would definately recommend Pleasurewood Hills to a family looking for a good day out.


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              03.05.2010 15:51
              Very helpful



              We had a great, fun family day out.

              During the easter holidays my family and I, there was 8 of us in total with ages rangeing from 3yrs to 65yrs went on a day trip to Pleasurewood Hills.

              We saved up our Tesco Clubcard vouchers so in total it only cost us £26. to get in which was a great start, as we were paying with the above mentioned vouchers we had to go through a seperate pay kiosk, we were lucky again as this had the shortest que, within minutes we were in the park, maps in hand we organized our days activities.

              Just inside the enterance they had a block of lockers, you could hire these at a cost of £2. a day, very handy if you've taken a picnic for example, you don't have to lug everything around with you all day.

              We didn't take a picnic, we ate in the cafe/restaurant, the food was reasonably priced, with a nice varied selection of hot and cold food, ready made sandwiches and filled rolls, fruit, cakes, crisps and biscuits and the usual hot and cold drinks.
              We also saw a few take away kiosks, we didn't use these, but it looked like you could get a hot dog, burger, ice cream and a can of drink, all the usuals basically.

              There were plenty of toilets scattered around and the ones we used were basic but clean, with plenty of loo paper.

              The park isn't overly big we managed to walk around it all, and go on all the rides we wanted and also watched two of the shows, the sea lion show and the circus.
              There were plenty of rides to keep our girls happy their ages range from 3-10yrs, I think between us there wasn't a ride we didn't go on, we even got Grandpa on three rides, so there was something for everyone.
              In my opinion I'm not sure if there would be enough for the older teenager, but everyone is different and thats my opinoin.

              You can go on the Pleasurewood Hills website www.pleasurewoodhills.com to get a discription of the rides and up to date opening hours etc, we found this very informative, we went on it the day before our trip.

              I almost forgot, there is the usual gift shop right next to the exit!! There wasn't all that much in there and we managed to get out fairly quickly and only spent a couple of ££'s


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                25.07.2009 18:18
                Very helpful



                A lovely attraction which both adults and children can enjoy

                Pleasurewood Hills is a family theme park dating back to 1982 and is located in the coastal village of Corton, near Lowestoft, Suffolk. Starting life as a small American-themed family attraction, with a miniature railway and adventure playground, Pleasurewood Hills has grown and grown, and now contains 30 rides and has three separate entertainment shows running throughout the day.

                The park is fairly small when compared to the larger theme parks in the UK, such as Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, and it is likely to stay this way mainly due to the theme parks location on the east coast, and lack of room to expand into. But despite this Pleasurewood Hills uses its space effectively and has more than enough attractions inside to justify a whole day out.

                Situated just off the A12 between Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth, Pleasurewood Hills is approximately 45 minutes drive from Norwich, 60 minutes from Ipswich, and 90 minutes from Colchester, Cambridge and King's Lynn. Depending on traffic, which can get quite busy around the Great Yarmouth area in high season. If you are using a Sat Nav to assist in your journey it is worth noting that you should use the postcode "NR32 4TZ" not the one from the parks full address (MR32 5DZ) as this gets you to the side of the park with the entrance (Near Tesco straight of the round-a-bout) and not in a housing estate the other side. It is signposted with the familiar brown signs, but I found them to be quite small and not very obvious to what they where pointing to at times. A map and further information can be found of the Pleasurewood Hills website.

                The park has a large grass/gravel car park after a short drive up a woodland drive, Pleasurewood Hills staff are available and direct you into available parking spaces. Pleasurewood Hills is not open all year round, with its peak opening times being, as expected, around school holidays. Throughout July and August it is open every day, and December through to March it is closed due to winter. For the other months not mentioned it is probably best to check the Pleasurewood Hills website near when you wish to visit as opening days and times can easily change. The park always opens at 10am and will close sometime between 4pm and 6pm, dependent on time of year.

                It's worth noting now that the whole park is very exposed to the weather, with not a lot of indoor parts. So if it's a wet day it's probably not the best place to go, as some of the rides may close and others will not keep you dry. Alternately in the summer watch out for the sun, being located so close to the sea you can easily get burnt, fairly quickly without realising, so come prepared.

