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    1 Review
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      26.09.2011 17:53
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      A fab little toaster

      About 4 months ago my toaster packed in. It was a Tesco value toaster, which I actually reviewed at the time, and I only gave it a 2 star rating, as it was not very good, but I was actually surprised at how long it lasted in the end - for the price I paid for it!
      When it came to purchasing a replacement, I decided that it was worth paying a little more this time around, and getting a decent toaster that would last me longer, and give better results!

      I ended up buying the Breville TT58 toaster, when I saw it in the sale for £29:99, with the main reason for selecting it being that I had been very impressed with my Breville sandwich toaster, and so I decided to stick with the same brand.

      The Breville TT58 toaster is a modern looking piece of kit. It is finished in brushed stainless steel, and is therefore silver / grey in colour.

      It is just a two slice toaster which is exactly what I wanted because there are only the 2 of us in our house, and it is rare that we eat together, and as such it would be a waste of electricity if I was to buy a 4 slice toaster, and have the elements burning away each time I wanted to toast 1 or 2 rounds of bread. The good thing about this 2 slice toaster though is that it is capable of holding 2 very large slices of toast, so there is no issue with having to keep turning the toast around to get it to cook evenly at all ends of the slice.

      As the toaster is just capable of holding 2 slices of bread it is pretty small and compact. The dimensions of: height 22.5cm, depth 23cm and width 35cm means that it fits easily into my tiny kitchen, and doesn't take up too much of my valuable space on the kitchen counter.

      As with most toasters, the Breville TT58 comes with an adjustable cooking control, which is a simple black coloured plastic dial at the front which can be turned from 1 - 6 with 1 being the shortest time, and 6 being the longest. The dial is easy to use, and feels firm and solid, as do all of the buttons, levers and dials on the toaster.

      The toaster also comes with most of the standard facilities that toasters tend to come with nowadays, such as electrical cable storage, and non slip feet, along with a removable crumb tray, which I tend to empty every month or so.
      In addition to the common modern facilities of most toasters, this toaster has what is referred to as 'high rise facility'. This means that once the toast is cooked and the racks pop up, they will pop up nice and high, making it very easy to retrieve the toast from the toaster. This is very usefull and something that I have never had before, and have often had to disconnect the toaster from the electricity supply, and use a knife to lift the hot toast from the toaster.

      The toaster in general has a very good build quality, and unlike my old Tesco value toaster it feels strong and sturdy, and never feels like anything is about to snap off.
      A slight niggle I have about it, is that it does need constant cleaning of the exterior, as it is constructed from stainless steel, and I often find it easily gets lots of finger prints on it, but these are easy enough to wipe off with a damp cloth.

      Overall it is a decent toaster which is far superior to my previous toaster. I feel that this will last a good number of years, but it did come with a 12 month guarantee which offers some peace of mind when paying out the £30 for it.

      This toaster is very good in my opinion, and consistently produces the expected results with nice even browning of the toast regardless of the size or shape of the bread. I have also used it for crumpets, (where I turn the cooking control up to about 4), waffles, and muffins, without any problems.

      Thanks for reading.

      Copyright © L500589 2011


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    • Product Details

      Breville's TT58 2-slice toaster has extra deep slots for large pieces of toast, and a high-rise facility to make it easy to remove your toasted food / There's a built-in crumb tray and cord storage for added neatness / Short name: Breville TT58