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Trilakes Little Angels Playworld (Sandhurst)

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3 Reviews

Address: Yateley Road / Sandhurst / Berkshire GU47 8JQ / England

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    3 Reviews
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      04.08.2010 22:06




      Little Angels Playworld and TriLakes animal part has just been taken over and is now called Jakes.
      We have been several times with our grandson & he loves it. The soft play area is great & we have seen staff monitoring children on the large slide - making sure no-one under 5 goes on it.
      We have found the cafe/seating area to be clean and the food is not extortionately priced. Now the new ownwers have taken over the staff seemed to be cleaning up any spilllages etc very quickly.
      Our grandson enjoys the animal park and loves feeding the animals. Unlike previous comments here, we have always found there are sanitising stations to clean hands but I agree it could be better sign posted.
      In my opinion, the cages etc are looking a bit tired & outdated. They were clean but were not that big and did not seem to have much stimulation for the animals. Similarly, the outside play area is looking a bit tatty, but serviceable. The new owners say they are planning a major refit ( & work had already started) so hopefully some of the more tired areas will soon be improved.
      In short we like it but we would welcome a bit of an upgrade and a bit more TLC!


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      16.09.2009 20:20



      ecoli risk

      We went to the 'small childrens zoo' in September 2009. I was shocked at how bad it was! Dirty (litter) and unhygieneic...
      The most zoo-like animals were 2 miserable alpaca. The other animals were pigs, goats, sheep, 2 ponies, chickens, rabbits and chipmunks.
      There was hardly any info about the animals, most we're in small muddy pensThe ponies were filthy. To top it off there was a dead bird with its guts hanging out by the lake! (when I informed a member of staff about the dead bird she said 'oh well, it's nature'!!!!)

      the outside play area was also poor. The main highlight being a tyre!

      MOST IMPORTANTLY we did not see a single hand sanitising station in the entire place, or any signs telling you to wash your hands after touching the animals. ( for ecoli prevention) Or for pregnant women to not touch sheep and goats. SHOCKING. I dont know how they can be open to the public.

      Would not visit again.
      Didn't use the inside play area so cannot comment on that!


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      08.09.2008 13:40
      Very helpful



      It's fun, fun, fun!

      I don't know any small child who will not happily while away a few hours at a soft play area and my three year old daughter Natalie is no exception. We actually live within a short drive of three of these types of places and one of our favourites is Little Angels in Sandhurst, Berkshire.

      Little Angels is very easy to get to and has a large car park when you are there. It's situated in a very nice wooded area and is part of Trilakes Animal Park. You can buy a combination ticket which allows you to visit the zoo as well but if you don't want to you can just go to Little Angels which is what we tend to do.

      The cost to enter Little Angels is the following:

      Children under 4: Off peak £2.60, Peak £3.60
      Children over 4: Off peak £3.60, Peak £4.50
      Adults & OAP spectators: 50p

      This is quite reasonable but I do object a little to the fact that parents are charged. I mean, if it wasn't for the parent being there they would have no children there either! Also parents will spend money in the cafe too! However, having got that little moan out of the way they do often do offers and at the moment under 4s can attend an off peak session with their parent for only £2 which is very good value. Also, another thing that I like is that for every ten visits, the eleventh is free!

      When you get there and your child has been given a wrist band they have a wonderful soft play structure to run around and get lost in. There is so much for them to do with lots of climbing, swinging, sliding and soft ball areas. The centrepiece of the structure is a very high slide but you are only able to use this if you are over four and it is always closed during the off peak sessions so no little one can go down by mistake!

      There is a separate area for under fours which has smaller versions of things in the bigger structure. This is very good because it does mean that small children can play safely without fear of being trampled upon by bigger children.

      The structure is a bit of a maze and it's hard to work out how to get to different parts of it. This can sometimes cause a problem if you see or hear your child crying or stuck and you can not get to them. Also, although the place is quite well staffed you don't see anyone actually manning the play structure itself so it is up to parents really to make sure that their child is saf and well behaved!

      Parents of young children are able to go round with their little ones but this can sometimes be quite a challenge as a lot of the spaces to get through are not really designed for big people . There's always the embarrassing fear that you might just get stuck! I do have to admit though that going down the big slide is a lot of fun though! I am not ashamed to admit that now my youngest is three and a half I am very happy that she no longer needs me to go round with her! This leaves me free to sit and have a cup of coffee in peace!

      Little Angels does have a pretty reasonable cafe offering hot and cold drinks with lots of snacks. Most of it is not too expensive with coffee costing just over £1 and cartons of drinks for about 60 pence. They do do hot meals but these are mainly the something and chips variety and to be honest we don't often bother. The meals look finr but there are not really any healthy options.

      The off peak sessions are really very quiet and it's great to go when it's not too busy and noisy. I do find that the weekends are really manic especially as there are often birthday parties going on, and I do try to avoid going at these times.

      Opening hours are:

      9.30am - 6pm 7 days a week. Last admission 5pm.

      Overall though, it's a very good place to take your child for a couple of hour's play and with the off peak offer at the moment it's great value!


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    • Product Details

      A small children's zoo and soft play area.

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