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Newquay Zoo (Cornwall)

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9 Reviews

Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2TW. Tel: 01637 873342.

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    9 Reviews
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      25.09.2011 13:00
      Very helpful



      A good day out

      Just before the summer season Newquay Zoo ran a promotion for local people, £2 entry if you took proof that you were from Cornwall. Me being the scrooge that I am wouldn't pay for full admission so this was perfect for me and my daughter to have a look around.

      ----- A bit about the zoo -----
      Newquay zoo was first opened in 1969, and until 1994 was run by the local council. Since then it has been privately owned by Mike Thomas and Roger Martin. It has won a long list of awards mainly from the Cornwall tourist board, the latest award was the best manages medium business award in the Cornwall Sustainability awards.

      ----- How to get there -----
      Newquay zoo is a 5 minute journey by car from Newquay town centre. It's very easy to find as there are the brown signposts for it everywhere. If you do happen to travel by car the car park is council owned, so parking needs to be paid for as well. We car shared with a friend and she paid so I don't actually know how much it was, but we all know how extortionate parking charges are these days, especially in the very tourist town of Newquay! By foot, it will take about 10/15 minutes to walk from town to the zoo, and again, it's signposted very well. There is a train service into Newquay, and from the train station the zoo is a 10 minute walk. The bus station is about a 15 minute walk from the zoo, but there is one bus by Western Greyhound that goes directly past the zoo, around once an hour.

      ----- Getting in ------
      As I said earlier, we went on a special promotion weekend, it seems that the whole of Cornwall decided to take Newquay zoo up on this offer and as we drove round each corner of the car park the queue to get into the zoo just kept getting longer and longer and longer... and even longer! My friend jumped out the car to save us a spot while we parked and got the pushchairs, picnics and children out of the cars. At this point we just felt like going home and having a picnic in the park, but as we got into the queue it wasn't as bad as we first thought as it was moving relatively quickly. There was a man walking along the queue counting all of the people and he went past us and a few people behind us then said from that point it will be a strict one in, one out policy as they will be at maximum capacity, we breathed a sigh of relief and carried on making our way (very slowly) towards the entrance.

      After around 45 minutes we arrived at the entrance, I imagine the queues wouldn't be half as bad as it was for us if it was a normal day. There are two payment booths made in a nice wooden hut style to keep with the jungle zoo theme. The lady in the booth I went to didn't even say hello, she wasn't very friendly, maybe this was because she was trying to get people in quick, but not even a hi is quite rude in my book!

      ----- Opening times and prices -----
      Standard admission prices include a 10% voluntary donation for gift aid (you can ask to pay without a donation if you wish to), these are:

      Adult - £10.95
      Child 3-15 years - £8.20
      Children under 3 - Free
      Students - £8.25
      Disabled Adult - £10.45
      Disabled child - £7.70
      Family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) - £30.80
      Each additional child - £7.00

      During peak season (April to September) the zoo is open from 9:30am until 6pm, last entry at 5pm. During the winter season (October to March) the opening times are 10am until 5pm with the last entry at 4pm.

      ----- Eating -----
      There is a café just to the left of the entrance, we didn't eat in there but I had a quick look in there and it looked nice and clean. Next to the café was the gift shop and exit, and then next to there was a picnic table and BBQ area. There were two ice cream stalls dotted around the zoo. We had our lunch at the picnic tables and it was a horrible experience for me personally, my friends enjoyed it. I have a huge phobia of birds and all the time we was sitting at the table there were a huge amount of sea gulls and pigeons trying to make their way over for some scraps that the children dropped, I say huge amount but it was probably about 5! It wasn't a very pleasant experience to say the least.

      ----- Animals -----
      The zoo has quite a large number of animals but as it is quite a small zoo they didn't have many of the larger animals such as elephants or giraffes which was disappointing as giraffes are one of my favourite animals. It did, however have lions, a zebra, and an ostrich! Each enclosure had plaques telling us the breed of animal and some little facts about each one, which was a nice touch as half of the animals I didn't recognise and my daughter was going through the "what's that" phase.
      Apart from the normal zoo animals there is also a farmyard animal section with all the usual farmyard animals, such as goats and pigs. The was an animal hospital in this section but my daughter was back in her buggy and there was about 10 steps to get in there and people everywhere so we didn't even attempt to go and check it out.

      Next to the farmyard section was a big building called 'Jungle Fever', there was a warning on the door about free flying birds so I didn't go any further (bird phobic!!) but my friends said it was impressive with just a wooden barrier between the animals and the walkway. They said there was a huge number of birds flying around free and really enjoyed it, so I guess if you don't mind birds there's nothing wrong with going in.
      There is also a building called 'Wildlife at night' but again there was a huge amount of people wanting to get in and out of here so I totally skipped this. My friend waited around and said it was nothing special though, just a few bats and an anteater but as it was so dark she couldn't really see much.

