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    1 Review
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      21.02.2009 21:54
      Very helpful


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      A fantastic value toaster that looks very modern!

      Hello everyone and welcome to this review.

      I bought this toaster a few days back to replace some rubbish toaster I bought from Argos that printed hearts on your toast. I thought it was more of a gadget than a toaster so we had to replace it. So we started searching for a new one.

      We had looked around the shops but they all seem to have gone up in price a bit since the start of the 'Credit Crunch'. I had seen this in many shops around town all around the £27.99 mark. Not a bad price but I had found it cheaper! Our Freemans catalogue popped through the door and this toaster was on the first page of new products. It looked great so off we went to order it.

      It was on a special offer of £22! Great, we usually find that Freemans over charges on most of their products but they seem to have improved. If anyone is unsure of whom Freemans are - Freemans are a catalogue and internet ordering company that stocks thousands of items from clothes to toasters. If you want something I'm sure you will find it there. They offer many methods of payments from 2 year pay per month plans to instant payments. The monthly payments are great for people with a low income and its very convenient to pay by popping a cheque in the post every now and then.

      The toaster arrived two days later and since then the whole family has been pleased with it.

      The toasters box was quite nice and big, had Bush stamped all over it and was black and silver in color. It was quite compact and light meaning a low delivery charge of only £1.98 and was easy to handle. The box was easy to open by pulling the tape off.

      Inside our brand new lovely toaster sat. It looks even more stylish than the picture above^ and the one in the catalogue.... So we were pleasantly surprised. It looked great next to all of the other stainless steel appliances in the kitchen and fitted in well. Unlike the Heart toaster we previously owned.

      I took the toaster from the box and it was ready to use! No set up, just straight from the box. Well you must take it out of the box first :) Otherwise you could find yourself in a very fiery environment! The instruction booklet said t9 remove all packaging on the front, I have not read the instruction booklet thoroughly but it does look very good.

      I sat and admired the new lovely toaster. It is made of stainless steel and black plastic. It feels a very strong toaster and is obviously well made. After all Bush is a pretty good make. Not huge but known. Our kettle was a bush and it lasted a few years which told us they were okay, kettles never last very long with us, no idea why.

      On the front there are two separate control pads. As this is a four slice toaster it is great to have two sets of controls. There is a knob for controlling the heat and the way your toast is cooked. It goes from setting 1 to 7! Number one being the lowest heat and seven being the highest for obvious reasons.

      There are also three buttons with lights next to them.
      And Cancel.

      Reheat setting - very handy. How many times have you put the toast on when the phone rings and when you get back its cold? Maybe it's just me. But all you have to do is push the handle down and press reheat and done! The toast is warm once again.

      Defrost - This setting is obviously for frozen bread. Pop the frozen bread into the slot and press defrost. A few minutes later your bread will be defrosted and ready for toasting. I unfortunately cannot comment this setting as I never freeze bread :(

      Cancel - If your bread starts smoking or you decide you no longer want toast, then press this button. The toast or bread rather will happily pop up for you.

      It is really easy to make toast. Pop the bread inside, there are four toaster compartments so four pieces can be made a once. Turn the knob to the setting you want to use depending on how you like your toast. Push the handle down and the toaster does the rest.

      One real handy feature is the high lift function. When the toast pops up the inside of toasters are always very hot and well.. It's time to do some finger burning. Not with this! Just lift the handle slightly and your bread is raised from the top. Very useful feature that we use everyday..

      There are two drawers at the bottom of the toaster. These are crumb catchers and basically make it a lot easier to clean the toaster out. Just pull the draw, empty it and done! Being made of stainless steel the toaster is easy to clean, just a quick wipe and it will be looking lovely again. However it does have a tendency to collect finger prints! Mind you most stainless steel products do, but it's rather easy to clean with a damp cloth. Or in an extreme situation you could try Brasso. However I only recommend this on the stainless steel model.

      This toaster comes with a two year warranty from Bush. So if anything goes wrong call Bush up and it will be resolved. But this toaster really feels quality so I doubt we will be needing the warranty.

      Overall in my opinion this is a great toaster at a very good price. I'm sure you can get it cheaper than I did. But even at £22 I think it is a fantastic bargain.

      Thank you for reading; I hope I have helped


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    • Product Details

      Dual control panel for independent 2 slice operation / the convenience of a two and four slice toaster / Variable browning control allows toast to be browned to your liking / Extra wide breadslots for toasting any size of bread / Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning avoids build up of excess breadcrumbs / Cancel function allows toasting cycle to be interrupted at any time / Short name: Bush BTL410

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