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Paradise Park (Hayle, Cornwall)

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4 Reviews

Address: 16 Trelissick Road / Hayle / Cornwall TR27 4HB / England

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    4 Reviews
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      24.07.2010 15:29
      Very helpful



      A good day out

      Paradise Park is located just just outside the main town centre in Hayle, Cornwall. It's easy to get to by car, and has ample parking, and there are regular bus services to Hayle from most surrounding towns (usually the buses going to St. Ives) and the park is a short walk from Hayle station.

      The park is known for it's bird exhibits and is a treat for a real parrot lover like me. However there is lots more on offer, including many attractions for younger children such as the jungle barn play area and mini train ride, as well as a farm for the animal lovers and a pub with it's own exclusive ales for the big kids!

      I had been to Paradise Park when I was small with my family but couldn't remember it very well and decided this is what I wanted to do for my birthday this year.

      The park costs £11.50 per adult and £8.50 per child. This is fairly standard for this sort of attraction an I think good value for a whole day out considering how much there is to see. You can also purchase a return tciket for £3.95 which gives you another entry to use up to March 2011.

      The park has little signposts as you go round with their 'recommended route'. It's a good idea to follow these so you don't miss anything. This takes you first round most the the aviaries with the exotic birds and parrots, and then onto the birds of prey. We got a really good view of all the birds and they all seemed to have a lot of room to fly around.

      The farm was the real highlight for me however. If you are visiting at this time of year, when you buy your ticket at the entrance, make sure you splash out 50p on a bag of sheep and goat food if you like cute baby animals! The sheep, pigs and goats all had a little following of babies behind them and were all very friendly. We spent a good hour fussing them! Also in this area they have the free flying birds of prey show and have them out for a while afterwards too so all the visitors can get a good photo.

      We stopped for lunch at the cafe and I have to say, although a limited selection, the food was excellent. I find in a lot of zoos and tourist places that the food laves a lot to be desired, however this was a real surprise. No burgers hot dogs and chips, instead salads, jacket potatoes, Cornish pasties and all focussed very much on local produce. I had a huge chilli jacket potato for under fiver.

      There is a timetable of this to see and do throughout the day including otter and penguin feeding times and free flying birds shows. My favourite however was feeding the Lorikeets in the Australian Aviary. The keepers let the Loris out and they fly free, landing on whoever gets in their way! You can purchase little pots of nectar and they come and sit on your hands and drink it. Again, we spent rather a long time with the Loris!

      The day is rounded up buy the free flying exotic bird show. They make a point of saying the beginning that the parrots do not perform but it's just to show their natural behaviour. They flew a number of parrots over the crowd. The commentary was good and they gave a lot of good pointers on looking after you own pet parrots, however I found myself being more focussed on how much the girl kept saying 'basically'! It was probably a nervous thing but it's now all I can remember of what she said!

      Overall, I enjoyed my day there and would recommend Paradise Park to any animal lover wanting a good day out in Cornwall.


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        07.07.2009 03:38
        Very helpful



        great day out.

        My family and visit Hale in Cornwall every year. it's a kind of tradition really, the weather is usually lovely and we say on a caravan park right on the beach. As soon as we arrive, I do the usual tour to the information desk to collect leaflets on places around Cornwall that will be nice to visit with 2 young children. I am not sure why I had never seen the advertisements on "paradise Park" before. The leaflet stood out like a sore thumb to be honest. Apparently it was the main attraction in Hale for many years running and was a big favourite with families. The leaflet was colourful showing a big parrot on the front. My daughter was impressed and did noting but mither me all week until we actually went.


        Paradise Park was established in Hayle, Cornwall in 1973 as a tropical bird garden, and since then otters, red pandas, native red squirrels and the rare Cornish Chough can all be seen here. Our 'Fun Farm' is a favourite with children, and daily events bring visitors closer to the wildlife.
        The Park is set around a Victorian walled garden, and features tropical plants which thrive in Cornwall's mild climate.

        In 2005 the new JungleBarn indoor play centre was opened, so that there is plenty of active fun for children even the weather is cold and wet.

        The day we seceded to go was lovely and I was so pleased as I found out that most of the park was situated outside. I had found a £1 off per person entry fee in the leaflet so I took that with us.


        Adults- £10.99
        Children - £8.99 (3-15 years)
        Seniors - £7.99
        Under 3 - FREE
        Disabled rate £6.99
        Family ticket (2 adults, 2 children) - £38.50

        There is also a offer that allows you to buy a return ticket for £3. This is valid until March 2010 and you are able to come back for free if you have paid the extra £3 on top of your entrance fee. I think this was a good idea if you were staying on holiday for a couple of weeks and maybe thinking of going back there.