      Our highlights was definitely the meerkats and penguins. I have always liked meerkats and these were simply adorable! There were around eight markets that I could see and they all came in close to have a nosey at us, like we was at them. There was a wall separating us from the meerkats so Kacie could sit on the wall and watch them, she laughed when she seen them stand up on their hind legs and look around. The enclosure for the penguins was quite nice as the walls were about 4ft high but there were small viewing windows in the wall so that small children could see them too without parents getting arm ache carrying them. It was feeding time just as we got there and the penguins were going mad running around on their little island then taking a fast swim in the water.

      ----- Other attractions -----
      To the far end of the zoo there is a small hedge maze. Again, like most of the other attractions it was mega busy so we didn't have a go. It did look like something to spend 10 minutes doing, the hedges were high and some people were trying to find their way around for a while.
      Past the maze and up some steps was the Tarzan Trail, this was basically an adventure playground which looked like great fun for older children, we all had toddlers though so skipped this part. There is also a basic playground, we played with the children here for a while, it's just like a normal park with a slide and rocking animals.

      ----- Facilities -----
      We encountered two sets of toilets around the zoo, one set was by the entrance and one over the far side of the zoo. I imagine these were checked very regularly as when we used them they were clean and well stocked. There was also baby changing facilities and a disabled toilet, there were no problems with the baby changing room.
      One of our party had a baby and had to heat a bottle. She asked a member of staff if there was anywhere she could do this and they said in the café. It was busy in the café but the staff were fantastic and put the bottle on straight away.

      The gift shop doubled up as the exit from the zoo. It is quite a small shop and as a lot of people were leaving at the same time as us we couldn't look around properly as the queue to leave went right through the shop. Whilst slowly moving through we could see what was on offer. The merchandise available was all the stuff you would imagine being in a zoo shop, stuffed animals, clothing with the Newquay Zoo logo upon it and basic bits and bobs. I noticed a set of pyjamas with the zoo logo on that I thought would be nice to buy for my daughter until I seen the price tag, I wasn't going to pay £12.99!

      ----- Other zoo information -----
      At Newquay zoo it's possible to adopt an animal. At £30 a year for any size of animal, the adopter will receive a free entry into the zoo, a certificate, a photograph of the animal, a name plaque next to the animal for a year and a year's subscription to the zoo's newsletter for a year. This yearly fee will help the zoo continue its work with the conservation of wildlife.

      There is an opportunity to become a keeper for the day for both adults and children (between the ages of 8-14) for a fee, £95 for adults and £65 for children. This offers people a chance to muck in with the day to day activities of the zoo.

      ----- Overall -----
      I don't think we had the best experience we could of had by going on the promotion weekend. The queue to get in, and the park being so busy everywhere we went ruined the time we spent there. But saying that we still had a nice time, and if we went on a normal day we would of had a fantastic time. The amount of different species the zoo has is good compared to how big the zoo is. Each animal looked happy in their environment and looked like they had enough space. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a giraffe, but the meerkats and penguins made up for that. I think it's worth a day out if you are in the area!

      ----- Contact info -----
      Newquay Zoo
      Trenance Gardens
      TR7 2LZ
      0844 474 2244 (local rate)


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        02.09.2011 10:46



        cheeky monkeys

        We visited Newquay Zoo on a drizzly day in June this year (2011). With two small boys (age 1 and 3) we needed somewhere to go and keep them entertained. We were staying in Padstow so Newquay Zoo was only a 30min drive. It is well signposted once in Newquay and has a carpark close by.

        It's not the biggest Zoo (when compared to Chester Zoo) we had been too however had plenty of the usual animals monkeys, penguins, zebra's, lions and of course meerkats. It also has a small farm area with sheep, goats, pigs and chickens. Everything was nicely spaced out but not too far apart for little legs to walk around.

        We ate at one of the snack bars, which did a lunch box for the kids (sandwich, crisps, yoghurt and drink). ice picnic area with large umbrellas for the British weather! the only nuisance was the large number of greedy seagulls which would take food out of hands if allowed.

        Zoo also had a nice little play area for the kids to run around.

        Overall a nice few hours were spent wandering round despite the weather, and the boys had fun. far better value for money and time that the Aquarium.

        PS my youngest son is now obsessed by penguins and carries a toy baby penguin everywhere he goes


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        19.02.2010 13:17
        Very helpful



        The best zoo in the South West

        Newquay Zoo is a great family attraction that will keep you entertained all day.

        This is probably, in my opinion, the best zoo in the Devon and Cornwall, it provides a variety of activities for all ages and hade a wide variety of animals to see.

        They have daily shows with the animals and you are able to watch them being fed, which is great fun. They also regularly have events going on which you are able to participate in.

