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Water adventure park / Rotary Way, Royal Quays, North Shields, Tyne & Wear, NE29 6DA / 0191 296 1333.

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    5 Reviews
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      21.09.2009 19:14
      Very helpful



      Fun for all the family

      Wet 'n' Wild is located in North Shields and is the UK's largest water park. It is located 1 mile from the north side entrance/exit of the Tyne Tunnel on the A187 North Shields road. It is located directly opposite Royal Quays Shopping Outlet.

      == The Water Park ==

      When you first go inside Wet n Wild you need to pay your entrance fee. You can hire a locker for 30p plus a £2 refundable deposit. The lockers are quite large and can easily be shared between 2 people. You cannot get into the water park until you've paid and entrance is through a turnstile. Once inside, you can see the swimming area and slides and you need to go downstairs to the changing area. The changing area is a unisex area with cubicles to get changed in. The cubicles on the end of each row are slightly larger and it says these can be used for family changing. There are a large number lockers so it's worth trying to remember where abouts your locker is so you don't spend ages looking for it.

      The children's swimming area has a number of slides that appeal to young children. There's one that looks like a giant frog and the slide is the frogs tongue. Children must be younger than 10 to play on the slides and the staff are quite strict about this. They asked my nephew how old he was and when he said 10 they told him he could not play on the slides (much to his disappointment).

      There is a swimming pool which periodically has waves (the start of which is signalled with a siren). There's a 'lazy river' which goes around most of the water park (including a little bit outside - next to where the picnic benches are) and there are rings in here so you can float gently around the river. There is a slight current so if you are on a ring you can float along quite easily. There are not very many rings though so when it's busy you have little chance of getting one. The water is not really deep enough to swim in (for an adult) but its quite pleasant walking around it if you fancy a break from the rides.

      The slides are on a number of different floors and generally the higher the floor, the more extreme the ride. Floor one level rides are approximately twice the height of standard leisure pool slides. During off peak times the faster rides that need to be supervised at the top and bottom are only open at certain times. These times are displayed in a number of different places within the water park. I was there last week for about 2 hours and we were there when 2 of these slides opened and just missed the third one (me and my friend had to go to work) so they seem to be reasonably well timed.

      Some of the slides you are required to go down on a ring. Two of the slides have double rings (The Black Hole and The Abyss) so two people go down together. Each slide has information at the start of the slide about how you can go down it, e.g on a ring, or without, sitting or lying down. On a couple of the slides you can take a child down on your knee. Some of the slides are lying down only and these ones the tubes are smaller. For many of them you can choose if you want to sit or lie (depending on if you want to go slow or fast). I found whilst sitting on some of them they seemed to slow down in the middle.

      Showers are located next to the changing area and toilets are located on both floors. Spectators can sit in the café area which has a fairly limited view. You can go in the café area whilst in your swimming costume and then go back in the pool. I've just noticed that the website states that only food purchased in Wet n Wild can be consumed there but I never saw any signs there, and when I went with my sister and her children, we sat and ate our own sandwiches there and no one said anything.

      == My experience ==

      I live quite near here but only went for the first time this summer. I've now been twice, once with my sister and her children, and once with my friend.

      It was my nephew's idea to go the first time as you are allowed to stay all day. My eldest nephew (12) didn't go on any of the rides but enjoyed swimming around the lazy river and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. I went on the canyon ride with my other nephew (10) and we both enjoyed it but as it was the school holidays we had to queue for about 15 minutes for the rings so we only went on once. My nephew didn't want to go on any of the other rides as he hadn't been on them before. My niece (3 at the time) enjoyed playing in the children's pool and slides in there as well as the lazy river (with me or my sister). I felt like the trip there with my sister and the children was a bit of a waste of money as it cost us around £50, we were only there around 2 hours and we hardly used any of the water slides. My nephew insisted that he would go on loads of the slides so it would be more worthwhile than going to a regular swimming pool. It didn't turn out this way but we did still have a good time.

      The second time I went was just last week and I went with my friend. Some of our other friends think we're a bit childish going to Wet n Wild at 20 years of age but we both had a great time. We went on all the slides except the kamikaze as in all honesty neither of us liked the look of it at all. We both felt like we had done lots of exercise (in the form of swimming and walking up all the stairs) and it was certainly more energetic than our usually afternoon. We also had great fun on the all the rides and relaxing in the Jacuzzi. We enjoyed it so much that we are actually going back this week. We went on Thursday afternoon last week, and as it was during school hours it was fairly quiet so we didn't have to queue at all. Some of the staff started talking to us a little bit, as we were going round. There were other people there around our age as well as a couple of people older. Despite my friends thinking it's a childish place to go, we thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Wet n Wild looks like it could do with being refurbished but it is still relatively clean. For example, my friend went about 8 years ago and she said the black hole was completely dark but when we were there last week you could see areas of light peering in, in parts where the tyres have worn the paint away. Overall though, this doesn't take away from the experience.

