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Valhalla (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

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7 Reviews

Blackpool Pleasure Beach / Adventure Ride.

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    7 Reviews
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      22.02.2011 09:46
      Very helpful



      You must ride it!

      First off I must say that this is possibly the wettest ride I have ever been on. But to tell the truth, that is the whole point of the ride.

      You queue up round a chicken fence queueline withv the option to buy a valhalla cape - And trust me you need it!!!
      When you get to the station (Which usually doesn't take too long as the queue moves quite quickly) you hear the music, which is very catchy and adds to the overall experience a lot. You go round one more fence before being shouted at by staff to board the boats!

      The boat leaves the station and goes past a hidden speaker which once played a boarding message, but now doesn't make a sound. You enter through the skull mouth past a waterfall which stops just in time, and then you go through doors and past birds that sometimes move, but usually miss the sensor. The first proper stunt of this ride is the dogs that bark at you. Some people jump at this point, but usually they just look around. You then pass through the wolf and start to go up the chain lift. This is by far the most dramatic part of the ride as you are confronted by recently added spinning tuinnels, dramatic music and a hologram of a viking skull that talks to you in a very loud voice. Once you get up the chain lift you pass through some flashing lights.

      The next section of the ride consists of a smokey room and a tunnel of water. (Only one side of the waterfall is working now.)

      Then you head out onto a platform where the boat seemingly travels off the edge, but it stops at last minute. The pleasure beach have now ruined this effect however by placing wire mesh in the way. The boat then heads down a backwards drop and makes a little splash. The ride used to take your photo here, but now does at the end.

      After that section you get wind on your face and then head through a room that is freezing cold with snow covered viking warriors. (Note that this section used to contain animals instead of vikings.) There is also a machine that blows mist on you and dry ice, making you even colder! After this section you go through a pitch black corridor (It used to contain a swinging mallet) and then drop down the main drop of the ride.

      You splash down and are straight away confronted by a water arch (If it is working.) You may at first think that you will just pass through it, but no. as you go through some of the water jets lower and soak you through to the skin! Then you vaugley see water shoot at you and a waterfall drop down in front of you!

      The second chainlift is hardly as dramatic as the first, and all that can be heard is shrieks supposedly from battle. You then pass through a chandelier and several viking warriors before you see two barrels swing and crash down at you, pouring water right into the boat! Then you are confronted by a rolling log that passes right above your head, and recently added arrows as well.

      You then pass through an effect that was ruined by health and saftey. Here is the before and after:

      You would pass through doors into an electric cage, where sparks would shoot at you and water would drop down onto your head!

      You now pass through the same room except that the water has now been stopped and a stobe light is now used instead of the electricity.

      After the last drop you pass through fire that once only consisted of one flame on the track, but now has fire beside you! Then you go through doors into a colossal room with a massive explosion of fire! Then you exit through the doors that now takes your picture, and with a final blast of water you head back into the station and wow at what an amazing ride that was!

      You must ride it, it's an amazing experience!!!


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      03.08.2010 12:19
      Very helpful



      Does what it says on the label

      Valhalla is probably one of the best water rides this country has to offer. It's a water ride, so getting very wet is the aim, and it certainly fulfils that. The slogan on at the entrance is, "You Will get wet, you may get soaking wet", anyone who doesn't want to get wet should NOT go on it, as i think the word wet is a little tame for this ride, infact you will get drenched!!

      It was so much more than I expected and easily the best dark ride I've ever seen, I don't know how people can fault it. What more do u want? I was totally amazed by the big, scary, dark plunge you take into those fires, the whole place just bursts into flames and doesn't let up, with more big huge fireball explosions as u leave the wall of flames. Included are the senses of cold in the frozen room and the fire that erupts around you near the end.

      I came off it soaked through to the skin which I didn't like, but i was so amazed by Valhalla that I had to go on it again. The effects on this ride are superb. People who fault this ride can't be pleased.