        Obviously being one of the best zoo' its not exactly cheap to get in, but I think the prices are fair it is definitely worth the money.

        Admissions -
        Adults £8.00
        Children (3-15) £5.80
        Children under 2 free
        OAP and students £6.90
        Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) £26.35
        They also give discounts for those who are disabled.

        You can also adopt animals at the zoo by giving a donation of £30.00 per year. If you choose to adopt an animal you get one free trip to the zoo, a photo of your adopted animal a free newsletter etc. By adopting an animal you are helping endangered animals.

        Their gift shop has some really lovely products and toys in relation to the animals you see at the zoo, although some of the items can be very expensive they cater for all price ranges, and all the products are very high quality, I bought my son a monkey from there years ago and he carried it around everywhere and it still looks brand new and realistic.

        The café serve a wide variety of god quality food, again some things can be pricey but the food is of high standard but if you would prefer to take your own lunch etc there are plenty of places to have a picnic.

        In 2009 the zoo won a "Quality Badge Awarded by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom" and when you visit you will see why. Every animal has a plaque telling you all about it, mums and dads will learn a few things too.

        The whole experience is truly quite magical and it goes that extra step to ensure you and your family are having a good time.

        I would recommend this zoo for couples or families, there is something for everyone and its definitely a place worth visiting.

        The parks opening times are.....
        1st April - 30th September, 9:30 am - 6:00 pm.
        Last entry is at 5pm.

        1st October - 31st March, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
        Last entry is at 4pm.

        If you would like to plan your trip, find out more about zoo or know exactly what animals they have at the zoo then visit www.newquayzoo.org.uk.

        And remember Newquay is a beautiful place if you have any time left over I would recommend exploring the town.


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        12.09.2009 19:41
        Very helpful



        A lovely place to visit

        Just wrote a 2000 word on this and lost it all so I will now try again! We visited Newquay zoo this morning as we were at a bit of a loose end. We regularly visit zoo's and were keen to have a look around this one.

        The zoo is located a 5 minutes drive out of Newquays town centre. It is also accessible by foot and I imagine this would take around 20 minutes on foot. Once you arrive in Newquay, the zoo is signposted by a number of brown signs and is very easy to find. If using a sat nav, the postcode needed is slightly different to that of the zoo. This is TR7 2NN. The zoo doesn't have a car park of its own meaning that you need to park in one of the council owned car parks adjacent to the zoo. Prices are as follows: 80p for up to an hour, £1.60 for up to two hours, £2.40 for up to three hours, £3.00 for up to four hours and £4.00 for five hours or over. You then have a two minute walk to the zoo entrance. We were greeted by a very friendly member of staff who asked us if we wished to Gift Aid our admission fees. This means that by filling in a short form, they can claim back some money from the government to go towards the zoo. We then proceeded onto the entrance where we didn't need to queue. The woman who served us was very polite and helpful. She asked us if we wished to purchase a Souvenir Guide for £1.50. I would recommend buying this because it contains a map of the zoo and otherwise you do not get one. Once you get through reception there are toilets and reception. The toilets were very clean and although small, I did not have to queue.

        The first thing we saw was an enclosure containing tortoises and a peacock. However, our attention was taken from these by an extremely small member of the deer family who was hopping around the path! He was very friendly and not at all shy. This was really fun to watch as I had never seen one so close before. Next to these is a small picnic area.

        *Wildlife at Night*
        This is a small building which contains a number of animals that are nocturnal. This was quite small and I expected it to be a bit larger than it was. However, inside we managed to watch some bats and also some armadillos. These were great fun to watch, scurrying around and interacting with one another!

        *Monkey Walk*
        Next was Monkey Walk. This contained a number of large enclosures which were home to a great number of different species of larger monkeys. These were great fun to watch and they were all keen to entertain the visitors. We spent a good 20 minutes looking at the 4 enclosures here. The monkeys were all very playful and interacted with each other really well. They looked really happy in their environment.

        *Tropical House*
        This was one of the larger buildings in the zoo. When you walked in you were greeted by a large enclosure which was home to frogs, birds and bats. It was very warm and muggy in here and rather busy. You also have the chance to go upstairs where you can view the enclosure from a different angle. I found this very useful as it meant you could get a lot closer to the bats and get a better look. Also on the first floor, there were a number of large tanks containing lizards, gekkos and snakes. Back downstairs, following the building round you enter a dark room where there are a great number of tanks. These were home to spiders, frogs, lizards and rats. There was plenty to see in here and the majority of the animals were easily seen.

