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Brand: DeLonghi

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    5 Reviews
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      20.01.2013 09:38
      Very helpful



      Worth keeping an eye out for a reduced model

      For a long time I have admired DeLonghi kitchen appliances, particularly the kettles that come in some very elegant shapes. When I saw a white DeLonghi cordless kettle for half price in Homebase last summer, I couldn't resist and bought it on impulse for £34.

      ~~ My kettle ~~

      The kettle is a beautiful modern design, wide at the base, narrowing to a point at the top. The finish is matt and a cream colour and the lid and spout are made from chrome. Like most kettles nowadays, it is cordless and sits on a 360 degree base which has a storage area underneath for excess electrical cord.

      The kettle holds a maximum of 1.7 litres of water and has a very large, clear and efficient water level indicator which sits behind the handle. This is the clearest water level indicator I have seen in a kettle and really helps me to save energy as I try to avoid over-filling. Despite a year of use, the indicator has not become clogged up with lime scale and is still very easy to read, even with my glasses off!

      A small red light in the base indicates when the kettle is on, and it is easy to switch on using a large, semi-circular lever underneath the handle.

      ~~ What I like about this kettle ~~

      Above all I like the design of my kettle. It has a very sleek modern look and the generous handle with its DeLonghi logo and big white stripe down the outside is very comfortable to hold as well as looking very good.

      The lid still fits tightly even after a year, ensuring that no energy is wasted through steam escaping via a loose lid. The little ball handle on the top lifts the lids easily and never gets hot to the touch, although you do have to be careful not to touch the hot chrome lid when you grasp the handle.

      In terms of keeping my kettle clean, a simple wipe down with a damp cloth has easily removed splashes from the outside. If the inside gets clogged up with lime scale the top is wide enough for me to get a dishwashing brush down inside and give it a good scrub out without any delicate mechanisms getting in the way. The small filter in the spout is the best quality I have ever seen on a kettle; it clicks in and out easily and despite frequent cleaning still remains strong and undamaged.

      The boil time is very fast - the kettle has a rapid boil 3Kw of power. One litre of water takes just over 2 minutes to boil, which I think is pretty good and seems to equal the fastest boil on the Which guide. The noise levels are fairly high but I no higher than other kettles that I have used.

      ~~ What I don't like ~~

      There are only a couple of downsides to my kettle. The first is fairly specific to my very hard water area - a problem which has caused many kettles to look shabby or give up working efficiently far before their time. The instruction manual which comes with the kettle tells me to fill through the lid rather than the spout. I usually prefer to fill though the lid so this caused no problem for me. However occasionally when I have been busy I have filled through the spout, causing the water to splash back and pool around the rim of the spout. This caused a hard water lime scale build up which I rather stupidly tried to scratch off with my fingernail, taking a tiny bit of the paint off with the lime scale and leaving a permanent mark. This makes me think that the lovely matt finish of this kettle is a bit delicate for a kitchen device.

      The second negative is the safety cut-out device, which comes into operation when there is too little water in the kettle. It is a very minor niggle, but the cut-out is horrendously loud; sometimes I switch the kettle on with a very small amount of water in it to top-up a cup of tea - the cut-off suddenly switches the kettle off with an incredibly loud bang, like a fuse blowing. At first I was really worried by this and thought I had broken the kettle; it has happened many times over the year but it still makes me jump out of my skin.

      ~~ Durability ~~

      I have now had this kettle for over a year and it still looks pretty much as good as new. I have forged my way fairly rapidly through a good number of cheaper kettles over the past ten years, and the DeLonghi kettle is one of the very few that have made it past the year mark - looking good in terms of outside appearance and inside operation.

      The non-marking paintwork has lived up to its promise and the outside of the kettle is pristine. The only mark to be seen is just above the spout and entirely due to the scratching off of lime scale.

      ~~ Recommended? ~~
      I would have to give this kettle an absolute 5 star recommendation. Anybody who has read my past reviews knows just how many kettles I have been through over the last few years. The DeLonghi kettle is the most durable, has the fastest boil and is the easiest to keep clean and free from lime scale.

      It has no fancy blue lights, no clever gadgetry for altering the boil times - but it does have a clean an classic design and a good matt finish that does not show marks of any kind.
      On a visit to Homebase today I saw that these kettles are currently on sale for around £65, which is very high. I would recommend snapping one up if they are on sale again


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        23.06.2012 22:46
        Very helpful



        Delonghi Argentina kettle

        Kettles don't seem to last long in our house. Years ago we purchased a Delonghi kettle and matching toaster and although the toaster has lasted the matching kettle has had to be replaced a number of times and we eventually decided to try different kettles to see if different ones were better than other. Some have had their on/off switches break off, other ones have had the filters come off, and others have had the lid handles break off so this time we hope for better from this Delonghi kettle. Although it does not exactly match our toaster it is the same brand so at least there is some continuity there.

