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Paultons Family Theme Park (Hampshire)

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    30 Reviews
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      01.10.2013 17:21
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      A family day out in Hampshire

      My hometown is pretty close to the Romsey based family theme park Paulton's Park, probably better known these days as the home of Peppa Pig world. Having a three year old this is pretty handy as my daughter is quite the Peppa Pig fan. For her third birthday we took a trip to the nearby park the Sunday just gone. It was a pretty wet day but that actually made it easier to get around the park, especially Peppa Pig world which I'm sure you can imagine gets incredibly busy.

      As a child I always loved our family trips to Paulton's Park where the big attraction was meeting Percy the Owl and playing in the huge adventure play park. I remember walking around the beautiful gardens, trying to climb tree's and having competitions with my sister on the trampolines. As I got a little older and the park got that much bigger I remember riding the log flume and getting soaked with the whole family, racing my step dad in the go karts and just generally making great memories. Last year I took my daughter for the first time although being just under two at the time she didn't fully appreciate it. I thought this year would be much more exciting for her and I was really looking forward to taking her. We managed to get hold of a map to show her where we were going which helped add to the excitement and realisation of where we were going.
      Park Information

      The park is based in Over, Romsey and is close to the new forest. It's well signposted from Romsey and from Andover when the road's are quiet only takes around thirty-forty minutes to get there. As far as I know there are no bus links for people travelling from public transport except a bus from Southampton that drops you off near a pub with a fifteen minute walk to the park gates along quite a busy stretch of road. Travelling by car is probably the easiest method in my experience. I believe the park offer stays with links to a local campsite and hotel depending on your preference although living so close this is not something we've ever had to do and the website has more information on this. I do think it's great that since the addition of Peppa Pig world they have added these breaks away although the park isn't really that big and you wouldn't need more than one day in the park. That being said, having gone August Bank Holiday weekend it gets really, really busy with families wanting to go to Peppa Pig world.

      Tickets are £25.50 per individual. There is no child price which I think is terrible. It makes me really angry that they charge such a high amount for children although ones under 1 metre go free, as most of the ride restrictions are 90cm+. The price has also sky rocketed when Peppa Pig world opened which isn't really very fair on families with older children that just aren't interested in going to Peppa Pig world. I really think they need to rethink their ticket pricing to either include separate entry into Peppa Pig world or an all inclusive ticket price. There is a discounted price for guests with disabilities and an online discount too. There are also plenty of measuring bars to make sure your children
      are the right height for the free ticket.

      The park opens most days between 10am-5pm between March and October, there are a few extra dates in February and November and a special Winter Wonderland themed event in December to celebrate the season where Santa pays a visit to the park.
      Peppa Pig World

      For those with young children who enjoy Peppa Pig it's really worth the trip (although I'm not convinced it's worth the ticket price!) It is by far the busiest area in the Park although as we went when it was raining it wasn't as bad as it can be. It is a complete section of the park themed around the television show with visits from characters including Peppa and George who my daughter was delighted to shake hands with on the day we went. We have also seen Suzy Sheep there so I believe the characters do some sort of rotation and there's not really any way to tell who will be visiting the park in advance which can sometimes lead to a little disappointment. There are however times on the Meet and Greet block stating which times you can come back and meet whatever characters are going to be in the park that day.

      Peppa Pig world really brings the show to life for littles ones. My daughter was so excited to see everything. The park has a large indoor play area next to the toy store which we stayed away from or we'd never get my daughter out of there to enjoy the rest of the day. We enjoyed standing near the duck pond whilst my daughter had a little bit of a tantrum (probably too much excitement) after our visit to Peppa Pig's house where two actual ducks joined in the ducks from the show. Peppa Pig world has a few rides within it which are mostly aimed at getting the whole family involved. We took a ride on Peppa Pig's Big Balloon ride which lifts you up into the air and whirls around quite gently. It gave a lovely few of the park although it was one of the first rides Evangeline had ever been on and was a little bit of a shock to the system. There was also a boat ride big enough for three, George's dinosaur ride, Grandad Pig's Train which played a very catchy song. Other attractions included visiting Madame Gazelle's school and seeing a few other characters dotted around. My daughter loved it and had a great time, despite the tantrums! We visited the toy shop which was a lovely experience although I am pretty confident most of the items on sale are available elsewhere for quite a lot less money. Evangeline did have a little birthday money though and chose a ball, teddy and colouring set for herself. I'm glad this toy shop didn't focus on sweets, more clothes and toys which was a welcome relief, adding sugar to an already over-excited child would not have been a good idea!

      I think this has been a really welcome addition to the park and will continue making children all over the UK happy to meet Peppa and George and see their 'home'. I think it's really colourful and there's so much to see and do. I love how they make the rides big enough for the family to get on so that no one is left out and most are big enough for both parents. There weren't really any buggy parks however people seemed quite happy to just leave their strollers by the entrance to rides and you were able to take handbags on the rides with you so you didn't have to leave personal belongings behind.
      The staff in the park didn't really make it as enjoyable as we would have liked as they all seemed quite bored and miserable. It was raining, but for a children's park I expected them to be a bit more friendly and try to get the children involved in things a bit more but they just didn't seem interested in anything which made them very unapproachable when needing help or advice.
      Animals and Gardens

      Aside from Peppa Pig world the park is full of some really beautiful gardens including a Japanese Zen garden, a memorial garden, a water garden, rockery and the grounds are quite beautiful to walk around. There's so much green there which gives a real natural and hidden feel to the park. It's also really quiet and mostly away from any transport you're quite cut off from noise and it's really nice being able to enjoy the grounds without a motorway close by. Obviously the rides and such and children make their own noise but I found most things are quite far away from each other so you have places of quiet too which makes for nice picnic spots. There are also a selection of animals around the park, mostly birds, which are lovely to walk around although the don't have as much space as some other caged animals I've seen. We found a Mynah bird which was quite amusing listening to when they mimic. There were also flamingo's, storks, magpie's, toucans and a selection of horn bills. Some of them had beautiful colours. I remember a lot of peacocks being there before but they don't seem to have them any more. I think for anyone that enjoys birds this would be nice to walk around and see them as there are quite a few types. There are also emu's, meerkats and wallaby's although they're spread around the park quite a lot.

      I really liked the garden's, they're pretty and peaceful and it's really nice when you want a bit of a break from the other attractions.

      The rides here are more focused on younger children however there is quite a large roller coaster, drop ride and spinning stand up ride for older children. There are also the go-karts which are good fun but are a further £3.95 per kart which is quite a considerable amount considering you've already paid £25 to get into the park and if there are more than one of you using the go-karts it just adds to the expense of the place. I don't really agree with all the extra payment of things once inside except food and the arcade games if you're going to play them but having to pay for extra things like go-karts can lead to some real disappointment and makes it a really expensive day out. Most rides are suitable for children 90cm or taller although they need to be with an adult. There are also trampolines and a large bouncy castle which is free and doesn't have any time restrictions. There is also a family log flume and aqua zorbing which is seasonal. The choice of rides is fairly limited but it's more of an attraction park than a theme park and I really like how they consider families and children wanting to stick together on the rides throughout the park. There is also a train ride around the park which takes around fifteen minutes and shows you around part of the grounds. The train ride is free and relaxing and very picturesque.