        *Village Farm*
        I was really disappointed with this section of the zoo. There were a small selection of farm animals consisting of a rabbit, some guinea pigs, a turkey, 2 goats, some sheep and some lovebirds. I thought this was a rather odd selection of animals and a lot of the younger visitors were disappointed that they could only pet the larger animals and not the rabbit or guinea pigs. Following the farm round there is a blue-eyed cockatiel, this was interesting to watch and was very entertaining.

        *Red Pandas*
        Across from the farm were 2 red pandas, living together in a large, bushy enclosure. To begin with they were up the tops of the trees meaning that they were difficult to see. However, we waited 5 minutes and they were soon very active, on the ground and climbing trees. Red Pandas are one of my favourite animals and they were really fun to watch, they looked very soft and fluffy! Next to these were the Prairie Dogs, which I believe to be similar to the Meerkats. These were interesting to watch for 5 minutes and they were very cute. They were not shy and were right next to the fence on our visit, looking us right in the eye.

        Further on, there was a large enclosure containing around 5 Sulawesi Black Crested Macaques. These were larger members of the primate family. They were interesting to watch and although they were quite far away, they were easy to see no matter where they were in the enclosure. Next to these were the Coati and the Parrots. The Coati were sleeping on our visit but the Parrots were awake and very noisy!

        *Big Cats*
        Following the path round we reached the members of the cat family. The lioness was sadly asleep at the time of our visit, yet she was easy to see and still good fun to watch for 5 minutes. She was very beautiful and was fun to watch, she was absolutely huge and her paws were massive! Next to her was a Lynx. This was much smaller however was much more active and was right up close to the fence both times we walked past. I don't think I've seen one of these before and it was very entertaining. Its colourings were beautiful and similar to a leopard or cheetah. Opposite these was a Fossa however we could not see this at the time of our visit.

        I never used to be too bothered by Meerkats however they have certainly grown on me and are now probably one of my favourite animals in the zoo. The Meerkats had just had babies and the babies were absolutely tiny! They were really interesting to watch as shortly after we got there, they all scurried off underground leaving just the lookout out. Not long after, he called to them and they all came back out. I found this really interesting and it was probably the highlight of my day. They then proceeded on to all have a cuddle! Next to these was an ice cream kiosk and a childrens play area.

        Next were the penguins who were currently being invaded by seagulls at the time of our visit! There were quite a large group of penguins (around 10-15) and around half were basking in the sun with the other half in their pool. They were really easy to see as the water was very clear and it was interesting to see how fast they could swim!

        *Tapir, Capybara and Pied Tamarins*
        The Tamarins, similar to all of the other monkeys in the park were on an island in the Tapirs and Capybaras enclosure. The Tapir and Capybara were resting when we arrived but we still got a good view of them and they were very close to the fence. The Tamarins were much more active however because they were small and quite far away, they were difficult to see.

        *Asian Otters*
        I love otters and find them really interesting. When we first came to see them they were in their house and we could not see them, however they soon came out and started swimming around a generously sized pool. They were very playful with one another and looked very happy. We really enjoyed watching them and spent a long while being entertained by their antics.

        *Small Monkey Islands and Owl Avaries*
        Again, due to the monkeys being some distance away we found it really difficult to see them, especially behind the foliage. However, the owls were right up close to the fence and were truly amazing to watch. They were very peaceful and did not move and were very big! They were absolutely stunning animals and I really enjoyed seeing them.

        *African Savanna*
        This was the largest part of the zoo however there wasn't a lot in it! There was some zebra which were great to see, however due to the size of their enclosure, you could not see them well enough. There were also waterbuck, antelope and an ostrich. These were much easier to see however in my personal opinion, they weren't quite as interesting!

        There was then another few monkey islands containing the smaller breeds of monkeys. This was home to the ring tailed lemurs which were good to see however they were too far away to see properly.

        *Philippine Species*
        This was the final part of the zoo that we visited and was home to the Visyan Warty Pigs! These were fantastic to see as I'd never seen one before and they were quite similar to pigs we have here.

        *Food and Drink*
        There are a number of picnic areas around the zoo, should you wish to bring your own food. However, these were always busy meaning it may be difficult to find somewhere to sit. Otherwise, there are 2 main places in the zoo to buy food. Tippy's Snack Bar serves smaller meals such as pasties, chips and hot dogs. This is located near the penguins. Cafe Lemur is situated near the main entrance and is better if you want a bigger meal or better variety of foods. They serve a number of different things including sandwiches and hot meals. You can expect to pay around £6.25 for an adult meal and £4.95 for a childs. There are also ice cream kiosks around the park where you can also buy snacks from. These are quite pricey, expect to pay 80p for a packet of crisps and £1.50 for a cold drink.