      In regards to the special effects, people should remember that Valhalla is a good few years old now and is not quite state of the art. The music is loud and clear, the drama of the ride is immense and although it may not be as technically advanced as its counterparts in other parts of the world, it provides great entertainment for all those in the pleasure beach. It has attracted people in their thousands each year and it was the second biggest attracted in the pleasure beach after the Pepsi Max until Infusion opened.

      There are a few things that need to be tweaked to improve the ride for example the waterfall that switches off just in time at start of ride should be a surprise for 1st time riders, at the moment is isn't because it's visible from all around. The guys at loading/unloading should be taught how to use the hoover better so you're not up to your ankles in water before you even start. I have no problem with getting soaked but don't want the sensation to start until the ride does.

      However despite the negatives the ride is definatly worth going on, as it is action packed and a good old laugh. You will not be disapointed with this ride, it does what it says on the label.


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      31.08.2009 16:56
      Very helpful



      go on give it a try its brilliant

      Valhalla is one of the most love and well sought after ride on the whole of the Pleasure Beach. If I had to rate it compared to all the other rides in the park, it would be up there with the Big One!

      Valhalla has been open now for 9 years, and is still one of the biggest attractions in the park.

      So what is it then?
      Valhalla is a log flume ride with a difference. The theme is set in Viking times, and has a number of rather large drops, and features that will guarantee to get you soaking wet.
      The ride is all water, and to ride it you must sit in 'Longboats' which seat 8 people in one longboat. The longboats do not stop moving as they all run on a track that keeps the boats at a safe distance from each other, so it is a matter of just hopping in hoping that you don't slip on all the water that is in the boats from the previous ride around. One way of imagining how much you truly get wet is that before you even get on, you see the workers of Valhalla with a vacuum, that is used to suck up water and they use this as the boats are moving along.

      After you get in the longboat, the first thing that you encounter is a waterfall that comes from the large skull with a Viking hat on at the entrance, but luckily this switches off just before you get to it, don't worry I am not spoiling anything, as you can see this from the queue, as you are waiting to get on the ride. There are then a lot of dips and very large props that not only give you a fright, but gets you drenched.

      There are a few sections to Valhalla which are detailed below:

      Wind -this section is directly after your first soaking, and is really there to try and dry you off a bit, which doesn't work! The only thing that I found with this was that the first time it happened I wasn't expecting to be blasted with all this wind from these huge machines that I was ready for it, and it kind of took my breath away, which was a bit scary, one tip from me would be to kind of tilt your head down so that you can still breath properly.

      Ice - this section comes after your first soaking, which is a strange way to do it, because you are already freezing, from getting wet and all that wind blasting you. There is a lot of what looks like dry ice in this section and shows you the types of animals that they would have had in that time.

      Fire - this is very much welcomed, because by this time you will be ready for a heat, and there are a lot of flames that shoot up out of the ground as your longboat passes by.

      Snow - this is pretty much like the ice section and I don't really remember much more about this section.

      I do remember however that there is a section when there is a large rolling log that come towards you, and the first time that I saw it I got a fright and ducked, but when I did this I hit my head of the longboat, and let me tell you they are made of something sturdy anyway as it hurt like nobody's business! There is also another large log that comes at you from the side and squashes a wall of water over the barrier at you, that's when I ended up with water everywhere imaginable, not very nice I can tell you!

      The ride in total lasts about 8 and a half minutes, which is actually quite long. The reason we know this is that we timed our boat on the way round, from the moment we got in it until the moment we got out of the boat. I found that the dips were quite large and if you weren't holding on properly you could easily loose your balance and maybe even fall out. This must have been tested though or they would have had to install seat belts in for safety, so maybe it just me being paranoid!

      There is a height restriction which is 46" or 117cm. But you tend to find that because this water ride is in the dark it is mostly teenagers and adults that go on the ride.