      The attractions do try to take everyone into consideration so all members of the family can have a good time which is something I really like about Paulton's Park. There are also plenty of play parks with slides, sand pits and climbing frames with picnic area's and benches nearby so the adults can relax for a few moments whilst the kids play on. This can really help to break up the day and get the children to burn off a little more energy during the day.

      There are plenty of toilets, baby changing facilities and dryers situated around the park and everything is very well signposted so you can find them easily. One thing that I thought was brilliant with a toilet training toddler is all the seats, (in the ladies, not sure about the gents) have a lid which a training seat attached perfect for little bottoms so you don't have to worry about that if your child isn't comfortable sitting on a regular toilet. This made such a difference and was a welcome surprise and something I was really glad about. The baby changing facilities are in both the male and female toilets which I think is very helpful if there isn't a female in your party or if it's a single dad taking the kids to the theme park. Things like this do make a real difference I think as it doesn't stop both parents being able to help the children and just enforces that it's a park for the family.

      There is a main restaurant situated near the entrance of the park which is always very busy and serves a selection of hot food. There are plenty of picnic area's and benches, there are also food kiosks situated around the park and vending machines too although it might be cheaper to take food with you. I'm not sure if you can exit the park at any one time to return to your car although I'm sure they have some procedure in place. There is also a lost children kiosk and first aid point. Once you get to the park you are also able to grab a map of the park which is very helpful as everything is really spread out.

      Sadly I don't think the park is worth the £25 ticket price even with Peppa Pig world however as it's the only park with the exclusive rights to it I can see why they would charge so much because they get such a huge return on parents wanting to take their children there. There is a fair amount to do and see but not quite enough to pay that amount and then pay a further amount for things like go-karts. I would go again whilst my daughter is still young enough to enjoy Peppa Pig and I think it's pretty good as it's so local but I can't see us going more than once a year. I think it's very worth the visit for those wanting to go to Peppa Pig world and that have more than one child under a metre as they will love the day with everything there is to see. I thought the way they think of family facilities were great and considering things like toilet training children and having more accessible family changing rooms was really good. The choice of rides was fair and the grounds were really beautiful. It does make for a great family day out but the ticket price just doesn't hold right with me.

      Also on Ciao! -kattwig-


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        17.12.2012 23:51
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        A great day out for the kids!

        Paulton's Park is a good 3 hour drive from where I live so it's somewhere I've only been to once. It's located in Hampshire, just off J2 M27, well signposted. I went with my husband and daughter who was a month away from her 3rd birthday. She is Peppa Pig obsessed, so we mainly went for the relatively new attraction of Peppa Pig World. The main thing that attracted me to Paultons is that it is aimed at the younger children, which I found is a novelty!

        Car parking is vast and there are more than enough spaces including plenty of disabled spaces. The park opens at 10.30am (although dates and times vary during the year so definitely check this on their website before making any plans) and if busy there are staff directing you where to park. You can hire buggies for the day for a nominal fee which are suitable for the under 5s or just for moving your picnic box around! Pushchairs are welcome but you do have to leave them unattended to join in the rides.

        When you arrive you either join the queue to purchase a ticket (£24 per adult, £21 per child, £21.50 for seniors, children under 1 metre tall go free). It is worth noting that if you book in advance you get the tickets for about £3 cheaper each, and you skip the queue and go straight in where they scan your barcode on your booking confirmation or on your iPhone.

        The theme park is not massive like you would expect, but it is pretty big so definitely worth spending a whole day there and getting early. Upon entering the park there are toilets close to the entrance which I was pleased to see were VERY child friendly. They had toilet lids that had the option of being child toilet seats (you know, the toilet training type), baby changing stations and child-height sinks with child-friendly soaps and child-height dryers. As many parents will agree, this is a novelty! For such a busy park I noted that the toilets were surprisingly clean!

        For ease of reading I shall discuss Peppa Pig World first.

        ----PEPPA PIG WORLD---

        Upon entering Paultons, there are clear signposts directing you to all the attractions including Peppa Pig World, which is a short walk across the park (less than 10 mins).

        On the way to Peppa Pig World there is a park with a sandy floor and climbing equipment. My daughter rushed straight to this, as did many children and you could hear parents sighing "all this way and they go to the flipping park!" haha.

        There is a big sign welcoming you to Peppa World and you can instantly see lots of bright colours, lights and the characters. It is very themed, each ride has a name - for example, "Miss Rabbit's Balloon Ride" with a picture of the character on the sign. It is worth noting that for many of the rides throughout the park, children must be 90cm tall to ride.

        There are 7 Peppa rides which are:

        1) "Windy Castle" - this is a hot balloon type ride which is slow and doesn't go too high, seats adults and kids
        2) "George's Dinsosaur Adventure" - children get to sit on a dinosaur as it rides round a track a bit like a carousel type thing, seats one child only
        3) "Daddy Pig's Car Ride" - a car ride that goes round a short track with various Peppa sounds, not powered by you, it's an automated ride, can seat adults and kids
        4) "Grandpa Pig's Little Train" - same as above really but with different scenery, can seat adults and kids
        5) "Grandpa Pig's Boat Trip" - my daughter loved this, it's pretty much a dingy which floats around a pool (you don't steer it) - can seat adults and kids
        6) "Peppa Pig's Balloon Ride" - a balloon ride a bit like Windy Castle really, but does more spinning, can seat adults and kids
        7) "Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Flight" - a helicopter ride similar to the balloon ride, can seat adults and kids

        All the rides are slow enough for young children. My daughter loved them all!

        The main bit to mention is that this bit of the park is often busy, and even if it's not packed, there is between a 30 minute and 45 minute wait for each ride. When you join a queue you will see a sign saying "45 minutes from here" for example, and it is true to it's word! This is probably the reason why seeing Peppa World took nearly all day! I was not pleased with the waiting times at all as we found we had a minimum 35 minute wait for each ride which is a nightmare if your child wants to go on more than once! I was gobsmacked that this is how it works given that it is aimed at the very young, who as we know are not very patient! In every queue you can expect to see crying babies, crying toddlers, tantruming toddlers, running off toddlers, and if you're lucky, sleeping ones!

        A brilliant part of Peppa World is the mockups they have of the characters' homes. You can see Peppa's house which is a mock up of the house on the hill as you see in the programme. You can go inside where there are Peppa, George, Mummy & Daddy Pig figures (you can't touch them) and can take photos etc. This is lovely for the kids as they can say they've been in Peppa's house! There's also Grandpa Pig's house, Grandad Dog's Garage, the School, the Library and the Campervan. All of these are identical to the ones you see in the programme and excellent for photo taking.