        *Admission Prices and Opening Times*
        These prices include a voluntary 10% donation, this can be taken off if you would prefer.
        Senior Citizens and Students:£8.25
        2 Adults+2 Children:£32.90
        From 1st April-30th September the zoo is open 9.30 until 6.00
        From 1st October-31st March the zoo is open 10.00 until 5.00

        *My Opinion*
        I enjoyed my time at the zoo as there was lots to look at and lots to see. The zoo was finished to a high standard and nothing looked like it needed work. However, we only spent around 2 hours at the zoo and we wandered slowly around and looked at everything. Therefore I think the price is a little high for 2 hours entertainment. Especially when compared with other zoo's in a similar price range. However, the money goes to the animals and this is all that matters so in my opinion it is money well spent.

        The staff at the zoo were all very polite and helpful. There was always someone around if any help was needed or anybody wanted to ask any questions. The zoo keepers all looked very busy and always had their hands full looking after the animals. There were a great deal of animals at the zoo however, I felt a number of them were very similar. For example there were an awful lot of monkeys, and these got a bit boring after a while.

        I would visit the zoo again, as it was a pleasant way to spend the morning. It was a very calm visit and I enjoyed my time there. I would recommend others to visit as it was a good attraction and there was a lot to see and do there, especially for families.

        Newquay Zoo
        Trenance Gardens
        TR7 2LZ

        Telephone: 01637 873342



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          20.01.2009 20:19
          Very helpful



          Small zoo with plenty to do

          Newquay Zoo is a great family zoo, despite it being small the zoo is host to many animals.
          The zoo has a reptile house which is host to many endangered reptile, the zoo is also host to the worlds smallest monkey the Pygmy Marmoset.

          There is always plenty going on at the zoo, there are different feeding times for the animals where there is a keeper giving a talk about the animals.
          The fist of which being the Lemurs at 11am then at 12 noon the otter followed by the penguins. The most popular of the animal talks is the big cats which was about 3.30 when we were there,
          Through out the day there are also animal encounters in the tropical house, where you get to handle a snake.

          The zoo also hosts certain events through out the year which people can pay to go and see. One of the main events in the summer is the dawn chorus, an event where people can be at the zoo for when all the animals are waking up and for the first feeds of the day. The price of this event included a nice breakfast of bacon sandwiches and coffee.

          The zoo caters for children in a big way, there is an adventure playground, the tarzan trail, which is a trail up in the woods with different activities. When I visited the zoo they also had someone doing animal face painting for a small fee.

          The zoo also offers a birthday party facility where you can host your child's birthday party, the zoo provide the food, goody bags, a cake, the birthday child gets an animal encounter and you can pay extra for face painting.

          Another facility the zoo offers is an adopt an animal scheme, this costs £30 for a year, this includes adoption certificate, a plaque at the adopted animal and you receive updates through out the year. This makes a brilliant additional present for children's birthdays.

          The zoo has plenty of facilities, there is a small café that serves snacks and hot food all at reasonable prices. There is also a little gift shop where you can buy traditional souveniers of the zoo.

          The zoo is a good layout and very flat so is perfect for disables access.

          The zoo opens from 9.30am till 6pm in the summer months and 10am till 5pm during the off peak months.

          The admission prices are:-
          Adult - £6.90
          Children - £4.70

          There is also a senior citizens day during the off peak months where on a Tuesday entrance is only £4.45

          The Zoo is situated out of the town centre but is easy to access as it is only a ten minuet walk away.
          There is a regular bus service to the Zoo.
          The zoo is easily accesable as it is just of the A3075.
          There is plenty of free car parking.

          Newquay zoo is a fantastic day out and if your going to be visiting Newquay or are on holiday in Cornwall then I strongly recommend you visit the zoo, there is always plenty to do and you can spend a whole day there and not get bored.
          I will certainly go again!


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          11.08.2008 22:19
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Fun and educational

          Newquay Zoo was an unexpected pleasure and I really enjoyed it.
          We saw creatures such as lions, zebras, penguins, monkeys, skinks (yes, blue tongued skinks at that!), tapirs and various other creatures I hadn't heard of and a multitude of those I had.
          They all appeared to be living in suitable sized enclosures and looked in good health as far as my untrained eye can tell.
          I really enjoyed a leisurely walk around the whole place, we saw various feeding demonstrations and talks about the zoo residents and came away with a much expanded knowledge of the animals and birds in particular .( Did you know a lion's roar can be heard for miles? And that zoo's can make up some of their income by selling lion manure?)
          We had taken a picnic lunch and were fascinated to see the demonstrations of a peacock in full feathery regalia for the benefit of the picnic crowd, that was lunchtime entertainment for sure.
          I especially enjoyed the tropical house which features an enormous enclosure and the focus is on the creatures inside, not the visitor desire for platitudes of health and safety and well presented stairs, this place was all about the inhabitants and it was a fascination. We saw tiny marmoset monkeys and their hair clutching young climbing the trees, tiny birds in the foliage, butterflies darting about and no end of other creatures living side by side in a fantastic habitat which looked like a fabulous set piece for the next Tarzan movie!
          You can climb the stairs which rise to mezzanine levels beside the habitat to see every part of it at eye level, that was great too.
          I'd recommend a visit to anyone.
          The gift shop is heaving with absolute junk. I wanted a nice souvenir to remind me of a lovely day but I couldn't find a single thing which I thought was appropriate or cost a reasonable amount of money.


