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4 Slice Toaster / With Wide Slots / Crumb Tray / Cancel Button

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2009 23:22
      Very helpful



      Is this Bush helping test your smoke alarm????

      I have a tendency to be able to break toaster with just a simple glance from my blue eyes so I have had the misfortune of purchasing quite a few over the last few years, Unfortunately, the ones I have thought to be the best have all broken just after the guarantee had expired, which is typical.
      The most recent one I have is the Bush BTL411 in a dull silver colour (although it does come with coloured side walls).

      ** TECHNICAL BITS...

      There is not a lot of technical bits surrounding the toaster, but here it is...

      * Four slice capability of various thicknesses.
      * 2 or 4 slice option (the two slice option simply uses the elements within two slots rather than all four slots, this is controlled by a sliding button on the front of toaster).
      * Defrost option
      * Cancel button
      * Reheat button
      * Automatic ejection
      * Dial to set darkness of toast wanted (option 1 is lightly done, up to option 6 being the darkest/burnt)
      * Two crumb trays
      * A red neon light on the side to show that the toaster is active.
      * Single push down slider for starting the toaster

      ** NOTE:
      The front of the toaster is slightly lower than the back, the gently sloping top looking a little retro in design.

      ** IN CONCLUSION...

      As I said earlier I have never had much luck with toasters, finding that the better ones seem to make their way to the big toaster in the sky a lot quicker than the ones which should never had hit the market. With this it has made me a little more cautious about buying the 'dodgy' branded cheap and nasty bread browners so when I came across a well known name, such as Bush, at a reasonable price I decided that a four slicer would be ideal for my toast loving family.

      When I got it home I unpacked it, ready to give it a test run to see what it had to offer and initially I was a little surprised at the size of the unit, being 290 by 260 by 225 back (170 front), so you will need a good size work surface to rest it on and as actual lead is a little on the short side it has to be set up close to a plug socket. But after toasting my first four slices of Kingsmill I was pleasantly pleased with the result.
      Putting in the toast is simple, although I have yet to find a piece of bread that actually fits well enough, most slices being to big, the top few centimetres sticking out of the top, thus having to turn the slice upside down after a while. Or certain slices slip deep inside the toaster and you have to take you life in your hands trying to get the piece out, (Don't use a metal object to do this...trust me, it is life threatening).

      Anyway, as I said, I have had this Bush for a while now and in my typical luck I have found it to be one of the worst ones I have had the misfortune of using.
      It seems to have found a mind of its own when it comes to making toast, choosing to either burn the slice, burn one side of the slice or even take so long to toast the slice that it would have been quicker using a 'zippo' lighter, no matter what setting number I chose.
      It also tends to decide which elements it wants to turn on when I slide the bread into the silver 'dread the bread' machine, each element coming on at different times so I know they are not burnt out, just stubborn little devils, thus creating a varied and sometimes rather bizarre colour scheme on one single slice of bread.

      The actual design looks nothing new, having four wide slots at the top, a dial, a few button on the left side and a sliding knob on the front, in fact it looked more on the boring side than vogue.
      I found cleaning it was not a chore with the double crumb trays being easy to extract and empty, sliding in and out with such simplicity, although many of the crumbs still lodge on the inside of the toaster, (like many others), but a swift tip of the unit over a bin soon empties those aging bread crumb clingers so as not to set that smoke alarm off each time you want toast.

      Also, the dull silver casing is a little too much plastic, although the sides do seem to be a sort of stainless steel, but the entire unit can get a little warm when in use, (though why people feel the need to pick up a toaster whilst it's being used is beyond me?), so if you're after an aluminium or stainless steel look then avoid this one at all cost.

      But the main heart ache for me is the way this monstrous shocker shoots out the bread when it is burnt...sorry, I mean done, as the toast suddenly emerges there is a loud dull click, akin to a snipers work tool fitted with a badly made silencer, and what seems like a bolt of lightening shooting about just inside the front sliding knob, which scares the life out of anyone within a 5 mile radius.
      After the amount of time I have had this and the amount of toast that has been through it you would think I would be used to the bolt of lightening by now, but it is still scares the pants off me if I am stood near it when the toast pops.

      In all, for a toaster, it may look half decent with its curvy design and large appearance, but once you've seen passed that you'll soon realise that making toast should not be this stressful.
      I personally find it to be a frighteningly bad design and a danger to those with a nervous disposition or weak heart, but as I one of those people who doesn't like to throw away things which are still working then I feel I am stuck with the loudest toaster in the world... and it flashes like a bolt of lightening when the toast is as black as a bank managers heart.
      I remember paying around £15.00 for this a while back and after a quick search around the price is around the same, although I feel that Bush should be paying me for the dangers of this mini charcoal maker with built in lightening creator.


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      Short name: Bush BTL411

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