      I would advise that if you are going to go on this ride that you try to leave this until one of your last rides as you will be soaking for a lot of the day after it. But that being said every time that we have been down, the rides seems to be open for a while then closes again with out warning so probably better grabbing a chance when you can.

      When you exit the ride you come off through the shop, where you can view your photos that were taken, and can also buy souvenirs, there is also a dryer in the shop that is basically like a huge donut that you stand in, and it is meant to dry you off a bit, but I have tried it and at a £1 a time its not really worth it.

      I would suggest if you like water rides and roller coasters then this ride is definitely a ride for you, just wear waterproofs when you go on it though!


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        01.08.2009 18:06
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A brilliant water ride!

        I absolutely love going to Blackpool, in fact it is one of my favourite places in the UK! Of course it should be no surprise that for somebody who loves theme parks one of the reasons I love Blackpool so much is because of the Pleasure beach located there. I have been going to this theme park since I was a young child and I can easily spend all day there and not be bored! I remember when they opened many of the newer rides there as they of course were helping to make the park more modern and hands down one of my favourite new additions to the park is the Valhalla attraction.

        Where in the park is it?
        The Valhalla attraction is located near to the North entrance and is very easy to spot once you get through the entrance gates due to it's large and unique front façade.

        What kind of ride is it?
        Valhalla is a water ride and by that I mean a log flume. The thing about Valhalla is that it is really quite an advanced log flume in terms of what elements the ride has. No other log flume I have been on has as many things going on which is why I love it so much!

        What makes it special?
        Such a question! So many people say to me when I tell them the best log flume I have ever been on (in my opinion!) is Valhalla, is why is it so good? Well for starters it is a pretty long log flume so you really feel you've been on a ride. Then there are all the extra elements to it that make it truly unique. I should start off by saying that first off the theme of the ride is extremely well done - it has been made to look like you have gone back in time to when the Vikings were around - the boats, that look like miniature Viking ships, fit a fair few people in at 16 per boat. The ride starts by taking riders inside the huge building so for first time riders it can be a bit daunting not knowing what is inside!
        Once inside the boat immediately takes the long route up flagged by barking dogs and flames on either side along with a Viking at the very top shouting out to you. If you don't know what to already expect the huge climb is very daunting and I remember the first time I went on it I was wondering if the drop was going to be a little on the steep side for me!
        The ride takes along a route that will take riders right to the top of the building and the boats go right out to the edge so you can see out to the park and you can see exactly how high up you are - at this point riders are taken on a backwards drop - not for the faint hearted! After the shock of this has worn off riders then are subjected to a freezing cold room that is literally covered in ice and is shockingly cold. No sooner than you leave this room though you are thrown down a huge drop and at the bottom are met by flames of fire bursting up on one side! The feel of the heat is amazing after the freezing cold of the other room! You think it's all over but, no, more is to come with a path through a maze of waterways with water coming at you and things flying at the boat from the ceiling! No sooner than you get past all of this than you meet your final match at the last huge drop which again ends in bursts of flames coming up from the sides!
        So of course I would say this is really what makes it special - it is quite hard to describe just how brilliant this log flume really is. I have been on plenty where you get soaked and yes that is the whole point of a log flume but, these extra elements in this really make it stand out from the rest. Of course you do get soaked and you will want to take advantage of a water mac before going on if you really only want to ride to experience the amazing features and drops of this ride but, my personal opinion is all water rides should be experienced knowing you are going to get soaked!

        Any restrictions:
        Riders must be over 117cm in height to ride and of course pregnant ladies or those with back or heart problems are advised not to ride.

        Overall opinion:
        As you can probably guess I love this ride! When it opened back in 2000 I couldn't wait to ride it as it just looked so good and I certainly wasn't disappointed by it! The ride still claims to be the worlds largest indoor dark ride and apparently the track covers over half a mile and it does last over 6 minutes which is really good for any ride! I never tire of going on this ride and personally, even after 9 years, I still rate it as one of the best water rides I've ever been on - it's just a shame the weather in the UK means we get less sunny days here to enjoy rides like this! I would have to be critical in some way as otherwise some may be disappointed and the thing I would say is that now, some parts are looking rather dated in terms of things like some of the animatronics. They are very obviously not real things but, other than that I cannot be any more critical. Overall, another highly recommended theme park ride from me!