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            25.01.2006 16:04
            Very helpful



            Great family day out when the sun is shining

            My experiences of Newquay Zoo come from working there in 2003.
            The Zoo is a small yet very friendly zoo and is home to many animals from many endangered reptiles in the reptile house as well as the worlds smallest monkey the Pygmy Marmoset, to the larger animals such as Zebras and lions.
            The Zoo is host to many conservation projects for endangered species so if you take a visit to the Zoo despite it being smaller than most Zoo’s you are bound to see some amazing animals.

            During the day there are feeding times of the animals where you can see the animals being fed and learn about them. Another daily event is the opportunity to hold a snake or other animal normally from the tropical house – the children tend to love this.

            The Zoo has an adopt an animal scheme which includes:
            - Facts on your chosen animal
            - An adoption certificate
            - A plaque near to the enclosure
            - One free entry ticket for the adopter
            - Photo of your adopted animal
            - A years subscription to Paw Prints Newsletter
            - A Zoo badge or sticker
            - Information about the Zoo
            This costs £30 and is great value for money and makes a great gift.

            The Zoo is host to special events throughout the year such as bugs nights, dawn chorus (watching the animals wake up and being there for there morning feed – this one is only for the early birds – cooked breakfast included though) and many others.

            There is a food hall/café that has very reasonable prices and serves anything from sandwiches to full cooked meals and during the summer months there is also a BBQ that serves burgers and hot dogs for £1.50.

            The on site shop sells all sorts of souveniers including Zoo guides which are full of pictures but not that much information so great for kids but not really the adults. Ice creams can also be bought from the Zoo Shop.

            On site there is also a Dragon maze, a childrens play area, tarzen trail and a farm yard area.
            When the weather is fine there is also the facility for children to get there face painted as there favorite animal.

            All in all it’s a great family day out and I would really recommend it.

            Prices to get in are:
            Adult (16 years and over) £5.75
            Children (3-15 years) £3.75
            Children (1 & 2 years) FREE
            Senior Citizen/Student £4.75
            Special Offer Family Ticket (2 adults & 2 children) £15.75
            Extra Child £3.15
            Disabled £3.50
            Carer £3.50

            Getting to the Zoo is easy its just a ten minute walk from town centre or you can use the regular bus service or the town-to-zoo surf rider train in the summer.
            The Zoo is just off the A3075 Edgcumbe Road, Newquay and has car parking. Its opposite water world.
            Hope you all have a great time.


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              01.06.2004 03:23
              Very helpful



