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Pleasure Island (Lincolnshire)

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5 Reviews

Kings Road, Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire, DN35 0PL. Tel. 01472 211511 Fax. 01472 211087

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    5 Reviews
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      05.08.2011 17:29
      Very helpful
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      more of a fair than a theme park but a good day out

      Pleasure Island is actually a really fun day out, I live in Grimsby and this is in Cleethorpes so it's just a bus ride away for me and my friends, it opens at 10am and these days it shuts about 4-5pm. However if your planning on going anytime soon and you haven't been in a while, take 3 times the amount of money you took before, you are going to need it.

      To be fair, Pleasure Island is nothing compared to what it used to be, and no just because i'm not a child anymore, but because it has actually change a lot and I'm not sure if it's for better or for worse. Firstly, the admission fee has gone up dramatically and is now a whooping £18 to get in for an adult and isn't much less, which if it was as large as flamingo land but it's about a quarter of the size not including the animal area.

      Please Island does however has a sort of variety of rides, my first ride I still go on first is the tinka boo factory an then they have a little cute sweet shop as you come out of the ride, they seem to have more spinny rides than anything, and only have the minnie mine train and the boomerang as roller coasters and only the boomerange goes upside down once so it could really do with massive improvement there, This 2011 summer opening though they received 'the terrorizer' which is an awesome ride, you sit in a seat which all turn backwards so you are laid on your back, it is also on a big stock that swings and turns upside down whilst the seating area spins around seperately.

      There's lots of mini games to play inbetween the rides and restaurants which are quite overpriced, a baguette was about £6 and it wasn't even very nice, they do have free entertainment at Mccormacks bar which you don't even have to pay to get in the park to go. You can get around the park fully on every ride depending on the ques which arn't to big these days in approximately 3 hours.

      It's quite a funny day and a lto of the rides are ace but it' just way over priced and to small for a theme park, it's more of a fair.


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        28.02.2011 14:02
        Very helpful



        see review x

        I used to take my kids here every year, as we used to go on holiday for a week to the Beach comber caravan park just across the road, during our week stay we would probably go to Pleasure Island about three times, the kids loved it.

        Pleasure Island

        I will say this is not one of the biggest and probably not one of the best theme parks around, but I do think it is the one that is more family friendly, they have things for adults teenagers and young children also, most of the time you for theme parks you would think young children would not have much to do, but not here, there really is something for the whole family.

        The park is easy to navigate around and most rides are easy to find. The park is not that big so you can walk around at your own leisure, and easily get around the full park within the day, and get on each ride at least once, maybe even twice. If you can not find a specific ride you want to go on, you are given a map on the way in, so you can easily find out where you need to go.

        ==THE RIDES==

        Adult rides

        Boomerang- This is the only roller coaster that the park have, but yes I loved it you have two loops to go round then up a hill, and back down and round the two loops backwards. The ride is fast and thrilling so this one is recommended for all those thrill seekers, its just a pity there is only this one roller coaster, but they have made it a good one. Although I have come off this ride bruised once or twice, as it goes that fast your body just jolts and you do bang your head and elbows, or I do anyway loll. I would rate this ride 5/5.

        Terror rack- This is the one that they have had a few problems with at the park and the last time I went it was closed down, due to the bars apparently popping open, although I am not sure how true this is, and also no one was injured, so I was told. In this ride you have two sides to the ride, and are raised up and spun upside down and then lowered and it just continues like that for about 2 minutes, not as good as a roller coaster but I still did enjoy this ride until I found out about the problems with it loll. I would give this 4/5.

        The pendulus- Now this is the ride that frightens the life out of me loll. I do not like going round in circles fast and this is what this ride does. As the name of the ride states, it is like the pendulus of a clock, it goes side to side, high up in the air, but while doing so it rotates, then it changes direction and rotates the other way. This is probably the only ride that has made me feel sick, but it is one to try for all them thrill seekers. I would rate this 4/5.

