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Cookworks 4-Slice Toaster

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2 Reviews

Brand: Cookworks

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 15:28
      Very helpful



      Good for a simple toaster

      A couple of months ago our toaster stopped working after serving us well for around 7 years. My partner wanted to get a 4 slice toaster as we previously had a 2 slice one and he tends to have 3 slices so he was sick of having to wait for the last slice. I started looking around but they all seemed to be priced around £30 which I didn't want to pay when you could buy a 2 slice for around £10. I spotted the cookworks 4 slice toaster in Argos for £19.99 which was a lot cheaper than all the others. I reserved the toaster and sent my partner to go pick it up, when he came home he told me he'd paid £6 for an extra 2 years warranty. I don't think he should have bothered with warranty seen as though you already get 12 months with it anyway so if it broke after that I wouldn't be too bothered about paying £20 for a whole new toaster.

      It said on the Argos website that the toaster was silver but when I got it I would say it was more grey, I'd associate silver as shiny but this isn't, its just a dull grey. There are 4 slots on top for the bread and 2 dials at the bottom to choose how burnt you like your toast. There's 2 little handles which slide down to push the bread inside and 6 buttons on top, 2 for cancel, 2 for reheat and 2 for defrost. There's black painted on to show the numbers around the dial and a little picture to show its high lift.

      The toaster works well, I like how 1 person could have their 2 slices of toast only slightly toasted while the other person could have their 2 more burnt if you wanted as each side uses separate functions. I have to admit that I don't use any of the functions on it, I never need to defrost the bread and if I did need to heat it up I would just put it back in the toaster like normal anyway. There's 2 removable crumb trays at the back which come out easily without ending up spilling any crumbs, although the trays aren't very deep so if you have a big family you'd probably have to empty the trays every couple of days. When the toast pops up be prepared to catch it because it does jump out quite high. The toaster is cool touch so you don't have to worry about it getting hot.

      I was disappointed with the colour and later found that they sell a stainless steel 4 slice toaster for only £18.99 which wasn't available before, if it was I would of bought that one instead. When I was cleaning my kitchen with a kitchen cleaner which has bleach in it I wiped down the toaster without thinking and the black paint rubbed off so now there's some numbers missing and it no longer says 'high lift' either. A slice of bread is too tall so you have to turn it upside down halfway through and one side tends to toast more than the other too.

      Overall it does the job and is the cheapest that I could find at the time but there are a few points which I was disappointed with.


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      18.11.2012 20:47
      Very helpful



      Nice cheap toaster with lots of helpful settings, but with a few things which may brown you off.

      We bought this 4 slice Cookworks KT223 toaster from Argos. It has some great features for the price we paid, of £16.99. We have also seen it cheaper than that, at £14.99 elsewhere, including in another review I found of this toaster.

      This toaster only seems to come in white, which was fine with us as our kettle is white so it was a good match, yet this perhaps wouldn't be much good for those who want it in another colour to match other appliances or decor.

      It is a four slice toaster, with individual settings for each 2 slice half of the toaster. There are Defrost, Cancel, and Reheat buttons, at the top on both the left half and the right half of this toaster, which light up - in a nice warm orange colour - when one has pushed the lever down which starts the bread toasting.

      Perhaps we were unlucky, but the Cancel button on the original toaster we purchased stopped lighting up after about two weeks. As it was still under warranty, we took it back and got a replacement. It did occur to us that if this kept happening within warranty we could keep taking it back, and we would always have a newish toaster!!

      There is a high lift feature on both halves, to lift the toast up so it can be got out of the toaster easily once it has finished toasting. This works fairly well.

      The Defrost button is for when you want to defrost frozen bread slices. It works well, although it does not leave you with a nice moist slice of bread for making a sandwich but instead a rather dry sided one.

      The Cancel button cancels the toasting and pops the lever and the bread back up. This works very efficiently.

      The Reheat button is for moments such as those when you forget about the toast and it has popped up and then gone cold, or it has popped up before the rest of what you are cooking is ready for it. So you can use Reheat to heat it up again, without burning it. I think this is an extremely handy feature - and (looking sheepish) I myself use it quite a bit and it works well.

      There are neat little crumbs trays on the bottom of the back side of the toaster, one for each 2 slice half. This collects the crumbs and ensures the counter is not always covered in toast crumbs. It is easy to empty out and put back in place.

      Grades of toasting range from 1 to 7 and are on easy to turn knobs, one towards the bottom of each 2 slice half of the toaster. I find that I have to turn the knob right up to at least 5 to get a decent browning of the toast. Our previous toaster only needed to be turned up to 3 to get this degree of browning.

      It toasts both thick and thin slices, although I have had a bit of difficulty fitting taller slices in but they do squish in.

      In summary, this is a nice cheap toaster with plenty of good features, however long it lasts. At the price we bought it for it is cheap enough to not worry if it doesn't last, and there is a one year guarantee to cover this which is quite a good long period of guarantee for something that has the wear and tear of a toaster and is so cheap in the first place. Yet in saying this there is both the inconvenience of having to take it back to get a replacement as well as the fact that this increases the amount of usage of the planet's resources.

      I hope you found this review helpful! :-)


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