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      21.11.2012 22:51
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      A lovely toaster.

      Our last toaster was unfortunate enough to experience a fall from the kitchen counter, straight onto a tile floor and she was beyond repair, this accident actually started off a full kitchen renovation and we replaced all of our appliances to match our new colour scheme. After a good browsing session in John Lewis it was clear that we were committed to the Dualit range of kitchen appliances, they looked great on display, seemed to be of an excellent quality and Dualit is a name that we've always associated with quality appliances from family recommendations. We picked up the Dualit 46201 toaster for a rather reasonable £69 online; I can't quite remember where we ordered it however Amazon rings a bell in my head! The toaster was soon with us and it was easy to set up, we removed if from the box, pulled all of the protective polystyrene from the appliance and placed it on a level hard surface without any other appliances close by.... I'm telling slight lies here as our kettle is right next door to the toaster but that's what the manual recommends!

      ~~~ The look and features ~~~

      The Dualit 46201 is a lovely looking four slot toaster that looks very modern yet classic to fit in with almost any décor, our kitchen is a farmhouse kitchen but I'm sure that this toaster would settle into a modern kitchen just as nicely. Ours is mainly cream in colour with stainless steel panels on the sides of which give the toaster a classic / semi industrial look and it does the job nicely, I believe other colours are available too. The toaster is rather light to hold and I think it feels lighter than it looks, I was expecting it to be rather heavy but I was wrong... The lightness of the toaster doesn't seem to have affected the quality of the appliance as everything feels sturdy and well-built with great attention to detail. The toaster is rather basic with the usual two (Pull down) handles on the front, knobs to control the cooking time of the toast and of course the various buttons to work some of the toasters features.

      The Dualit is a rather basic looking toaster but it has some fantastically handy features built in which seem rather pointless until they become part of your day to day life. The toaster has the 'Peek & Pop®' feature which we now use daily; usually toasters do not allow the user to check the bread without popping the toast up and losing the heat from the element... The Dualit allows us to pop the bread up without stopping the toasting; I will talk about this feature a little later on. Other features are rather basic for a toaster of this price but it has defrost, a bagel toasting mode and high lift to remove small items from the toasting slot.

      ~~~ Using the toaster ~~~

      The toaster is very simple to use and it is exactly the same as any other normal 'non space-age' toaster, you simply pop the bread in and pull the handle down to begin toasting. The knobs on the front of the toaster are easy to use and they are very sensitive to the smallest of movement, it took us a while to figure out our perfect setting but number 5 out of 8 settings seems to cook our thick bread perfectly to our taste. The toasting is very quick due to the toasters high wattage and the toast is toasted evenly and almost to perfection when compared to our last toaster, we were happy with our last one so I can't even describe how happy we are with the results from this toaster!

      More on 'Peek & Pop®'...... Peek and pop is an interesting feature from Dualit that allows the user to view their toast and it's colour during the toasting cycle without disturbing the toaster in any way. Basically while the toast is cooking the handle can be lifted to view the bread without actually stopping the toasting process, it definitely helps us achieve the perfectly toasted bread that we eat each morning and the high lift feature lifts the bread high enough to judge whether its toasted to perfection or not. The high lift feature is very handy when toasting crumpets, pancakes or pop tarts and it prevents burns and accidents to entering fingers into the toasting slot.

      The toasting slots are rather wide at 36mm, this allows thick bread, crumpets and other thick but toast-able foods to be toasted with ease. The bagel feature is very nice, it toasts one side and heats the other to create the perfect bagel, we've tried this and it works very well!

      ~~~ Cleaning, maintenance etc. ~~~

      The toaster is very easy to clean and maintain and there is hardly any maintenance required apart from removing the crumbs every now and then. The toaster has a built in sealed drawer at the bottom of the toaster to catch any crumbs, this drawer is easy to pull out and crumbs hardly ever escape due to its sealed design. The side of the toaster can be lightly tapped to remove most crumbs that may be stuck on the inner walls and they simply fall down into the drawer, the rest of the toaster can be wiped down with a damp cloth and it seems to clean up nicely. The stainless steel on the side of the toaster is polished and obviously fingerprints seem attracted to this area, they are easily cleaned though.

      Dualit guarantee this toaster for a year against any material or workmanship problems, if they are found then they will either repair or replace the toaster at their discretion. I cannot comment on Dualit's customer service as our toaster is still working perfectly and I reckon it will continue for many years yet.

      ~~~ Overall opinion ~~~

      We are generally very pleased with our purchase and even though we bought the toaster for its nice looks we have been pleasantly surprised by its performance. The toaster boasts some great features, it's well designed and it toasts breads and other toast-able foods fantastically well and we simply cannot fault it. The purchase price was rather high and I slightly agree with what some other reviews say about the Dualit range, there probably are similar toasters around for half the price but this one works well, it looks fantastic and it has obviously been built to a very high quality.

      Thanks for reading,


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    • Product Details

      Dualit 46201 4 Slot Lite Toaster / This Dualit 46201 4 Slot Lite Toaster is a stylish modern toaster that comes in a classic red finish / It features Peek and Pop function that allows you to check the bread while toasting without cancelling the toasting cycle giving you greater browning control / It also features bagel and defrost function extra-wide 36 mm slots and automatic pop-up along with high-lift mechanism to remove small items easily and the crumb tray is concealed.Peek and Pop function to check bread while toastingDefrost and cancel buttonBagel toasting functionHigh-lift mechanismExtra-wide slots / Short name: Dualit 46201

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