        Alakasam- This is like the big wheel, but with a difference and with more of a thrill. You have to lay down on this ride and you are locked in tightly. The ride then spins round just like the big wheel but faster. I think what makes ride more scary is when its windy, as the carriage you are laid in rocks like mad, and it does feel like its going to fly off. But I will say it is safe, there is no fear of that happening, but it just feels like you might. I will rate this 5/5.

        Hyper blaster- Now I am sure this is a ride everyone knows, as most theme parks seem to have one, although with a different name. You are seated down in a square like shape with 3 seats on each of the four sides, then gentle raised off the ground, then unexpectedly at any time you just shoot up to the top of the ride, and suddenly it stops at the top, this does hurt your shoulder as when it stops you do jolt upwards and it also gets your stomach too, then you are lowered down again. This is probably one of the most quickest rides, but it is one of best rides, that I would go on a few times in a day. I would rate this 6/5 loll.

        Hydromax- This has only been up a couple of years, I remember going there once to watch it been built. And the queues for it when it first opened were huge, and as you can only get 8 people on this ride the waiting times were pretty bad. The first time I went after it was built I did not even go on it because of the size of the queues. But I did try it the next time. You have a big long metal pole and at either side you have the seats, that fit 4 people on either end. It then spins in circles, then stops and rotates the other way, the carriages do move and spin round, which adds to the fun. This is one of the fastest rides at pleasure island with speeds of upto 130 miles per hour. I would rate this again 5/5.

        There is also the ride now the oblitorator, but I can not comment on that, as it was not there when I last went.

        To go on the adult rides you have to have a minimum height of 1.4m for all of them.

        Family rides

        Astra slide- This is a slide for children and adults, with a straw bag to slide down on, so you do not get any friction burns. The slide has 6 lanes on it so that you can go down at the same time as the rest of your family, and even have a race. The only thing with this is its very tiring, as the straw bags are pretty heavy and you have a lot of steps to climb up to get to the top, so this is not for people who tire easily. I would rate this 3/5.

        Whirly twirl- This is usually called cups and saucers, as it is exactly the same, apart from you are in a shell like carriage. They are just waltzers for kids really, just not as fast, but maybe a little too fast for some toddlers. Also adults can ride with their children too. I have been on this and its not that bad, and the kids love it, I would rate this 4/5.

        The carousel- This is like a roundabout where you sit on horses, which I am sure you all know, but this does seem to go faster than the normal ones, and it does seem to be pretty scary for younger children, and also I would say its not that safe for children on their own, but you can sit on the horse with your child. This is situated where the cafe is, so this would be ideal to go on while you are waiting for your food to come. I would rate this 3/5.

        Flying chairs- This is situated just at the entrance, so is the first one you will come to, although I have never fancied going on this and I probably never will loll. I am not sure as to the reason though, it's just something I have never fancied. Its just like you are sat on a swing, but you are strapped in and you are spun round in circles with the seats going higher and higher. I would rate this 3/5.

        Mini mine train- This is a roller coaster build for kids, just a train going round a track with a few bumps in. For a child I suppose it does go at a decent speed, and my kids seemed to love it, this ride is one adults can also go on with their child. I would rate this 5/5.

        Dodgems - This is one for kids and adults, although if you are under a certain height you must have an adult driving the car. The aim is to drive round without crashing into other people, although you do get some who just ram into you, but that's not supposed to be allowed. My kids loved going on this, although they were too small to drive the car so had to trust my driving loll. I would say though that if you do have a young child with you in the car try to keep hold of them, as my son bust his lip after someone rammed into the back of us, he jolted forward and hit his mouth on the bar, after that I held onto him. I would give this 5/5.

        Go-karts- I loved driving these, although not too fast they go around 25 miles per hour I think. You have around 6 laps to do on the track, but it's not one you can race on, as you are not allowed to over take which I found pretty boring, I like to be competative loll. I would this 5/5.

        Kids rides

        Frog hopper- This is the smaller version of the frog hopper as some of you may have been on them at local fares, its just the same, just smaller, and does not go to high. Children are well strapped in and can be very easily stopped if needed by the staff that are there, as I soon found out when they had to stop it for my son when he was screaming loll. it just raises up and back down jolting at the same time, not much to it really. I would rate this 2/5.