                Tickets can either by purchased on the day from the ticket booths on your way in, or in advance, by ordering them online and collecting them when you arrive. This option is particularly useful in the busy periods as it saves you queuing and you also save £2 off the normal price. As of writing this the current ticket prices are;

                Adults and Children 12yrs + £15.95
                Children between age 3yrs and 11yrs £13.75
                Children under 3yrs FREE
                Senior Citizens/ Special Needs/Carers £10.00
                Family Ticket for 4 (2 adults & 2 children or 1 adult & 3 children) £53.00
                Family Ticket for 5 (2 adults & 3 children or 1 adult & 4 children) £64.00

                You can also purchase a season ticket which will allow you to visit as many times as you like throughout the season, and they are currently priced as follows;

                Adult £55.00
                Child under 12yrs £47.00
                Senior Citizen £35.00

                Due to the wristband system you can easily, without any hassle return to your car or even leave the park completely, and return later in the day. Just make sure you don't remove your paper wristband.

                Pleasurewood Hills has a fine selection of what they call "Thrill Rides", family rides and Children's rides/play areas, which should offer something for everyone. All off the rides have their own separate height policies, in regards to how tall a child must be before riding them, all of which can be viewed on their website. It's probably worth a look to avoid any disappointment on the day. As I'm not a child and have not visited the park with any before I cannot comment too much on the Children's rides within the park, just the fact that there appears to be plenty on display, and the queues seemed fairly non-existent.

                Here I will go through the different rides on offer, according to the sections they are laid out under on the Pleasurewood Hills website. Starting with the Family Rides;

                "Wave Breaker" is a rubber dingy water rider. It's fairly self explanatory; with you climbing to the top a very high stair set where you then get into a boat and shoot back down a water slide to the bottom. It's strictly two persons per boat, and if you don't like heights this ride is not for you. It does however give you wonderful views of the whole park as you queue up, a good chance for a photo opportunity.

                In "Tales of the Coast" you travel through a tunnel in a boat and get told a story about pirates and other mysterious things. The ride is quite relaxing but the darkness and scary models may frighten very young children.

                "Snake In The Grass" is Pleasurewood Hills' family rollercoaster, nothings to extreme but great fun nonetheless. Shooting through tunnels and clearings in the trees at high speeds it's a good way to ready you for the bigger rides. I found the staff would let it run round several times if there wasn't much a queue waiting, which was really good of them.

                "Le Mans" is the go-kart track, which I haven't been on, mainly due to the fact you have to pay an extra fee.

                "Shiver M' Timbers" is the swinging pirate ship ride near the entrance. Sit at the back with your hands in the air for the best experience.

                "Thunderstruck" is the first of the bigger thrill rides at Pleasurewood Hills. You sit in individual pods which are then spun 360 degrees in the air, from one of its three arms, whilst you move up and down. Wasn't my favourite but still really fun.

                "Timber Falls" is a log flume, really good on a hot day as you get nice and wet, cooling down.

                "Wizzy Dizzy" is a brilliant pendulum ride, you all sit facing each other in a circle, gradually spinning higher and higher as you rotate. It's great to see everyone else's screaming faces, really adds to the experience.

                "Enigma" is another rollercoaster, which unfortunately was closed the last time I visited. But I have ridden it before and remember it to be really good, zooming you round the metal track at great speeds. Much bigger than the other 'coaster "Snake in the Grass"

                Finally we have "Wipeout", the newest addition to Pleasurewood Hills, and what a brilliant one it is. It's a boomerang rollercoaster which winches you up extremely high one side before firing you down at speeds of 50mph, through several loop the loops and twists and turns, before being winched up the other side and firing you through the same thing again, only this time backwards! It's such a great ride, I wasn't sure how I would cope with it as I hadn't been on an upside down ride before but I loved it and went back for more. Definitely the best ride at the Park if you're feeling daring.

                As well as the rides there are other attractions as well, including two miniature railway tracks which run around the park, and a chair lift which allows you to travel from one side to the other. The chair lift is really impressive, taking you over the top of some of the rides and the large lake, really good way to get some nice photos. At Pleasurewood Hills there are also three entertainment shows, namely The Parrot, Circus and Sea Lion shows, which run at regular intervals throughout the day. I have only ever watched the Sea Lion show so unfortunately I can't comment on the others, but this was really fun. Lasting at most 30 minutes it was a nice way to break up the day a bit, the staff presenting along with the animals where informative and funny in places, with the Sea Lions putting on a very impressive performance. Well worth a watch.