        The rides offer photos that are taken mid-ride and priced at the extortionate rates you would expect. You can purchase them from Pedro Pony's Ride Photos. There is also something called Peppa Pig's Magic Studio which is one of those places where you can be in the picture and put yourself in a Peppa picture.

        There is also Peppa Pig's Toy Shop, a huge shop dedicated to Peppa. It wasn't extremely overpriced though it was more expensive than you could buy elsewhere. It sells stuffed toys in various sizes, t-shirts (including 'mummy pig' and 'daddy pig' for mummies and daddies!), caps, umbrellas, purses, cutlery, plates, bags, toys, everything you could possibly imagine. Naturally kids are drawn to it and you leave bankrupt.

        For food, there is Daddy Pig's Big Tummy Cafe which serves light meals and snacks at extortionate prices. Another attraction is Miss Rabbit's Ice Cream Parlour - though I was saddened to see there is no further sight or mention of Miss Rabbit and it is in fact, a normal ice cream parlour serving basic ice creams at extortionate prices. There are also a couple of soft play areas, designed for young kids and with a cafe inside for the grownups. We didn't get chance to go into this and didn't fancy it much as we wanted to go on all the rides, but it looked big and fun.

        You can also stay at the attached hotel and they regularly run offers, more info can be found on their website.

        There are a few game stalls dotted around with the characters' names. These are expensive. One of them was a Candy Cat throwing game where you throw balls into a bucket to win. The signs and indeed the staff's instructions were very unclear and despite me winning (according to the signs and instructions) I was told I did not win. I later complained and was told that on my next visit I could claim a free teddy. When I then said I didn't know if - or when - I could make the hour journey again, I received no further reply. Poor customer service but this is from a contractor that runs the games not Paulton's.

        ---THE REST OF THE PARK---

        I was pleased to see that the rest of the park also caters for young children, however it also appeals to older children, teenagers and adults alike.

        There are 10 'thrill' rides, of which some have a minimum age / height so are not suitable for under 5s, and are the usual theme park type rides like log flumes, roller coasters, pirate ships, vertical rides etc. These are great for older kids, teens and adults.

        There are 5 rides for younger children (under 5s) which are typical carousel type rides - a ladybird, tractor and rabbit. These are the kind where a child sits in the cart and it goes round in a slow circle. There's also a gentle seal ride which is basically a floating type ride where the child sits in a seal and gently floats around a small circle - this is nice but it does go down a slight hill which terrified my daughter.

        There are 8 family rides which are things like trains, helter skelter, go karts, tea cups and a gentle rollercoaster. I would say these are suitable for younger children but perhaps not the more nervous kids as the rollercoaster is possibly a bit too fast for them.

        There are a handful of attractions too - panning for gold which costs £2.50, adventure golf, two parks including one for the under 5s, an interactive 'dinosaur' land with 13 dinosaurs and various noises, trampolines (fixed into the ground so suitable for all), one of those rides where you go into an inflatable ball like a hamster's wheel on water, a water park (no deep water just jets that splash the kids, stationary water guns etc and seats nearby for adults, closed in the colder months. We didn't use this as a lot of older/bigger kids were running riot and I was worried my toddler would be knocked over), there is a train that everyone can sit on that takes you all around the park and lasts about 15 minutes or so.

        It is worth noting that nearly all rides have a minimum height or age restriction, or need an adult to accompany children. Signs and measuring charts are at each ride and the attendant will measure children who appear to be too small.

        There are a few places to eat selling light meals and snacks but they are expensive - a salad is just shy of £5! There is very limited choice too, the kids meals are chicken nuggets or sausages with chips for example. However as you are most likely taking them to Paulton's for a treat, I suppose treat food is ok just this once, as is paying an extortionate amount for an ice cream!

        We arrived at 11am and stayed until closing, it really did take that long to do everything. Getting out of the car park took almost half an hour as it was so busy, but to be expected.

        All in all, a great day out and I would go again - if it were nearer!


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          26.08.2012 14:48



          Go if your children are under 5 but take a picninc!

          I live quite near Paultons Park but hadn't been since I was a small child so when I had children of my own I thought it would be a great place to take them.
          My first reaction was shock at the price of tickets! Thankfully my two are quite short so I didn't have to pay for them as they were under 1metre, that just left over £40 for me and hubby! However when you get there, there really is loads to do, it seemed like one day wasn't enough to do it leisurely even when we didn't go on 50% of the rides be cause the kids weren't tall enough.
          I first went before Peppa Pig world was built and it was still great so the Peppa Pig world section is a fantastic added bonus.
          The main park has a variety of rides for all ages, some are traditional fun far type rides such as a magic carpet and teacups and then there are a few more adult theme park rides. Also dotted around the park are the little cars you normally pay 50p to sit in at the supermarket, at paultons these are all included and the kids can go on every single one!
          There is some lovely non ride parts to the park, such as the dinosaur walk with life size Dino models and the bird aviary and penguin talk. The gardens are also amazingly creative and very well tended, think snakes and ladder sets made of plants etc.
          Moving into peppa pig world , the first thing you notice is the piped theme music playing everywhere, this could drive you a little insane but I managed to block it out!
          The rides are pitched perfectly at the core audience of peppa pig and don't have long queues. There is also a great indoor soft play for when the weather turns!
          There is a lovely safe feel to the park. I felt quite happy leaving our pushchair at the entrance to the rides and not worrying that it or its contents would be pinched!
          The main drawback to the park is the food, which is quite poor. The outlets are dated now and the food offered is of a limited unhealthy range. Mostly burgers, chicken nuggets and chips. It is not too over priced for a theme park but given the beautiful surroundings and gardens in the park, a picnic would be the best way to eat.
          Look out for special theme days on the company website and book your tickets at least a day ahead as you get quite a good discount doing it like this. The park is best value if you're children are over 95cm but under 1m as they are tall enough to go on most rides don't have to pay to get in!
          Have fun!


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          02.08.2012 16:37
          Very helpful



          It's a Hoot

          I first went to Paultons Park about 10 years ago when I was still about 14 years old. During the summer holidays my parents always used to do the tour of the theme parks with me, my sisters and my niece who was very younger at the time ( 3 or 4). Paultons Park was by far the best out of all of them for everyone. It was good for my niece because obviously it is very geared up towards young children, and over the years have added new features such as Peppa Pig World. For me and my sisters the rides weren't too scary as youngsters but as we have got older they have got some adult rides there which we now find fun. I think my parents found it relaxing - which is alot to say for a theme park! There are not many people and the queues for rides are relatively short.