        Mini dodgems- These are the same as the adult ones except smaller cars, so adults can not drive these, but the children get to drive themselves, which my kids loved, I would rate this 5/5.

        Tikaboo- Now the tikaboo has quite a lot of things in it, including slides, climbing frames, ball pools and several round about rides.This really is a good place for children of any ages and they can have hours of fun in there.Also upstairs you have the tikaboo boats, which float round on a lake, to see men making sweets ect, the boats are pretty boring, but I made our ride more interesting by spinning the boats in circles, the kids loved that, and loved it even more when I got into trouble by the staff for spinning us round loll. I would rate this 3/5.

        The shows

        The park has several shows for all the family, they have a parrot show, a dancing show and also a sea lion show, the shows are all good and fun to watch, although if you go to the park more than once a year you would not want to watch them again, as the shows are the same each time you go. But they are good to watch the first time, just not something you would want to watch more than once.

        Food and drink

        There is several places to buy food here, there is a big food court where they sell meals, usually including hot dogs, pizzas burgers and several more, all places in Pleasure island all charge the same so it does not matter which outlet you go to, they have both indoor and outdoor kiosks, so on that sunny day you can sit out on the benches eating you food. The usually typical price for a meal is around £3 and a medium coke costs £1.50. Not too bad considering what some of these places charge.

        The food there does taste nice, and you get plenty of it, but if there is a few of you it can get expensive, I usually get my kids a meal to share though as they do not eat that much, so by sharing I saved money and they had enough food for what they would eat.

        Also just over the road from pleasure island there is a fish shop that you can pop out to and buy cheaper food there, which one of the staff actually recommended doing loll. There is a food kiosk more or less in every corner you turn, so you won't have to go searching for somewhere to eat.

        Prices and opening times

        General Admission
        (any visitor aged 4 years and over,3s and under FREE) £18.00

        Family Ticket
        (any 4 paying people) £66.00

        Disabled Visitor £11.00

        Carer Admission £11.00

        Senior Citizens £11.00

        Season Tickets £55.00(single)

        Season Ticket £28.00 (disabled / Carer per person)

        The park opens from April 13th to October 30th, and open weekends throughout September and October, opening times can vary depending on the season, but I found it was usually 10:30am-5:30pm, but you can call the park on 0844 5040104 just to be sure on the times for when you are going.

        where to find them

        Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
        Kings Road
        North East Lincolnshire
        DN35 0PL
        Tel: 08445040104

        Email: reception@pleasure-island.co.uk

        Website: www.pleasure-island.co.uk

        To drive there from Leeds takes around 90 minutes and took around 2 hours on the train. Pleasure island is only a 15 minute walk from the train station if you prefer to have a relaxing journey down.


        They have their own car park just outside the theme park, with plenty of car spaces and all free of charge so you do not have to worry about finding somewhere to park your car as there will be available spaces.

        Disabled friendly

        Well I think it's about as disabled friendly as a theme park can get, I took my mam who is in wheelchair and she could get round by herself with no problems, they also have disabled toilets, and if someone disabled wants to go on a ride, they just go straight on without having to queue.

        Overall opinion

        Some people may not think this is one of the best theme parks, and is probably also one of the smallest, but I love the fact about how family friendly it is. I found loads to do with the kids, and in other places I have struggled and the kids have got bored. This is somewhere I will go quite often, and the kids always want to go.

        It literally has everything you could need in a theme park, rides for all the family, they even have hook a duck games, although that does cost £2 a go mind you.

        I would recommend this for anyone with kids who want to go and have a great day out, and to see their little kids face light up. If its just a bunch of adults going though I would say try elsewhere with more adult rides, as this is built for families.

        The staff there are also really good, and you can chat and have a laugh with them also, the queuing times are also pretty good, although I would think in the school holidays they maybe much longer, but I usually have gone in term time, when I have took the kids on holiday, and we have only ever had to queue usually a few minutes while waiting for the ride to finish. The only time I have seen a big queue is when the new ride had just opened but that was to be expected.