                Throughout the park there and gift shops, snack bars and restaurants meaning you are never far away from something to eat or a drink. With Porky's Pantry, The Rocket Express restaurant, Flying Fish, Merry Mariner, and The Railway Tea Rooms, it should be fairly easy to find something for your tastes. I found the food to be fairly reasonable in price, when compared to how expensive it can be in UK attractions, and of a size which filled me up for the rest of the day. There's no reason you can't bring your own food a drink though and have a picnic on the grass, if it's a nice day.

                Similarly there was no shortage of toilets, and they were all clean and well looked after. No faults on that front.

                In conclusion Pleasurewood Hills is a lovely attraction which all the family can enjoy. There's something for everyone in terms of the rides and other things to keep you entertained throughout the day. It's neither the biggest, nor the best theme park in the UK but for the price its good value for money and keep you there through to closing.

                You can get up-to-date information in regards to Pleasurewood Hills at,



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                  15.05.2009 22:36
                  Very helpful



                  A lovely day out for me and my granddaughters',

                  At the beginning of April I decided to take my granddaughters' to Pleasurewood Hills in Lowestoft, despite living less than an hours journey from the park I had never been and we were having a warm spell so it seemed the perfect place to take advantage of the weather.

                  The girls' are twelve, ten and 23 months so I was hoping there was going to be something to entertain them all, myself I was just looking forward to taking them out for the day so I wasn't really concerned about what was on offer.

                  Be careful if you're using a sat nav as the postcode Pleasurewood Hills provides on the website doesn't bring you to the entrance of the park and it took a little common sense (and lucky turns!) to get us to where we needed to be. I'd recommend following the sat nav until you begin to see the brown signs which provide adequate directions and are far more reliable than using the postcode!

                  Once there we set about having a look at what was available, I was pleased to find areas filled with rides which would be suitable for all three of my granddaughters' including a small section to accommodate the 22 month old whose sisters were more than happy to ride the baby rides with her.

                  Disappointingly Wipeout was closed at the time of our visit, I say disappointingly but you would never have got me on the thing but my older granddaughters' were looking forward to losing their lunch on this particular ride. Although most of the rides in Pleasurewood Hills are for children aged up to around 12 there are half a dozen bigger and faster rides which I knew would keep the girls' amused for an hour while I went to sit down for an hour with the baby. Eventually they went on Thunderstruck and my heart was in my mouth just watching them as the ride threw them up, down and around all over the place!

                  At 3pm we went to watch the sea lion show which was absolutely fantastic, I adore sea lions and these here looked so happy and well cared for that it was an absolute joy to watch them performing their comical and very clever tricks. There are two shows a day at the moment although I believe there are more when the peak season starts but this is well worth seeing if only to see the children's faces as they watch the three gorgeous sea lions spin discs and jump through hoops before being fed a fish or two as a reward.

                  Nearby is a parrot show which we caught quite by accident when we were passing just as the hordes of people were descending on the forum, I am so glad we managed to see it as although I have no great love for parrots they were hysterically funny as they shrieked and squawked their way through the performance. I took some fantastic photos as we had a very good view and my older granddaughters' even got to go and 'meet' the parrots afterwards which they enjoyed.

                  There are plenty of places to eat at Pleasurewood Hills, we had taken a picnic so only visited one of the establishments which was a traditional fish & chip shop. We all had the obvious (fish & chips!) and it was absolutely delicious and although expensive seemed to be reasonable value for money for this kind of attraction. I poked my head into Porky's Pantry which specialises in all things pork, funnily enough, and it looked to be spotlessly clean and very popular judging by the queues and amount of people sitting down with bacon butties and sausage rolls!

                  The Emporium gift shop is nice enough, if a little basic compared to gift shops in other attractions I have visited. The prices are generally scandalous, although this is to be expected, but there are a few little items that wouldn't break the bank such as fridge magnets and kiddies stationery. I didn't buy much because there wasn't really anything I fancied but I treated the girls' to a couple of small items each and bought myself a magnet as I collect them from places I have visited.

                  The entrance prices are a little steep considering what's on offer in my opinion. I booked our tickets online as there is a small discount for doing it this way and the total came to £34.75, which is fine with me because my granddaughters' are of an age that they all enjoyed all aspects of the park although I believe if your children are significantly older or younger than my three then the prices might not be worth paying as obviously they won't get their moneys worth in my opinion. Also do check out the different pricing combinations as although there is a family ticket available it might work out cheaper to buy the tickets individually; in my case I booked a child over 12, a child aged between 3 and 11 years, an under three (who went for free) and myself as an OAP - which is something my vanity hates but us oldies can make some decent savings at places like this just for admitting our age!