          Over the years the price to get in has gone up, obviously, but then hasn't everything? For an adult the price is £24, although this can be reduced to £21 if you buy in advance on their website. Seniors are £21.50, reduced to £18.50 if paid for in advance. You can get a family ticket of 3 for £69.50 or a family of 4 for £92.00, but this £92 can be reduced to £80 if you buy beforehand so it is well worth thinking about pre-buying tickets. Children under 1 metre go free, now there's something!

          Paultons Park is great if you have young children. You walk in and instantly there are play areas, water areas, and picnic areas where you can sit down and let your children play. Of course there are the rides, which have height restrictions but there are alot geared towards very young children. If your children are not into rides and are scared of them, then there is plenty else to do. For instance there is a train that takes you around the park but be warned this does take at least an hour so if it's hot don't forget the suncream! There are also lots of characters walking around handing out balloons, taking pictures etc - all good fun and the children love it!

          Throughout the park there are lots of animal enclosures, which of course is fun for the children as well as educational. Most of these are also in the shade, which could prove a welcome relief if you go during the summer months and need a break from the searing heat. There's all sorts of animals from meerkats, birds, flamingos, tortoises, wallabies and penguins - where you can also watch them being fed at certain times of the day.

          As for practical issues like toilets and restaurants there seems to be lots of those around. I say restaurants, but they are just quick fast food places, not branded, but they sell hot dog and chips, burger and chips etc. Nothing particularly nice but for what it is it is okay. I suppose that is one of my only complaints that perhaps they could have a "nicer" restaurant where if you did want to eat something other than chips then you could, but it is no big issue. I would suggest if you do not like fast food or fatty foods then to take a picnic because you will not find anywhere that sells anything else.

          My only worry is that Paultons Park is expanding and they seem to be getting bigger and bigger rides, geared towards adults which of course will lead to more adults in the park. This is not a problem in itself, but I would quite like Paultons to stay as a young theme park and not a Chessington etc.


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          26.07.2012 14:42



          All In all a good day out

          I haven't been to paultons park for about 15 years since I was a teenager, but our nieces are super crazy on peppa pig so we all had a family day out.
          My partner and I paid £43 for two adults booking online and to be honest we were disgusted. It's only a few pound more to go into Alton towers if you book online and we can go on everything there. My brother and sister in law and older niece paid £69 on the door for a family of 3 and my younger niece was free as she was under a metre.
          We took a picnic, which you can return to the car for getting your hand stamped.
          The park is excellent now compared to how it was back in my day and I have to say peppa pig world is fantastic, the girls were in awe of it. We also had a good day because we were able to go on most of the rides with them and there was a few more grown up rides. I just cant understand how they can charge so much. If you live locally there is a annual ticket price which I think seems a good deal but that depends on how bored you would get of visiting.

          Peppa pig world seems to be the biggest attraction nowadays but there are also other rides aimed at children or us big kids too.. There is a number of roller coasters, log flumes and go carts which are an extra £3.50 each.

          Tips: bring your own food, bring towels and swimming costumes for the kids, wear comfortable shoes and arrive at opening time and stay till closing because there's a lot to see.

          All in all a good day out but could be priced slightly cheaper.


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          30.04.2012 00:25
          Very helpful
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          Definitely worth a visit!

          Paultons Park is somewhere I had never really heard of before but which came to my attention recently because it includes, in and amongst its grounds, the child-friendly Peppa Pig World themed around the popular Television character and all of her friends. My daughter loves Peppa Pig so when we were discussing which Theme Park to visit, the question quickly became a no-brainer. Having visited Thomas World at Drayton Manor last year, it only made sense to this year go here....

          Competitively priced, admission includes entry to both Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park as well though it is important to note that your child will only get in free if they are under 1M tall and that a lot of the rides require that they are at least that height if they want to go on them. The park itself is pretty vast so I would recommend getting there as soon as it opens to make the most of your day!

          One thing I liked, which we didn't realise at first but which deserves a mention very early on, is that all of the ride-alongs in the park like the ones you see outside supermarkets are FREE! In fact, other than food, the only things we saw that you had to pay extra for once inside were the Go-Karts, an attraction where you could propell water bombs at each other and a few things like a shooting gallery and a water cannon gallery etc which charged you £1. To me, this all semed very reasonable!

          Peppa Pig World impressed me far more than Thomas World! There are only a few animals to see~ including meercats and birds mostly ~ but a wide selection of rides and attractions based around Peppa Pig more than make up this. These include Miss Rabbit's Balloon Ride which lifts you up in a mock hot air balloon, a similarly inspired Cloud Castle Ride which goes up qite high and offers a good view over the park and Daddy Pig's Car Ride which involves travelling around a set track. There is also a water ride where you travel around a small pond in a boat and George's Dinosaur Ride which has you bounce along a bumpy track around dinosaur-themed sights that includes volcanoes that actually spurt out smoke as you go past! It's all very child-friendly and all lots of fun!

          There is a house where you can pose next to figurines of Peppa and her family whilst they toss pancakes and talk about the various attractions you can visit and Miss Gazelle's School House where you can get your photo taken next to Peppa and her school frends at a cost of £7.95 per photo which does seem a bit steep but it is nice to have a momento to take home! I should also point out that on certain rides, George's Dinosaur and Daddy Pig's Car, you also get your photo taken which can be purchased at extra cost!

          If you are lucky, Peppa and George may turn up and walk amongst the crowd though we only saw them outside Miss Gazelle's School House where they waved and posed but then it was a rainy day when we visited!

          There is also the usual indoor soft play area and the usual array of cafes and merchandise shops.

          Once you leave here and enter Paultons Park proper, there is even more to see and do. There are a wide variety of rides, with only a few doubled up so that they are both child and adult appropiate. Examples of these include a Pirate Ship and a Jumping Jack Ride and these are suitably marked on your guide map so that you know which are designed for adults and which are more family friendly! New for 2012 is the Magma Ride but I am afraid I wasn't quite brave enough to go on this so cannot really comment on just how good this ride is though it looked to be pretty daring to me!

          The Raging Rapids Log Flume is lots of fun but DO be prepared to get wet! This involves the usual scenario of you riding around a set of rapids and speeding down a pair of twin slopes in order to get a good soaking. The first slope isn't too bad but it wasn't till after the ride that I realied the second slope is much steeper and much more scary going down! As my daughter told me later, "Ididn't like the second one Daddy...that scared me!" I should add though that overall she described this paticular ride as "Fantastic!!!"

          Emilie is only 4 but loved going on the more family-friendly Pirate ship that swings back and forth before spinning round at speed! She is also the one that encouraged me to go the Dragon Ride ~ a series of carriages daragon-themed that travel around a circular track at great speed before coming to a halt, only to then do the same backwards! It is fair to say that this left me more than a little giddy!

          Other rides in the park include two roller-coasters, a sky-lift ride that involves swings that travel around at great speed at a worringly high height and the more traditional tea-cups. Of these, I only rode on the latter (being a bit of a scaredy-cat wuss) but it is fair to say that me, my wife and my daughter had lots of fun and we got to go on everything we wanted too! The queues too werre fairly reasonable with no more than a 20 min max wait on each ~ no doubt because it was a fairly miserable day when we visited though it was fair to say the Park WAS fairly busy even for this early in the season.