        The Delonghi Argento is a lovely stylish looking kettle.  Its got quite an angular look and design to it and makes it quite sharp and sleek in my opinion. The kettle is made of a lovely silver polished steel and apart from showing up fingerprints it doesn't really get dirty and is easy to clean down with a damp cloth. The handle is made of a black plastic and this is one of the features that has quite an angular look to it. The handle juts outs and is attached at both ends of the kettle. It extends about almost all the way down the kettle so I think this makes it quite easy to hold and pour. The kettle is quite heavy obviously when there is a lot of water in it so to be able to grab hold of something quite sturdy is nice. 

        The spout of the kettle is also the other part of it that looks quite angular. It is triangular shape and sits at the top of the kettle. I find the water pours out of the kettle well and doesn't ever really drip or spill. I think its because the spout comes to quite a point at the end so the water only has a little area from which is can come out. As the kettle is made out of silver you get a little water window at the back of the kettle to show you how much water is in it. It has black markings up of it and its quite easy to see how much is in it. The kettle has a maximum capacity of 1.7 litres which is quite a lot and enough for a kettle full of tea for about 6 people which is nice as you then only have to boil the kettle once. The kettle has something called a rapid boil 3 KW of power and I do find that this kettle boils quite fast and is not that noisy when it boils either although you can hear it. 

        What I like about this kettle is that it is a cordless kettle. The cord is attached to a round cradle and its in this cradle that the kettle sits in in order to boil. The cord can be wrapped into the round cradle so you can plug this kettle in and not see the wire which is really nice. The cradle sits by the plug outlet but then once the kettle is boiled you can move it around and do not have to pour it near to where it is boiled. This is handy if you want to take boiled water over to the sink or put in saucepans on your cooker or even take some hot water outside if you wish. I think this makes the kettle safer and it also looks nicer in my opinion to have the wire hidden and not on display in your kitchen. The cradle has a non slip function to it and it definitely works as I find it really hard to move this cradle across my counter top if I need to move it so it definitely does stay in place. 

        The filter on this kettle is good. I haven't changed it since we have had the kettle for the past couple of months. You can remove it and wash it and then it just slots back into place at the back of the spout. In order to fill up this kettle there is a lid that comes completely off when you pull it with the little black ball at the top of the lid. You do have to give it a bit of a tug and a wiggle to get it off and it is quite hard when the kettle has just been boiled and it is hot so I would recommend using an oven glove at this point. 

        The kettle costs in the £70 region, yes a bit expensive compared to some other kettles but I like the features on this one and was happy to pay a bit extra to get a stylish, well working kettle. 


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        06.03.2011 15:10
        Very helpful



        Form AND Function

        I have waited a long time to buy a De Longhi kettle!

        I have always admired the De Longhi kettle that I have used at work for the last seven years, it is a lovely shape and we have never had a problem in years of use and abuse and serious bouncing about on the boat we run . I even wrote a review about it, (the DeLonghi KBR 3015), I was so impressed. So when our cheap and cheerful kettle leaked all over the place again, it went back to the shop and we started the hunt for a replacement. In the meantime we used a plastic kettle which after one boiling you had to stuff a credit card down the switch to persuade it to boil fresh water!, not a long time alternative and probably not very safe either! After trying out all my friends and families kettles we decided that the one for us was, yes, you guessed it ,another De longhi!. This decision was helped along by my husband who, after studying Art for four years, is definitely a form over function person and he pronounced the design to be acceptable even if the price was pretty steep, the full price being just under 70 pounds, a lot for a kettle in my opinion. Luckily, in January there was a sale on Amazon and the DeLonghi KBX 3016 , 3kw,1.7liter rapid boil was on sale for 43 pounds including delivery, first to a friends house in the UK. and then in his luggage to us in Spain, so we took the plunge and ordered one using someof my first Dooyoo voucher to help out!

        We had to wait another month before our friend flew out, it made it through customs and security and at last arrived at our flat, (our friend even wound me up by saying he had lost the lid!)

        Now it is in regular use and I shall list some of the things which I think make it an excellent kettle.

        The shape! this is a major factor! as you can see from the photo it is the traditional De Longhi curved shape, the base being circular 190cm diam and the height 270cm the body is slightly curved towards the apex and the neat little lid. It´s shape is llike top of a church glass window and to me it is very pleasing.

        This shape makes it very stable and so, hard for it to be knocked over by kids, old people or anyone! It also makes it great for use on a boat in not too rolly weather and this is also helped by four non slip feet on the base.

        The spout is "V" shaped making it an excellent pourer.

        The handle is sturdy black plastic with a metal decorative inset. It is easy to hold and your fingers do not come into contact with the body of the kettle at any time.

        The lid is a traditional pull off, topped with a black ball, non of your flappy paddle lids on this kettle! you pull the tight fitting lid off, fill the kettle and then push back on. It does not leak when you pour out the water even at it´s maximum fill.

