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Brother P-Touch QL-550

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    1 Review
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      26.09.2008 12:17
      Very helpful



      A really nice little lable printer

      I actually got this label printer free when i bought a Brother laser printer and i doubt i would have bought it otherwise, but it is a good label printer, especially to say i got it for free.
      The printer comes with two different rolls of labels, i can't remember the exact size, but one roll is a continuous roll and one is lots of set size labels.
      The quality of the labels is very good and they last a long time. You also get a lot of label(s) on one roll.
      They come attached to a reel that just slots into the machine and snaps into place with a little lever to hold it there. You just then roll a little bit through so the machine and get hold of it. You then just close the cover and print your labels.

      The printer comes with some good software called Brother P-Touch which allows you to create any size label, any font and add images or what ever else you want to do. I don't actually know that much about the software as i just use the basic label printing but i think it can also be used as a bit of an editing program.

      As well as using this software, you can add a little symbol to programs such as Microsoft Word so you can print labels directly from Word.

      Back to the printer itself. On the front are 3 buttons. The large button is just the power button, press once to turn on, once again to turn off. There is a little green power light next to the power button.
      The next button is a cut button, now when a label is printed it will cut automatically, but if you pull some label through, and you pull to much through you can just press this button to cut off the access. The next button is a paper feed button. You press this is the paper has not come through enough, or not come through properly, it will feed some more label though for you.

      On the back is a power socket, so you can attach a power cable which it comes with. There is also a USB port as this printer connects to your computer via USB.
      It is very simple to set up, you get a full start up guide and software with it.
      The printer is nice looking and a great size, it would actually look good on a computer desk as it does not stand out but does not look horrible either.

      Oh last thing, the ink, well its hard to explain but it doesn't use any, it uses some sort of thermal printing. I can't explain it as i don't know how it works, but i have never had to put any sort of ink in, and my labels always print perfectly.

      I like this printer and recommend it to anyone who wants a good little label printer.


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