          There are other kiddie rides and more adult rides available at the park that I have no doubt neglected to mention and for a more comphrensive list, you should visit the Park's website but I can honestly say that I found this realy good value for money and a throughly good day out! For full admission prices, you should also check out the website though I believe we paid around £60 for all 3 of us!

          The Park is situated not far from Southampton and on the edge of The New Forest. It is a great place to visit, great value for money and offers joint accomodation and entry packages for visitors though we found it cheaper to book these seperately!

          Overall, I cannot reccomend this attraction highly enough! I cannot compare it to the likes of Alton Towers or Thorpe Park because I have never visited either of these but it seemed to me to be a better-than-average class of Theme Park and if you have younger kids into Peppa Pig they will LOVE it!


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            16.09.2011 15:14
            Very helpful



            A day out for the kids!

            ***PAULTONS PARK***
            Paultons Park is located near the New Forest in Hampshire and is a great place to take the kids for a day out. It's easier to get to Paultons Park by car, how-ever you can also get there by bus and train and all the directions are given on Paultons Park website, to help you get there. This park has lots to do and see including different rides for all ages, animals to see and beautiful gardens to walk round. There are lots of different places to eat and plenty of things to do to keep the children entertained. At the beginning of this year they opened Peppa Pig World in the park which has proven to be very popular, with my friend's taking their children there.

            I went to paultons park many years ago when I was a child, but there isn't much I remember. Whilst most school's were back, my nephew hadn't started school yet so we decided to take him to Paultons Park, mainly for Peppa Pig world as he loves watching the programme and also has lots of Peppa Pig toys. We were supposed to take him there for his birthday in April but this was when Peppa Pig World had opened, so we avoided it, as we knew it would be very busy.

            ***PURCHASING TICKETS***
            We chose to purchase our tickets before we actually got to the park and this was very easy to do via their website. We actually purchased a family of 4 ticket which cost us £74.00 and normal ticket price on the gate would be £80 so this did actually save us a bit of money. Although my nephew is only 4, he was over 1 metre so we had to pay full price for him. The full paying price for adults and children over 1 metre is £21.00, how-ever prices can vary during different times of the year. As soon as you purchase the tickets they are sent to your e-mail address and you can then simply print them off and take them with you.

            ***CAR-PARK/ENTERING THE PARK***
            Judging by the look on the car-park I would say they were re-surfacing it, as there was quite a bit of gravel about and there were no markings in the car park. There was how-ever staff pointing you into the right direction and showing you where to park. There is seperate parking for disabled which is located closer to the entrance. There was some building work going on in the car-park, how-ever this didn't make any difference to the car park itself. The park opens at 10:30am (this time varies through-out the year and you can check their website for this information). We got to the park at about 11am, and there was lots of parking and now waiting time to get through the entrance. We were given a park map and made our way to Peppa pig Land which was located a short walk across the park.

            ***PEPPA PIG WORLD***
            I am going to write a bit about this as this seems to be the main thing in the park that most people go to. This was without a doubt the busist part of the park, there were already queues for some of the rides. As you walked under the Peppa Pig World sign you can hear magical music and bright colours surround you. There are various rides including a Helicopter Ferris Wheel. Car Ride, Train Ride and play areas. There are of course other rides in this part of the park as well. You could even go inside Peppa Pig's house as well and inside were the Peppa Pig Family. We took my nephew into the school where you could pay £8 to have your picture taken in there. This looked great as it had all the other Peppa Pig characters in it and was put into a nice frame as well. Although there were queues for some rides, we stood in a queue for no longer than about 5 minutes. My nephew espicially loved the Train and the Car ride and he went on this twice. There is a huge Peppa Pig themed shop, which sell books, clothing, accessories and other Peppa Pig items. This may seem quite expensive, but isn't anymore expensive than any other shop selling Peppa Pig merchandise. On the rides as you are going round it takes your pictures and you can see them on the screen after the ride. You have the option to purchase these if you wish which will cost £7.00 or you can buy 2 for £10. They also do magnets and keyrings as well.

            ***EATING AT THE PARK***
            There was a large eating place just outside Peppa Pig world. They sold kids meals and a selections of salad's, sandwiches, drinks and snacks. I wasn't very impressed with the selection avaliable, as for the kids it was just an option of chicken nuggets with chips or a sausage and chips. The chips weren't very nice and I thought the food was very expensive costing nearly £5.00 for one meal. I had a salad and that alone cost me £4.50 as well. There are other places to eat beside this one and each restaurant/shop sells different things to eat. It tells you all of this information on the map.

            There are many toilets located around the park, these are also shown on the map. The toilets are very clean and I think it's great that they not only have a normal seat on them but a children's seat on it too which you can pull down. There were maybe a few times where we had to wait a few minutes to use the toilets but we weren't waiting for too long.

            ***THE REST OF THE PARK***

            Rides - There was a ladybird, mouse, tractor and digger ride. He loved the Digger ride and went on this twice, as well as the tractor ride. My nephew also loved playing in the different play areas as well which included slides, swings and other things such as tunnels and a big tree house. In terms of adult rides there isn't really much. Me & my sister went on 2 rollercoasters and a log flume. The best rollercoaster in the park by far is Cobra which goes round twists and up and down dips at a fast speed. We all went on the train ride which goes around the park and past Peppa Pig world, this took about 15/20mins but it was nice to sit down and see the rest of the park with us altogether. There were other rides in the park including Swinging Ship, Tea-cup Ride and other, more gentle rides. Some of the rides do have a height restriction or require an adult to go on with a child if they are a under a certain age. The details of this are at each ride though along with a height chart for the children.

            Animals/Scenery - We walked around the land of the dinosaurs which was set in a woodland part of the park. The speakers hidden in the trees played dinosaur noises as you walked round and looked at the huge dinosaurs. We also walked around some of the gardens and looked at some of the birds they had in the park, these included flamingo's, pelican's and some beautiful red parrots. Some of the gardens have some beautiful shapes hedges which have been shaped into different animals. There is a Riverside walk which you can go on, we didn't do this as it wasn't something my nephew would have enjoyed.

            Other things to do - My nephew particularly liked panning for gold. This cost £2.50 and you got a metal pan which you would dip into the sand and water to try and ffind gold pieces. You could then take the gold pieces to the shed and it would be exchanged for a gold medal. He really enjoyed doing this and even took some of the small gold pieces with him. There are other small things in the park to do such as using water jets to shoot targets and small game stands where you can win prizes.

            ***GIFT SHOPS***
            There are 2 shops just before you leave the park. One of these sell's a large range of gifts and toys for both adults and children. The other shop sells sweet, biscuits and s range of toys for smaller children. Although both shops are quite expensive it was only right to treat my nephew to something small from the shop.