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          16.07.2009 17:42
          Very helpful



          I want to go again now

          Back in June of the year 2000 Jonathon Ross and his wife officially opened Valhalla, the world's largest dark ride, at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Dave and I were amongst the invited guests. Now, come on, are you impressed? Okay I can live with that.

          Seriously I had entered a competition and won the chance, along with a good many others, to be the first people to ride Valhalla. We also won a night in the Norbreck Castle Hotel which was appalling and I will post my review about that as soon as the category has been set up.

          As it happens we had already booked a two day break in Blackpool at The Imperial and the night in the Norbreck was the night before - how convenient was that?

          Anyway on the day of the opening we made our way to the Pleasure Beach and into the hospitality suite where we had our Viking tabards made of sacking and helmets with horns - yes I know we looked right idiots!

          The idea was that we should watch the official opening and then all have a go on the ride returning to the hospitality suite for lunch. This all went well until the time came for us to go on the ride ......

          Mr and Mrs Ross had a go and appeared to enjoy it and one or two other boats went round and then the ride broke down. We waited for quite a while and then it was suggested that we went and had lunch whilst they repaired the ride, which we did.

          When we came back out after a lovely lunch the ride was working and we waited for our turn.

          The ride itself is near the gates of the Pleasure Beach having been built on the site of the old Fun House, which I loved as a child and which was destroyed by a fire in 1991.

          The ride itself looks very imposing with a Viking type building at the front where you board the boats, which are made to look like Viking long boats. The area where you have to queue and the station itself is all carved from wood and in my opinion it looks much nicer than the more modern looking rides.

          The ride is basically a huge indoor log flume cum roller coaster with traces of ghost train and so the riders have to board boats each of which holds up to eight people. Whilst we queued we had the chance to buy a poncho for £1.50 and I am glad we did because I have since done the ride without wearing one and believe me everybody gets extremely wet! In fact the motto of the ride is 'you will get wet, you might get soaked' and you will!

          Anyway we got to the front of the queue and boarded our boat. As luck would have it we were with the man from the Pleasure Beach who had actually run the competition so we were chatting to him and his companion on the way to the start.

          The seats in the boat are just wooden benches with no harnesses of any sort as most of the ride is just splashing through various different themed areas of fire and ice and when the boat goes down the drops the force holds you into your seat.

          So we were finally on our way and once on the boat the entrance to the ride is through the mouth of a giant skull with a waterfall which stops just before your boat gets to it. The ice cold drips that fall down your neck give you just a hint of what is to come .....

          I can't remember for certain the order of everything inside Valhalla but suffice it to say that there is about half a mile of track which will take you round about six minutes to complete.

          Since there are drops you obviously begin with quite a climb to start the ride - what comes down must have gone up first! We knew before we went in that there was a backwards drop and, having ridden Stormforce at Drayton Manor, we were expecting a real scare but I have to say that this was one of the milder experiences in the ride.

          What I did find scary was the run up to the backwards drop which takes the boat out onto a big ledge from which you have a grand, if brief, view of the Pleasure Beach and it feels as though the boat isn't going to stop at the edge! Of course is does and then turns slightly for the little backwards drop.

          There are various scenes that you will travel through including fire breathing monsters and a huge mallet which swings across the boat appearing to just miss you - that's a spot where you will get very wet!

          Whilst in the ride you will go through a frozen graveyard where the temperature will plummet to -20 degrees C and dry ice vapour adds to the eerie sensation. Just as you are thinking that this is a bit cold especially as you are soaking wet you move into a warmer area where the temperatures will eventually rise to 110 degrees F.