        Paradise Park opens at 10am every day, with last entries into the bird garden at 3.00pm. The JungleBarn is open until 6.00pm every day. The park closes at 6pm.


        Paradise Park was opened in 1973 after many years of planning and hard work. It was Mike Reynolds who first had the idea of creating a place which could be home to his growing collection of birds. He imagined a sheltered spot, with large aviaries set in beautiful gardens - and he thought this would give him a peaceful life in Cornwall, which he had visited so often from his home in Kent. Mike found a great location for Paradise park and homed a lot of different birds to protect them from danger.


        Wow where do I start? I was so impressed with this place. If you like birds then you will love it here. There were a verity of different species to look at. Some endangered some not. Paradise Park has kept about 400 species, and bred just over 200 species. Some birds are left to fly freely around the park and you could often see different parrots sitting in the trees which I found nice.

        The Park looks lovely and tropical. It is clean and well looked after. I found the staff very helpful and great with my children. The gardens are breath taking which a full of flowers and is lovely to just walk around.

        As well as birds Paradise Park also has otters and red squirrels. There are many different things to look at too and a lot of activities to do while you walk around. My daughter was given a quiz which she enjoyed filling in (with the help of me of course) and when she handed it in at the counter she received a "well done" badge which she was very proud of.

        A lot of eggs have been laid in Paradise park recently and I found their CCTV footage great for being able to watch the chicks progress without disturbing the nest. There are a lot of these around the park which my family found very interesting.

        There are a variety of different talks and shows available to watch during the day. We didn't get chance to see many but what we did see was great. There was a talk on penguins and my daughter had the chance to feed them which she really enjoyed. After the feeding the public got the opportunity to have their picture taken with one of the more friendly penguins which was lovely. For a small donation. You were able to sit with the penguin and stoke it. I took several photographs of my daughters which I found a lovely memento of our day. I also liked that you got the opportunity to feed some small parrots. For 50p you were given a small tub of nectar. I found this quite scary to be honest and My daughter effused to hold out the tub as the birds came flying out of no where landing all over your body. I again was able to take a nice picture of a bird on my daughters head.

        The main show we watched was a bird of pray show. It lasted about an hour and was wonderful. You were able to watch birds of pray flying and catching pray. The birds were flying in the crowd and the talk the member of staff gave you was very informative and interesting.

        I would recommend taking your own sandwiches as there is not a good variety of food available to buy but there are lots of lovely picnic areas where you can enjoy your lunch.

        THE FUN BARN

        I think my children enjoyed it her most. This place is great for kids. Not only does Paradise park give you birds animals etc it also gives you fun. This place was amazing, full of things to climb and massive slides to play on. You child will love it here. There is a place for younger children to play too which I found wonderful with having a 2 year old. My daughter was amazed by a machine that blew balls into the air so they appeared to be floating. I think she spent over an hour just looking at it. The slides were very impressive. They did actually scare me to be honest. There was a huge one with a vertical drop. I was a bit wary letting my 4 r old on this but she loved it. It was also good that adults were able to used these slides and play with there children. I decided to give this a miss as I wasn't that brave. The sack slides were good and both my children went on them several times. This involved taking a sack to the top of the slide, getting in, then sliding down.
        The staff do ask you to wear socks because of hygiene reasons and socks of all sizes are available to buy from the shop for a small cost of 50p.

        The fun barn is available for party hire too with is great for the locals. I would defiantly have a party there if I lived in Cornwall. Prices are around £7.95 per child but this includes entry to the park too which is great.


        I love this place. It was well worth the money. I don't think we had enough time to actually look at everything and get the benefit from the place. I think you take advantage of the return ticket and go over a space of two days. I will defiantly be going back there. My children are still talking about it now and I have some lovely photos to remember the place by too.


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          21.02.2009 18:04
          Very helpful



          a great day out!

          We went on holiday to Haven Rivere sands, which is in Hayle. Hayle is lovely place, however, last summer we didn't see many dry days so we had to find something to do on the days we couldn't go to the beach. After looking through many leaflets we decided to go to Paradise Park, well the children decided! The day we went there were showers throughout the day, with only odd hours of sunshine.

          Paridise Park is also in Hayle, Cornwall. If you don't know where Hayle is I'm sure you will have heard of St Ives, it's near there! The park is well sign posted and easy to find. I'd defiantly recommend it a visit if you are on holiday in that area.

          *The Park*

          Was established in 1973 as a tropical bird garden, so it's main feature is its variety of birds. Since then it has expanded and now features a host of different animals and things to do. As it was raining when we arrived we headed straight for the Jungle Barn. The Jungle barn is a massive indoor play area, great slides and two layers that feature different obstacles. The kids really enjoyed playing in there and would have stayed there all day given then choice but after we had warmed up and had a cuppa, the rain had stopped so we went to have a look around.

