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Brand: Breville / 2 Slice Toaster / With Cancel Button / With Crumb Tray / Adjustable Widths

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    1 Review
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      20.07.2009 15:39
      Very helpful



      Good toaster when its working!

      Those of you who recently read my Breville Kettle review will know that I also purchased the matching toaster as a set.
      Unfortunately the toaster has not lived up to my expectations, and sadly departed from my kitchen only a few months after purchase.

      I do not seem to have much luck with toasters at all, and if I manage to keep one beyond it's guarantee then I consider it to be fantastic!
      I have bought cheap toasters, expensive toasters, and they all never seem to last that long, so I have came to the conclusion that I may as well just stick to buying cheaper ones from now on.

      This Breville PT45 toaster came as part of a set including the kettle. I paid £35 for the set from Littlewoods, although both kettle and toaster are available to buy separately.
      As I mentioned in my kettle review, I really wanted a kettle that illuminated with one of those blue LED lights, so that was a major factor in my choice. I also needed a toaster, and the price also seemed reasonable for the two. Also, I have a Breville sandwich toaster which has lasted me ages, so I presumed the brand to be good too.

      On taking the toaster out of the box, I noticed it has a slightly unusual shape, as the top of the toaster slants downwards from right to left. However, it looked nice enough with its silver colour, sitting alongside my kettle.

      The toaster is a 2 slice toaster which is big enough for my needs and has a control panel on the front consisting of three silver buttons and a slide control.
      The three buttons are for defrosting, reheating, and a cancel button. The slide control is a variable browning control.
      Underneath the toaster is a removable crumb tray which slides out easily to clean, and is easy to replace.
      The two slots on the top of the toaster are different widths, which I thought was a good idea, with one being slightly wider than the other.
      I did have a toaster previously where you could not fit a thick slice of bread into it, so this was useful to have. Even an extra thick slice fitted into the slot no problem.
      The loading handle on the side pushes down easily after you have placed your bread in the toaster, and away you go!
      The loading handle also can be lifted higher above the start position to help you remove the toast when ready.

      Now here's the exciting bit.... the toaster illuminates too!
      The illumination is not visible when the toaster is switched off, but as soon as you put your bread in to toast, a series of five blue LED lights appear on the front of the toaster. As the toasting cycle progresses the indicator lights go out one by one until toasting is complete. Then your toast pops up.
      The function buttons also illuminate too if you are using them.
      Being the sad person that I am, I was really chuffed with this as I had no idea the toaster illuminated too!

      A useful tip to note is if you are toasting a single slice of bread, set the browning control to a lower setting than normal. The toaster is designed is designed to heat both bread slots. By lowering the heat for a single slice, you will not burn the toast.

      I was very happy with my toaster since buying it a few months ago, but then suddenly one day it went bang whilst in use!
      I always followed the instructions, and was just making my usual toast, so I don't know what caused it to do this. Hence to say it was broken.
      This is the problem I find with all the toasters I have had. They never seem to last longer than a few months, or a year at most. Speaking to friends about this, it seems to be a common problem with toasters.

      Getting a replacement toaster was no problem however, but I am wondering how long it will last!

      I cannot give this toaster 5 stars, but will award it 4, as the price is reasonable, it is easy to use, looks attractive, and getting a replacement was easy too.

      The toaster is available from major stockists, some supermarkets and online retailers priced at around £15. As I mentioned earlier, I paid £35 for the toaster and kettle which I think is a really good price.

      If anyone has a toaster which has lasted them a long time, please recommend it to me!
      The way I see it, it is pointless paying a lot of money for a toaster.


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      Short name: Breville PT45

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