          You move along in a circular motion around a huge Faraday cage which simulates lightening and noise of thunder rings in your ears.

          Then there is a brief pause at the top of the final descent into the fires of hell. The boat flies down the final drop towards what looks like the boarding station except that it's in flames! The first time we completed the ride (I will come back to the reason for the way I have put that) I was terrified but the flames die down just before the boat reaches them although this is where you get the high temperature.

          The boat passes through what I thought were two lines of flames and I remember commenting to Dave how dangerous that was, as children might reach out to try and touch them and get burned. After Dave had finished laughing he told me that they were those lights with flapping material on made to look like flames! Believe me when you have just been scared out of your wits and you are travelling at speed these do look very real.

          You then exit the ride and you are back to the boarding station - the real one this time - and your head will be spinning with all the sensations that you have just experienced.

          As you get off the floor is soaking and when we were there the staff were sweeping the water back into the ride. I mention this because the owner of the Pleasure Beach (we recognised him from the TV programme that had aired not long before the opening of Valhalla) was one of the staff with a brush and fair play to him!

          You will then pass through the now customary gift shop where you can buy the silly outfits that we wore, bears, pens, badges etc. There will also be a chance to view and maybe purchase the photographs which have been taken whilst you were on the ride.

          In the shop there is also a 'people drier' where you put £1 in the slot and stand inside the contraption whilst it blows hot air on you. The sides are open so you can watch and be watched whilst attempting to dry off but it isn't really worth it to be honest. Dave and I tried it and we didn't feel any drier when we came out. It is better to go outside into the sunshine if there is any of course!

          Anyway you may be wondering what I meant when I said 'the first time we completed the ride'.

          Well let's go back to our first ride on the day of the grand opening. As I said they had problems with the ride breaking down but by the time we got on the problems had been sorted - hadn't they?

          Actually no, they hadn't! We got round the Faraday cage and to the top of the final long drop and the boat stopped. The only problem was that it didn't start again. I was terrified! Picture the scene - we are in semi darkness at the top of a steep slope with boats coming round behind us and heaven knows what at the bottom!

          As it happens I now know that when there is a fault and the ride stops each boat is stopped in a different area so there is no chance of one boat pushing another into any sort of danger; I wish I had known that then I can tell you.

          Anyway there was also a Pleasure Beach employee stationed in each area of the ride - I don't know if this was just whilst it got up and running of whether this is still the case. These people all had phones and were all in contact with the control centre who were telling them what to do.

          When he finally told us to get out of the boat I thought he was joking, at least I think I hoped he was. I wasn't sure which was the lesser of the two evils. I'm not good with heights and I have already described where the boat was perched. I then had to stand up in the unstable boat as it rocked in the water and step up onto the wet, slippery platform which was about thigh height, in the semi darkness. Now I really was terrified! I was frightened of falling into the water and plummeting to my death down the chute - melodramatic I know but the ride is set up to prey on your fears so I wasn't in the right frame of mind for this at all.

          Thankfully the member of staff helping us at this point was a juggler! He must have been - he had his torch and radio in one hand, he took my bag off me with another hand and then held my arm to steady me as I climbed out of the boat. Quite how he did that I don't know but he did and I lived to tell the tale. He didn't make me feel like a right wuss either, he was really kind.

          We were then led out of the ride into the daylight and safety.

          As I said earlier we were in Blackpool for a few days so Dave called the Pleasure Beach the following day and after some arguing managed to get them to agree to provide the ride that we had won as our prize so we did eventually get to ride all the way round Valhalla and have since been on a few times more!

          Wristbands giving you unlimited rides on everything in the park are currently £20 per day. It has been a few years since we visited so I don't know if they still sell individual tickets; I have looked at the website but can't find any information about tickets.

          The height restriction on Valhalla is 46"/117cm and due to the scary and very bumpy nature of the ride I would suggest that younger children are accompanied by an adult.