                  I recommend Pleasurewood Hills, I think. We had a fantastic day out in the sun but I honestly think you are going to have to weigh up the ages and interests of your own children before deciding to lay out such a large sum of money. While we were eating our fish & chips I heard a family behind us arguing about what a waste of money the attraction was, glancing around I saw they were two rather miserable adults with their three sullen looking mid teenage sons. To visit with teens of that age is probably a waste of time and money as they'll soon be bored of the few big rides and once those have been exhausted there really is little else for older children to do, my younger grandchildren absolutely loved the day though and we are planning a return trip when the summer arrives properly.


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                    02.10.2008 18:34
                    Very helpful



                    dont take older children they will get bored

                    Pleasurewood hills is in lowerstoft in suffolk.
                    it is a park with rides and shows the rides are mostly for young children I would say under eleven, but there are rides for older children as well. the shows are with clowns, sea lions and parrots

                    We went to pleasurewood hills in the summer it was £15.75 each to get in we had been looking forward to coming here for weeks,

                    It will be best if I start from before we arrived; we put the postcode into the sat nav,
                    We then ended up being told we had reached our destination, with no pleasurewood hills to be seen. Thinking we had entered the wrong post code we looked for the map, another car pulled up and asked us if we was going to the same place and then another.
                    The postcode takes you to the other side of the park you can't even see the place at all from where we were. After driving around for another ten minutes and looking at the signs we found it.

                    We was a little disappointed at how few big thrill rides they had but we loved wipeout this is a forward and backward rollercoaster in one.

                    We were looking forward to the castle theatre this was meant to be excellent but when we tried to get in the queue was to long and lots of people were being turned away, they only did two shows a day, so if you want to get in queue for this extra early.

                    We were very disappointed with this park and didn't stay as long as we thought we would.
                    This is more for younger children not teenagers.


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                      29.09.2008 14:00
                      Very helpful



                      Save up a few more pounds & head north to Alton Towers!

                      I went to Pleasurewood Hills this weekend as part of a birthday celebration weekend in Norfolk. Luckily this weekend, as part of their 25th anniversary, the park were only charging the same as they did when the park first opened, i.e. £25 per car no matter how many passengers, but usual admission prices are as follows (and are very expensive for what you get if you ask me!):

                      Ticket Price Online Price
                      Adults and Children
                      over 1.4m £15.75
                      Children between
                      1m and 1.4m £13.50
                      Children under 1m FREE
                      Special Needs/Senior Citizen
                      £10.00 £9.50
                      Family Ticket for 4 people
                      £52.00 £48.00

                      You can save a couple of pounds of each of the above prices if you book online.

                      The main rides in the park for thrill seekers is Wipeout (the best ride in the park), Enigma (both rollercoaster-type affairs), and Wizzy Dizzy; for children there is much more choice in the form of traditional carousels, a pirate ship, and a very tame log flume. There are also entertainment shows in the form of circus acts, sealion & parrot shows.

                      As far as food & drink is concerned, this was all pretty low quality; I chewed my way through a cold rubbery burger which took an age to purchase due to poorly trained staff who couldn't really be bothered to do their job. On a day when they were offering cheap entry prices I was expecting most of the food stalls to be operational but the 'fast food' outlet we had to purchase our food from was the only one open that we could find after 30 minutes of searching. On a warm day (which had been forecast for a good week), I was expecting more than one brand of ice cream to be left at 1pm, especially as I bought the last two in stock. All in all, the provision of refreshments seemed very poorly organised, and well overpriced.

                      If you have a family with young children, this is probably a great park to take them to if you are in the area; it would probably work well as a good introduction to theme parks before you make the journey to one of the larger parks such as Alton Towers & Chessington. However, if you are older than 10 to 12, I'd advise making the trip to one of the more well-known parks as the difference in cost isn't too great. The children in our large group had a great time, which of course is money well spent for their parents, but those of us who are a few years older were pretty much bored after the first hour; if I'd paid full price to get in this would have really disappointed me. And one tip to offer would be not to try & find your way to the site using sat nav & the postcode from the website; this only directs you to a dead-end about two miles from the site on a residential housing estate; once you arrive there with the other 10 cars also trying to find the theme park, there's a lamp-post with a sign giving you the correct postcode to use. I'm sure the locals love this.


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                      24.09.2006 18:59
                      Very helpful



                      A great Family day out.