        Overall I would rate the theme park 10/10.


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          24.08.2008 18:12
          Very helpful



          Worth it with special offers only

          We visited Pleasure Island in Cleethorpes yesterday, a really average Saturday in August. I'd been horrified to look at the latest prices, I'd been accustomed to taking large groups of children at £7 per head but now found that the normal single admission is £15.50, so, for any child over 4 or any adult, that is the full price.

          Concessions, for those disabled or in receipt of pension, are priced at £8.50, a much more likely price as I don't think this is the best theme park.

          I managed to find a BOGOF voucher on the askamum website so, our party consisting of two adults (BOGOF £15.50), two children under 4 (free) and one child of 12 (£15.50) cost £31. For a party of 5 that's a great price! Even better for a party of 6 had we been able to fit one more in the car to use the BOGOF voucher again.
          On arriving there was a huge queue, not as big as some I've seen there, much to do with the credit crunch and average weather I think.

          There was practically no queue for the vouchers reception though, those with coupons from Tesco and similar schemes definitely benefit from a much shorter waiting time.

          Having been in the past we took a packed lunch, the food available in the park is mostly limited to chips, burgers and similar unhealthy junk options. Unsatisfied with that I was keen to provide better quality and healthy food at lower costs and I'd recommend the same to anyone else. We couldn't even buy a still drink other than water and it took 20 minutes of wandering about from stand to cafe to find that. Most of them serve fizzy drinks and ice cream, little else.

          Once inside the park there are rides which are spread throughout the park with size guides, a colour coded guide to height restrictions, some are very strict, absolutely no one under particular heights and for the toddler rides, absolutely none over certain heights, in the middle are rides which can be attended with an adult over 18.

          In one case we were restricted from having a 12 year old in charge of a 2.5 year old on a ride, so do be careful to check before you waste your time and queue, the staff do not take the time to explain the exact limitations and will leave you to queue right to the front before telling you that you can't go on.

          There are 36 rides, which sounds a hell of a lot but breaks down to 5 unrestricted rides, 9 children only rides, 5 rides for which you must be over 1.1metres tall or accompanied by an adult, 5 for which you must be over 1.2 m tall or accompanied by an adult, only 2 rides for which you must be over 1.2 without an adult, 3 at over 1.3m and 7 for which you must be over 1.4m.
          So, it can be very limiting with a mixed age/height party, it will make a huge difference if there are adults willing to go on rides.

          There aren't a lot of toilets and baby change facilities so I'd say make the most of them when you do find them.

          I like the Tommy Tinkerboo playland, an indoor play centre for toddlers whcih is very sweet - quite literally, the theme is of a sweet factory and each house is that of the little workers, with slides and ball pools inside, very bright and very cute and with some toddlers rides inside too.

          My favourite ride is the Alakazam, a ride you lay down for, the idea is that you are on a flying carpet, laid on your front on your elbows and fastened into a carriage, which is then spun in a circle and up around a wheel, very much like a big wheel on its side and then tilted up to the usual big wheel position.
          Not appropriate for anyone who finds lying on their front or chest uncomfortable for any reason, pregnancy, weak arms, breast surgery, especially large breasts, broken ribs etc etc It takes a long time to set up the ride and a long time to be released from it.

          I don't like the marketing of the Tommy Tinkerboo's Sweet Adventure Water Ride, a sweet and gentle water ride for little ones, all glow in the dark paint showing figures of little characters making sweeties, it's a nice ride and my two little ones were enchanted with it but the exit to the ride goes right into the gift shop which I find sneaky and below the belt. The kids immediately want sweets, which of course are available in abundance in there.