            ***OVERALL OPINION***
            At first we thought £21 was quite expensive to get into the park, how-ever when you think of all the free ride's, the price isn't too bad. We chose a very good time to go with most children back at school so we didn't have to queue long, how-ever if you went here in the school holiday's I think there would be a much longer waiting time for the rides and Peppa Pig world would be crowded. If Peppa Pig World wasn't there I don't think the park would really be worth visiting, as they don't have many animals or other rides there. I would probably take my nephew here aagain just so he can go to Peppa Pig world again but in terms of the rest of the park there really isn't much here. My nephew enjoyed his time here and was very tired by the end of the day. If we did go again, I think we would most definately take our own food with us as it's just too expensive for a whole family to eat here. I would recommend others to go here, but for the Peppa Pig world only!!

            For information about the park you can visit their website which is https://paultonspark.co.uk/home

            (review also on ciao)


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              19.05.2011 10:33



              We took our family to Paultons Park for the 1st time last week (mainly to see the new Peppa Pig World) and it was a truely amazing experience! My daughter Jess who is 5 could not believe her eyes when she got to see Peppa's house and ride on the Big Balloon Ride. She said 'Mummy I want to live here!' The park was fantastically clean and the staff we met were great with the kids. All the rides are themed exactly like the TV show. The food was reasonable, however we took our own picnic and there were some beautiful gardens in the middle of the main park where we ate. The rest of the park was a bonus, great rides for those with children under 10, it felt very safe and not as commercial or busy as the big parks like Legoland & Chessington.5*****


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              08.05.2011 11:19



              Wouldn't go again.

              We went to Paultons three weeks ago as my daughter wanted to visit the new Peppa Pig world.

              Peppa Pig world is fantastic for the younger child and has a number of rides aimed at the very young. It's clean, brightly coloured and fun!

              A couple of criticisms of Peppa Pig world though: The gift shop is an absolute rip off and by rip off I mean prices are 4x what you'd pay on Amazon!

              Secondly, the george dragon ride is very badly designed. Each dinosaur has only two seats, the from seat only suitable for a child under 1m, the back suitable for an adult. If you have a young child over 1m tall they have to ride alone or not at all! No seat belts are available and it's easy for a child to fall off.

              The rest of the park, however, is not really up to standard. The food stalls are overpriced and the food is stodge. It took me 40 minutes to buy a couple of coffees and a portion of chips, the staff are that slow!

              Staff are rude and somewhat abrupt. Not really what a family wants!

              There are various walk-through exhibits in the park, these are very worn and tired looking (eg WIld in the WIllows, Magic Forest). To be honest I don't know why they bother with attractions like this.

              Other rides are also very worn. For example the astroglide is starting to rot in places and the handrails appear loose! The raging river ride has a safety rail on only one side meaning a scared child could easily stand up and fall off (No lap straps). These rides probably passed safety regs 20 years ago when they were first made but they feel (And appear) as though they are unsafe.

              Another issue that needs sorting is that of priority armbands. One couple told us how it's possible to go to Customer services, tell them your child is 'special needs' and you get priority armbands that let you queue jump. They had done this themselves and there were other families around who's children appeared to have no problems but had coloured armbands. When we complained to a member of staff they said it was "tough" but that we should maybe try cheating the system in the same way!! Maybe Paultons should ask for proof before issuing priority bands to save p1ssing everyone else off..?

              Newer rides are fab though, such as Cobra and the Edge and we didn't get to go on everything we wanted as the park started winding down at 5.30pm.

              There is a twice daily live performance by scott the clown which was very good.

              Would we go again? No. However, Peppa Pig world is recommended.


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              20.12.2010 17:36
              Not Helpful




              I have been to Paultons Park before but will never go again, After the bad weather we have had they closed the rides down which is understandable but have left the Santa winter wonderland open but you have to use your alloted time, Which for us was 16:30 and as we live over an hour and a half away that was pointless traveling there and back just to see Santa for 5 minutes, They also say that you can re-use your tickets to come bak in the new year but wouldnt refund the difference. As I come from a big Family and the tickets cost over £250 i believe Paultons should review their stance on refunds as they have lost out on my children and my Friends children going there at least 3 times a year. I believe they are very short sighted in their no refund policy when the park has been closed due to bad weather.


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              14.10.2010 14:36



              We have just returned from Paultons park after only an hour. Word of warning, do not visit this park out of season as only 50% of the rides are open at any one time, and none of the kiosks selling refreshments are open inside the park (including things like the golf kiosk to buy score cards) however you pay 100% of the price. After less than an hour struggling to find the correct staff for the rides. we decided to leave in disgust. I was told by the company owner "steven" that he has never issued a single refund in 26 years!!. A poor policy for a service that is supposed to be for families and a distinct lack of customer service (the customer is has never been right???). Would not visit again on principle in any season even though my family are £37.00 out of pocket!


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              30.01.2010 14:19
              Very helpful



              It's a hoot hoot

              Paultons park has got bigger and better over the years since I was a child and now I take my own son.
              They reopen for 2010 on Sunday 14th February.
              Situated a few minutes off junction 2 of M27 and signposted clearly. If you do not drive then a train to Romsey 10mins away followed by taxi at an approx cost of £7.50.
              Local taxi numbers for Romsey are 01794 514945/ 01794 513385
              You need to weight up the costs of travelling as can work out very pricey on top of entrance fees.

              Entrance fees are under 1metre in height free and can access most of rides.
              Over 1 metre costs £17.50 (at 2009 prices)

              There are many many attractions to go on and see, over 30 to be approx.
              They have big rides for the brave and small rides for the not so brave. The assortment of rides for the children is brilliant and suits many ages. The tractors ride was a favourite for my son as was the train trip & jumping Jack ride.
              They have some animals there too, Penguins, birds, wallabies, meerkats and Tortoises.
              There are some nice areas to just go for a walk around too and see the lake and wildlife. A dinosaur adventure walkthrough with growling dinosaurs always gives some surprises.
              The park has a restaurant/cafe area and also several kiosks scattered around the place.
              Easy to get wheelchairs/pushchairs about.

              I look forward to returning there again this year with my son, You can easily spend a whole day there.

              See their website for more details- http://www.paultonspark.co.uk/home.html

              Throughout the year they hold special day or weekend events like Bob the builder, Peppa Pig etc being there..


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              05.04.2009 20:55
              Very helpful



              A great family day out near the New Forest

              We visited Paultons Park recently for the second time, we are a family of four with 2 children under 6. We had an absolutely fantastic time, Paultons is a very good park for families.

              Getting there:

              Paultons is situated in Ower, on the edge of the New Forest in Hampshire. It is a short distance from junction 2 of the M27 and actually suprisingly in reach for anyone living on the outskirts of London or near the M3. By train you would have to take a taxi from Romsey station.
              Once you arrive parking is ample and free.