                      Pleasurewood Hills is a small theme park suitable for all ages. You will find this Theme park on the East coast of England between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft i.e. basically on the Norfolk/ Suffolk Boarder, its just off the A12 you can't miss it as there is plenty of brown tourist signs to follow.

                      Pleasuerwood hills is open from beginning of April to the end of October but in September and October are only open weekends. October Half term has a special Halloween week. Opening time vary depending on the time of year but normal times are 10am to 5pm, sometimes they will change to a later time if there is good weather and a good turn out. You can check this out by asking any of the ride operators.

                      Pleasurewood hills is under new management and this means they are in the process of improvements and making this place even better. The new owners of the park also own over parks world wide and have plenty of experience so we hoping on lots more new and exciting rides.

                      As we live locally we visit this theme park approx 2 times a year, in local press you can find vouchers to reduce the entry fee. Prices at present stand at:
                      Adults and Children over 1.4m £14.50
                      Children between 1m and 1.4m £12.50
                      Children under 1m FREE
                      Special Needs/ Senior Citizen£9.50
                      Family Ticket for 4 people £49.00 (This works out at £12.25pp)
                      Also when you go once you get a discount voucher for the next time which on our last visit was £11pp.

                      Pleasurewood hills has many rides and attractions to suit all ages. Here's a little about each one and what myself and family feel about the rides.

                      Enigma - This is a steel roller coaster, with many twists and turns. This is a Family roller coaster, we all love this ride and this is normally our first port of call.

                      Mellow Yellow - This is a log flume based ride, its not one of the best i have been on but one of the wettest ones. Each time i have been on this i have got soaked. You can get a photo of yourself on this ride. The reason you get soaked on this ride is that you meet one coming down as your going up and its gets you, totally.

                      Thunderstruck - This is a spinning 360 degrees car ride, This ride is quit fast, this ride makes me feel sick but the children seem to love this ride.

                      Wizzy Dizzy - This is a spinning pendulum ride, you must be brave to try this out as your feet dangle and there's no floor. Good thing is its great to go on after the log flume as it spins you dry.

                      Shiver m' timbers - A pirate ship ride, go quite high but is tamer than many i have been on, so this is a great stepping stone to trying some of the bigger ones at other parks.

                      Wave Breaker. - This is a dingy type boat ride, where you go down a really bumpy slide with water. You have two in a boat, you don't get wet on this ride but you will leave your stomach behind. You can also get a photo on this ride.

                      Tales of the Coast - 3-D ride through a cave, you travel in a boat which can take approx 6 people. You wear glasses on this ride, can be a bit scary for tiny ones as the sounds are quit load but to older children and adults could be a little boring but great for tired feet.

                      Snake in the Grass - This is a figure of eight snake roller coaster, this is ideal to get children used to roller coaster as its quit tame but enjoyable at the same time.

                      Le Mans Karts Single karts - You have to pay extra for this £3 pp on our last visit, more for the teenagers and adults. You race petrol powered cars around a track.

                      Kite Flyer - This is a flying kite ride, you lay down flat on a carousel type ride and go round and round gently, this ride gives you the feeling that your gliding through the air, i really love this ride. My children think its brilliant too and go on it tons of times.

                      Pleasurewood Express - This train goes around the theme park and has several stops on route. Its great to see all the park as well as have a rest.

                      Miniature Railway - This is our favorite ride altogether, you go on a mini train which takes you through the woods and through tunnels, such great fun. Look out for the bunny rabbits on your trip.

                      Veteran Cars - Little cars that go round a track, really cute ride.

                      Fantasy Fairytale Ride - You go in little cars indoors along a little track and meet all different fairy tale characters. The cars are a little cramped.

                      Adventure Play Childrens' play area - You will find this near the entrance, can get very busy so try and go at a quieter time for the children to get the most enjoyment. Plenty of climbing things to ware them out.

                      You will find a selection of junior rides only for the little ones they include the following:
                      Woody Kopters
                      Flying Elephants
                      Mini Carousel
                      Junior Twist
                      Junior Pirate Ship

                      Pleasurewood hills also has several show to keep you entertained these include a sea lion show, Circus show and Parrot show. Times vary, when you get your map at the beginning of the day you will be given a shows time list. I love the sea lion show, its just not to be missed. We have heard that next year they are hoping to add another 2 shows to the line up, one being a magic show, i will keep an ear out and update everyone as soon as i know.