          We went to watch two live shows, a parrot show and a sea lion show and although the kids enjoyed the creatures, the adults were very disappointed with the showmanship. The chap presenting the parrots and the sea lion is young and arrogant, he does not interact well with the audience but lords it over them, perceiving himself as superior and the audience just paying punters. He's rude. I have no idea why he is employed there, he is extremely knowledgeable about the creatures and they are obviously well trained but I was sick of listening to him in a very short time. The presentation room for the parrots is tatty and desperately needs painting and cleaning, both staff were dressed entirely as they pleased, no smart park staff uniform and both speaking badly rather than in a suitable presentational style. The chap then left, without explanation, apparently to set up the sea lion show but his departure appeared rude, as if he couldn't be bothered and he left his rather bored counterpart to finish the show.
          He was little better during the sea lion show but thankfully the sea lions were loud enough to drown his arrogant blathering out some of the time. We eventually left out of boredom though.

          It's not bad for a cheap day out, my best advice would be to go early, as soon as it opens, have a good look at the map, work out where you want to go and what shows you really want to see, take a packed lunch and enjoy it.

          I would strongly advise that you leave well before the 5pm closing time, it takes forever to get out. If you leave around 3pm you still have time to make the most of the beach and sea front but you can avoid the mass exodus.

          I'd also suggest searching moneysavingexpert website, askamum and anywhere else you can for money off or BOGOFS, don't pay full price, it really isn't worth it. It is still fun, our kids had a riot but for parents it certainly isn't worth £15.50 each.

          Some of Pleasure Island is getting tatty, it's time for a big paint job and a bit of a reshuffle of a few things.


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            07.04.2002 14:58



            Yesterday,It was a nice day, both warm and sunny some me and my boyfriend went for a day out at pleasure and island and what a waste of time!!We got there and we had to pay £10.50 to get in, £1.50 more than last year. We first went of a tikabu ride which yea is for kids but it was that dark in side you couldn't see anything. We also tried the new alaczam ride which was ok but as we got higher the wind was blowing in out face and making it hard to breath, i just wanted to get off! we also tried the crazy loop ride which made your back feel like it was going to brend in half and the prirate ship which was covered in sick(sorry). We could even get a drink and a small bottle of juice cost £1.50, and whats the point so we just had to get out so we walked to mcdonalds and had a lot more fun there


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            19.04.2001 18:38
            Very helpful