              Entrance costs:

              Children under 1 metre are free - this is strictly enforced but in my mind actually quite fair. If you have a 90cm toddler (as I do) they will not pay to get in but can go on the majority of the rides. Adults and children over 1 metre were £17.50, we paid £50 for a family of 3 ticket. There are currenty no Tesco deals for entrance of vouchers to be had so I think you pay that price, or if you are a local perhaps investigate a season ticket (£65 upgrade on the day I visited). If you are a local with a child under 1 metre that actually strikes me as a bargain - as it was the entrance is not cheap but we were there for 5 hours solid so I suppose it equated to £10 per hour, which seemed ok.
              Tickets can be purchased online in advance, but for us this would have meant a £1 saving by the time we paid transaction charges so not worth it in our case as we weren't sure on the way if the weather would be suitable.

              The park itself:

              A word of warning, when you arrive you might think you have come to something rather disappointing. The buildings and entrance are not really very impressive as they are not solid brick - think run down pier rather than Disneyland. This is a shame as actually once you are inside the park is absolutely fantastic.
              Thinking about the park I realised that I have actually been to a worryingly big amount of parks in my time - from Alton Towers, Drayton Manor via Chessington, Legoland and Disneyland I've been to a fair few. Now Disney this isn't (I think Disney is in its own league but that is another review), but for younger children this park is a lot better than more flash and expensive competitors. To me it beats Legoland (which I actually live within 20 minutes of and once had a season ticket) hands down with young children.
              On both times I have been I have barely queued - bearing in mind that it has been on busy weekends, compared to other more expensive parks that in itself is a huge boon. My children were able to stay on the rides for two or three turns and I managed to go straight onto the two more hardcore adult rides with no waiting.
              The park is charming in a very English way - apparently it started 25 years ago as a country park and grew from there and it has retained that charm - it doesn't seem too much like a huge corporate money making machine but rather fun - the staff were very jolly on the day I went and perhaps as the sun was shining it just seemed a nice place to be. The gardens are beautiful and there are also a number of birds and animals to see - from flamingos to huge tortoises and penguins. There are several play areas with slides and mini playhouses for all ages of children and a new water park play (new for 2009), similar to the one at Legoland. This looked very popular even on the sunny April day I visited - so pack swimsuits if the weather looks nice.

              The rides:

              There are 31 rides in all - counting from the park guide. Of these 17 have no height restriction, these being the tamer rides. We really enjoyed the tractor ride - the whole family rode on a big tractor through a very manicured and well maintained garden. The digger ride and "Seal Falls" - mini log flume were very popular with my children - not the most new of rides but still great fun. There was a train, bouncy castle and quite a few rides for smaller children.
              For adults new this year (2009) was "The Edge" - this was absolutely fantastic and made my day! It looked quite daunting, consisting of a sort of flying saucer which went along a track up and down, the riders being perched on the rim of the saucer looking out. It looked quite scary but was an absolutely fantastic ride, exhilerating and not vomit inducing at all - I loved it! Children over 7 and 1.2m could ride the edge.
              There is also one very decent rollercoaster - the Cobra for adults and children over 1.1metre. Everyone is also bound to enjoy the Waverider - a big water slide which you ride down in a rubber dingy.
              It is a little bit mean that you have to pay extra for the go-karts (£3.95 a car) and the climbing wall, in my opinion these could have been included.
              Overall the rides are really best suited for families and youger children will have the most fun in my opinion. We found plenty to do to keep us busy the whole time we were there and left with the sound of "one more ride please!" ringing in our ears. Since we went my children have been talking of nothing else - the two and a half year old has taken to looking at the park guide and pointing out her favourite bits of the park.

              Food and shops:

              We sampled some chips - which were nice enough - there is various food around the park but also space to picnic. We got the opportunity to try "New Forest Icecream", which was very good - from what I saw I don't think the park would win any healthy eating awards - but let's face it that wouldn't be what you would expect at a theme park anyway!
              There was a wide range of merchandise available from swimsuits cunningly next to the water park to cups, and pocket money toys.


              As I said earlier we really had a fantastic time this weekend, as we did last time we went. This park is just pitched right for us, and on a sunny day it is pretty perfect - though I imagine in the rain it would be much less fun.
              If you are considering visiting the park's website at www.paultonspark.co.uk
              is pretty comprehensive, though does manage to avoid showing you those rather grotty buildings at the entrance - don't let them put you off when you arrive. A lot of people we were chatting to on the way round were also having a great time and surprised by how good the park was and based on this, and my own experience I can thoroughly recommend Paulton's for a day out. If you are not convinced I know a 2 year old who has a rather well worn map who could do a very good job of selling it to you!


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                01.04.2009 22:12
                Very helpful



                A superb place to take young kids

                Paultons Park is a large theme park situated at Ower, just off the M27, in Hampshire. It's about a 15 minute drive from either Southampton or Romsey and takes about 25 minutes to travel there from, my home town, Salisbury.

                I first visited Paultons nearly 20 years ago - taking the young son of a friend there for the day. It was a good day out for me and my charge. I now have my own family, with 2 kids aged 9 and 7, and we've been to Paultons about 12 times in the last 6 years. The park has developed steadily in the many years since my first visit and there has been an ongoing programme of improvements (general facilities and rides). Paultons covers a massive acreage and there is no shortage of space for expansion.

                The first thing to note is that this is a park designed and aimed at kids of, I would say, 2 to 13 years old. There are no massively stomach-churning rides of the kind you would expect at Thorpe Park or Alton Towers. There are, however, over 50 rides and other significant attractions that will delight most families.

                For the one off entrance fee, virtually all of the rides are free. You can pay extra to have a go on some go-karts (about £3 a time from memory) or on one of the "water cannon" side stalls. Other extras that you may wish to stump up for include an outdoor climbing wall (properly supervised and with all safety harnesses) and a "shoot a football through a target hole to win a soft toy" affair. I resent having to pay extra for such things and therefore do not = there is so much to enjoy wlsewhere within the park. The 2009 fees are basically £17.50 for each person (adult or child over 1m) and with children under 1m getting in for free when accompanied by an adult. It seems harsh to charge adults such a fee as there are few rides that they will want to go on, other than when necessary to accompany a child. Family tickets can also be purchased and a family of 4 can get in for £66. Small discounts apply if you buy online in advance.

                The admission prices are fair value and allow you to roam throughout the park from opening at 10am through to closing (5.30 in peak season). My kids will be tired out after 5 hours at the park and will have experienced a lot of rides in that time. The rides are well spaced out and there are also riverside walks (including a walk where very large dinosaur figures are hidden in the foliage), caged exotic birds, owls and the like together with a penguin pool, pens with wallabies, ostriches, flamingoes. There are some indoor attractions - one with a Wind in The Willows theme and another will some pretty good nursery rhyme automated scenes (the Magic Forest).