          They have set feeding times for the penguins so we went to have a look at them, it was easy to put the little ones up by the wall so they could see. The keepers choose a few children to help feed them (mine were disappointed they weren't picked mind!) then afterwards you can choose to have your photo taken with a penguin, I seem to remember that was ridiculously expensive!

          We then walked around to look at the birds, some very rare. They have an excellent collection of parrots, to which now my son keeps asking me for a parrot! All the aviaries looked clean and spacious, one thing that does concern me about animal parks is how the animals are kept and I have to say this is one of the best I've seen.

          Following through the park we reached the farm like animals, loads of goats etc. that you can feed, we looked at them until it was time for the Bird of Prey show, which again is a set time and proved very popular. It began with a kind of puppet show, which even had the adults laughing then they would being out a bird at a time there were Eagles, Owls and Falcons. They would get them to fly low right over the audience, got a lovely photo of the Owl wings spread really up close!

          By this time it was time for lunch so we made our way back to the mass of picnic tables (we had our own lunch) at this time it was still not raining. They do have a big café and also a pub if I remember so plenty of places to eat. Whilst sitting eating lunch they had loads of parrots up in the trees next to us and they were flying parrots between keepers which was lovely to watch whilst eating.

          After lunch my Thomas the Tank Engine mad 4 year old demanded we went on the little train. The Jungle Express train gives is a tiny little train which takes to around the back of the gardens and park so you can see some of the birds and the large house where the park started from. A train is a must of any little Thomas mad child!

          There is lots to see there, it kept us entertained from 10am until 5 pm which I think is good value for money. Until they make you walk out through a gift shop! However the shop does sell some lovely pieces.

          Paradise park is well worth visiting. I will be returning next time I am in the area. It is a good day out especially with our unpredictable weather. Just be warned the scheduled feeding time and the shows were very busy so make sure you are there before it starts!

          For more info on prices etc. have a look at their website www.paradisepark.org.uk


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          14.02.2009 17:15
          Very helpful



          Interesting bird/amimal park, Children love it.

          Paradise park is one of the many attractions in Cornwall that i have visited over the years and proves very popular with children.

          The park can be found in Hayle in Cornwall. The park is situated on the outskirts of Hayle on the road to Helston. The park is sign posted with the brown tourist signs.

          The park is quite spread out and there is plenty to see and do, different sections include:-

          The free flying area for bird shows, this take place at different times of day and are not to be missed. A variety of different birds and quite a lot of audience interaction with getting people up on to the stage to hold different birds.

          There are the penguins, there are set feeding times for these and the keepers quite often choose a couple of children to help during this time which is brilliant. Whilst the feed takes place the keepers talk all about the penguins.

          There is also the Lorrkeats - little parrots, you can buy food to feed these birds with and feeding time at the otters.

          The tree top red pandas are great to watch, especially if your having a picnic near by.

          Twice a day there is the Eagles display show, lots of Eagles and owls flying between keepers in the outdoor arena, a brilliant sight watching these birds of prey.

          There are also plenty of other things to do at the park imbetween lookiing at the 1000's of amazing birds of many species.

          The fun farm is brilliant fun for adults and children alike, feeding the farm animals and getting up close and personal.

          The jungle express train gives you a chance to sit down whilst going through the amazing gardens with plenty to see including the rare red squirrels.

          The park has a lot of picnic areas which i recommend or you can eat at the Otter pool cafe which serves hot and cold food but they know how to charge for it!
          One of the popular destinations with a lot of people is the Bird in Hand pub!
          Licensed bar with a massive beer garden so the children can run around.

          A big favorite with the children is the Jungle Barn, a massive indoor play centre with ball pools, slides and other soft play things.

          Like all tourist attractions there is a gift shop and there is also a plant shop which sells some of the amazing plants in the gardens.

          Paradise park is a fun day out, children enjoy it more than adults as they are involved in more things and caters for them and as most of it is outside it really is a sunny day attraction and not some where to go in wet or very cold weather!

          The prices for the park are:-
          Adults -£7.50
          Children - £6.50
          Seniors - £5.50
          Unnder three are free
          Disabled rate is £5.00

          The disables access is quite good but there are areas that are more difficult to access than others. Such as to the Canadian Otter area, but apart from that there are a lot of ramps around the park.

          The park also offers animal/bird adoption packs which costs £40 for a year. With this i believe you get entry tickets, a photo and lots of information about the animal, quite pricey but brilliant for those animal and bird enthusiasts.

          All in all i had a good day out, but i think it was a lot more enjoyable because i had children with me!


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