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      13.08.2009 19:59
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      The perfect toaster

      The following review is a true account of events that occured shortly after purchasing this toaster. It is a tale of good vs evil. If you just want an idea of how good it is, skip to the very end and read the very last paragraph, however following this story could change your life for the better.

      "You spent how much on a toaster??!!!"

      It echoed around my mothers house when I told my family I'd bought a new toaster. And yes, it is a bit pricey, look just above these reviews and it should say £99.00 as a hot offer right? Well I paid around £70 for mine from ebay, and I tell you, as much as any appliance that just cooks bread, this is worth it.

      Its a fact of life that toasters are the bane of all human existence and may possibly have been the real cause behind World War 1, World War 2 and quite possibly swine flu as well. Yes toasters, ladies and gentlemen are truly evil. Not only do they never provide you with the toast you want, they tend to leave a crap load of crumbs and break a lot. Plus just to rub it in, you KNOW you can't leave the room because the minute you do, the buggers will burn you toast. It happens, we all know it, but we like to pretend it doesn't.

      Well, face it, how many of you get your toaster and set it to medium only for it to end up little more than warm bread? Then try again and set it to low to even things out and the toast burns? Try with a fresh piece of bread, on High, and it still burns. Then the toaster breaks, gets clogged up with crumbs and all you have is burnt toast. It's true, toasters are temperamental, they're evil and the cause of all things bad in the universe.

      Except this toaster. Yes I took a gamble, but I'd heard good things about this toaster, and I love toast. No two ways about it, I looooooove toast, toast with Jam, with butter, with beans, with poached eggs, cut into soldiers with boiled eggs, I love toast, and good toast is worth the money for me. So I took the gamble and spent a silly amount of money on what could prove to be the ultimate evil, yes if Satan was a kitchen appliance, he could have been this toaster. Tut I'm a brave soul, ready to face the horrors that await. I take the toaster out of the box and its gleaming silver and nice shiny black plastic "Oh yeah, I'm not falling for that, trying to subdue me with your looks you harlot" I'm thinking as I plug it into my wall socket. I wait, no total eclipse, so that's good. But no for the real test, the bread. I open a fresh loaf of Kingsmill thick white bread and slide 2 slices nicely into the rack, a good fit and I'm now terrified, knowing that this is all leading me astray and its going to come full circle and possibly devour my soul. I put the dial to medium, push down the handle and........nothing.

      I hadn't switched it on at the wall. My breath bursts from my lungs as I switch it on then push the lever down and wait, sweat pouring from my brow in fear for my life! Then POP the toaster goes and I duck with my hands over my head. Nothing, I slowly raise my head and peak over the counter and I am confronted by a sight both beautiful and terrible to behold.....perfect, golden toast. The smells...oh the smell, even now the mere memory of it makes my mouth water in anticipation. I couldn't wait, I lose all my inhibitions as I rush through the stage of grabbing a knife and butter to slather over this essence of heaven. I takes me but a moment to realise I have grabbed a spoon by mistake, but I don;t care, it worked well enough, I have this onderful toast that has retained its heat and is covered in rapidly melting butter, its too much I can't hold on, I shake with anticipation and suddenly.....a rush of unimaginable pleasure as I take a bite. The flavour, temperature, everything...this is the PERFECT toast. And suddenly, £70 doesn't seem so much, in fact, I'm thinking I have a true bargain. I wolf down my toast and try again. And to my delight the toast is again perfect.

      One full loaf later and I am ready to burst, but I'm happy as my guilty pleasure has proved to not be a sin, but a sign from god that this toaster is not the cause of all evil, but it is our saviour.

      My friends, do not suffer at the hands of evil any longer, make a stand our bring this toaster into your homes and save your souls!

      Plus it cooks at great speed, you get the type of toast you want, even cooking on both sides of both slices, retains temperature, is clean and easy to clean, has never broken in any fashion and I use it daily, plus it runs as silent as sleeping kitten. Oh, and tastes divine, but how important is that compared to saving your soul?

      Just a shame it only cooks 2 slices at a time.


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      Short name: Dualit 20242

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