              Spending last week in Newquay wasn’t all sun, sea and…um…sambuca’s you know. I did manage to get myself down to Newquay Zoo as I have always enjoyed seeing animals I would otherwise only see in books. Now my opinion is on the actual zoo and not about people’s perceptions and the rights or wrongs about keeping wild animals in zoos. I think people will always agree to disagree on that one. Anyway, back to the zoo… ~ Publicity The zoo is heavily publicised as an attraction for all those thousands of people who visit Newquay every year. You will see posters, leaflets and publicity discount vouchers everywhere you go. Unfortunately, we were given money off vouchers when we visited another attraction (Blue Reef Aquarium) the next day. Ah well. ~ Location After picking up a leaflet at the Tourist Information in the town centre we decided to walk there as the map seemed pretty clear and it was only a 15-minute walk away. The Zoo is well sign posted and it is just off a busy main road with a lot of parking. A note about the parking – you do have to pay to park but this is refunded from your admission price (the car park is council owned and not by the zoo). ~ Admission There are only two admission booths so I can imagine there being queues at peak times. Although there was only one person in front of us we had to wait 5/6 minutes as she decided to upgrade her day pass to a season ticket. Like most zoos, Newquay encourages all visitors (tax paying) to Gift Aid. This basically means they can claim the tax back on admission but only if you give them your personal details (to check you are a tax payer). This is all well and good but it does hold up admission time a bit. I know of other zoos that ask you to do this
              before you leave the park. ~ Prices Adults £6.95 Children £4.45 Students and OAPs £5.45 Disabled £3.50 Under 3’s are free A Family Ticket (2 Adults and 2 Kids) is available for £19.95 ~ Souvenir Guide We purchased a Souvenir Guide when we entered. It cost £1.50 and is great for children to look at but as for content for adults it is quite poor. It has a picture of the animals and a fact file (Habitat/Diet/Threats etc). The only thing we actually looked at was the park map (available free as a single sheet near the entrance). ~ Layout The zoo is quite small in comparison to others I have visited in the past. The by-line tag that accompanies all advertising material from the zoo is ‘A great day out’, not the ‘great’ part is truly depending on the individual but as for the ‘day’ piece, I would find it hard to spend a whole day there. About 4 Hours is sufficient enough to cover the whole park. ~ Animals The zoo had many of the animals you would find anywhere else, but being a ‘small’ zoo (it did start out as a pet’s corner 35 Years ago) it doesn’t have any of the large animals such as Giraffes, Hippos or Rhinos. It does have Lions and Zebras though. The zoo has many of the smaller animals such as Apes, Raccoons, Penguins, Birds and Otters. The zoo also has free-roaming animals such as chickens and various birds. ~ Environment The animals looked like they had sufficient space but you always had that thought in your mind that they could do with just that extra bit of room. In particular the zebras are on a man made hill fenced off with walkway all around and the tw
              o lions in their enclosure looked big for their settings. I’m sure the officials would say they have plenty of space (after all, they have won many awards recently) but it’s just that feeling I had looking at them. ~ Special Features My favourite bit of the zoo was an inside building called ‘Jungle Fever’. You walk in through doors warning of free moving (and flying) animals into a ‘rainforest’. All that separates you and the animals is a barrier that is about hip level. Some of the animals in there include tiny monkeys, fruit bats and a few birds. Like I said, only a wooden barrier separates you, but it only does so if the animals decide not to come through. The Sloth had other ideas and decided to, slowly, check out the human visitors. With his body hanging about an inch above my head this was a pretty amazing experience, being so close to an animal like that. Although I’m sure he was not dangerous I was close enough to see the length of his claws and decided against getting any closer. The zoo also has a section called ‘Wildlife At Night’ which is where you walk through a very dark building with animals the other side of the glass in a dimly lit enclosure. If was a bit hard to make out what you could see but there were bats and I think, an anteater in there. Something different. In the Farm Yard section, as well as the usual animals such as goats and pigs, there was an Animal Hospital where they had poorly animals and information showing previously ill animals and how they recovered. ~ Animal Talks and Feeding The talks by the staff were very good and informative. They lasted a good 10 minutes and the staff also stopped behind afterwards to answer questions. Thumbs up to the staff, they seemed to kno
              w their stuff. My only niggles about them was that the carried the speakerphone on them, as opposed to it being stationed somewhere in the area, which meant if you were not that close to the speaker you could not fully hear what was being said. A note also to take is that the talks are only advertised at the entrance (or that’s the only place we saw them) and they are not advertised in your guide so its best to note them down otherwise you may miss them. The Lion feeding is good! ~ For the Kids A children’s play area is located in the corner of the park if you decide to take your own monkeys to the zoo! There is also an ‘Educational Unit’ nearby; I presume this is for school bookings when they get to learn a bit more about the animals and zoo. There is a hedge maze in the middle of the zoo suitable for kids as it is only about 4ft high so ideal for the parents to keep an eye on their kids. ~ Disabled The zoo had quite good access throughout, with wide doors and flat surfaces. There are a couple of places that are not accessible such as the upstairs balcony for the rainforest and the owl enclosure is pretty steep. ~ Gardens Next to the hedge maze, there are tropical gardens that contained various plants, trees and shrubs. This was on the small side and didn’t really interest me if I’m being honest. Included were bamboo, palms and ferns. ~ Signs and Information Sites Each animal had an informative sign next to its enclosure giving details of it’s survival information, names, living patterns and so on. Some of these went into much detail that isn’t available in the Guide. Some of the information viewed was very interested and went for the ‘wow, I never knew that’ fact rather than the boring i
              nfo. ~ Food There was a food hall but we had eaten so we did not have anything there. The place looked clean and I think the prices are average, slightly overpriced. We did have an ice cream at one of the huts and they were priced the same. Barbequed food is available during the summer months (between £2 - £3 for a burger/hotdog). ~ Gift Shop The shop had very few Newquay Zoo emblazed items. If I ever do buy something from one of these type of shops I tend to get something with the logo on, as a reminder of where I had been and also because most of the non branded stuff is available in the bargain shops for a quarter of the price. ~ Getting ‘involved’ The zoo has sponsorship and adoptions on most animals, price I am unsure of. You can also become a member for the year but again I am not sure of prices. ~ Opening Times Newquay Zoo is open everyday of the year apart from Christmas Day. It opens at 9am and closes at 6pm with last admission at 5pm. ~Overall I was slightly disappointed with my visit. The zoo was small and the animals they had were small, I find the larger animals more interesting. Certainly a half a day visit. I suppose this would be good for people with children as there is not a massive amount of walking to do and there is quite a few animals to see. Price wise, at £7, I feel was acceptable. In comparison to Whipsnade Zoo for price, which I have visited recently, (£12.50 + parking fee) I thought Newquay Zoo wasn’t overpriced. To think that a visit to the cinema is about the same price (yes, hold your head in shame UCI!) this was value for money. Look out for discount vouchers (50p off per person). I probably wouldn’t go ag
              ain, but was glad to have visited the once. (If that makes sense ?!) It is worth visiting, especially with children. Thanks For Reading tbsgt