          Now I have written this review it has brought back so many happy memories that I want to go to Blackpool again I wonder if I can persuade Dave?


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            16.07.2009 11:47
            Very helpful



            not worth bothering

            The anticipation nearly finished us off before we got there. You pass this ride as soon as you arrive at the Pleasure Beach and the queues are phenominal so it goes without saying that it must be worth the wait. Anyway, having put middle aged sensible head on, realised everyone coming off the ride was extremely wet and I didn't want to spend all day looking like a dubious entrant into a wet tee shirt competition. Joint decision to return at the end of the day. Giddy with excitement we joined the queue at 5.30, reached the front of it at 6.25!! and climbed into one of the Viking boat thingys - already got soggy knickers and haven't even set off but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Or so i thought, just before one of the men working on the ride asked us to get out of boat thingy. Waited around for another 15 minutes, no communication from any staff as to what was going on. The ride was stopped, people escorted off it and we gave up. The staff protocol was dreadful - no consideration given to any of the paying customers and if its the sort of ride that breaks down I won't waste my time next time!


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              27.05.2009 11:09
              Very helpful



              A theme park ride with a bit of everything!

              The year 2000 may be famous to most as the start of a new millennium, the year they told us our computers would all crash because they could not handle the date changes or the year they built so many pointless buildings and monuments worldwide but for me and many other Blackpool pleasure beach fans it will always be the year that Valhalla came to town.

              Valhalla is the world's largest dark ride and it was officially opened on the 14th of June 2000 by Jonathan Ross. As well as being the largest dark ride in the world it was also Britain's biggest privately funded millennium investment, something Blackpool pleasure beach was very proud of.

              The ride stands on the site of the once much loved Fun House, which was so sadly destroyed by fire in 1991, it can clearly be seen from the front gates and there are short cuts through to it but if you follow the natural path of the theme park it will be one of the last rides you encounter.

              It is a very outstanding looking ride and it is just as outstanding to ride, the fenced of queuing area is all carved out of logs and looks very authentic and once you get close enough to the station you can see very clearly that it too is completely carved out of wood, not the usual steel and plastic surroundings that you get with today's modern rides.

              The log boats you ride in also look and feel very authentic and this adds a lot to the ride and what you get from it.

              The queues for this ride can be enormous during the parks busy times but as each boat holds eight people the queues do go down very quickly compared with some other rides. Whilst queuing you will be given the opportunity to buy a plastic poncho for £1.50 to help keep you dry because this is not only a dark ride it is also a water ride, basically it is an indoors log flume in the dark.

              If it is not a bright sunshiny day which often in Blackpool it is not then a poncho might be a good idea because as the motto of the ride says "you will get wet, you might get soaked", usually you do get very wet and although at the end of the ride they have a big people drier you can put a pound in and get a blow dry, it is not going to dry out jeans or the likes so best stay dry with a poncho.

              Many people who have ridden the ride and do not intend going back on will give you their poncho as they are passing or you can usually find them stuffed in the bins surrounding the ride if you do not mind looking like a cheap skate. Once you are in the boat, you are basically sitting on a wooden bench and there are no restraints as the gravity on the drops will keep you in your seat.

              As the boat moves off from the station you are heading towards the giant skulls mouth which is the opening to the ride and there is water cascading down from the mouth, this stops just as your boat reaches it but as everyone knows, that much water falling will leave drips and this is the first but certainly not the last time you will get wet.

              Once through the mouth you are on your way round the half a mile of track that will take you about 6 minutes to complete and already you are wet and in total darkness, you climb a huge hill and then you see a chink of light as you approach the top doors and as they swing open you are thrust forward onto a platform from which you can see the pleasure beach but you can also see there is nowhere to go but the boat has turned slightly and all of a sudden you hit your first big drop and this one is backwards and your journey through watery darkness is well underway.