      == Opening Times: ==
      During the summer months Wet n Wild is open from 10-8pm (7pm on a Sunday). From September-June its open 12-7.30pm on weekdays (except Monday and Tuesdays when it's closed). The opening times vary sometimes so it's worth checking the website when you want to go or ringing up just to check that they are open.
      == Admission Prices: ==

      10am until 2 ½ hours before closing, Saturdays, Sundays, school and bank holidays

      Standard: £9.95
      Children under 1.2m, over 60's and registered disabled: £5.75
      Spectators (limited viewing) £3.50

      Weekdays outside of school/bank holidays:

      Standard: £8.95
      Children under 1.2m, over 60's and registered disabled: £4.50
      Spectators (limited viewing) £3.50

      Evening Special (everyday 2 and half hours before closing) £7.50 (£4.50 for children under 1.2m)

      == Other Information ==

      There is a large car park with parking areas for coaches too.
      Telephone: 0191 296 1333
      Address: Rotary Way, Royal Quays, North Shields, Tyne and Wear, NE29 6DA
      Website: www.wetnwild.co.uk

      == Overall ==

      I would recommend Wet n Wild as it keeps the whole family entertained. It is quite expensive but bearing in mind that this is for a full day's entrance it is worth it.

      Thanks for reading!


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        26.01.2009 18:55
        Very helpful



        Not a bad day out... just let down by general cleanliness

        When this place first opened it was fantastic!

        Known for lots of daring water rides, various wave pools and attracted a good mix of families, teens and adults..... oh how it has changed!!

        Its located 1mile away from the North Side of the Tyne Tunnel, next to the Royal Quays Shopping Outlet and next the North Shields ferry terminal.

        Its £9.45 for standard admission for an adult and £5.45 for children under 1.2m. This entitles you to stay for as long as you want. During the peak season (school holidays) the place is open 10am -8pm Monday - Saturday and 10pm - 7pm on a Sunday. Out of school holidays the opening hours vary so its worth giving the place a call to check that they are open!

        If you don't want to go in the waterpark its £3.45 to go in the spectators area, but note you can only sit in a certain area and it is very restricted to where you are allowed.

        There is a café which serves food including chips, burgers and chicken nuggets. Prices are approx £3 for burger and chips and a soft drink.

        The changing area is quite large but isn't at all clean! There are a number of floor tiles cracked which is quite dangerous.

        The rides themselves are quite good. There is a wave pool, lazy river and water play area for younger children. The flumes themselves are on various levels. The higher the level the more extreme the ride! The best rides are the Kamikaze a vertical drop, the black hole a ride for two people on a rubber ring in the darkness. In total there are about 10 flumes all of which are worth more than one go on them.

        During peak times the queues do get quite large and you can wait 15 minutes for your turn on the slide

        The place itself isn't a bad day out, it's just let down by it being dirty, in need of some maintenance and the staffs need to be more observant!


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        14.06.2008 09:38



        wet n wild makes a splashing experience to be made worth the trip (and money!).The slides are a fantastic 9/10 the journey down makes it worth the wait.The standard admission of £9.40 is quite cheap for the u.k largest water park.And the time is quite resnoble 10am till 8pm.Wetnwild is famous in the u,k for the high ratings of pepole nothing to say but good brilliant wonderful and amazing in conclusion the words wetnwild make the spine shiver of thrill and excitment make sure to chek out the website or the park itself.


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        20.08.2007 12:35



        OK for 3 hr trip, no worth £9.90 each

        Expensive and showing its age, with long lines and many inconsiderate guests - no seats to lounge and relax.
        Kids will love it, adults may not. Not suitable for infirm or OAP. There are no seats at all. Just lines waiting to collect rings to ride the flumes. Some flumes dont need rings, so their lines even longer. Water quite cool, so standing around while you WAIT IN LINE, is chilling.
        Many guests hog their rings preventing next in line riding. Some flumes are closed each half hr!!. No staff to ask how the place works, first time visitors expect to spend first 20 minutes working out the place. Lockers very small, lockers are charged at 30p with £2 refundable deposit. The whole place is quite drab and showing its age, paint is peeling off everywhere, huge deposits green slime on parts (next to exit from Blackhole). Mostly 5yrs to 17 yrs. Most unsupervised. DO NOT GO IN SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. Now £9.90 each. After 3 hrs you will be bored and water logged, so a full day use is nonviable, should offer half day tickets. Guards do a fair job, but most are not accessable to ask Q or seek assistance from. Lazy River waste time, very slow and shallow, too many guests allowed in at same time. I was told our visit day, our first (& last), was a "quiet holiday" day - goodness knows what a busy day is like!!! Flumes are great fun once you get on them. Clorine is very strong and toilets crowded with burning smell of chemicals, so strong my eyes burnt, but better later on, so assume wc just cleaned.