        The on off switch is a black plastic lever and is at the bottom of the body of the kettle so you cannot accidentally switch it on when taking the top on and off. I once blew up a kettle this way, it was quite spectacular!.

        The clear plastic fill guage is situated on the body of the kettle between the bars which connect the body to the handle. It has four clear markings, Min ,0.7, 1.0, 1,5 and max. 1.7litres is its max fill.

        The the bottom of the kettle is made of black plastic and inset in this are two diodes,one either side,(for left or right handed people), which show red when the kettle is in action.

        It is very easy to set the kettle on it´s 360degree base , and the 700cm flex can store in it´s base for neatness.

        Removable washable limescale filter,great for us as we are in a hard water area.

        Any disadvantages?

        It makes a noise like a train in a tunnel! You are never going to say"Have you put the kettle on dear?" because you can hear it in every room in the flat!
        We went for the stainless steel version which is a bit hard to keep clean but you can get the matt silver if you prefer.

        As you can probably tell I am very pleased with it and just to see it´s elegant shape is a small pleasure never mind all the cups of tea and coffee it will make. The thing is though,shall I buy the matching toaster? Watch this space!

        Five stars from me , I even like the noise!

        Price around 40-69pounds depending . Available from Amazon and Electrical shops.

        Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on Ciao under Splishsplash


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        19.01.2008 14:48
        Very helpful



        Not perfect but OK.

        This is a very different looking kettle and it does the job too.

        In chrome effect colouring, this kettle looks good! It's stylish curved design, chrome-effect colouring and effective, fast boil have made this the best kettle we've had. And no greater accolade could be given.
        The Kettle sweeps up from its 20cm diameter base in an elegant curve to its hat like lid with black full-handle. The handle is easy to grip and gives a good balanced feel. Sitting under the handle is the power switch with the indicator light sensibly situated at the front of the kettle jug.The total height is just 38cm, making this a very compact model which takes up little space. Sitting in the spout is a removable, cleanable anti-calc filter to remove those lumps of grit if they ever occur. I dont know if its because our waters good but ours has never needed cleaning in 18mths.

        The kettle sits on a black base, connecting to the power through a central spindle. the cable, which is, I think, a little short to give versatility, can be shortened to be contained out of sight within the base of the unit.
        That's all very cosmetic and functional. The real beauty is in the 3000W power rating that boils a full 1.7l kettle in a couple of minutes. It really is fast! No long waits in the morning.

        Its a bit harder to fill than other kettles. I like to fill through the spout because I'm lazy but the shape of this one and the filter seems to eject the water out in a spray. The hole when the lid is removed is quite small so can be tricky when I get out of bed half asleep.
        I think the kettle walls get quite hot as well, certainly compared to plastic walled kettles and being metal it isn't the lightest in the world. But I am a big strong boy so it's just a word to the wary.

        Overall - Its been great. No breakdown or fiddly bits. No snapping handles or cracked walls. Can't find any reason not to recommend!!
        We paid £25 for it a while back in argo's and I've seen it cheaper since.
        Also comes with a matching toaster (which we have). That looks good too.

        Also on ciao by myself - dhillcrest


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          30.09.2006 20:52
          Very helpful



          This kettle should come with a free pair of ear plugs!

          The Delonghi KBX 3016 is a funky looking 3000 watt kettle. It holds 1.7 litres of water, and has a clear panel with quantites on it under the handle so you can see how much water is in it. It can be a bit awkward to look at, but it means the kettle looks better as it is hidden away.

          You make the kettle boil by pressing down a large lever under the handle. A red light lights up on the side of the kettle to tell you it is boiling, then the light goes off and the lever pops up to tell you when it is done. One downside is that the kettle is incredibly loud when it boils. Conversations have to have a hold put on them until it is finished.

          The kettle has a hidden element, so is quite easy to de-scale, although there is a max water level indicator sticking out inside, and scale can build up on this. There is a replaceable mesh grille inside the spout to stop any pieces of scale going into your drink.

          This is both a good thing and a bad thing. When the kettle is new, the mesh grille works well, but as the kettle gets older, the grille breaks apart and the water pours all wonky. That's OK, I hear you say, they're replaceable. Well yes they are, but just try finding any. After a long hunt, I eventually got them mail order from a company called Keymex, but they are about £4 each! For a tiny piece of plastic!

          You refil the kettle by lifting up the lid. The lid is quite sticky, and after much tugging suddenly flies off. The kettle is also quite heavy, especially when it is full.

          The kettle is cordless, and fits easily onto its base. The electrical connection is in the middle of the base, so it is difficult to spill water into it.

          The kettle is not to expensive, at around £45, and apart from the mesh grille in the spout it seems fairly robust and reliable.

          I wouldn't buy this kettle again however, because it is just too loud. I would try buying another kettle in the same price range.


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