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    2 Reviews
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      08.08.2011 19:58
      Very helpful



      A good looking toaster...

      As the toaster is primarily out on view for all to see, why not get an attractive one to really give your kitchen a fantastic contemporary look? This toaster is fantastically coloured and looks fabulous, but looks come at a cost! For 49 pounds I think this is a lot to pay for a toaster and when I finally admitted to my boyfriend how much I had spent; he nearly chocked! "Can we not just grill it?" He enquired, looking at me like I was crazy. This toaster is more than a toaster; it is a piece of art!

      *Price and availability*

      The toaster costs between £47.50 (The cheapest I've seen it on sale on Amazon) to £55.00 on sale in Selfridges.


      I've seen the toaster in two different colours; lime green and bright red. But it is actually available in a rainbow of colours, including purple, orange, red and lime, as well as black or white. Bodum makes plenty of matching accessories in the Bistro range, including kettles, coffee grinders, fruit juicers and knife blocks so you can to kit your whole kitchen out on a similar theme!

      The toaster is a two slice toaster and measures 22 x 28 x 17 cm. The cable is 106cm long so it is fairly small but to be honest anything bigger would just hang loose as I have my toaster practically on top of the plug socket. This cable stores neatly inside the base of the toaster though so any unsightly wire is kept out of view!
      The toaster is very easy to use and has a dial on the side to control the browning of the bread. There are five levels of browing with number five being still very pale! I like fairly soft toast and have it on four usually. My boyfriend has to stick it on five and then two to get to his level of cremation! This is a bit annoying for him as it takes such a long time to prepare!

      There is also a button to push if you want to defrost frozen bread and there is also a button to cancel the toasting operation in case you accidently stick it on too high.
      The toaster has a crumb tray which slides out the back so that you can empty it regularly and avoid that unnecessary build up of crumbs which can start to burn and make the kitchen smell.

      *My experiences*

      Aesthetically, the toaster is perfect and looks so good. It is a product that looks expensive so in this respect you can definitely see that it is worth the money you pay for it.

      Technically, the toaster is a little bit of a failure. Despite claiming to have 900 W of power, it takes a good three minutes for a piece of bread to toast to a decent level of browning and it is annoying that there is no countdown timer to let you know how long there is to go. An advantage though is that the toast is always even. Ive had some toasters that do not toast crusts or have one side pale and the other dark!

      The general maintenance of the toaster is greatly assisted by the crumb tray and I get a little obsessed with checking it and cleaning it! I have the smell of burnt toast and these dry crumbs can start to burn if the tray is not regularly cleaned. I really enjoy the scent of fresh buttered toast and do not want anything to spoil it! I usually give the toaster a quick wipe every now and then but to be honest, it is really easy to look after. I used to have a stainless steel one that was a haven for fingerprints and marks but this one doesn't have the same problem.


      I like the toaster and it just looks so good and hope that it lasts a long time to justify spending so much money on it!
      It comes with a two year warranty so far so good!


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        27.09.2010 15:36
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        A great addition to a modern kitchen.

        Making toast is an artform in our house, primarily due to the complete contrast between my preference for very pale, but still crispy slices, and my husband's taste for charcoaled, very dark bread!

        So when we decided to upgrade our toaster recently, it had to be something that could take pride of place in our kitchen, as well as being able to toast bread effectively for both os us.

        Having recently bought a hot pink Bodum kettle, I was blown away by this range of appliances in funky, bright and modern colours, and so I already knew which toaster I wanted to buy.

        But it wasn't that easy as Bodum toasters come in such fantastic colours and so making a choice was agonising. At first I was drawn to the lovely purple one, but my husband pointed out that lime green would better suit our other accessories and compliment our pink kettle, so that's what we went for! It is a gorgeous citrus shade and is just perfect.

        The toaster itself is a two-slice one, so its pretty standard in that respect. Yet there is nothing ordinary about the design of the toaster, which is almost rubbery in its texture and has raised tactile bumps in lines all down the front.

        It is not the fastest toaster I have ever used, and it takes longer than average to make a bit of toast, probably around two minutes, but for good toast I can wait. And this is good toast! It is silent and does not have that annoying metal-sounding whir of some others I have used

        One of my bugbears is toast that comes out of the machine half done, and by that I mean with half the slice toasted and golden, and the other half not even cooked. Thankfully that's not an issue here as my slice of toast pops up light golden brown and evenly coloured every time, just the way I like it.

        I use normal sized bits of sliced bread but I imagine you would need to cut homemade bread in half to fit nicely in this toaster. Pitta bread fit in nicely and come out nicely toasted.

        On the side of the toaster there are five different levels of browning and we set it at three, which is perfect for me. My husband prefers his bread darker but instead of changing the level on the dial, he simply pops it down again. There is an illuminated button next to the dial which pops the toast up, easy peasy.

        I haven't had the pleasure of cleaning this toaster yet but according to the shop assisant in John Lewis, it is really user-friendly and just requires a quick pull of the tray underneath, which is then easily slotted right back in again.

        In terms of maintenance, we tend to just give this a quick wipe with a cloth and have found it so much easier and less time-consuming than our last chrome toaster which always looked grubby. This in contrast looks bright and groovy and is a talking point already.

        I think it cost us around the £50 mark, which is a lot for a toaster, but was made affordable for us as we had a John Lewis voucher burning a hole in our pockets, waiting to be spent on something we probably would not have been able to justify otherwise!


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