              Throughout your journey you will experience icy temperatures of minus 20 degrees C as you pass through the icy graveyard and frozen wasteland where dry ice is used to emulate snow storms and the water soaking into you sends a real chill through you but no sooner have you began to freeze you are thrust in to a fiery hell and temperatures rise to 110 degrees F and you look down as your boat hurtles down a huge drop towards a ring of fire which is put out by the water just as your boat arrives leaving a cloudy eerie mist above your heads as you carry on along the unforgiving track wetter now than ever before as the boat rocks and hits the sides allowing water to pour in, you are still in almost total darkness other than the lights from the effects on the walls as you pass mythical creatures such as a three headed dog and a fire breathing creature, half man half beast.

              As you make your last climb then plummet earthwards you will get your final soaking before exiting the last doors and making your way back to the station and as you leave the ride you will be asked by your friends who did not ride, what it was like and what was in there but in truth you will have seen so much that you will only remember parts of what you saw.

              I have ridden this ride dozens of times over the years and it took me at least half a dozen times before I had really taken it all in.

              After the ride is over you exit it through a giant gift shop where the afore mentioned people drier can be found as well as many Valhalla orientated gifts and also some more random Viking related items. The shop has everything from key rings to T shirts and much more besides as well as the chance to buy a photo of yourself on the ride, most big rides now offer this opportunity and the photos tend to be of decent quality and they are a good reminder of the fun you had but they are not cheap at £3.99.

              The cost of riding Valhalla could be enough to stop many people from doing so, Blackpool pleasure beach works on a ticket system with each ticket costing one pound and each ride requiring a certain amount of tickets to ride, Valhalla takes six tickets to ride and this will be seen as some as a rip off and in truth it probably is but if you intend to ride this and many of the other big rides then there is a solution, you can buy a wristband for a little over thirty pounds that entitles you to ride all the rides as often as you want throughout the day the band was purchased, these are great value and definitely the best way to enjoy Valhalla and all the rest of the rides the pleasure beach has to offer.

              Valhalla honestly gives you an exhilarating six minutes and it is a ride you will never get bored of or at least I know I haven't and nor has my other half or my son who was finally big enough to ride it last year and loved it too. The height restriction for this ride is 46"/117cm and this as well as all the other height restrictions are available at the point you buy your wristband or tickets from so you do not purchase tickets or bands to ride rides that are unsuitable for you.

              If you have a child who just reaches the height limit then I would suggest riding with them because it can be a bumpy and at sometimes rough ride and as some kids reach this height limit at a fairly young age they might get a bit scared or thrown about inside the ride, my son was only six when he first went on Valhalla but he loved it even though he was a bit scared at times, I would never have let him go on alone and I think he was pretty glad I was there.

              Some people term this ride as a indoor roller coaster and some as an indoor log flume, I personally see it as the latter but no matter what you want to call it, if you are in Blackpool then you simply have to ride it, it is not only one of my favourite rides in Blackpool but it is one of my favourite rides anywhere and of all time, it really is that good!

              VALHALLA FACTS

              At a cost of £15million, it is Britain's biggest privately funded millennium investment.

              Valhalla is built on the site of the famous Fun House, which was destroyed by fire in 1991.

              Many of the specially-created 'show action' effects have never before been used on amusement park rides.

              Valhalla incorporates fire, water, snow, thunder and lightning effects with riders experiencing extremes of temperature from minus 20C to 110F.
              More than 100,000 gallons of water a minute is used to propel up to 2,000 riders per hour.

              The man-made waterfall spanning 30 metres cascades at 12,000 gallons per minute and is continuously recycled.

              Approximately 35,000 cubic feet of gas an hour is used to provide the flame effects.

              The special effects have been created and installed by American firms Technifex and Attraction Services, Germany-based Heima and the UK's Farmer Studios as well as Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

              The Valhalla station design takes its influence from a Scandinavian-style Stave Church and is made entirely of timber.

              (these facts are courtesy of the Lancashire Evening telegraph).

              Thanks for reading

              © thebigc1690


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