                      Eating at Pleasurewood hills is simple, you can bring your own picnic and find a spot in many location of the park or try out one of the restaurants. You can find typical burger meals, chicken meals, Pizza, Pasta, light snacks, you name it you could find it here. Also for later in the day pop to the waffle house for ice cream and waffles totally lovely.

                      You will also find through out the park many side stalls/ games which are priced at £2 approx, normally you get a prize even if you lose. The pick a bag is great as we got some lovely teddy bears from this.

                      Shops - The park has 3 shops for you to buy from, they include pleaurewood hills items as well as a selection of other items including toys, crafts, games and more.

                      Toilets - The park has many toilets for you to visit about the parks, these are kept clean but the dryers never seem to work. There is also a baby room for changing and feeding babies with comfy chairs.

                      I really love pleasurewood hills and feel its good value for money. If we ask the children where they wish to go in the holidays this is normally at the top of the list. Pleasurewood hills is building a new large roller coaster which hop fully should be complete by Easter 2007, we will be going to try this out. Pleasurewood hills is always changing and always for the better.

                      Contact information if needed is as follows:

                      Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park,
                      Leisure Way, Corton, Lowestoft,
                      Suffolk, NR32 5DZ
                      01502 586000


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                        06.09.2006 18:14
                        Not Helpful



                        Overall I would advise a full day of pleasurewood hills

                        I Had Such A great time at pleasurewood hills and so
                        did all the rest of us who went.I would highly advise a trip to pleasurewood hills as there is such a variety of rides there so my little sister is still haveing fun as much as i am. There is also lots of different shows there such as parrot shows all the way to clown shows. At pleasurewood hills you will not get hungry because there is plenty of places to eat at. so why dont you go to pleasurewood hill and have the complete time of your life,ever.


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                        12.03.2006 19:05



                        Great place lots of fun rides for all ages

                        When I went to New Pleasurewood Hills it was bad weather, rain on and off all day but that did not spoil my fun for most of it. There are a whole variety of rides, from thrill rides to little kids ones. My favourite were the thrill rides though :
                        Log Flume - This was very scary, felt like I was going to fall out though as all that was there was a couple of metal bars at the side of your log. Went very high, with a very steep drop, got soaked but its a lot of fun!
                        Rollercoaster: This went very fast but luckily not upside down, it had a bit where it twirled round in circles as it got lower and made you feel like you were going to bump your head but apart from that great ride!
                        Mouse waltzer rollercoaster: I enjoyed this ride a lot, it was like a rollercoaster but also like a waltzer because it spinned round as it moved forwards, up and down. A different sort of rollercoaster but very enjoyable.
                        Whizzy Dizzy - I went on this 6 times in a row. The first couple of times it seems tame and not scary but it depends where you sit because once I sat in a different seat it was terrifying, it felt like you were almost upside down and went very fast and high.
                        There were many other rides such as a chairlift which is relaxing but boring, a fantasy boat ride which is good for families and tons of other rides!
                        The facilities were good, there were fairly clean toilets all over the place, and there was a cafe on a train which didn't move, which I didn't dine in but it looked very nice.


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                          09.09.2003 23:55



                          Pleasurewood thrills - Advantages: Many rides of different types, Quite near the beautiful beaches of Lowestoft, Value for money - Disadvantages: Little attention to landscaping


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                          27.08.2003 16:02
                          Very helpful