            Fun Fun Fun Pleasure Island in the Sun There are rides There are slides There is fun for everyone I have to admit I used to be obsessed with this place. As a spotty teenager this used to be my favourite hangout. It provided me with something to do, lots of friends and a few boyfriends (ride operators – ok so I regret it now, but heh you only live once) If you haven’t even heard of the place then it is on the east coast in Cleethorpes. Fortunately for me it was only down the road. When I was 13 I had a season ticket, which allowed me to go whenever I wanted for no extra cost. At only £39 for the season it proved a bargain, I went over a hundred times, I even went after school. Pleasure Island is split into different worlds. White Knuckle valley Kiddies Kingdom Spain Morocco Africa And Old England In each world there are different rides to choose from. I will try and tell you as much as I can. WHITE KNUCKLE VALLEY Of course this is the scary section. If you are up for anything this is the place to be. The rides include the following The Boomerang – This is the biggest ride of all which has being Pleasure Island’s main attraction since opening in 1993. It is a rollercoaster with one main loop and two loops that join on to each other. It begins with a steep climb and you travel forwards before another steep climb and back again backwards. Terror Rack – This ride does not bring back pleasant memories for me. If you are on it for just one ride it is okay but if you are on it continuously for an hour at a time you may think different. It looks similar to the Ripsaw at Alton Towers spinning round whilst going up and down. My not so pleasant experience dates back to 1996 when the ride operator was in a not so happy mood with me. As my friends and I were the only one on the ride he thought it would be funny to keep us hanging upside d
            own for what seems like hours. The next thing I know I was being sick. Sorry for sharing this with you. And no I didn’t see the funny side!! Crazy Loop – This was originally at Flamingo Land. It is a rollercoaster with one loop although the dips have you jumping out of your seats. Condor – This is quite similar to the breakdance although you go up in the air. In fact you go very high up in the air. Breakdance – This is popular with most theme parks but is quite boring. It involves a lot of spinning around. Razzel Dazzel – This is another spinney ride. One word of advice before going on this is make sure you have no one bigger than you on the outside of you as you may get squashed. It may be advisable to have a separate carriage to yourself as someone has squashed me and it makes you feel ill. Whirly Twirly – Yet another spinney ride that can be compared to the Waltz although it is a lot slower and the carriages are shaped like big shells. This is popular with children. Astra Slide – A big slide which is fun for all ages. That’s if you have the energy to climb up all the steps to get to the top. It is quite high up and provides a good view of Cleethorpes and on a clear day you can see further a field. KIDDIES KINGDOM Kiddies kingdom is of course for the kids. There is the Carousel, Monorail, Go Carts, Clown Slide, Para Tower and the Wagon Wheel. Carousel – I am sure you don’t want me to explain what this is about, let’s just say horses. Monorail – If you have ages to spare and fancy a sit down the Monorail might be for you. It goes very slow and although you get to see some of the park from above you don’t get to see too much. Go Carts – This is one thing I love going on. There is only two available and the wait can be very long. The operator sets you off at different times so it c
            an be hard to race if that’s what you planned. The Go carts fit two people in so kids can go with the adults. Para Tower - I have not actually been on this ride as it is relatively new. It involves you going high into the air in a carriage and follows with a vertical drop. Clown Slide – This is a very well decorated slide for all you children out there. It is a mini version of the astra slide. I do recommend adults stay away though as the space for your bum is not big enough. Wagon Wheel – A typical children’s ride with Wagon Carriages going around on a wheel. SPAIN No unfortunately being called Spain doesn’t mean it is sunny; don’t forget we are actually in Cleethorpes. In Spain you will find the Tinkaboo Sweet Factory Water ride, Tinkaboo Sweet Shop, The Parrott show, the cycle Monorail, The talking chimp show and the arcades. Tinakoo Sweet Factory – I am sure those of you who have been to pleasure Island can relate to me on this one. ‘We like sweets there nice to eat, Sherbet sweets and toffees a treat, Lots of fun for us to eat, In the Tinakaboo factory’ Well it goes something like this anyway. This is the song you can hear around the park; you can even hear it from my Humberston home on a sunny day. The first time I heard it I liked it, the second time I thought it was okay but after then it drove me crazy. I am sure the ride operator must go home every night and dream of this song. I can only sympathise with them. Anyway as for the ride it involves you going on a little boat around a sweet factory with pretend people. It is actually quite nice and children love it. Tinkaboo Sweet Shop – Now it wouldn’t be fair to tease your children by taking them around a sweet factory and not buying them any sweets, would it? The exit takes you into the sweet shop so you can be tempted to buy lots of
