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Breville VTT233

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5 Reviews
  • Browns toast perfectly
  • Good cancel feature
  • Looks a bit cheap
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    5 Reviews
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      02.01.2015 11:31
      Very helpful


      • "Good cancel feature "
      • "Browns toast perfectly "


      • "Looks a bit cheap"

      Good toaster just not as nice looking as some

      I bought this toaster as it was one of the cheapest fur slice toasters that I could find at the time and a four slice toaster is a must in our house because it would take all day with only a two slice toaster to make toast for us all. It cost £20 and was worth every penny as I never once had any trouble with it.
      The toaster appears quite basic with few controls but it has all the important ones such as those to control the browning of the toast. This isn’t as pretty as my new toaster but it actually makes toast better. It heats up so fast and makes toast really quickly and the controls are good as you can make the toast as light or as dark as you want and whatever you choose it will do it quickly. It made such a difference being so quick as I could make so much toast at once and we could all get our toast quickly.
      The slots for the bread are a good size as it could fit in even large end slices of bread with ease. It also has controls for defrosting and reheating bread though the defrost one always toasted the bread slightly so I wouldn’t use it for defrosting bread for sandwiches or anything. The medium setting on the toaster is enough for nicely browned bread and anything higher would just burn the toast but there is a good cancel function where you can pop the toast when it has reached the right level of browning for you.

      There is a removable crumb tray which comes out easily and makes such a difference with cleaning because I hate toasters without one where you have to literally lift the toaster upside down to try and shake out all the crumbs. The cord flex isn’t very long but as I had it placed right beside a plug socket this wasn’t an issue for me and I liked it because it meant that I could hide it behind the toaster so it looked a bit neater.
      This toaster really suited us well as a family and worked perfectly and I only changed it because I wanted something that I thought was better looking but if you can look past how it looks then you will like the actual toaster as it works really well and makes nice toast and doesn’t cost a lot of money for a four slice toaster.


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      25.09.2013 14:02
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I like this toaster.

      We've gone through loads of toasters in our house, upto date I think this particular model has been the longest serving. The toaster is in use alot- atleast daily and has only now after 2 years started to play up, but still usable.

      I bought it from Argos a couple of years ago, maybe even longer than that. At the time I paid £25, a quick look on their website today has them for £22.99 and that's not on sale. Amazon are selling them for £19.99 with free postage.

      This 4 slice toaster isn't the most expensive looking thing infact it looks quite budget, never the less it has all the features I could possibly need. The toaster is long and narrow rather than square so fits compactly on my worktop. My toaster is black plastic cool wall and it really doesn't get hot whilst in use. The knob, buttons and slider/lever are grey, placed on the end and look neat. The slider/lever pops down easily.

      Features as taken from the Argos website:

      1400 watts.
      4 slices.
      Wide slots with a variable width function.
      6 toast settings.
      High-lift function for easy removal of smaller slices of bread.
      Cancel, defrost and reheat.
      Variable browning.
      Removable crumb tray.
      Cool touch.
      Cord storage.
      1 year guarantee.

      It's 1400 watts which isn't as high as some toasters but hot enough to toast bread quickly, especially when onto the second batch. It has 6 settings, I never defrost or reheat I just bung frozen bread in and toast it as normal, and I find when I have reheated it's the same as popping it back in for a minute. The wide slot feature does come in handy and is variable enough for thick bread, crumpets and tea cakes to which the high lift function is a must. I've also fitted them toastie bag things in there with no problem. I'm guilty of not emptying the crumb tray very often, but it's easy to do when I do. Bread toasts evenly on both sides (atleast it used to more of that later) Large size proper bread does stick up an inch or so out of the top so I have to turn it over if I'm toasting more than two at a time, otherwise it goes in side ways. Cheap value slices of bread fit four easily. The cancel button works without shooting the bread out at a rate of knots and torpedoing the toast on the floor.......so that's good....

      I can't complain about it's toasting ability when it was working properly, however over time and multiple use it's started to play up. Even on the minimum setting the toaster burns bread, maybe the elements are getting too hot or it's a timing problem because although I have it on setting number 1 or 2 the toast is almost burnt, I have to keep an eye on it. Also it's toasting unevenly on one side, I have to turn the bread around which is a recent thing, I can and do still use it though.

      I think I would recommend it despite it's recent problems as it has had a lot of use. I will buy this model again.