                          Pleasurewood Hills is a theme park near Lowestoft in Suffolk, which can be reached by the A143 or the A12. The park is clearly signposted, and is curiously accessed from a large, modern housing estate. The Park is NOT open all year round, and it is best to check the website for details, or call the park direct before you set off. Obviously, during the Summer months, it is open every day, and the normal hours are 10am to 6pm. The parking area for the facility is massive, and attendants are on hand to direct your car to the appropriate space. Parking is on grassed areas, with not much shade, so it is advisable to take a windscreen cover if you have one. Paths lead from the parking spaces to a covered walkway, from which the entrance to the park is accessed. Six booths are displayed at the entrance, at which the entrance fee can be paid. Bookings can be made online, to avoid queuing, and the tickets can be collected from the Guest Information Centre at the entrance, but there is no reduction for online booking. The first aid centre is also situated in this area. Entrance Prices are as follows: Adults or persons over 1.3 metres £13.50 Children between 1.0 and 1.3m £11.50 Children under 1m free of charge Senior Citizens £9 Family ticket (for 4 people) £46.00 Special Needs £10 Wheelchair users £8 The ticket covers MOST rides in the park, with a few exceptions, which I will explain later in the review. Payment can be made by cash, cheque, credit or debit card. When the tickets have been purchased, you will also receive vouchers to save money for the next visit to the park. In order to use these tickets at a reduced rate, they have to be stamped before you leave the park. As with most theme parks, you are able to leave at any time during the day, and return, after having a stamp put on your hand. As it is not advisable to take bags on all of the rides, the park provides lockers, close to the
                          main entrance, which can be hired for 50p per day. Pleasurewood Hills expands each year, and as we had not been for three years, we were in for a treat. The rides have got bigger and better, and as there is still plenty of space in the park, I should imagine that new rides will be introduced all the time. Provided that you arrive at the park at, or soon after, opening times, it will be possible to sample all the rides before you leave. As with most theme parks, Pleasurewood Hills of course has a mascot. His name is Woody and he is a large bear, who wanders round the park, performing crazy antics to make the small children laugh, but of course petrifying some along the way. Of course Woody has his own musical parade, which always takes place in the Main Square, by the entrance at 2pm in the afternoon. CHAIR LIFT *********** The chair lift is an easy way to get from one side of the park to the other. The lift takes the form of a ski lift type structure, and ridiculously enough, I hate this contraption. Give me any ride and I am chomping at the bit, but the lifts strike the fear of god into me. They creak and groan, and instill me with no confidence at all. However, I braved them, as always, just to save a bit of rubber on my shoes! The lift passes over Dinosaur Lake, which is full of the most massive koi carp, who swim happily at the surface of the water. RATTLESNAKE ************* The rattlesnake is one of the original rides at the park, and has recently been modernised. A rollercoaster-type ride, with a long carriage, this is one of the tamer rollercoaster rides in the park, but still great. There are a few twists and turns, and each ride lasts for two circuits of the track. FRISBE ****** The Frisbe is new for this year, and was a firm favourite with our two children. For those people who enjoy spinning around and being moved from side to side, this ride will be a must. The Frisbe takes the for
                          m of a large disc, whereby riders sit around the edge and are strapped in. The disc then moves from side to side, increasing in speed as the ride progresses. At the same time, the disc spins on its axis. This is a violent ride in every sense of the word, and Jack was quite green after his first ride, but recovered and had another go later in the day! PIRATE SHIP *********** The ship at Pleasurewood Hills had always been something of a disappointment, when compared with similar rides at other parks. Riders sit in seats within the large ship, which then rocks to and from, gradually increasing both in height and speed. However, just as the ship reaches its highest point, the power is then turned off, so you never reach that tummy-flipping climax. OCTOPUS ******** I am amazed that these rides are so popular, as they have been around for many years now. The ride is based on an octopus shape, having many curled arms, at the end of which is a carriage that will hold two people. As the ride twists and turns, so does the carriage, providing a fast, fun thrilled ride for all. SPACE SCREAMER *************** The two Space Screamer carriages, on the end of a large metal rod, are shaped like space shuttles, and each carriage holds eight people. Carriages are covered, and the windows have metal netting instead of glass. When the ride begins, the carriages swing backwards and forwards and eventually turn over completely, but not before hanging the riders in mid air, upside down. CANNONBALL EXPRESS ******************** As far as I can remember, the Cannonball is the original rollercoaster at the park. The carriages are attached to a train, which hurtles along the twisting, looping, metal track, at a terrifying speed. Great fun, but not for the faint hearted, as riders are thrown about quit violently, during the course of the ride. LOG FLUME ********** The log flume rides are