                There are a number of food kiosks where you can buy ice creams, chips, sweets and burgers plus a couple of restaurants. I found the prices in the restaurants excessive and don't find them good value. Much better, where possible, to take your own picnic - there is a generous number of seating and tables in all corners of the park. The large carparks are easy to return to, just a short walk from the heart of the park, so you can leave your food and drink in the car until needed. There are a few toilet blocks but, as is often the case in such places, not enough for the number of punters on a busy day.

                Each ride has clear signs showing any minimum and/or maximum height and age restrictions. Many rides require an adult to accompany a younger child. Thr rides are all kept clean and shiny and give me the impression of being well looked after and maintained. A member of staff is present at each of the rides, although off-peak you often find one person looking after 2 rides - operating one whilst the second is temporarily closed and then switching to the second, closing the other.

                In peak, school holiday, season there are obviously big crowds at Paultons but the area there is so vast it rarely seems overcrowded (other than in the near vicinity of the most popular rides ). The longest I've ever had to wait for a ride is about 30 minutes and that was exceptional (queueing for the Colbra roller coaster ride - one of the park's biggest and most popular attractions). Typical waiting times are often between 0 and 10 minutes off peak season (April, May, September, October) and up to 30 minutes in those busy, hot summer days.

                The park does claim to have attractions for all weather but I would suggest that you are only going to get real value for money on a dry day.

                For the younger children, Paultons has:
                - a large covered bouncy castle
                - low level covered mini trampolines
                - various outdoor play areas (swings, slides, pirate boats, climbing frames, see-saws and more)
                - A slow moving train ride (the Rabbit Ride)
                - Various appropriately- sized roundabouts and other rides which move from side to side or vertically
                - A teacup ride
                - A digger ride
                - A seal ride
                - A mini (frog) roller coaster
                - Viking boat ride (boats rotate around central support - very sedate)

                For the older kids:
                - The Cobra roller coaster ride (a full size coaster)
                - The Stinger roller coaster (a smaller scale but still fast and twisty coaster)
                - A large "swingboat"
                - The Jumping Bean vertical drop ride (12m high)
                - One of those old-fashioned looking swing chair rides
                - A log flume ride which takes you up to 11m and drops you down with up to 1.5 g-force and gets you very wet (although you can spend a £1 to use the walk in body dryer located near the exit to this ride)
                - The Wave Runner (my daughter's favourite) which is a water coaster - you sit in a dinghy carriage and sliding down a long undulating slide.

                Family rides include:
                - A minature train ride where you sit in open sided carriages and are taken for an 8 to 10 minute trip around one section of the park
                - A 6 lane Astroglide slide (where you sit on one of those coir mats)
                - Trekking Tractors - a sedate, rail tracked ride, on a full size tractor

                I'm not going to list the whole 40 rides especially when you can see them all on www.paultonspark.co.uk a great site with everything you need to know about opening times, prices, etc.

                So, phew (I've written a lot more than I'd originally intended), a great day out for families with young children. Easy to get to, plenty of parking and a fantastic place to take a picnic. Kids tend to love it there and it's great being a parent as you do get to go on some rides (which is fun if you're a big kid like me) and you can watch your children have such a good time.


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                  21.01.2009 18:02
                  Very helpful



                  Way To Much Fun For One Day!

                  Paultons Park is a really good family park.
                  The Park is aimed at younger children to about 12 years of age.
                  It is loacted in Hampshire, Exit 2 off the M27 if you live locally it is really easy to get to with the bus X7 Sailsbury - Southampton. It stops outside the park so you have to walk up the drive, it only runs mon-sat. On a Sunday the X71 takes you right into the park.
                  Southampton is very close approx 8 & a half miles away.

                  The Park is getting bigger rides every year which is good if you have young & teenage children!
                  In 2006 the ride 'Cobra' Opened which is now one of the bigger rollercoasters they have. March 09 another new ride will open which is the 'Edge' this ride is a giant disk which you sit on and it spins along the 90m track, it has a 'Camelback' hill which makes you feel like your floating. And this is the first in the UK!

                  Other rides they have include
                  ~Big Rides~
                  *Cobra, Sky Swinger, Kontiki Ride, The Jumping Bean, Wave Runner, Log Flume, Stinger Rollercoaster, Dragon Roundabout, Pirate Ship.

                  The Dragon Roundabout makes you feel very dizzy, so if you get sick easliy probably not good to go on!
                  The Log Flume is really good with 2 drops one has a bump in the middle and the 2nd is higher and just straight down.

                  ~Family Rides~
                  * Trekking Tractors, Magic Carpet Ride, The Flying Frog, Teacups, Rio Grande Railway, 6 Lane Astroglide, Vikking Boats, Flying Saucer.

                  The Rio Grande Railway goes around the park, you can see the animals, gardens & rides of the park! It's great for a little rest just sit on there & enjoy!

                  ~ Childrens Rides ~
                  * The Jumping Jack, Seal Falls, Digger Ride, Ladybirds, Rabbit Ride.

                  ~ Attractions For All ~
                  * Adventure Golf (£1 Depsit Per Club)
                  * Panning For Gold (Extra Charge)
                  * Percy's Pirate Adventure (Show)
                  * Penguins Watch the Peguins in an Underwater viewing area or just above water.
                  * Percy's Playhouse- This is like a tree house with 2 big tube slides coming out of it.
                  * Land Of The Dinosours- Walk through the Dinosour walkway and hear them & see if you can see all 13 Dino's!
                  * Play Village- Climbing ropes, swing bridges, creative sand play, tunnels, slides, pulleys, rockers, surronded by sand.
                  * Wind & The Willows- You walk around and the animated characters tell the story with music.
                  * Paultons Garden
                  * Animals- Meerkats, Exotic Birds, African Aviary...

                  Per Person- £17.50
                  Child under 1 Meter FREE!
                  Senior Citizens- £ 14.50

                  Family Tickets
                  Family Of 3 £50.00
                  4 - £ 66.00
                  5 - £82.50
                  * Each Family must have 1 paying child under the age of 12.
                  Find out more online paultonspark.co.uk

                  I went to the park about 4-5 years ago?
                  I used to love it, the log flume was my favourite ride along with the pirate ship and the sting rollercoaster.
                  It is a little pricey but is a great day out, and if you take a picnic this will save you money. There are many places you can eat it.
                  We used to eat ours by the caves and fish pond!
                  I used to come here alot and always looked forward to it, it's great for a summer holiday treat! But we grew out of it and moved onto the bigger theme parks.
                  Paultons Park are now creating bigger rides which i think is good if you have a big age gap between children so there is now something both can enjoy!
                  Last time i went queing was never really a problem unlike the larger parks.

                  Overall there are about 50 rides & attractions: Opening in 2009 is the 'Edge' which i have said about and a 'Water Kingdom' which has 40 different way to get wet and a patio area next to it so parents can watch over there children!


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