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Dymo Labelwriter 450

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    2 Reviews
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      05.03.2012 15:28
      Very helpful



      A nice label writer which will cover all your office needs

      I use the Dymo Labelwriter 450 at work for envelopes, mail merges and administrative duties.
      It is a stylish machine that easily sits next to your PC and takes up little room. It is reliable and easy to use!

      It is a nice reasonably sized machine 17 cm Long x 10 cm wide and 13cm high. It is a rounded large mouse shape and silver and black design. It had a black semi transparent lid that opens allowing access the labels themselves.

      The labelwriter 450 can produce a plethora of labels for you which include a total of 15 Label Types and Sizes:-

      28 x 89 mm - Address
      25 x 54 mm - Return Address
      36 x89 mm - Large Address
      54 x 101 mm - Shipping
      59 x 190 - Large Lever Arch
      38 x 190 mm - Small Lever Arch
      12 x 50 mm - File Folder
      41 x 89 - Name Badge
      54 x 70 - Large Rectangle
      46 x 78 - Large Rectangle
      12 x 24 - Extra Small
      19 x 147 - Extra Long
      19 x 51 - Small Mulitpurpose
      57 x 45 - CD/DVD

      On each label these is a least 4 variants - some labels have much more up to 8 and 10. These variants can change the layout of the labels, how the text appears and even show barcodes etc.

      On Each Label you can change the layout, design, text font and size, show pictures or signs. The text can be made bold, Italic, underlined, but will only print in black. You can mail-merge databases to it and even save the labels you produce!

      The LaserWriter 450 comes with one user guide and one installation CD which will talk you through the set up and how to use. You then load the software onto your PC and you can use it straight away. The Labelwriter 450 is linked to your PC via one wire and a power socket. The Dymo 450 is easy to set up and use. The Menu's are similar to a Word program and you can print with just one click and the label prints immediately. The labels come out clear and sharp and the label rolls themselves are good quality. It is not the cheapest on the market and I do think it is way overpriced as much as I love it.

      Its current RRP is around £95 but it can be found on Amazon for around £65. The label rolls themselves can be around £10 per pack. Way too expensive. I would never buy this machine for my own use but for company use it really is a good machine. Also for the price you would expect it to print in colour as well!


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      24.11.2011 14:08
      Very helpful



      Great little printer for someone/a business who ships a lot of items.

      Christmas 2010 I asked my dad for a label printer as I run a small handmade clothing business and needed something for printing address labels. I was shocked when he bought me this model as it was a high end label printer.

      This printer doesn't use ink. It uses thermal paper stickers and the printer burns the image into it creating your label. You need a computer to plug it into where you upload a programme with a disc which helps you create your label. The labels costs between £5-£17 for a roll/pack. It may seem steep but for a printer which doesn't need ink which will cost a lot over time, and no fuss, it is such a worthy product.
      You plug it into your mains, then use the USB to plug into the computer. It does have a very long cable with it which is rather annoying if you're putting right next to your computer.
      You can buy lots of different sized stickers to print onto. The programme requires you to select which sticker size you are using so make sure you know which size you are using. You can also buy the labels to print different coloured text. I use the standard black, but when purchasing the labels you will find the option to have blue or red too. The labels only print in one colour as it's heat and the "ink" is set into the labels. It's nice and compact and is very easy to change the labels and also to print off. It comes with teeth at the front where you can rip the labels off individually off the roll once printed. These are brilliant for people who send a lot of packages as you can just copy and paste addresses on-line into the machine's programme on the computer and then click print.

      I love this nifty little printer. I use it almost everyday to print off shipping labels. The programme comes with the option to save addresses in the address book which is handy if you have repeat customers and can just simply look their name up and click print!. This printer is so helpful and prints very quickly making everything you need to do easy, simple and speedy. If you are using a4 sheets of labels and printing on your general printer, i would seriously think about getting one of these. It does everything you need it to.
      You don't need to waste paper and ink. I just recently bought two new rolls of labels for £11 for 520 all together. If you shop around you could possibly get even more but with it not needing ink or time and effort, it is worth every penny you pay.
      They are around £70-90 for a brand new one. It's worth the investment and mine has lastest and still feels new to me after a year. It's also rather fun to use!.


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