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                Newquay is not a big name when it comes to animal conservation but it does have a cute little zoo, with a very original name, 'Newquay Zoo'! History It was opened in 1969 as a small 'pets corner', but is now one of the United Kingdom's top zoos. It runs conservation programmes that have won them many awards since 1996. It has also been granted the 'South West Tourism Visitor Attraction Quality Assurance assessment', proving it to be one of the best attractions in the West Country. It is a privately run zoo that has seen many changes since the arrival of its present owners in 1994. Ever wanted to be involved with zoo as a career, well Newquay zoo is also exploring a programme run in conjunction with St. Austell College. This will establish an educational facility on land adjacent to the zoo, especially for BTEC and HND students. The zoo has also employed a full-time education officer which has helped to forge solid links with many of the schools and colleges throughout Cornwall and can offer a variety of educational 'experiences' for children of all ages, many based around the National Curriculum Newquay zoo now employs thirty full time members of staff. The tourism board as Newquay's single best-known attraction currently recognizes the zoo, with over a quarter of a million visitors visiting the attraction in 2001. It is thought that visitor numbers will exceed this figure in 2002. Animals Newquay Zoo is at the forefront of conservation, education and entertainment. A baby Capybara, which was born this winter, can now be seen at Zoo. It specializes in breeding many endangered species. Some of the animals include Capybara, Coatis, Iguanas, Lemurs, Meerkats, Owls, Penguins, Snakes, Squirrel Monkeys Sulawesi Macaques, Tortoises and lots more. What is at Newquay Zoo other than the Animals There is an onsite café/restauran
                t along with the gift shop. There are also picnic area and free spaces too. Education Everyone will find something interesting in this unique zoo, from the youngest tots to eldest adult. The zoo has something to offer the whole family. 10.45hrs. Join the Squirrel Monkeys and Capybara being fed on the island on the lake. 11.30hrs. See our Lemurs, Meerkats and Sulawesi Macaques. 12.00hrs. 'Animal Encounter' This could be anything from snakes, coatis, owls, iguanas, tortoises and lots more. 12.30hrs. You can also learn about our Humboldt Penguins at feeding time. Meet 'Hi Fi' the penguin during his constitutional. 12.45hrs. Visit the Asian short-clawed Otters. Their enclosure is in the stream in the oriental garden and is great to see. 14.00hrs. 'Animal Encounter' to meet more favourite animals close up. I still love the snakes! 14.30hrs. 'Time for the Big Cats' The Pumas and Lions, but I am not sure what my Max would make of them! 15.00hrs. Now go back to see the Squirrel Monkeys and Capybara on the island. 15.30hrs Now it is the turn of the Lemurs, Meerkats and Sulawesi Macaques, to take centre stage. 16.15hrs The finale is the feeding and talk time with the Penguins. (Is this okay Katherine!)? You can listen to many interesting talks put on by the zoo staff at 13.05hrs or 13.15hrs and 16.30hrs. At each feeding time there is always a lively and very informative talk, by the zoo staff. There is a more detailed account at www.newquayzo.co.uk How to Find Newquay Zoo The zoo is only a ten-minute walk from Newquay town centre. There is also a frequent bus service or alternatively in summer use the town-to-zoo road train. There is ample car parking available, with the fee refunded when visiting the zoo. For the disabled there are adequate facilities including easy ca
                r parking, toilet facilities, and free wheel chair usage. The zoo is on a fairly level site, but assistance available if required. Opening Times In summer 2002 25th March 02 - 4th November 9am to 6pm Entrance Fees Adults: £5.95 Child (5-15yrs): £3.95 Child (2-4yrs): £1.50 Under two years FREE Senior Citizens: £4.50 Family Ticket: £18.50 (2 adults & 2 children over 5) Extra child over five: £3.00 Disabled: £3.00 STUDENTS Remember to ask for your Student Discount! Group Rates (15+) Adults: £4.95 Children (5-15yrs): £3.20 Children (2-4yrs): £1.00 Senior Citizens: £3.50 For More Information Address: Newquay Zoo, Newquay, Cornwall, TR7 2TW Website: newquayzoo.co.uk Email: info@newquayzoo.co.uk Telephone: 01637 873342 Fax: 01637 851318


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