      4 Stars from me though because it falls short on depth, despite fitting small bread slices larger ones don't fit.


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        17.03.2013 10:18
        Very helpful



        I would not buy this toaster

        I purchased this black toaster together with a black Breville kettle from Argos. The toaster was £24.99 but it is now sold for £23. It is also available slightly cheaper on Amazon. I bought it because it went nicely with the kitchen decor and I could toast 4 slices of bread at a time. Not only does it toast 4 slices of bread, but I thought it was nice and slim, so didn't take up too much space in my tiny kitchen. The dimensions are (W x D x H): 38.2 x 16.2 x 18.2 cm. As far as I can see, this particular model is only available in black.

        My first toaster broke and just stopped working one day (I'm not sure what happened to it). So I took it back to the shop and it was replaced with the same model.

        The second toaster worked fine for just over a year. While toasting some bread, the middle elements blew (it sounded like there was a mini explosion in the kitchen). The middle elements no longer worked. I was really short of cash at the time, so I carried on using the toaster, but as it was only toasting the outsides of the bread, I had to turn them around and toast a second time to get both sides done. When I eventually had a spare fiver, I bought a basics toaster from Sainsburys which doesn't look as nice but hasn't broken yet and toasts the bread much quicker.

        It may be that I'm extremely unlucky to have ended up with 2 toasters that didn't work, however I have noticed that fellow reviewer of this product also encountered a similar sounding mini-explosion of the product which is worrying. My matching Breville kettle hasn't helped my confidence in the Breville brand either. The filter in the spout disintegrated and despite regular cleaning, water drips/ leaks from the spout when pouring no matter what angle you pour at or how much water you attempt to pour at once.

        I have seen that other people have been happy with their purchases from Brevillle, but I would never buy a Breville branded product again.


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          04.08.2012 23:27
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Is brown bread simply toast when it's gone cold...??? no.. I thought not

          Toasters, I hate toasters... love toast, but hate toasters, mainly down to the fact that a toaster in my house last about as long as a chocolate bar in my kids hands.
          I have been through more toasters in my time than I've had, well, hot toast, almost, and replacing them has turned out to be a lot cheaper than having them repaired.
          I know what you're thinking: why don't I spend a few extra quid and get a more reliable toaster that would last a bit longer than a politicians promise? Well, I've tried that a couple of times, but the results have been the same... several rounds of toast for me and my family to enjoy, then the inevitable happens, the toaster starts it usual ritual of break down, starting with the elements having a mind of there own, working when they want to and not when I need them too. Then, in no time at all, the toaster ends up in the big electrical store in the sky, well, in the recycling bin anyway.

          One of my toaster over the time; one which I had been using for quite some time, which was a nice surprise, is a toaster from that well known company called Breville, with this ones full name being the Breville VTT233 toaster.

          So why did I go for this toaster then..?
          I would say for the rather fetching colour, due to the fact that it went well in my kitchen with the black tiles and worktops. But I think the main reason was that it fitted in with my toast needs whilst not breaking the bank at all.

          What does it look like then..?
          A toaster of course, made from a lovely shiny black material with a few added bits of grey. It's nothing fancy and defiantly nothing too technical that you need a degree in scientology, or something like that, to work it.
          It's a good size, not too big as to take up all your kitchen, yet not too small so that you lose it in a cupboard. It's about 380mm wide by 160mm deep and 180mm high, weighing in at a mere kilo and a half.
          The controls are on one end, with the three buttons, which have a lovely little red light to show you that they are on, temperature options and slider all having a lovely grey colouring, which goes quite nice with the black body of the toaster. There there's the grey underside, which again, sets off the main colour of the unit, making the entire thing look the part in the right coloured kitchen.
          As with many other toasters this one too has a defrost setting, plus what they call a reheat setting too, which gives similar results to the browning setting?
          On the bottom there is a single crumb tray which is there to catch the crumbs off the bread, but even when I empty it after every use the crumbs still end up all over the work tops.

          The mains lead wraps around a few little pegs which are located on the underside of the toaster.

          This also comes in a silver body colour so there is a bit of an option for those that don't want the black effect look.

          My Opinion...

          This was not a bad toaster at all, managing to heat up in seconds, getting my toast just as I like it; although this was down to trial and error on my part.
          I did find that on the first toast each time the bread would toast lightly, then, the more bread that went through it at the time, would become more toasted, which would lead to me adjusting the dial at the side, lowering the 'heat' settings. This is down to the fact that the elements become hotter the longer the toaster stays in use, thus toasting the bread quicker.

          It may only have two slots but, due to the length of those slots, it can take four slices of bread, unless your bread is so tall that you can stand on it to paint your ceilings.
          The slider does need to be rammed down to get the toast grips to lock into position, but, even though it has a plastic covering, it feel pretty strong and I can't see them breaking that easily, although if my luck with toasters is anything to go by anything can happen.

