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Breville VTT205

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    2 Reviews
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      13.11.2011 19:49
      Very helpful


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      would recommend to anyone wanting a cheap toaster yet a great product.

      I got the breville vtt205 last December on the boxing day sales for £25. A toaster is a toaster at the end of the day, its job is simple: to toast bread. This and all other toasters in the world do this perfectly. This toaster has a few features available such as toasting a frozen slice of bread and warming bread without much toasting. The time can be adjusted to your requirements for toasting bread. I use it for waffles(sweet), muffins and potato cakes so its not just for the humble bread.

      It has 2 compartments in which food is entered and once the foods are toasted it pops up(like nearly every toaster ever made). Hence the title, the toaster only has two compartments so its good for small families whereas a four compartment toaster would be more convenient but none the less you can make two batches of two toasts(it will just take longer). The toaster I have is different to the one is the picture, same model, same features but different appearance. I have checked the model number located underneath the toaster and it is definitely the vtt205. My one is a shiny black and when its toasting it has a blue led light that comes on which is appealing. I personally prefer the black version as this one looks dull. The toaster crumb tray is easy to remove and to clean. The toaster itself is easy to use.... its a no brainer. As far as toasters go this is flawless. I strongly urge you to purchase it if you are looking for a great toaster on a cheap budget.

      Thanks for reading, I hope this review has been useful.


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      14.09.2010 01:47
      Very helpful



      My advice - think twice before buying Breville VTT205 toaster!

      When we lived in Lithuania, we weren't used to toasting bread and preferred sandwiches. But as we live here in NI for a while now, we love eating a toast in the morning. In a few houses that we were renting, toasters were provided by a landlord. As there wasn't a toaster in the house we currently rent, we finally decided to get one ourselves. And I got a £15 Debenhams voucher from Toluna. Decided to get a toaster for it! Searched Debenhams items for sale and chose Breville VTT205 Polished Stainless Steel 2 slice toaster for £15.


      Product features include:
      * Number of slots - 2,
      * Defrost, cancel and reheat settings,
      * Illuminated control buttons,
      * Variable width toasting slots,
      * High lift facility,
      * Variable browning control,
      * Removable crumb tray,
      * Cord storage
      * Non slip feet,
      * Polished stainless steel finish,
      * Dimensions H- 27.1 cm W- 33.7 cm D- 22.8 cm


      Breville VTT205 toasters are available from electric stores or many online shops. Usual price is £19.99 for a toaster but if You spend some time searching online you may be lucky and find a better deal. Comparing with other toasters available on the market Breville VTT205 isn't the cheapest one but You pay for a good quality and great brand product.


      THE LOOK

      As I already mentioned, I bought Breville VTT205 toaster online, so saw it just in a picture. And it really looked good: polished stainless steel finish, illuminated buttons and stylish design. So when I finally received our toaster, I opened the box and found it very well and safely packed. Actually I was a little bit disappointed with this Breville toaster because it was so big and bulky... It takes a lot of surface space... Otherwise it looked great and well built - just like in a picture.
      But there is one thing that I like about this toaster - the top of it - it is not horizontal but oblique so looks nice and stylish near the wall.


      I don't know if all Breville toasters work like ours, but our toasts are never browned evenly...One side and top of bread is always much whiter. I even burned a few slices as I thought they were still white when they popped up, so turned toaster on again for a few seconds. I was glad to see bread nicely brown but then I turned it over and was surprised - it was totally burned!!!

      Variable browning:
      I really like this control because white bread slices need shorter time to toast and brown bread or bagels - longer time. So it is very convenient as I don't have to repeat toasting for some products. On the other hand there isn't a clear and bright mark on the browning control so it is difficult to see which setting from 1 to 6 is chosen. One more problem - the control can be moved easily if You accidentally touch it and Your toast will burn...

      Cancel, Defrost and Reheat:
      All toasters we have previously used were very simple and didn't have any extra features. But now after using Breville VTT205 for a few months I find those extra functions very handy. If I see that bread is already brown but hasn't popped up, I simply use Cancel button. Another time I realized that bread was still in the freezer, so had a chance to try the Defrost function. And after a few minutes I could eat my toast. But the best thing - the Reheat function as I use it very often. Sometimes it takes hours to finish my breakfast or it takes ages to feed our little girl. So it is great to warm a toast for our girl or myself without going through the whole toasting cycle. It not only saves time but is much more economical too.

      Variable width:
      As I use the toaster not just for bread but also muffins or bagels, sometimes it used to be a problem to fit them into toaster's slots. But now I'm happy - slots are wide enough to suit my needs!

      Breville VTT205 toaster prepares toasts at the same speed as other toasters. Of course it depends on what You want to brown too. I simply had to get used to it - to decide which variable browning setting and when to use.

      High lift:
      This toaster's function is very useful too as it helps to protect fingers from burning. On the other hand I didn't burn fingers removing standard square toasted bread from any toaster. But as sometimes I decide to toast smaller products (pancakes or half a slice of bread, muffin...) I have to remove them using a knife or fork and be very careful. Even High lift function can't help me...


      According to instruction the toaster has to be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. And it is really easily cleaned! I use a cloth for exterior and for crumbs - at the back of a toaster there is an easily removable crumb tray. Well first time I wasn't sure how to pull the tray out, so made a bit of a mess. But now it takes just a few minutes to clean the toaster.


      This Breville VTT205 toaster does what it is supposed to do - makes toasts. It also has some very useful functions and polished stainless steel finish. But I wouldn't buy it again. It takes too much kitchen surface space, doesn't brown toasts evenly on both sides, not clearly indicated variable browning setting.

      I expected this toaster to be better designed but we simply got a bulky appliance.

      So I give Breville VTT205 Polished Stainless Steel 2 slice toaster only 3 stars out of 5.

      More information about Breville products You may get from their website www. Breville.co.uk. Or contact them:
      Breville Customer Services
      Pulse Home Products Ltd.
      Vine Mill
      Middleton Road
      OL2 5LN
      E-mail: customerservice@pulse-uk.co.uk
      Phone: 0800 525 089
      Fax: 0161 626 0391

      Thanks for taking time to read my review! Hope You'll find it useful!

      Also posted on other websites under the same user name.


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