            expensive treats. The Parrot Show – Have you ever seen a parrot ride a big or walk across a tightrope, here you will experience this and a lot more. You will be amazed how well trained these parrots are. The Cycle Monorail – This entails two people going around a monorail cycling. It is not too long but can be tiring if you are by yourself so I would recommend going with someone else and also getting someone you know behind you so they can push you! The talking Chimp Show – I have not experienced this show before but I presume it involves a load of chimps talking (I wonder what gave me that idea!) Not really chimps though just fluffy pretend ones. Arcades – Again here is another way of spending a lot more money than planned. I know how addictive those teddy machines can be and before you know it you could have bought five for the same price. AFRICA This is next door to Spain and is home to the following rides: Falls of Fear, Mini Mine train, Paratrooper, Snake Slide, Space Nets and pony Rodeo. Falls Of Fear – This is probably left best for the warmer days of the year as it involves water and water splashes and yes you’ve guessed it, the next minute you are walking around the park freezing cold looking like a drowned rat. This is another ride, which has a long queuing time as only one person can go down at a time. It is basically a water slide and you go down it on a rubber dinghy. Mini Mine train – This is a favourite with a lot of the children. It is a little roller coaster train that goes over the edge of the lake. Paratrooper – this is another ride I am yet to experience although again it involves going high into the air. Snake Slide – This is another little slide for the children although I’m sure you adults might get tempted. Space Nets – this is kind of like a big climbing frame which young
            er children may find a bit challenging. It is quite entertaining though and is often used by a large group of children to play tag. (Okay so it used to be used by me as a 13 year old) Pony Rodeo – it surprises me that this ride is still here. It is old and shaky and takes an age to go round although it must be popular with the children. Perhaps they think they’re real ponies, I’ve never really thought of it in that way. MOROCCO Morocco contains Pleasure Island’s latest additions to the family Hyper Blaster and Alkazam. It is also home to Swan Boats, Palace of Fun, Mini Dodgems, Dodgems, Gravitron, The Galleon, Bill Bob’s rockafire explosion show, Musical Time Machine Show and the Sea Lion Show. Swan Boats – These do involve floating on water and also involve pedalling so if you want to relax stay away. Palace of Fun – This provides hours of Fun for children and also big kids like me although I am not legally allowed in (I have to lose a few inches). It has ball pools, slides, and climbing nets. So if you are fed up of the children and want to sit down and have a cup of coffee sit down beside the palace and relax whilst the kids have the time of their lives. Mini Dodgems – By writing mini I mean mini. I would not recommend these to anyone over the age of seven as they may get stuck. Dodgems – These can go quite fast and often involve smaller children crying after being bumped. The operators try to keep it in control by telling people they are only allowed to go one way and are not allowed to bump. Gravitron – This is well known around many theme parks. I cannot stand it and it personally makes me feel sick if I go anywhere near it. It involves going inside a big spaceship and spinning around very quickly and coming out looking a completely different colour than when you went in. I may just be a wimp but I prefer to go on the more
            gentle rides. Hyper Blaster – This has just opened in the past few weeks and is described as the 90-foot tale of terror. It involves a vertical drop. The Galleon – This is a big pirate ship that again involves heights. Alkazam – This has also just opened and involves heights and spinning around very quickly. Sea Lion Show – This is quite sweet as the sea lions swim around, eat fish and play with balls. I have not seen any of the other shows here so I cannot say what they involve. Last of all OLD ENGLAND Old England is the first world you will come across when you enter the park. It consists of the Flying Chairs, Tinkaboo Town, McCormacks Family Bar, Gift Shop and Ticket Sales. Flying Chairs – This is the traditional flying chairs popular with people of all ages. Tinkaboo Town – This is popular with the young children as there are little rides for them to enjoy. There is also little slides and ball pools for them to experience. McCormacks Bar – McCormacks is not just for park visitors any one can go in there for a drink. It is open throughout the summer until late at night and sells food as well. It is very popular with tourists and has karaoke nights amongst other entertainment shows. Gift Shop – If you want to get a reminder of your great day out you will find plenty in here. From sticks of rock to pens and tea towels there really is something for everyone. Now I have mentioned all the rides and shows I will tell you a bit about opening times and admission prices. Pleasure Island is open from April to October. The Gates open at 10 but the rides are not open till 10:30. The park closes at 5 or 6pm depending on the time of year. Admission prices are as follows: £10 per person Family Ticket £34 (any four people) Under fours get in free and senior citizens get in for £6.00. T
            hey also offer group discounts and special discounts for groups of school children OFFICIAL WEBSITE There is a website which you can look at to find out more, www.pleasure-island.co.uk If you are visiting Cleethorpes I recommend going to Pleasure Island although if you were considering travelling miles to it, if I were you I would go elsewhere. It is much smaller than the well-know parks such as Alton Towers, American Adventure and Thorpe Park. It is a lot cheaper than any of those though and after all you do get what you pay for. One thing I have to point out is the queue times. They are very short in comparison to other theme parks and you can often walk straight onto the ride without a wait. Because of this you are bound to get your money's worth. A word of warning though, bank holidays are busy, very busy. If you want to know more you can contact Pleasure Island at the following address, Pleasure Island Kings Road Cleethorpes N.E.Lincolnshire DN35 0PL Telephone Number: (01472) 211511


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