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        01.07.2007 15:38
        Very helpful



        Water park

        Wet and Wild

        For anyone wanting a fun day out in the water, this water park ensures that you don’t have to wait for the warm weather.

        Getting there…

        Situated in Royal Quays, North Shields, the water park is easily accessed by car and public transport. If driving, head for the Northern side of the Tyne Tunnel, and then follow the signs.

        Once at the venue, there is on site parking, and plenty of it; I have never visited the site, and been unable to find a parking space.

        First impressions…

        Once inside the water park, there is the obligatory pay station, and until you have paid, there is no way of entering because the gate is closed. This ensures that there are no escapees as well as making sure everyone pays for their day out.

        Immediately, the rides and pools are in view, and children will want to get in there straight away!

        Changing facilities…

        Changing facilities are downstairs, close to the pools. They are mixed sex, with no segregation, but obviously there are cubicles in which to get change. Clothes are put in lockers, and you carry your key with you, usually round a wrist or ankle.

        One thing to note is that it does get very slippy round this area, so to avoid accidents, children should be reminded to walk. In fact, this goes for the whole place; I always impress on children that walking is the way we move about.

        The Rides…

        There is a great variety of rides, from the more sedtae to the really quite fast and exhilarating.

        With names such as The Hurricane, The Cyclone, The kamikaze and The Black Hole, we get an idea of what to expect. Some of the rides such as the Hurricane, are traditional slides with a twist, and the kamikaze is not for the faint hearted, dropping as it does, the very brave down an 80 foot vertical flume!

        For the less brave, or younger visitors, there are more sedate flumes, as well as tyre rides where adult and child can ride down together. Wet ‘n’ Wild now has 3 different raft flumes, including the new Abyss which uses double tyres and takes riders plunging down a hair raising descent.

        There is a wave pool, which is a normal pool, but when the signal sounds, swimmers know that the waves will start, so have the option of staying in the pool, or getting out. The water park also has a Jacuzzi, so it’s a good place to rest and let the bubbles soothe you before the next ride.

        All around the area there are loungers and places to sit, almost like a pool when you are on holiday, so it’s not all hectic.


        Food and drink can be bought upstairs, and eaten on site. There is a menu serving such things as burgers and chicken nuggets, crisps and chocolates. Not especially healthy fare, so we always tend to go before a meal is required. I also find the concept a bit strange; people walking upstairs in beach wear, and sitting down to eat in swimming costumes if they want.

        Opening hours…

        Sunday- Thursday: 10am-9.30pm
        Friday and Saturday: 10am-10pm

        Plenty of time to visit, although times are restricted from November to February 9obviously winter opening times)


        Quite expensive, but remember, what you pay is for the whole day.

        Standard admission (weekends and school/Bank Holidays): £8.95
        Children under 1.2m/over 60s/disabled: £5.20
        Evening special: £6.50
        Evening special for children under 1.2m: $4.00
        Under 2s: free

        Other bits of information…

        Website: www.wetnwild.co.uk
        Telephone: +44(191)2961444

        Our verdict…

        Living close to this attraction means that I have been here on several occasion, both with parties of school children and with my own children.

        The water park really does have something for everybody, and caters for the very daring right to those who may just want to lounge by the pool and watch the world go by. There are height restrictions on some of the rides, so young children won’t be allowed on them, but having been with young children, I find that there are enough activities without them even noticing that there are some rides which exclude them.

        The changing areas are quite big, so it’s important to remember where your locker is, or you will be wandering around for ages looking for it. Although there are no separate male and female facilities, there is plenty of privacy, so your modesty will be maintained!

        The water park does get very busy, and for people deciding to eat here, you could find yourself standing in your swimwear waiting to be served. However, although it is usually busy, there don’t seem to be lots of queues for the rides. If going with small children, be aware that there are often older children who tend not to walk especially carefully around the pool.

        It’s important to note that children over the age of 10 can go unaccompanied, which I think is young to be here all day, but those are the rules. It does, however, mean that you could be visiting on a day when there is a very large group of unaccompanied children. This has happened to me, and I found myself worrying about their safety, although there are pool attendants.

        I always find that a couple of hours is enough for children, because it does echo, it is a very cloying, enclosed atmosphere, and ultimately, more than two hours is a very long time to be in the water. There is an option to pay less on an evening, if you go in 2 ½ hours before closing time. However, since it closes at so late, this isn’t really an option for young children. I do think they should allow people to pay less and go in for 2 ½ hours at any time of the day.

        However, grumbles aside, children really do enjoy this venue, as do adults who like the whole water experience. A fun day out for the whole family, and remember, you really can make it a whole day out.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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        Available for groups and parties, Wet'n'Wild is fun for kids, families, and even the more grown up kids! Pay once for your entry and then have unlimited use of park facilities.

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