                          ever popular in any theme park, as us British seem to enjoy getting soaked to the skin, while visiting theme parks. The ride is on water, and the carriage is shaped like a log, and holds up to four people or five smaller ones. There are two large summits on the log flume, the second being the taller and faster drop, with a guaranteed soaking at the end! MAGIC MOUSE THRILLCOASTER *************************** The Mouse is another new ride at the park, and is one of my favourites. A rollercoaster with a difference, the mouse incorporates Waltzer-style carriages that hold four people, which not only hurtle along the rollercoaster track, but also spin round at breakneck speeds. TIDAL WAVE ROLLERCOASTER ************************** The name of this ride conjures up images of a maniacal water ride, and although it is slightly misleading, the ride is very popular, and was great fun. A huge, long, bumpy slide has to be reached by climbing several flights of metal steps. At the top, an attendant places a rubber dinghy on to the slide, which will hold an adult and a child, or one adult. There is a small amount of water on the slide, but the children love it, as the dinghy literally takes off on the bumps, especially with the weight of an adult inside! MEGA DROP ********** The drop is the fastest and shortest ride in the park. Twelve seats are arranged in groups of four around a pylon type structure. After being secured in the seat, the seat raises slowly to the very top of the structure, where it hangs, in limbo, for a few seconds. It then hurtles back down to earth, at such a speed that your body feels absolutely weightless. FORMULA X RACEWAY ****************** If petrol powered go-karts careering round a track appeal to you, then this activity is one not to be missed. Unfortunately, the raceway is not covered under the entrance fee, and tokens have to be obtained from a machine to ride it.
                          The price is £2 per car, and single or double seater models are available. However, this ride really is value for money, as, despite the queues, riders are allowed at least eight laps of the track. The karts are suitable for 8 years upwards to drive, and our children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The Raceway can be hired for private functions throughout the year, details are available by telephoning the park. MINIATURE RAILWAY ****************** A sedate way of touring the park, the railway chugs around from four stations, at a leisurely pace. Young children are attracted to the ride in droves, but at 9 and 12, my two were ?much too old? for a choo choo ride! If thrills are not what you are looking for, there are a number of rides suitable for younger children, or the fainter hearted. The Teacup Ride consists of large tea cups, which form the carriage for the riders. The cups twist round, but very slowly, as they go round a track in a circular motion. The chairoplanes is always a popular ride, and the ones within the park are no exception. A roundabout type ride, where riders sit in chairs attached to the top of carousel, by large chains. The chairs can be twisted and spun, as the carousel turns round. The double deck carousel is an old fashioned type ride, consisting of horses and carriages, but on two levels. Parents are allowed to accompany small children on the ride. The veteran cars hold up to four riders, and are operated electrically, so although small children may think they are actually driving, parents can sit in the back and relax, with no fear of the youngsters crashing into another vehicle. The Fantasy Boat Ride is a sedate journey through narrow water filled lanes, suitable for the whole family. Queues for this ride were quite long, but at no time did we have to wait any longer than twenty minutes in the park, and considering we visited in the height of the Summer holidays, we wer
                          e very impressed. Woody?s Driving School is a dodgem type ride, but with old fashioned cars. Parents can drive with their children, or if they are tall enough, of course they can ride on their own. Pleasurewood Hills also offers fun and games for the very small child. The obligatory soft play area is provided, as are several small roundabouts, together with a junior pirate ship and a wooden play area. If, after visiting all the attraction, you still have room for more fun, the park offers four shows, at varying times throughout the day. The ever appealing sea lion show runs twice in the afternoon, wherein the sea lions perform tricks, and of course eat mountains of fish. The Parrot Show runs once in the morning and twice in the afternoon, and the brightly coloured birds perform tricks for the crowds. The parrots can also be seen around the park out in the open. The two theatres within the park run shows at varying times throughout the day, details of which are displayed on the boards at the entrance. There are a number of food outlets within the park, where anything from a chicken meal to a bacon sandwich can be purchased, as well as the multitude of ice cream kiosks. We decided to take a picnic on our visit, which can be eaten at one of the many picnic tables in the park, or beside your car. Pleasurewood Hills also offers a dedicated barbecue area, at which your own food can be cooked during your visit. The Park offers three gift shops, which surprisingly are all reasonably priced, and both of our children managed to purchase an array of items for their £10 spending money. The shops, as well as Woody?s Diner, accept major credit and debit cards, as well as cheques and travellers cheques. Toilet facilities are all clean, and also well situated, and disabled toilets are also provided. The Park runs special events throughout the year, such as Halloween and Christmas. The Park can be hire
                          d for birthday parties, and if booked in advance, a visit from Woody Bear in a special room, provides a treat for the birthday boy or girl. We thoroughly enjoyed our day out this week at the park, and will return again next year. As the Park is ever expanding, there is always a new ride to sample, and the children race from one ride to the next throughout the day. Although Pleasurewood Hills is not as large as Alton Towers or Thorpe Park, and does not have the same amount of thrill seeking rides, it?s time will come, of that there is no doubt! Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park Corton, Lowestoft, Suffolk. NR32 5DZ Telephone: 01502 508200 Email: info@pleasurewoodhills.com www.pleasurewoodhills.co.uk


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