          Anyway, I like the length of this one and as I use a certain brand of bread that, for some reason, is a bit longer than some other loaves, I find that the length of these slots accommodate this bread with ease, although maybe only two slices at a time instead of four.
          And the walls of the toaster do stay pretty cool to the touch so there little danger of burning your fingers if you touch it, which saves on plasters and pain.

          The buttons are all on the one end, making it easier to use, with each button being nicely marked with what it does.
          The heat setting dial is simply a dial with numbers going around it, with each number representing a set time that the toast stays inside the toaster. Then, once the time is reached, the toast 'pops' out of the unit ready to be buttered and then eaten. Or, if you can't wait that long, there's a cancel button that can be pressed so that you can get to you toast before the timer is reached.
          The defrost option is designed to warm up a frozen slice of bread instead of toasting it, thus defrosting it, as the name suggests, so that you can then toast it as normal. Although I tend not to use this function I have used it and it does what it is supposed to do.
          The cancel button has been pressed many times, especially when a thin streak of smoke bellows from the elements as a bread crumb suddenly sets alight, making me think that the entire piece of bread is about to burst into flames.

          But as always with me and toasters, when it began to fail it did so in spectacular style, creating a little bit of a light show as a few of the elements sparkled away just before they died off completely, leaving me with a toaster that would only partially toast the slices of bread that I put into it, making the toast look patchy, like a badly tanned girl from Essex.
          Don't get me wrong, this one did last quite some time for me, which is a bonus really, considering the fact that my entire family love toast and have used this on a daily, if not hourly basis... which has no doubt led to the destruction of the elements and the death of another toaster.

          What about the price then...?
          Well, this sells for a mere £20.00, or thereabouts, which in my eyes, considering the time it lasted in my toast loving family, is not bad value for money at all.
          I have seen the same brand on sale in shops at lower prices so do look out for that bargain of a lifetime.

          Would I recommend this one..?
          I'd have to say yes on this one as it cost less than a night out and can toast a lot of bread before giving up the toast... I mean ghost.
          For me it was £20.00 well spent and certainly earned it's money.

          ©Blissman70 2012


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            10.06.2012 21:14
            Very helpful



            Did a good job while it lasted.

            Most of the time I would rather make toast under the grill, but when there are people staying overnight it is much easier to get the breakfast ready when I can do more than 2 pieces of bread at once. I have never invested in an expensive toaster but always made do with a cheap and cheerful one. They may not last as long if they are used on a daily basis but for the amount of use I give them, I find the less expensive ones have worked really well.

            I did not want to spend a great deal on a new toaster but wanted a well known make so chose the Breville VTT233. It cost £14.99 when I bought it and looking at the prices now it does not seem to have changed much as they are selling for £19.99 on Amazon. There is also a 2 slice version but this was not really suitable.
            Although there was not a great deal of room in the kitchen I decided that I would get a 4 slice toaster as it would save more time and then chose the black one over the white.

            It had a couple of features that I was surprised about considering it was well and truly at the cheaper end of the price range and one of them was the browning control. In the past I would always pop the bread back in to get it a bit browner, then ended up with charcoal. It was also possible to have the width of the slots altered depending on the thickness of the bread being used. This is great when it comes to dealing with the thickness of the bread, but there are a lot of loaves that are too tall for it so there is a band at the top that has not been toasted. I would put it back in upside down for a few seconds but I could not leave it any longer as the rest would be too well done.

            There was a defrost setting and that was helpful, but the reheat one was not one I used much. It made the toast hard and was just the same as sticking toast back under the grill. Although it seemed to be a sturdy and well made toaster the only thing I thought would break was the lever on the side and that turned out to be the case. It was out of warranty and I think I had owned it for a few years.

            It was easy to clean as the outside did not show the dirt at all and just needed an occasional cloth over it and the inside had a crumb try that came out really easily. There was also cord storage so there is no need to worry that it is going to get tangled up with the kettle or any other appliance that is on the base with it.

            As it was not a thing that was used on a regular basis it was a good thing that it was not very big or heavy. It measured 18.2 cm x 16.2 cm x 38.2 cm (H x D x W) and only weighed 1.6 kg.


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        • Product Details

          The Breville VTT233 4 Slice Toaster is made in black and its stylish looks complement your modern kitchen / It has 2 slots that toast 4 slices at a time and features variable width toasting slots variable browning control high lift facility illuminated controls a removable crumb tray and defrost reheat and mid-cycle cancel functions / It has a non slip feet and cord storage too.4 slice / 2 slotVariable width toasting slotsDefrost reheat & mid-cycle cancel functionsVariable browning controlHigh lift facilityIlluminated controlsRemovable crumb trayCord storage & non-slip feet / Short name: Breville VTT233

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